What Does Your Dog Really Think Of Your Kisses? [Pet Emotion Explained]

Every man uses kisses and hugs to express his love for his family and friends. And every human being understands that he or she is given hugs and kisses to express his or her love for her.

That’s why we use hugs and kisses to express our care and affection for pets. But what does your dog really think of your kisses and hugs? How do you know if he understands that you love him? Or how he expresses whether he loves you.

Do they understand when they are kissed? What does your dog think of your kisses? The answer to these questions depends on the relationship between you and your dog.

What Does Your Dog Really Think Of Your KisseS

Does The Dog Understand Kissing?

Before you know what a dog likes to kiss or what your dog thinks when kissing, you need to know if your dog knows what a kiss is. The means of expressing affection between a man and a dog are completely different. But we often think that dogs feel the same way people do.

I dogs use their body language to communicate with people and other dogs. When you kiss them, they have no idea about it. So when people kiss a dog, they look at it differently. However, some dogs feel annoyed when they are kissed.

Symptoms Of A Dog Feeling Kissing:

Symptoms Of A Dog Feeling Kissing

Observe your dog’s symptoms to understand if he or she feels it when kissing. Although puppies may not recognize it easily, they may understand or feel that you are doing it. But as they get older, they will hug and kiss you when they are happy.

They have also learned to understand that kissing is a good sign and that it is a means of expressing love.

  1. When they are very happy and jump on you to express their love for you and try to lick you.
  2. They move their tails when they are aroused.
  3. They will also look you in the eye while kissing and try to convince you that they trust you a lot.
  4. If you speak nicely or softly when you kiss a dog, they will accept the kiss gently.
  5. Once they become accustomed to kissing and hugging, they will show signs of affection.

They can also show body language.

  • Wagging the tail frequently.
  • Your hands, the mouth will start licking with his tongue.
  • The dog will pretend to be excited to get your hug.
  • Even dogs run around you to get your affection.

But each dog has different signs of how they will express affection. So you have to understand their behavior.

Do Dogs Like To Kiss?

Do Dogs Like To Kiss

We show our love for our pets by hugging or kissing them. Especially when we express our love for dogs by kissing them. The dog likes to kiss, but if you suddenly kiss him, it makes him scared. We can’t accept it when a stranger hugs or kisses us. And our mood gets worse. The same in the case of dogs.

A dog only likes to hug and kiss its owner and a few people. They realize that it is an expression of affection for them and that it excites them.

However, if your dog is not accustomed to kissing, he will not be able to accept it when you bring your face in front of his. He will even feel threatened. But most of them take it as an expression of affection, and they enjoy it.

Why Do Dogs Kiss People?

Why Do Dogs Kiss People

Although the exact explanation of why dogs lick people is not known, most of the time they lick their owner to show their love. When you know the exact reason why your dog licks you, you may change your mind.

Affection: When a dog wants to show love to its owner, it tries to hug its owner and lick the owner’s hand and mouth. And this licking is called kissing. When the dog is very happy, he licks them to show his love for his favorite people and other dogs. It is the dog’s natural way to express affection.

A puppy learns this from its mother because mothers lick their puppies to show their love and affection for them. So your dog will lick your face to show his love for you. While some dogs don’t like to lick, that doesn’t mean they are less affectionate. Dogs may have different means of expressing affection.

Attention: Dogs are usually domineering. So they want to express their love all the time. So when they feel annoyed and alone, they want to get the attention of their owner.

If your dog licks you, it means he wants to get your attention. And when you pay attention to him, he will feel happy and start hugging and licking you more and more. But if you don’t bully or push him, he gets excited and shows interest.

Is Dog Licking Safe?

Is Dog Licking Safe

Although licking a dog is not dangerous, it can be harmful. Because dog saliva contains natural bacteria. And it can be dangerous for you. If these bacteria enter an open wound. Otherwise, it is not dangerous for you.

However, there is no solid proof that a dog licking a human is dangerous. So if your dog licks you, then don’t worry, and you can rest assured.

Does The Dog Feel Kissed?

Does The Dog Feel Kissed?

Kissing can be dangerous if the dog doesn’t know about it. Although most owners express love by kissing their dog. Many dogs feel happy when they are hugged and kissed. When they are kissed, they jump for joy and wag their tails. They even look happy and alert, and they kiss back to express love and affection.

However, it is harmful, especially in the case of children. Hugs and kisses are one of the causes of dog bites on human faces. Most of the time children are victims because children are emotional. At times it is seen that children are threatened by dogs when they eat.

Or it could be that when the baby is asleep, the dog is hugging and kissing him. The dog tries to convey by body language and facial expressions. When children forcefully kiss them and those who don’t like it, they try to stop it. So it can be dangerous.

Keep Safe

Be sure to maintain safety when kissing a dog. And don’t kiss the dog at all. Before kissing your dog, make sure that he is in the mood to play or that he is upset now. Because if he is upset, and you bring your face close to his, he will feel scared. And he can be aggressive towards you if he feels scared.

Although dogs are domineering, they attack if they get too angry. However, most dogs can read the body language of other dogs or humans, especially their owners. So if you are angry with him or express love to him, then he can understand it. Also, whether they like kissing or not, they express it through their body language.

Are Dog Kisses Actually Signs of Affection

Are Dog Kisses Actually Signs of Affection

Kissing any animal is a charming and romantic gesture. But dog kisses are especially endearing: they convey an almost childlike sense of innocence, openness, and love. As you know, dogs don’t have the ability to speak; so their affection can only be expressed through other physical ways. Dog kisses are a highly visible, easy way to see how your dog feels about you and your family members.

Dog kisses aren’t always simple expressions of love, however. Dog kisses can also be used as a way to initiate a play session or to get attention. In fact, some dogs use dog kisses as a way to persuade their guardians to take them for a walk.

Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Come When Called

Reasons Why Your Dog Won't Come When Called

Your dog may be a wonderful companion and always return to you, but he probably won’t come if you call him. The most common reasons are:

  • He has developed an aversion to certain words that sound the same.
  • Dogs may have learned not to come because of past negative experiences with coming.
  • Dogs may have learned that coming gets them in trouble.
  • Dogs may have learned not to come because you punish them for not coming.
  • Dogs might not come because they are having fun where they are and view your call as a distraction from their preferred activity.
  • Dogs might not come because it’s too difficult and painful to leave what they are doing and go back to you.

The Value Of A Puppy Return

The Value Of A Puppy Return

Dog return is a term that some people use when they denote the process of returning an adopted dog. Many people adopting a pet for the first time often feel like they want to give up on their new pet within the first few days because they find out that the pet is less social or doesn’t do what it was expected to do. It might, instead, be genetic, and you should try to give them back as soon as possible.

There are several points to take into consideration when returning a dog. The first is the breeder’s credentials. Many people end up being victims of misrepresentation and end up with a dog that has been abused or diseased.

The second point you should consider is what exactly you are returning for. Many people returning their dogs are not returning the parents, which often turns into a big mess. If you want to return your dog, you should get it placed in another home so another family can enjoy their benefits.

You Combine This With An Opposite

There are a few things that a dog can do that a person cannot. These include greeting, sniffing, and even barking when it is another dog’s turn. However, there are things a person cannot do for their dog that their dog can do for them.

The value of what you are doing for your dog will increase even more if it is combined with the opposite of this. For example, if you have a dog that cannot hear very well, it is unlikely that the dog will be able to return the favor. On the other hand, if you have children and are home for most of your day and your dog gets tired and wants to go out for a walk, this is something you can do for your dog.

Rarely Studied In A Variety Of Settings


For quite some time, it was thought that there were not a lot of scientific studies focusing on the behavior of dogs and their interactions with human beings. However, one study indicated dogs could understand the gestures of humans.

This study was focused on pointing, a gesture that many people use when they want to direct their dog’s attention to something or direct them to do something. The study by Susanne Schaller and her colleagues demonstrated that dogs do understand pointing gestures.

This finding demonstrated that gesturing was not just a practice of humans. Dogs could understand the gestures, but they only understood the gesture when they could see the entire gesture, so dogs did not recognize pointing in their peripheral vision.

How Dogs Show Affection To One Another Dog

How Dogs Show Affection to One another Dog

The dog can show affection in many ways to another dog, such as displaying affection through licking and playing. They also often greet one another in happy, wagging ways.

  • Play with each other.
  • Often attack one another and wrestle.
  • They pass the toy back and forth and push each other.
  • They move towards each other and lick the other one’s face.
  • They walk through each other’s feet.
  • Some dogs will roll on their backs and play with their paws.

Signs Of Dog Aggression

Signs of dog aggression

The dog may show anger by snapping at the air with his teeth or at a person who is not involved in an altercation. Signs of dog aggression are:

  • Direct eye contact
  • Snapping at you
  • Pricked ears
  • Cowering
  • Limp body language
  • Showing submission
  • Digging at the ground
  • Soft body language
  • Nervousness
  • Tail between legs and low energy level

When Do Dogs Like To Kiss?

When Do Dogs Like To Kiss

Growing Up Puppies:

Growing Up Puppies

A dog can understand kissing and hugging when there is a chance of socialization from its puppy state. If your pet has a puppy, then you can easily explain the affection by training him. When you kiss a puppy, it is not easy for him to understand what you are doing to him.

But when you kiss him regularly, he will learn to understand that you are loving him. And it will make him happy and excited. He will even realize that kissing and hugging is a means of expressing affection.

Even your dog will try to hug you to express affection towards you and kiss and lick your face. Even your dog will feel safe with you because you have raised him with care and attention. You will feel safe with your dog because you have trained him.

Even your dog is always ready to protect you. So when you kiss your dog, they will realize that you are expressing love to him. Even it will become their habit.

Giving Your Dog Affection The Right Way

If the dog is full of energy and wants to calm down, you should pet it from head to tail instead of rubbing its tummy. You also need to ensure that your dog knows where you want it to give affection by patting your body or patting its head in the exact place you want affection directed.

There are several positions that dogs use when they want to show affection. Many of these positions often appear in the context of the play, also known as rough and tumble or roughhousing. You can make your dog comfortable in several ways, so it does not need to perform any other affectionate gestures.

Adopt A Homeless Dog:

Adopt A Homeless Dog

Homeless dogs do not have the opportunity to socialize properly. So when a homeless dog is adopted, it can often cause harm. They also consider everyone dangerous for themselves, so they are ready to defend themselves.

Also rescued dogs are mostly traumatized, so they can also be dangerous. But you can change their behaviour by training them. I’ll always remember that you didn’t raise them with socialization, so you have no idea about their behaviour.

So be patient, it may take time to socialize and train them. And when their faith in you comes, they will understand your kisses and hugs. And will hug and kiss you to express his gratitude and love.

Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ in Dog Language

There are several ways that you can teach your dog to understand what you are saying and make it easier for them to learn this same language.

  1. Rub his ears.
  2. Give it a belly rub.
  3. Kiss his head or nose.
  4. Pat it on the head before leaving the room or going outside for some activity.
  5. Talk to your dog in a soothing voice and ask him for a ‘sit.’
  6. Rub his chest and legs.
  7. Talk to your dog in a soothing voice and tell it that you love it and want it to be happy.
  8. Give a treat when your dog does something good.

Can A Dog Kiss You?

Can A Dog Kiss You

Dogs will always find a way to show affection to others, especially their owners. So when they are very happy and want to appreciate you, they kiss your hand and face. However, their kiss is revealed by licking.

Don’t Be Embarrassed To Use Your Dog’s Voice

The best way in which you can make sure that your dog understands what you are saying is to use their language. However, it is important to realize that the best way to do this is by understanding the dog’s emotional and cognitive state.

The dog will sometimes act silly, and you should be silly with them. If your dog acts a certain way, such as barking, you should react by barking in the same tone and frequency. Research shows that dogs can learn language best when they are young and don’t have any language or speech skills.

There are also some ways in which you can communicate with your dog once they have learned the language. These include:

  1. Talk to your dog when there are no other people around.
  2. Using commands such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘come.’
  3. Using tones of voice that are not just spoken words but also have a smile or happy face.

Final Thought

Whether your dog likes your hug and kiss or not can be understood through his body language. Because you can’t read or know what your dog is thinking. So whether your dog likes to kiss or not depends on your dog. So notice how it reacts when you hug and kiss your dog to express affection.

If they feel happy, then he likes your kiss. But if he looks worried and doesn’t want to kiss you, don’t be upset but give him time. But you must know how to show love to an animal and make it happy. I hope now you understand what does your dog really think of your kisses and hugs.


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