Why Does My Dog Lay At My Feet When I Poop – How Can I Overcame It?

While I sit at my desk and complete my regular tasks devotedly, I feel my pet dog lying on my feet beneath. Yes, this is the day-to-day scenario of mine when I am sitting in my favorite chair, and my pet has to hover himself right by my feet.

I guess it is also a typical picture that is often seen in your home as pet dogs feel affection for to lie at the feet of their landlords.

I will not surprise if you are watching TV in bed or reading and sense your puppy twist-up alongside your legs at the ending of the mattress. Well, it’s a common-sense that dogs adore being near us. I don’t know why does my dog lay at my feet when I poop.

However, it’s undoubtedly a cozy feeling to have my puppy so intimate since the wind down for the night. They also make a magnificent foot warmer is a further windfall for you.

Why Does My Dog Lay At My Feet When I Poop

The Motives Of Your Dog Might Love To Sit On Your Feet:

1. The Reason For Embrace:

Reason For Embrace

In general, Dogs are instinctive and grown up in a pack, and they need very little space from one another. They usually prosper, whereas cuddling, communicating, and cooperating. They lay on your feet like other dogs as they bear their origins in the instinctual pack and mindset.

Moreover, when they are grown up, puppies intimately go after their mothers, frankly underfoot habitually.

2. Showing Their Worship:

Showing Their Worship

It is very casual behavior for your pet to reconcile at their landlord’s feet. It’s probably a way of presenting their adore, love, or affection to the owners or sitting next to a person who makes them too warm.

4 Main Causes Behind Why Does My Dog Lay At My Feet When I Poop:

4 Main Causes Behind Why Does My Dog Lay At My Feet When I Poop:

I assume that the dogs stayed near me while I am using the toilet since they are group animals, and they might think I am also in their group. They probably think the bathroom is our “Crate,” which is kind of like a dog house or  Pen or “Crate – like” in their views.

I have observed that my Dog pays concentration to my facial expressions when it poops. Not only that, I became incredibly sound guarded in the toilet while every one of my four dogs is in the house. They sit like a semi-circle roughly when I’m in the shower; otherwise, they are lined up as a fence.

1.How Do You Overcome It?

In fact, dogs have no sense of confidentiality if you left the bathroom door to unlock. They are innocent in their thoughts and feel affection or care for you and want to be next to you.

If your pet dogs found you nearer to them, they might feel win-win in their brain. I have also seen my puppies are smart enough to esteem margins.

2.Lock The Door:

Lock The Door

If you want to maintain privacy, close the bedroom door. A few days later, they will certainly get the idea not to bother you for specific times and find something else to do.

3.Behavior Training:

Behavior Training

Your pet certainly thinks that if they lie or sit at your feet, they are more expected to get closer to you, hence get much attention. Proper behavior training can teach them when they should keep maintaining a fair distance from you. Furthermore, you may consult with a veteran in this regard.

4.Remove Their Anxiety:

Remove Their Anxiety

Sometimes they became frightened or worried, and that’s why they try to stay as intimately with their owner as possible. These might be caused when someone visits your house with whom they might not feel comfortable or particular noises like thunder, fireworks, construction noise, etc.

You have to identify why they feel scared, and you need to handle them more confidently to cope up in all situations, even when you left them alone. The process should be like that when your child wants to hold your hand when they are terrified and resolve the problem.

Why Dogs Turn Around Before Lying Down

Why Dogs Turn Around Before Lying Down

In order to protect himself against an attack in the wild, the dog can know instinctively that he has to position himself in a certain way. Therefore turning around before laying down is an act of self-preservation. An animal’s instinct is a survival tool programmed biologically by evolution, and it is a trait passed on to their offspring.

Instinct enables the animal to know what to do, when, and how to do it to survive in their natural habitat. In the wild, the dog has to be ready for an attack from any angle, and by lying down in a vulnerable position or without being aware of his surroundings, he is exposing himself to danger.

When domesticated, the dog’s life is easier because he does not have to worry about defending himself against predators or other dogs. His instincts cause him to first turn around before laying down, just as it was in the wild.

Reasons Your Puppy is Biting You

Reasons Your Puppy is Biting You

There can be many reasons why your puppy is biting you. But, the most common are-


You’ve just come home from work, and your puppy is so excited to be seeing you.


Your puppy is in the mood to play, but you’re not allowing them to have the proper time or space for it.


Your pup is exhibiting nervous behavior because they feel like they are too overwhelmed with what’s happening.


Your puppy is extremely tired and just wants to nap, but the only way it can relax is by sleeping with you. If your puppy just waited until they were asleep and rested, they wouldn’t be so stressed.

Inappropriate Reactions

Your pup understands what’s going on and why you’re screaming at them, but the way that you are shouting and raising your voice makes them feel scared because it isn’t making any sense to them.


When you yell at or punish him, your puppy thinks he’s doing something wrong, and he feels frustrated that his actions are causing him to be punished.

Their Nature

Your puppy is just being themselves when biting and chewing. You can’t change how your puppy acts or thinks all the time.

Weird Dog Behaviors and What They Could Mean

Dogs sometimes show weird behavior. But, what do they mean? Here are some of the most common weird behaviors and their meaning-

Licking Tile Floors

Licking tile floors could mean the dog is feeling anxious, stressed, or tired. A tired dog gets extra thirsty and will lick anything in order to quench its thirst.

Licking its Own Paws

Licking its own paws could mean that the dog is over-anxious. A dog that is nervous about something will lick its paws, as it is an instinctive behavior for a dog to do in order to clean and soothe itself.

Eating Dirt

Eating dirt could be a way of exploring. Dogs are very curious by nature and will explore things they find interesting. Eating dirt could also be a way of comforting themselves.

Digging Holes

This is their natural instinct. Or the dog may be just playing.

Rolling in Gross Things

Dogs roll around in the dirt to get the scent of things they want to hunt. For example, a dog will roll around in fresh feces when it is feeling hungry.

Peeing on Houseplants

This is a form of marking as well as a way of saying “I’m here, this is mine.”

Spinning in Circles

Spinning in circles could mean that the dog is feeling anxious or that it is happy and wants to play.

Chasing Its Tail

A tail that is wagging wildly could be a way of showing affection. It could also just be the dog’s way of playing.

Reasons You Need to Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

Reasons You Need to Pick Up Your Dog's Poop

You need to pick up your dog’s poop for many reasons. These are –

  1. Disease Control – It is a practice that your vet recommends to prevent the spread of parasites and prevent the infection of your dog.
  2. Avoid waterways contamination – In areas where you may get ponds and lakes, it is important to prevent contamination of the water and surfaces.
  3. Environmental safety – It is important to clean up the area where your dog defecates, as it contributes to the ecological system.
  4. Less mess – The effect of cleaning up your pet poop reduces the odor and makes an area look cleaner.
  5. To avoid Dirty Shoes – People’s dirty shoes are all over the place, as most people do not clean up their pet poop.
  6. Odor – It is a way of avoiding bad smells around your home.
  7. Health – The worst-case scenario, if you don’t clean up after your dog defecates, is that you get infected and may develop diseases like Mad Cow disease, Lyme disease, and Leptospirosis, all transmitted through animal feces (from dogs, cats, rats, and other animals).


Conceivably, for the most apparent basis, several dogs merely favor their landlords’ companionship at all times. Pet dogs have now attached to humans as well as the children. They are gracious, affectionate, lighthearted, and very much cute.

My puppies are not far away from the instant I come home or the moment I depart the house. But when they tend to stay closer in my private time, it isn’t very reassuring sometimes. I hope now you know what to do when “why does my dog lay at my feet when i poop”.


1.Why Does My Dog Follow Me Into The Bathroom?

Ans: Because of their instinctive nature and group mentality, dogs often accompany their owners into the restroom. In the wild, when a canine pack is on the hunt, they instinctively go to their hunter’s side. This behavior has been carried over as our domesticated pets follow us into the bathroom.

2.Do I Want To Sleep With My Dog?

Ans: People followed better routines and could sleep more soundly when a dog was present in their bedroom. The dog’s calming presence brought people sleep benefits, particularly those who were stressed or anxious.

3.What Do Flea Bites Look Like On Humans?

Ans: A little discolored lump appears where a flea bit you. Around the bite, there could be a discolored halo or ring. Flea bites may develop as a cluster of several bites or in a straight line.

4.What Types Of Diseases Can Be Spread By Flea Bites?

Ans: An infection may develop from a flea bite. Affected individuals should see a doctor if they have swollen glands, excruciating pain near the bite, or severe redness. In certain situations, fleas may spread illnesses, including cat scratch fever, typhus, plague and flea-borne spotted fever via bites.

5.How Does Circling Help Our Pet Dogs?

Ans: The dog may best position himself by circling while determining the direction of the wind. The dog is warned of potential danger and is alerted to an assault with a brief scent.

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