Everything You Need To Know About Cane Corso Eye Color

People worldwide have found Cane Corsos, a breed of dog that originates from Italy. Medium-sized dogs usually weigh between 35 to 45 pounds. These dogs have large brown eyes. Their coats can range from short to long, with the long coat being more common in colder climates.

Cane Corsos come in several colors and patterns, including red, black, golden, and silver. People can find tan with black markings as the most common color, but they can also find them in other colors such as red or silver. The color of a breed’s coat often determines its eye color.

The breed’s coat color can be brown, black, or blue. Coat color does not solely determine eye color. Many factors determine eye color in Cane Corso puppies, including breed standards and genetics. Coat color can affect eye color. Let’s discuss Cane Corso’s eye color and how it differs from the eye color of other dogs in this guide.

Everything You Need To Know About Cane Corso Eye Color

What Is Cherry Eye In A Cane Corso?


We use the term “Cherry eye” to describe an inflamed or irritated third eyelid in which the eye appears as a red lump under the eyelid. IInfection, trauma, or genetics often cause it, which can be painful and distressing for dogs. When Cherry Eye occurs, the third eyelid’s tear gland swells up, becomes red, and protrudes outward.

This appearance resembles a cherry. Dogs prone to Cherry Eye may require surgery to treat the condition. The eye color of a Cane Corso is deep and dark amber, not red. As you can see, Cherry’s eye isn’t something to worry about—it’s just a superficial irritation.

Facts About Cane Corso Eye Color In Details

Facts About Cane Corso Eye Color In Detail

Cane Corsos are known for their eye color, which is usually brown. The color of Cane Corsos’ eyes varies between Corso, and shades can range from amber to dark brown. While puppies’ eyes may be blue at birth, as they grow older, they will change to darker colors, such as gold and amber.

The coat color and facial features like the rim of the eyes and nose influence the eye color of a Cane Corso Italiano, as with any breed. A Cane Corso’s coat and facial features influence its eye color, making it unique among other dog breeds.

The eyes of puppies may look blue when they are born, but over time their eye color will change to darker shades such as gold or amber-red. The eye color of Cane Corso is an indicator of the breed’s genetic makeup, showing the dog’s heritage. By understanding the factors that influence eye color, you can better appreciate the diverse beauty of a Cane Corso Italiano.

Exceptions In The Coat Color And Eye Color Shade Theory

Exceptions In The Coat Color And Eye Color Shade Theory

There are a few exceptions in Cane Corso’s coat color and eye color shade theory. Contrary to what some believe, the Cane Corso is not completely black with a white muzzle. The breed has several different coat colors and shades possible, including red, mahogany, fawn, and brindle. Another exception is that the Cana Corso’s eye color can vary from blue to brown or even green. Lastly, the Cane Corso is not always an entirely black dog with a white muzzle.

What Is The Right Shade Of Eye Color For A Cane Corso?

What Is The Right Shade Of Eye Color For A Cane Corso

Cane Corso’s eyes are typically brown, but eye colors can vary, ranging from amber to light brown or even gold. The shade of eye color depends on the coat color of the Corso, with eyes being a shade similar to the coat. Some Cane Corso can have blue eyes, although this is not exclusive to the breed. Newborn Cane Corsos can have blue eyes, which will darken over the first few weeks as the coat grows. Overall, the eye colors of the breed are indicative of its character and intelligence.

In addition to eye color, a Cane Corso’s coat is an important indicator of its genetic makeup and potential for developing specific traits such as black or brown eyes. A Cane Corso’s coat can vary in length and thickness, with the longer coats associated with warmer climates and the thicker coats seen in colder climates. Also, different genes may come together during breeding to create different coat colors and lengths.

Eye Colors Of Cane Corse According To The Recognized Coat Color

Eye Colors Of Cane Corse According To The Recognized Coat Color

The eyes of Cane Corso dogs are a bright, hazel brown. The AKC and FCI recognize two acceptable eye colors for the breed: dark hazel for dogs with black muzzles and coat colors of black, black brindle, fawn, and red, and lighter shades for dogs with gray muzzles and coat colors of gray, gray brindle, fawn, and red. Eye colors considered faulty for the breed are blue or yellow.

The nose color of the Cane Corso should match the dog’s coat, with black coats having black noses and gray coats having gray noses. Overall, this dog’s eyes are a perfect canvas for displaying its unique coat traits. People well-suited to living in warm climates find the Cane Corso to be a brave dog with a strong sense of family. You can also add to your dog’s uniqueness by choosing its eye color carefully.

Unaccepted/Disqualifying Cane Corso Eye Color

Unaccepted Disqualifying Cane Corso Eye Color


The AKC (American Kennels Club) disqualifies eye colors blue and yellow for the Cane Corso breed. This is because of a defective gene that results in the eyes of these colors. The eyes must be round, almond-shaped, and not bulging. They must have haw barely visible.

Eye shape is one of the most important aspects of the breed, and it must be round, almond-shaped, and not bulged. Of course, the eyes should be black and bright. Two eyes with different colors are also a disqualification for the breed.

A blue Cane Corso is the presence of a recessive dilution gene in a black Cane Corso. Both parents must pass on this gene to produce blue offspring. You can still produce non-blue dogs from blue dogs, but they are considered carriers of the recessive dilution gene and cannot be shown as blue Cane Corso puppies or dogs.

Yellow Eyes Of Cane Corso Help Them See Better In The Dark – Fact Or Myth?

Yellow Eyes Of Cane Corso Help Them See Better In The Dark

Cane Corso’s eyes come in various colors, including black, brown, gray, blue, and yellow. Blue eyes are the rarest of all the eye colors in Cane Corsos. Brown eyes are the most common. Cane Corso puppies are born with blue eyes, but these will gradually change to shades of brown, amber, or gold. Grey-coated Cane Corso puppies may also have blue eyes, but they will eventually turn brown.

As for the eyes of Cane Corso adults, they also come in various sizes and shapes. Some have big eyes and prominent noses, while others have smaller eyes and shorter noses. Given their bright yellow eyes and varied coat colors and sizes, it’s no surprise that Cane Corso puppies have become one of the most popular breeds in the dog world today.

What Color Does A Cane Corso Puppy Possess?

What Color Does A Cane Corso Puppy Possess

Cane Corso puppies can have a black coat produced through the pigment eumelanin. German shepherds, Siberian huskies, and Malamutes carry this pigment in their coats. You should note that not all pet owners mistake them for white. Rather, solid white Cane Corso puppies do not exist. Some puppies may have white patches on their chin, throat, chest, backs of the pasterns, and toes.

These patches may be gray or carbon black in color or change over time to brown or blue eyes. Gray Cane Corso puppies also exist. These puppies typically have a washed-out carbon coat color, and their coats may change over time as they age.

They commonly display a brown tinge to their coats during the initial stages of their life and darken with age to become more distinct shades of brown. Blue eyes in Cane Corso puppies typically change color by the time they are six months old.

Does The Eye Color Of A Cane Corso Change During The Transition From Puppy To Adulthood?

Does The Eye Color Of A Cane Corso Change During The Transition From Puppy To Adulthood

The eye color of a Cane Corso puppy is blue when they are born and will usually change to a darker color between three to four weeks. By the time Cane Corso puppies are six months old, their eyes will have turned brown due to the production of melanin in the body. If the eye color of your Cane Corso puppy remains blue after four weeks, it could be an indication of an underlying health problem. However, if the eye color changes to brown normally, they are likely developing normally.

A Cane Corso’s eye color is typically determined by its genes and may not change throughout its lifetime unless there is a problem with melanin production, or the dog’s eye color stays blue due to poor melanin production. In rare cases, Cane Corso puppies may retain their blue eye color throughout their lifetime due to genetic factors or poor melanin production.

Timeline Of Cane Corso Eye Color Change

Timeline Of Cane Corso Eye Color Change

The eye color of Cane Corso puppies is usually blue at birth due to low amounts of melanin production. Eye color changes to brown around 8 to 12 months of age. The eyes of Cane Corso puppies change shades for various reasons, such as lighter eye color being preferred in the breed, varying light intensities, and seasonal changes.

The eye color of Cane Corso puppies can take up to six months to fully develop. Eye color change is a natural process for Cane Corso puppies and is not considered a problem. However, lighter eyes are preferred in the breed. Darker eyes are more photogenic and more appealing to the public eye.

Eye color change with age is normal and should not be a cause for concern. It is important to note that Cane Corso’s eye color may also change with different coat colors or lengths. In rare cases, eye color can take longer than six months to develop fully. If your Cane Corso puppy’s eyes are blue at birth and do not seem to change, speak with your veterinarian for an exam and possible treatment options.

The Reasons Behind The Phenomenon Of Eye Color Change In A Cane Corso

The Reasons Behind The Phenomenon Of Eye Color Change In A Cane Corso

Cane Corso’s eyes have a dark blue color due to the pigmentation of the iris. Cane Corso puppies usually keep their eyes closed for two weeks and have lower exposure to sunlight, resulting in less melanin production. This allows the iris to become lighter in color. To produce a blue Cane Corso, both parents must pass on the recessive dilution gene.

Blue Cane Corsos are officially called gray Cane Corsos. Even if both parents are not blue, you can produce blue offspring. Puppy Cane Corsos’ eyes change color due to various factors like exposure to sunlight and eye color genes passed from the parent dog. So, puppy Cane Corso’s eyes change color due to environmental and genetic factors in the puppy’s development.

Cane Corso Eye Colors – Final Thoughts

Cane Corso Eye Color

Cane Corso’s eye colors vary widely, ranging from light brown to amber and gold. Red is a rare eye color for the breed. However, it is usually a deep amber color. Other eye colors common in the breed include dark brown eyes and blue eyes. Eye color in Cane Corso is believed to reflect their temperament and character, with blue eyes seen as symbols of nobility or intelligence and brown eyes as sweetness or friendliness.

The coat of a Cane Corso Italiano is typically black with a white muzzle, chest, legs, and tail tip. Eye color is determined by the genetics of the dog’s parents. If a dog’s parents both have blue eyes, the puppies will likely inherit blue eyes. However, if one parent has blue eyes and the other brown eyes, the puppies may have brown eyes instead. Thus, eye color in Cane Corsos can be influenced by genetics and environment.

When selecting an eye color for a Cane Corso Italiano, it is important to consider the dog’s natural coat color, temperament, and personality. It is important to pick an eye color that reflects the dog’s natural personality. After all, an expressive eye can enhance an individual’s appearance and help communicate their moods and emotions.


Eye color is one of the first things that people notice about you. While eye color is usually dictated by genetics, several lifestyle factors can affect eye colors, such as diet, exercise, and even the color of your eyes’ natural tears. Eye color is an objective measure of eye health.

Having eyes with a specific eye color helps you identify threats more easily. Eye color is just one aspect that makes Cane Corso puppies adorable. With so many different care options available for Cane Corso’s eye color, it’s easy to find the right solution for eye problems and eye color.

The Cane Corso breed is well-known for its loyalty and affectionate nature. We discussed the commonality of the Cane Corso. We hope that you found this information helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.At What Age Do Cane Corso’s Eyes Change Color?

Ans: Pups born with blue eyes typically change their color to brown, amber, or grey around three months. The color change process may take as long as six months in some cases but is usually complete by 8 to 12 months of age. The eye color will usually match the darkest shade in the coat. If the pup has difficulty producing melanin (a pigment that darkens the coat color), then the eye color may not change.

2.What Is The Rarest Color Of Cane Corso?

Ans: Cane Corso has six colors: chocolate, liver, Isabella, straw, blue eyes, and yellow eyes. Of these colors, blue eyes are the rarest. To produce a blue Cane Corso, both parents must pass on the recessive dilution gene.

Blue eyes result from a dog’s color being diluted to two colors- the black or gray mask that does not go beyond the dog’s eyes. Fawn Cane Corsos have a black or gray mask that does not go beyond their eyes. The AKC and FCI describe fawn and red Cane Corsos as distinct.

3.Will My Cane Corso Eyes Stay Blue?

Ans: There is no guarantee that your Cane Corso puppy’s eyes will remain blue, but it is not likely that they will. If they do, it may be due to a genetic defect. All puppies start with blue eyes but change to brown, amber, or gold as they grow older. Grey-coated Canes may have blue eyes at birth but eventually, turn brown.

4.What Is The Rarest Eye Color For Dogs?

Ans: No one eye color is found in all dogs, as breed and coat color play a major role in determining the color of their eyes. Blue eyes are commonly seen in puppies but usually, fade away or turn brown over time. Blue eyes are the rarest eye color and are typically seen in some dog breeds, such as the Cane Corso.

If a dog’s blue eyes are not according to breed standards and are found at any point during their lifetime, this can disqualify the dog from being a part of the American Kennel Club.

5.What Is The Right Shade Of Eye Color For A Cane Corso?

Ans: The right shade of eye color for a Cane Corso Italiano typically includes amber, light brown, gold, and red. However, blue eyes can occur in a Cane Corso if the coat color of the individual Cane Corso is blue. Newly born Cane Corso puppies usually have blue eyes, which may darken over the first few weeks.

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