The Truth About Black Golden Retriever

Golden retriever breeders often describe Golden Retrievers as black-and-tan golden retrievers. In reality, black-and-tan golden retriever puppies are rarely spotted by dog breeders.

They are black-coated golden retriever puppies, a rarity only seen in black golden retriever purebreds.

While black golden retriever purebreds do exist, they are not common. This retriever breed is an anomaly—an odd breed with unique characteristics and temperament. The breed standard for golden retrievers reflects this uniqueness.

Black golden retrievers are less likely to be purebred than other golden retriever breeds and may have different breeding requirements than golden retriever breeders. That said, black golden retrievers have distinct physical and behavioral traits that set them apart from regular golden retrievers. Read more about this rare black retriever breed and its unique characteristics.

Black Golden Retriever

What Is A Black Golden Retriever?

What Is A Black Golden Retriever?

A black Golden Retriever is a crossbreed of a golden retriever and a black labrador, Newfoundland, or another breed. They can range from 50-120 pounds and are exuberant, energetic, and playful with a puppy-like personality. And, They are very friendly and outgoing but can be sensitive and stubborn if exposed to harsh training methods. They have dark coats and broader snouts like their labrador parent.

Black Golden Retrievers can be used as service dogs due to their temperament and intelligence. They are excellent companions for families, children, and other dog-friendly individuals. In addition to their golden retriever-like traits, black Golden Retrievers also share some Labrador dog characteristics like gentle eyes, floppy ears, and long tails.

Though they are not purebreds, black Golden Retrievers are often considered part of the Labrador retriever family. A black Golden Retriever can make a great addition to any family or community.

Are Black Golden Retrievers Real?

Are Black Golden Retrievers Real?

A Black Golden Retriever is a variety of the traditional Golden retriever breed. They have all the same characteristics, but black golden retrievers have black coats with golden highlights. This is a result of genetic diversity in black golden retrievers. A purebred black golden retriever doesn’t exist, as genetics are the main reason for this.

If you were to look at a black golden retriever from start to finish, you would notice that it has golden-colored fur, golden eyes, and a black nose. These are all possible results of a black golden retriever’s genes. It is also possible for a golden retriever to pass on the dominant e allele, which makes its coat black or liver-colored in skin or fur. This mutation only occurs in flat-coated retrievers and mixed breeds, not purebred black golden retrievers.

The black golden retriever may be an attractive dog due to its unique coat color, but it should be known for its temperament and not be viewed as an exception when it comes to golden retriever breeds.

Why Don’t We See Black Golden Retrievers?

Why Don't We See Black Golden Retrievers?

– Black Golden Retrievers are not a recognized dog breed, as they do not meet the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) golden retriever coat-color standards.

– Breeding a black-marked Golden Retriever is impossible as they are just a fluke of genetics. Black-coated puppies are most likely the result of mismatched breeding or black-coated golden retrievers mixed with other breeds.

– While there may be puppies for sale that are a crossbreed of a golden retriever and some other black breed, they are not purebreds. Black-coated puppies are goldens with black patches and don’t have any other genetic lines in their ancestry.

Black-coated puppies may look cute and cuddly, but the truth is that black coat coloring comes with many health issues for purebred flat-coated retrievers. The black coat is caused by pigmenting eumelanin genes from one parent and modifying them to produce black pigment instead of yellow pigment. This gene mutation causes flat-coated retrievers to be prone to chronic ear infections, hip dysplasia, and skin conditions such as chronic eczema and hypoglycemia.

What Other Breeds Look Like Black Golden Retrievers?

What Other Breeds Look Like Black Golden Retrievers?

Black Golden Retrievers are a hybrid breed between golden retrievers and black labradors. They are more commonly known as black lab-golden retriever mixes. These dogs have golden retriever traits such as yellow coats and retriever bark, with black labrador traits like longer snouts and thicker builds. Plus, a separate breed called flat-coated retrievers looks very similar to black golden retrievers.

– Some people may try to sell black golden retrievers as rare breeds, but they don’t exist in any purebred form. Instead, black golden retrievers are just a mix of golden retrievers and black labradors.

– Black golden retrievers can have golden retriever traits such as the coat and retriever bark, with black labrador traits like longer snouts and thicker builds. Plus, black golden retrievers can have flat-coated retrievers’ white coats and long noses. This variety of dogs has a unique appearance, making it popular among dog lovers everywhere.

– Besides their unique looks, black golden retrievers are also highly intelligent and friendly. They make great family dogs and are popular for their love of water. Black goldens are also popular to be good at hunting due to their persistence and strength, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a labrador-type dog with golden retriever attributes.

What Color Variations Do Golden Retrievers Come In?

What Color Variations Do Golden Retrievers Come In?

Golden Retrievers come in three natural colors: golden, red, and yellow. Dog enthusiasts consider the golden color to be the most popular. However, these dogs come in shades of gold, such as light golden, dark golden, and black-golden. The Akc standard for Golden Retrievers specifies that they must be black- or gold-colored with golden coat color.

People say that the golden color symbolizes happiness and good fortune. People consider black-golden puppies more intelligent than golden-bred puppies. You can find different shades of gold in Golden Retrievers. For example, light golden puppies have a lighter coat color than darker-coated dogs, while black-golden puppies have black coats instead of the usual golden coat.

Potential Risks Of Buying A “Black Golden Retriever.”

Potential Risks Of Buying A "Black Golden Retriever."

The American Kennel Club does not recognize black golden retriever puppies as an actual breed. Reputable breeders with knowledge of black golden retriever puppies should choose black golden retriever puppies, since there is no genetic or health background to refer to.

Black golden retriever puppies typically cost $1,500 to $3,000, but adoption fees are significantly cheaper at around $200 to $500. It is vital to consider temperament when selecting a black golden retriever. Despite the dog’s color, black golden retriever puppies are just as loving and adaptable as any other golden retriever puppy.

A black golden retriever puppy’s coat is not indicative of its price tag. A black golden retriever puppy’s temperament should be a priority when selecting a black golden retriever puppy.


The Black Golden Retriever may be a perfect choice if you’re looking for a loyal and affectionate dog full of personality. These dogs are bred for working purposes, such as hunting, tracking, and guarding. They are also very friendly and gentle with people and other animals, making them an ideal choice for families or households with children.

Overall, the Black Golden Retriever is a versatile and well-behaved dog that will make a great companion. Ultimately, black golden retriever puppies are beautiful dogs that deserve to be in every family’s life.

Just be extra cautious of the breed and know that black golden retriever puppies can come in various coat colors. If you’re looking for a golden retriever puppy, choose carefully and research your options thoroughly. Remember, black golden retriever puppies are adorable and loving pets like any other golden retriever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Black Golden Retrievers Rare?

There is no such breed of dog as a black golden retriever. The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not officially recognize black golden retrievers. Tonly one golden retriever color-point type exists- the purebred golden retriever. Any breeder claiming to breed black golden retrievers may try to make money by selling rare golden retriever puppies.

What Is The Black Golden Retriever Called?

The black-colored Golden Retriever is also popular as a “Goldador.” This breed is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Black Labrador. People describe the Black Golden Retriever as having a “robust build” and recognize this breed for its friendly and outgoing personality. Positive reinforcement is essential for training this breed.

Can A Golden Retriever Mix Be Black?

A black Golden Retriever cannot exist since it results from two recessive alleles on a chromosome. Mixed breeds, however, can appear to be black Golden Retrievers, but they are not purebred Goldens. The coat, height, and weight of a black Golden will vary depending on the breed it is mixed with. Males or females of this mix may weigh between 50 to 120 pounds or more.

What Dog Is Like A Black Golden Retriever?

A black Golden Retriever is like a cross between a golden retriever and a black Labrador. This breed needs lots of exercises, play, and mental stimulation. The coat, height, and weight of a black Golden Retriever will vary as it is a mixed breed. People can refer to the black Golden Retriever as a Goldador. People can mix a golden retriever with a black Labrador, Newfoundland, or other species to create this breed.

How Much Is A Black Golden Retriever?

The average price for a black Golden Retriever is between $1000 and $2000. You can expect to pay $100–$200 per month in food, grooming, and healthcare costs to raise an average black Golden Retriever.

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