About Us

Welcome to ThinkersVine – the perfect online resource for finding the best tips and solutions for your dogs.

Who Am I?

Who Am I? The answer is simple; I am an experienced dog owner and the founder and CEO of ThinkersVine.com.

And my name is Micheal L Garcia. I am a dog owner, lover & freelance photographer. I love to work with pets & it is my passion and profession. Besides, I like to deal with dog and dog behavior, breed, health, food, and issues.

Every passion has its destiny, and my fate started with my brother’s shop. My brother had a small pet shop, and I worked there since I was 14. However, I have 18 years of experience in this field.

Why Should You Choose Thinkersvine First?

Thinkersvine is here to help you find the best dog food, behavior and health tips for them. Our platform uses algorithms and hundreds of user reviews to provide you with the best possible recommendations. Our site is user-friendly and sleek, making it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

Our team of experts is here to help you make the best choices for your needs. We are always trying to improve what you see on ThinkersVine. Moreover, we keep an eye on the audience’s feedback on each article. If an article is incomprehensible, we rewrite it with details.

Why Did I Create Thinkersvine?

Without goals, you don’t achieve any success. That’s why ThinkersVine was created to assist general users and newcomers in solving their problems.

Most publishers have only one author to publish their article, which they call good. On the other hand, ThinkersVine produces articles with ten expert article writers with immense knowledge of improving dogs and dog behavior, breed, health, food, and issues.

We’re committed to providing you with the best possible solutions, so thanks for choosing ThinkersVine.