Are Huskies Good With Small Dogs? – What You Need To Know

Huskies are one of the most beloved and well-known breeds of dogs worldwide. Anyone looking for a high-spirited dog would find them great companions due to their incredible energy and love of activity.

They also make great family pets due to their gentle and loving nature. Huskies are strong, loyal, and family-loving dogs. They get along great with young children and other animals, including cats.

Huskies have a high prey drive and can be aggressive toward smaller dogs that try to prey on huskies’ small animals. We’ll discuss if huskies are good With Small Dogs, the small dog breeds that go well with huskies, and how to integrate huskies into your small dog’s life to ensure a fun and safe playtime.

Huskies Good With Small Dogs

What Small Dogs Go Well With Huskies?

What Small Dogs Go Well With Huskies

When it comes to small dogs, huskies are considered the best. But before you get a husky, it’s important to socialize the dog thoroughly with smaller animals. This will help it learn that other animals are not threats and encourage it to interact with them calmly and gently. Even so, huskies tend to be territorial, especially when threatened.

If you have a husky, make sure to socialize with your other dog well enough to prevent any conflict between the two dogs. A small dog should be calm and mellow, as huskies can be aggressive toward other dogs that scare or aggravate them. Also, remember that every dog is an individual and will behave differently around other dogs. It would help if you experimented with different breeds and sizes of dogs until you find one that suits your family’s needs best.

Are Huskies Good With Small Dogs (Explained)

Are Huskies Good With Small Dogs (Explained)

Huskies are known for being friendly, playful dogs. However, they can only be prone to aggression if properly socialized. As long as small dogs are properly socialized and trained, people often consider Huskies to be good with them. If you have a husky and a small dog in your household, it is vital to introduce them slowly and monitor any signs of aggressive behavior.

This will help avoid unwanted situations and ensure your husky and small dog get along well. It’s important to keep an eye on your husky during these interactions to ensure there is no aggression. Ideally, it would be best if you kept huskies in pairs or groups to help them develop social skills and prevent dominance issues.

Introducing A Husky To A Small Dog

Introducing A Husky To A Small Dog

Slowly introduce the huskies to each other’s scent during the introduction process. Start by taking small steps, such as holding one dog’s leash in your hands or letting one dog walk towards the other. Gradually increase the interaction between the two dogs and provide positive reinforcement, such as gentle touching or play. In addition to physical interactions, please encourage them to interact via eye contact and sounds.

While supervising their interaction closely at first, encourage both huskies to explore and socialize with each other. Once both dogs are comfortable with each other, you can use high-value treats to reinforce positive social behavior between the two dogs. Additionally, consider training both huskies to respect each other’s space.

Huskies And Small Dogs Compatibility

Huskies And Small Dogs Compatibility

People know huskies and small dogs as good family companions. They have similar traits, like being energetic, playful, friendly, and affectionate. However, it is essential to socialize huskies and small dogs early to prevent any form of aggression.

When it comes to huskies and Boston terriers, they can be good friends due to their similar personalities. However, German shepherds and Siberian huskies can’t be friends as they have different personalities. But if you pair them correctly, they can get along just fine. Cordianes also fit well with huskies because they are outgoing, friendly, and gentle. On the other hand, Boston terriers are more outgoing and may want to play with the husky.

Do Huskies Have A High Prey Drive For Small Dogs?

Do Huskies Have A High Prey Drive For Small Dogs

The Chukchi Native People of Alaska, known for their husky dogs, bred huskies. These dog breeds have the instinct to chase and grab animals, including small dogs. This prey drive makes huskies more likely to hunt small animals, especially smaller dog breeds.

Huskies hunt small animals to survive in the wild, leading to a solid predatory drive. Predatory aggression is common in huskies, who may view small children and animals as prey. If you have cats, small dogs, or young children, huskies may not be the best breed for you.

Are Huskies Aggressive Towards Small Dogs?

Are Huskies Aggressive Towards Small Dogs

When it comes to huskies and small dogs, socialization is essential. If small dogs threaten or make them insecure, huskies may attack them. Huskies are known for their strength and tenacity, which makes them wary of small animals. This is the reason. Huskies may display signs of aggression towards small dogs if they feel their power is receding, such as becoming snappy or vocalizing excessively.

This can happen due to huskies’ instinct to prey when seeing smaller animals, babies, or children. It is important to monitor huskies and small dogs when they are together and to socialize with other dogs of all sizes from a young age. This will help them learn how to behave around other pets and prevent potential misbehavior.

How To Prevent Conflict Between A Husky And A Small Dog

How To Prevent Conflict Between A Husky And A Small Dog

Always act with caution when introducing a small dog to a husky. Refraining from introducing a small dog to your husky without professional help is important. This is because huskies can be territorial and may try to challenge or attack a small dog. Another reason to avoid introducing a small dog to your husky is that huskies are not good guard dogs and may even welcome a would-be thief into your home.

It would be best if you, therefore, chose a companion for your husky that has a naturally easy-going personality and is not prone to getting upset. For example, terriers, spaniels, poodles, and smaller breeds are ideal companions for huskies as they are naturally calm and easy-going.

Also, consider choosing an animal with a similar temperament as your husky so that it can learn appropriate behavior quickly. Always act cautiously when bringing your husky into an environment with a small dog, and ensure you control the situation. Also, provide proper training and socialization for your husky to encourage good behavior.

How To Train Your Husky To Be Good With Small Dogs

How To Train Your Husky To Be Good With Small Dogs

If you’re looking to train your husky to be good with small dogs, it’s essential to provide daily exercise and playtime to tire it out. This will help in teaching the proper husky behavior with other dogs. Calmly introduce your husky to the neutral ground to get them used to other dogs.

Please don’t force your husky to interact with the dog; slowly move toward it so your husky becomes comfortable around the other dog. Be patient with your husky and reward it for good behavior. This will help encourage your husky to continue performing the desired behavior. Make sure the environment is safe and secure for both dogs. Use a leash to prevent accidental harm or injury when interacting with other dogs.


Huskies are a breed suited to small-breed dogs, and small-breed dogs thrive in their company, as you can see. Besides being loyal companions, huskies are also adaptable and easy-going. They’re affectionate and playful animals that enjoy being around people and other animals.

However, as with many breeds, huskies can be high-energy dogs that require regular exercise. Getting to know your husky well and understanding how they think and act is vital to ensure your small dog can thrive alongside a husky.

Remember that training is essential for both you and your husky. We have looked at the topic of whether, are huskies good with small dogs. We have discussed the benefits of owning a husky as a pet and their compatibility with other pets we have also provided. Here are some steps to properly introduce your husky to a small dog if you consider bringing them together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Huskies Dangerous To Small Dogs?

When people consider huskies and small dogs, they should understand that huskies, which are bred as working dogs, can have much energy. This can make them dangerous to small animals, including small dogs. Proper training and socialization ensure your husky won’t become aggressive toward other animals.

How Come Huskies Do Not Get Along With Tiny Dogs?

Huskies have a strong prey drive, and if there are small dogs (which huskies may see as prey) in their environment, they may harass or harm them. This is because huskies are born to be gregarious animals and will look for opportunities to socialize with other people, animals, and objects. This can lead to problems when smaller breeds of dogs try to keep up with a husky’s energy level.

How To Make Your Husky Stop Attacking Small Dogs?

You must understand the reason behind the behavior to make your husky stop attacking small dogs. Your husky is most likely showing off its pack leader status by showing strength and dominance over other animals.

This happens in a pack of wolves, but it could also be a sign of anxiety for your husky. If your dog has been attacked by another animal, such as a small dog or cat, it may be due to an aggressive response from the husky.

Do Huskies Get Along With Other Small Dogs?

Yes, huskies can usually get along well with small dogs, provided they are properly introduced and socialized early. You should always monitor a husky and small dog, as huskies can be territorial and may not want other dogs in their space. Boston terriers are generally friendly and outgoing and will likely be the dog that gets along best with the husky.What Do Huskies Do To Get Along With Small Dogs?

What Do Huskies Do To Get Along With Small Dogs?

Huskies are generally friendly and good with children, so they can get along well with small dogs. Additionally, many owners report that Huskies and small dogs can co-exist peacefully in the same home.

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