Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere And Not My Husband? [Explained]

The dog is the only animal that is closest to its owner. Dogs are usually called fans of the owner. They consider the owner to be the most important person in the world. Moreover, the owner is a favorite and special one in their life. So, why does my dog follow me everywhere and not my husband?

When a dog thinks of its owner as someone special, it always prefers to be with the owner. And it becomes so dear to the owner that his favorite dog is following him all the time. But it will feel a little uncomfortable when the dog will follow you to the bathroom too! But is your dog just following you or expressing love to you, or treating other family members in the same way?

If not, he’s just showing his love for you. Surprisingly, the dog chooses the person of its choice, even if it’s just between you and your husband. So many people ask, my dog ​​follows me all the time, but why not my husband? There can be many reasons for this, and I will tell you the details.

My Dog Follow Me Everywhere And Not My Husband

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere And Not My Husband? – Details Guide

The first thing that really comes to mind is that the dog follows its owner all the time. But why does the dog like to dog follow its owner? You may have noticed that your dog likes to dog follow you.

Moreover, he likes to be close to your body and is always by your side. And as an owner, his nature will be appreciated by you. You may find this kind of behavior annoying. But if you identify a few things, you will know why your dog is always by your side.

1. For Reinforcement


The reason your dog always follows you is because he thinks of your contribution to turning his puppy into a dog. And increases the bond between the dog and the owner.

For example, if a dog knows that a person is taking care of him, giving him his favorite food, then the dog considers that person as its owner. And for this, he always follows his master and expresses love.  Maybe it’s a way to express his love.

2. For Reproductive Traits

The reason your dog follows you all the time is because of how you treat him. Usually, the dog’s memory and sense of smell are keen. AS a result, if someone treats him well or badly, it stays in his memory. The dog remembers your efforts to socialize him.

How much attention you are paying to your dog! What kind of positive behaviors are you giving your dog? And how you are expressing your personality in front of your dog! Usually, these make you a special one to your dog. These reasons are enough to make your dog love you.

3. Ways To Express Love

Ways To Express Love

The dog is always with you and follows you to show his love for you. You are a person dear to your dog, and you are his best friend. He thinks of you as his world, and to him, you are the best. The dog loves you, seeing your kind mind. He tries to identify your inner line, tries to understand your language.

Moreover, trying to feel when you are in trouble and angry. In a word, you are all over the dog. He loves you for seeing your faults, bad qualities. It doesn’t matter to him. You are special to him, and the dog is always by your side, just a way to express his love.

4. Fear Of Separation

You always gave your dog your time. As a result, your dog has not learned to be alone. If you notice some behavior among the dogs, you will notice that your dog feels anxious when you are not at home and cannot be alone. And when you are at home, they will not want to be alone but will want to be by your side.

When you are present next to her, it encourages her. For that, I would suggest to you that if your dog is not in the habit of being alone, make it in him. Also, encourage your dog to enjoy his own company. And it would be wise to do so. You can teach your dog a variety of games.

Plus, you can give him toys so he can stay away from you. In fact I would say train your dog to do a particular job or sit in a certain place. Doing so will teach them boundaries and increase self-confidence.

Why Doesn’t My Dog ​​Follow My Husband?

Your dog always follows you, but that is not the case with your husband. Then your husband will think that the dog does not like him. It often happens because of the behavior of the person. People who show kindness to dogs become the dog’s favorites. Moreover, the dog loves all the members of the family.

But he especially likes to be with you, not even letting your husband be by your side. He is always trying to guard you; even if you go to the bathroom, he sits in front of the gate. And if you want your dog to love your husband, then there are some easy ways.

Your husband should pay attention to the dog, take care of the dog. Feeding the dog his favorite food, taking him for a walk outside, taking him to bed at night. When your husband does this, your husband will make a place for him on the dog’s brain and mind. Then it will be seen that the love that your dog shows towards you will also show towards your husband.

My Dog Has Imprinted On Me

My Dog Has Imprinted On Me

Dogs are sociable creatures. They often prefer our company just as much as we do. And being close to your friend is the best way to demonstrate that. Additionally, if you acquired your dog while she was a puppy, she may have imprinted on you and believe you to be their dog mother.

In general, when we refer to a dog’s imprinting activity, we mean bonding. A well-raised dog does not mistake people for themselves but instead develops a positive view of them, often one specific person, as the source of their food, housing, and protection.

However, some dogs will imprint on an individual in a specific way, not just as a source of food and protection. This is called imprinting on individuals.

Why Does A Dog Always Want One Of Its Favorites?

How a person interacts with the dog and who provides it with exercise and diet determine who the dog chooses as its favorite human. Dogs are highly inclined to select the person who feeds them, walks them, and pays them a lot of positive attention to become their favorite. Dogs are also prone to identify the person who punishes them and ignores them for a lot of time as the “non-favorite,” in their opinion.

There is not a particular reason why dogs have favorites and non-favorites. It is just the way they are. Some dogs can also be very assertive about it, always lying to their favorite person, even in front of other humans. They will bark at others to stay out of what they think is their territory. These dogs are quite loyal to their favorite humans.


I think it’s very easy to create a love for yourself in the minds of animals. All you have to do is take a little care of them. I hope you know about the fact why does my dog follow me everywhere. Then he will think of you as his world. And you will become a part of his life. Thank you!


What Are The Indications Of Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

When left alone or separated from his owner, a dog with separation anxiety may howl or scream. Being left alone is the only thing that seems to set off this constant barking or wailing.

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

The individual who pays them the greatest attention tends to develop a bond with the dog. In a family with two parents and 2 children, the dog may choose the person who refills their bowl each morning and exercises them every afternoon. The link between a dog and a human is also strengthened through physical love.

Why Does My Dog Jumps And Licks Me?

If your dog jumps and licks you, it indicates that the dog is happy, excited, and grateful. There are many reasons why dogs lick and jump, but they usually mean that they are feeling giddy and happy to be around you. Additionally, dogs have a natural instinct to clean the body of those around them by licking them.

Why Does My Dog Try To Get Between My Husband And Me?

Your puppy is sleeping between you and your spouse because they miss you. Your dog can only spend time with you at night if you and your partner work all day. They may simultaneously snuggle with you and your spouse by lying between the two of you.

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