How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Carpet [Things You Need To Know]

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Carpet

Here are a few tricks to help you get dog poop out of your carpet. Use a mixture of soap and water to clean the area thoroughly. Finally, use a special enzyme cleaner or commercial product that targets odors and stains. Rinse well and let dry before you vacuum again. You can also use enzymatic … Read more

Reasons Why My Puppy Doesn’t Like Me

Why My Puppy Doesn’t Like Me

Only a select few get to experience having a friend like your pet. They can’t speak, so they need you to be their voice and understand them – just like human friends do with each other. If your pet can’t quite relate to humans, they will love their new friend, the human. The best way … Read more

Why Do Dogs Lick You When You Accidentally Hurt Them?

Why Do Dogs Lick You When You Accidentally Hurt Them

Do you know why do dogs lick you when you accidentally hurt them? Dogs lick humans as a gesture of consolation and to soothe the emotional pain accompanying an injury. We often see this behaviour in dogs with close relationships with their owners, such as service dogs trained to comfort people in distress. Animals of … Read more

5 Fun Facts About Dog Bobbing Head Around Food Bowls

Dog Bobbing Head Around Food Bowl

The food preferences of canines vary greatly. Some are strictly carnivores, while others are plant-eaters. However, they all have one thing in common – they love to munch on food. Dog bobbing head behavior is commonly known as “dog bobbing head around food bowls.” It’s usually seen in dogs trying to get a closer look … Read more

Why Does My Dog Separate One Puppy From The Rest? [Details Guide]

Why Does My Dog Separate One Puppy From The Rest

When a mother dog separates one puppy from the rest it’s your concern to the lookout. It can be a confusing and upsetting experience for all involved. Although the puppies may cry, their mother may look away or ignore them. As puppies grow older and learn to trust their mothers more, they may become upset … Read more

10 Secrets Your Dog Is Licking Lips When Petted: [In Details]

Dogs are the best pets that someone could ask for. They’re loyal and obedient and provide tons of love and happiness. Plus, they don’t require much care – all you need to do is feed them and give them a few scratches here and there. Dog pet love is all about taking care of your … Read more

Why Does My Dog Lick Other Dogs Privates? [Canine Body Language]

Why Does My DoG Lick Other Dogs privates

There’s no mistaking the signals that dogs send to one another – they’re highly communicative animals. One of the ways they communicate is by licking each other’s privates. But why does my dog lick other dogs’ privates? And how can I stop him from doing it? There is no definitive answer to these questions. It … Read more

Why Does An Older Dog Drink Its Own Urine? [Answers In Details]

Why Does An Older Dog Drink Its Own Urine

Older dogs can be just as loving and playful as any other dog; in some cases, they may even be more affectionate. If you’re considering getting an older dog drink Its own urine think twice – they’re a lot of fun. Just be warned that they may require more care than a younger dog. Older … Read more