Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Husband And I? [What To Do?]

Usually, there are some dogs who prefer to sleep in the face of danger. Because it can react quickly when it sees a threat. But there are some dogs who prefer to sleep in a comfortable place to protect themselves. So, why does my dog sleep between my husband and I?

Your dog likes to sleep between you and your husband in battle, which means he feels safe there. Dogs that are usually scared or anxious when they see something choose comfortable places to sleep. If you notice that your dog likes to sleep between you and your husband, you will find that he is comfortable between you.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Husband And I.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Husband And I?- 7 Main Reasons

Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Husband And I?- 7 Main Reasons

1. This Is A Comfortable Place For Him

Comfortable Place For Him

Usually, dogs like to sleep in a comfortable place. If the dog feels that you and your husband love him very much, he would like to sleep with you. It can be a comfortable place between you and your husband.

And if it is a bed, it will feel more comfortable. I think it’s acceptable if you have no problem sleeping with your dog between you and your husband.

2. Protective


The dog loves and respects its owner the most in the world. Since you and your husband own it, he is protective of both of you. So they always try to protect you from any problem. They also choose a place to sleep so that he can protect both of them.

If your dog sleeps between you and your husband, it means he sleeps to protect both of you. It acts as a defense in their brain. They usually prefer to sleep in the face of danger, as if they could resist any danger.

3. Anxious


The behavior of some dogs shows that they are always anxious. If there is any kind of fear and anxiety in your dog, he chooses a place where he feels safe. If your dog sleeps between you and your husband, he feels safe sleeping between you.

It is usually seen in new dogs, even if moved to a new home. If this habit is newly created in your dog, you will observe your surroundings. There is something in your dog’s room that makes him feel anxious. Any sound that might bother your dog at night.

4. Jealous


The dog does not like to share his owner’s love with anyone else. And it applies to you too. If your dog feels that you love your husband more than he does, he will feel jealous. If your dog thinks you love your husband more than he does, he will try to get along with you.

So if your dog sleeps between you and your husband, it comes from the jealousy in his mind. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love your husband. He loves you both, but he doesn’t want his love to be shared.

5. Possessiveness


The dog behaves as if it is his right. He thinks that not only his rights over his owner but also his rights over the owner’s bed. So he maintains his rights by lying in bed. And he can be aggressive if you try to move him.

Such behavior is not right at all. So if your dog behaves for me, it should be stopped. So I would say make a separate bed for your dog at night. This will create his separate sleeping habits.

6. Encourage


You would be happy if your dog slept between you and your husband as a puppy. You loved and cared for him, and that encouraged him. So he still likes to sleep between you and your husband, which makes his excited.

7. Nature


When a dog is with people all day, it likes to be with people at night. And he feels safe to be with people. So he gets love and cares all day long when he is with you and your husband. It became his nature.

So he wants to be with you at night according to his pack, and he feels safe. So dogs like to sleep between husband and wife because of their nature.

Reasons Why You’re Dog Sleeps Between You and Your Husband

Your dog does not sleep with you to get warmer because dogs do not need more warmth. The best theory about why dogs sleep in between their owners is that the dog is trying to form a protective barrier and ward off danger. This can be seen as a pack mentality, where the members of one pack will all huddle together for safety.

However, here are some reasons –

As A Comfortable Spot

A dog will often choose this spot because it offers the most comfort, and dogs often like to be in comfortable spots.

For Warmth

This is not the primary reason, but some dogs will sleep between their owners for added warmth.

For Protection Barrier

This is a very popular idea, and while the logic seems sound, there are many reasons why this would not be a good reason.

Your Dog is Anxious

If your dog sleeps with you and your husband, it could be because he is anxious about the scary world around him. If you have lived together for a long time, your dog may associate this spot with safety and comfort.

It does not matter if there are no dangers present in the room or even in the environment; if your dog has this anxiety regularly, he will continue to feel anxious in certain environments.

 How Do You Stop It?, You Need To Take Some Steps

1. Stop Encouraging Him

Stop Encouraging Him

If you encourage your dog for no reason, it will become a habit. As it turns out your dog sleeps between you and your husband, but you’ve always cheered on it. As a result, he will think that you are happy because he sleeps among you.

But if you do not like his behavior, then discourage him. And when he does not sleep among you, give him a gift. He will be happy to receive your gift and will not sleep among you. It will surely make a good habit.

2. Trained To Sleep In Separate Places

If your dog has developed a habit of always sleeping between you and your husband, train him to stop it. Usually, such behavior will change through positive reinforcement. Train your dog to sleep separately from when he is a puppy.

And through primary education, a positive habit will be formed in him, and he will abide by it throughout his life. So make a bed for your dog that is cool and safe. And make him feel that it is completely safe for him. Whenever dogs feels that his bed is safe for him, he will find comfort in sleeping there.

The Meaning Of A Dog Turning His Back Or Butt

Dogs have a lot of other ways to communicate their feelings besides barking or growling. For example, they can show submission by turning away from you or exposing their bellies, while they may show dominance by standing tall and looking you directly in the eyes.

When a dog shows their back to you, they are expressing its faith that you won’t hurt them and that it won’t harm you. It’s an act of kindness, friendship, and faith on the giver’s part. It is also a way of establishing an emotional connection between you. Usually, this occurs in the intimate setting of your home or when you have a special bond with the dog.

How Do You Know If A Dog Misses You?

If your dog misses you and seems to be acting out somehow, it may be a sign that they are feeling lonely and unhappy. If your dog is always underfoot and never seems to relax, it can signify that they need more attention.

The following are also signs that your dog misses you:

  • Your dog howls in a way that sounds like crying.
  • Your dog follows you everywhere, especially when you’re leaving.
  • Your dog has separation issues and panics when left alone.
  • Your dog watches you while you’re working or doing chores.
  • Your dog sleeps in a place that allows him to monitor your activities.
  • Your dog tries to sneak into your bed at night or tries to sleep on the floor near your bed.

What To Do For A Pregnant Dog?

What To Do For A Pregnant Dog

Pregnant dogs need a lot of attention, especially during the first couple of weeks. You should –

Take care

Taking care of your dog during its pregnancy may be a rewarding experience for you and your pet. Like people, a dog going through pregnancy goes through hormonal, weight, hunger, and behavior changes.

If you have any reason to believe your dog is pregnant, it’s a good idea to start checking for pregnancy symptoms in dogs. Be prepared to observe changes after that month since many indications don’t show up until then.


Exercise is still important for pregnant dogs, but it must be done moderately. Long walks and sprints may cause discomfort or injury to the dog, especially during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Walking around the house or yard is sufficient exercise.


Pregnancy is a good time for many dogs to treat various health problems. By adding more nutrients to the diet, your dog can better handle diseases and conditions of the immune system.

Final Thought

The dog likes to be with you all the time to strengthen the bond with you and your husband. If you feel that it is bad behavior when he sleeps between you and your husband, then you can change his behavior through positive reinforcement.

And if you find it acceptable, I hope now you know about why does my dog sleep between my husband and I. I think it’s normal, and there’s no need to be tense about it. Thank you!


1.Should My Dog Sleep In My Bed?

Ans: This completely depends upon you. Some people allow their dog to sleep in their bed if they’re away during the day and if the dog has a crate for naps and ‘night sleeps. Others say dogs should never be allowed to go into bed.

2.Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me And Not My Husband?

Ans: Your dog knows you better than your husband, and you spend more time with your dogs. They also prefer to sleep next to people with a higher body temperature than someone with a lower-body temperature.

3.Why We Love Sharing Sleep With Dogs

Ans: We love sharing sleep with dogs because dogs are more than just companions for humans. They provide a sense of security and comfort, help reduce stress, and offer unconditional love and support. They’re also one of the few animals that can sleep alongside humans without causing problems or damaging their mood.

4.When You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Dog?

There are certain times when you should sleep without your dog, two of which are during times of sickness and during pregnancy. A dog who is sick or has the potential to infect your other household pets should never be allowed up on your bed.

5.Why Do Dogs Take Up The Whole Bed?

Ans: There are many causes for this kind of behavior. May it be is a reflection of love. This can also manifest anxiety, and the dog may feel that he is the “king of all he surveys.”

6.Why Do Dogs Sleep In Between Couples?

Dogs often sleep in between couples as it is a way of establishing social order and hierarchy. It allows the dogs to feel secure and safe, which helps them to avoid conflict or aggression. Additionally, this behavior can help reduce stress levels in the home environment.

7.Why Does My Dog Lay Between My Partner And Me?

Ans: There could be a few reasons your dog lies between you and your partner. Maybe they’re trying to protect you from another animal or person, or maybe they’re just feeling insecure.

Whatever the case, it’s important that you talk to your dog about what he or she is doing. You can start by explaining that this behavior isn’t acceptable and asking him or her to move away from you. If the behavior continues, you may need professional help to properly manage the situation.

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