When To Switch Puppy To 2 Meals A Day? [Pet Food Feeding Guideline]

When to switch puppy to 2 meals a day

“Anybody who finds it easy to make money on the horses is probably in the dog food business.” As the pet food industry business is booming globally, we might be intrigued to stuff our dogs with all the excellent food we can buy to make them healthier. However, it’s pretty important not to overfeed them. … Read more

When To Switch From Puppy Food To Dog Food For Labrador? Puppies Health Guide

When to Switch from Puppy Food to Dog Food for Labrador

The food that you feed your dog has an immense effect on the dog’s life span. You should be aware of the correct feeding habit for your dog. Having a pet dog is not only about fun. It also brings great responsibility along with it. Among those responsibilities, one of the important ones is the … Read more

What Treats Can I Give My 8 Week Old Puppy? [Pet Food Explained]

What treats can I give my 8 week old puppy

Puppies are so much fun, but they can be a little hard to care for. Let’s talk about what you should and shouldn’t give your 8-week old puppy regarding food. Sometimes it feels like there is no end to the questions that come up when caring for puppies, especially if this is your first time! … Read more

What To Feed A 2 Month Old Puppy? [Little Puppies Food Routin]

What to feed a 2 month old puppy

As children need different diets than adults. Puppies also have special needs. The food is good, and the puppy needs all the food. So, what to feed a 2 month old puppy? But perhaps more importantly, you need to ensure reliable muscle and bone development while you feed your puppy a proper diet. Puppies need … Read more

ROYAL Canin Urinary SO-Dry Dog Food – Pet Food Brand Review

ROYAL Canin urinary SO-dry dog food

ROYAL Canin Urinary SO-Dry Dog Food.Dogs are the most faithful and loyal animal as a pet, and they can be the friendliest creature on earth. As most of us love dogs, we tend to pet them too often. But sometimes, we forget to take proper care of these animals. Moreover, lacking enough knowledge on taking … Read more

Purina EN Dog Food Alternatives [Some Alternatives With Reasons]

Purina EN dog food alternatives

Purina EN dog food is one of the best-prescribed dog foods has its place in almost every house of dog owners. It is an expensive wet dog food that can stimulate your dog’s lost appetite improving its gastrointestinal complication. But as it is a prescribed food, you can’t just have it from over the counter, … Read more