D’angelo Schnauzers Of California – California’s Beloved Breed

D’angelo Schnauzers of california is a reputable breeder of miniature and toy Schnauzers. The kennel is located in the heart of Southern California and has been producing happy, healthy, and well-socialized puppies for over a decade. D’angelo Schnauzer of California is dedicated to providing quality puppies to loving families who will cherish them for a lifetime.

The breeding program at D’angelo Schnauzer of California is focused on producing puppies with excellent temperament, health, and conformation. All puppies are raised in a loving home environment and are well-socialized from an early age. The kennel is proud to offer a variety of colors including black, salt and pepper, and black and silver.

In addition, D’angelo Schnauzer of California provides ongoing support to their puppy owners to ensure they receive the best possible care throughout their lifetime. The kennel also offers a health guarantee for all of its puppies.

D'angelo Schnauzers Of California

History Of D’Angelo Schnauzers

History Of D'Angelo Schnauzers

D’Angelo Schnauzers is a reputable breeder of miniature schnauzers that is located in the heart of California. The history of D’Angelo Schnauzers dates back to 1997 when the founder, Linda D’Angelo, started breeding miniature schnauzers as a hobby. With a passion for the breed, Linda quickly established a reputation for breeding happy, healthy, and well-socialized schnauzers.

Over the years, D’Angelo Schnauzers has grown and expanded, becoming one of California’s most respected breeders of miniature schnauzers. The kennel has consistently produced some of the most beautiful and healthy schnauzers, earning numerous accolades and awards.

How To Train D’Angelo Schnauzers Of California

How To Train D'Angelo Schnauzers Of California

D’Angelo Schnauzers are a reputable breeder of AKC Miniature and Giant Schnauzers, located in Wildomar, CA. They have been breeding since 1997 and focus on producing healthy, beautiful, and well-tempered puppies. They are members of various Schnauzer clubs and follow the highest breeding ethics and practices standards.

If you are lucky enough to own one of their puppies, you must train them properly to ensure they become happy, obedient, and well-socialized dogs. Here are some tips on how to train D’Angelo Schnauzers of California.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement training is a method of teaching your dog by rewarding them for good behavior, rather than punishing them for bad behavior. This way, your dog will learn to associate the desired behavior with something pleasant, such as a treat, a toy, or praise, and will be more likely to repeat it. Positive reinforcement training is effective, humane, and fun for you and your dog. It also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your dog and build their confidence and trust.

Basic Obedience Commands

Basic Obedience Commands

Basic obedience commands are essential for any dog owner, as they help you communicate with your dog and control their actions. Some of the most important commands to teach your dog are: sit, stay, come, down, leave it, drop it, heel, and off.

You can teach these commands using positive reinforcement training by luring your dog into the desired position with a treat or a toy, then saying the command and rewarding them when they do it. You can also use a clicker to mark the exact moment your dog performs correctly.


Socialization is exposing your dog to different people, animals, places, sounds, smells, and experiences from an early age. This helps your dog to become more comfortable and confident in various situations and prevents them from developing fear or aggression issues later on.

Socialization is especially important for Schnauzers, as they are naturally alert and protective dogs that can be wary of strangers or other dogs if not properly socialized. You should start socializing your puppy after they have received it as soon as possible. Your vet clears their vaccinations. You can take them to puppy classes, dog parks, pet stores, friends’ houses, or anywhere else where they can meet new people and dogs safely and positively.

House Training

House training is the process of teaching your dog where and when to eliminate waste. This is one of the first things you should teach your puppy when you bring them home, as it will save you a lot of hassle and mess later on.

House training requires consistency, patience, and supervision from you. You should establish a regular schedule for feeding and taking your puppy outside to potty every few hours. You should also use a crate or a confined area to keep your puppy when you cannot watch them closely.

Also, you should praise and reward your puppy every time they go potty in the right place and ignore or interrupt them if they try to go potty in the wrong place. You should never scold or punish your puppy for having an accident in the house. This will only make them afraid of you or hide their mess.

Leash Training

Leash training is the process of teaching your dog how to walk politely on a leash without pulling, lunging, or barking at other people or dogs. This is important for your and your dog’s safety when you go out for walks or trips. Leash training can be challenging for some dogs, especially Schnauzers, who have a strong prey drive and a tendency to chase after squirrels or birds.

You should start leash training your puppy as soon as possible. Use a collar or harness that fits them well and does not cause discomfort or pain. You should also use a short leash that gives you more control over your dog’s movements.

Advanced Commands

Advanced Commands

Advanced commands are more complex or challenging commands that you can teach your dog after they have mastered the basic obedience commands. Some examples of advanced commands are: roll over, shake, spin, speak, play dead, fetch, etc. These commands are fun and impressive to show off to your friends and family. And help keep your dog mentally stimulated and engaged.

You can teach these commands using the same positive reinforcement training method as before by breaking them down. The behavior into smaller steps and reward your dog for each step. You can also use a clicker to mark the exact moment your dog performs correctly.

Agility Training

Agility training is a sport that involves your dog running through an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, ramps, weave poles, etc., under your guidance and direction. This training is a great way to exercise your dog’s body and mind and improve their coordination, speed, and confidence.

It is also a fun and rewarding activity with your dog as a team. Agility training suits most dogs, especially Schnauzers, who are agile, intelligent, and energetic dogs that love to learn new things. You can start agility training your dog after they have learned some basic obedience commands and are physically mature enough to handle the obstacles.

Clicker Training

Clicker Training

Clicker training teaches your dog to use a small device that clicks when you press it. The clicker acts as a marker that tells your dog exactly. When they have done something right and is followed by a reward such as a treat or a toy. Clicker training is based on operant conditioning, which means your dog will learn to repeat the behavior that leads to a positive outcome.

Clicker training is effective, fast, and fun for you and your dog. It can teach your dog any command or trick, from basic to advanced. You can start clicker training your dog by first teaching them what the clicker means. You can do this by clicking the clicker and giving your dog a treat immediately after, several times in a row.

Consistency And Patience

Consistency and patience are two key factors that will determine the success of your dog training. This means consistently using the same commands, signals, rewards and rules every time you train your dog. This will help your dog understand your expectations and avoid confusion or frustration.

Patience means you should not rush or force your dog to learn something they are not ready for or comfortable with. You should respect your dog’s pace and personality and adjust your training accordingly. You should also prepare yourself to repeat the same exercises repeatedly until you master them with your dog.

Breeding Philosophy And Values

Breeding Philosophy And Values

D’Angelo Schnauzers have a clear breeding philosophy and values that guide their work as breeders. They aim to breed 100% pure-blood Schnauzers with excellent temperament, health, and confirmation. Their values are love, respect, and caring for their puppies and parents.

They are committed to providing their puppies with the best possible start by ensuring they are born in a clean, comfortable, and loving environment. They also give their puppies proper socialization, vaccination, deworming, microchipping, grooming, and health checks before sending them to their new homes.


D’angelo Schnauzers is a reputable and reliable breeder of high-quality Schnauzers. With years of experience and a dedication to their craft, they have built a strong reputation for excellence and professionalism. Their commitment to ethical breeding practices and the health and well-being of their dogs is evident in the happy and healthy pups they produce.

Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion or a show-quality dog, D’angelo Schnauzers of california is a great choice. They are sure to exceed your expectations with a focus on customer satisfaction and a passion for their work. So if you’re in the market for a new furry friend. Check out D’angelo Schnauzers and see why they are one of the best in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Contact D’angelo Schnauzer Of California?

You can contact D’angelo Schnauzer of California through their official website or their provided phone number. They are usually responsive to inquiries and can provide information about their available puppies and upcoming litters.

Are D’angelo Schnauzers Registered With Any Kennel Clubs?

Yes, D’angelo Schnauzer of California is dedicated to maintaining the breed’s standards, and their dogs are typically registered with reputable kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the United Kennel Club (UKC).

Do D’angelo Schnauzers Offer Health Guarantees For Their Puppies?

Yes, D’angelo Schnauzer of California provides health guarantees for their puppies to ensure they are free from congenital health issues. They may offer replacement or refund options in the rare case of any genetic problems.

How Do I Reserve A Puppy From D’angelo Schnauzers?

To reserve a puppy, contact D’angelo Schnauzers and express your interest. They might require a deposit to secure your spot on the waiting list for an upcoming litter. The deposit is usually non-refundable but goes toward the final cost of the puppy.

Are D’angelo Schnauzer Of California Experienced And Knowledgeable Breeders?

D’angelo Schnauzer of California is popular for their experience and knowledge in breeding Schnauzers. They have a genuine passion for the breed and take great care in selecting suitable parents for their litters.

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