Husky Chow Chow Mix – All About To Know

The Husky Chow Chow mix, also known as the Chusky, is a popular hybrid breed that combines the characteristics of both its parent breeds. These dogs are generally medium to large and have thick, fluffy coats that require regular grooming. They are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and friendliness toward humans. However, due to their strong personalities and high energy levels, they may not be suitable for first-time dog owners or those who live in small apartments.

It is important to socialize and train your Chusky from an early age to ensure that they develop into well-behaved and obedient pets. With proper care and attention, a Husky Chow Chow mix can make a wonderful addition to any family. They can weigh between 45-60 pounds and grow 18-27 inches tall, with husky bodies and chow-chow faces. The husky parent’s coat can come in different colors, such as black, brown, red, or white.

The chow parent is known for its long silky coat, which can also come in various colors. The husky dog’s coat comes in a mix of these colors. Most importantly, husky chow mix puppies are family-oriented. Read to know more about husky chow mix puppies, why you shouldn’t get one, their characteristics, care requirements, and much more in this blog.

Husky Chow Chow Mix

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Husky Chow Chow Mix

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get A Husky Chow Chow Mix

People know Huskies for being active and independent.

They can also be high-maintenance dogs, requiring a lot of work, training, exercise, and stimulation from their owners. This dog breed is known for having husky coats, which can be costly to groom and maintain. Their coat can also be difficult to guard against harsh weather conditions, so investing in the proper clothing and accessories for your husky mix is important.

A husky mix can be standoffish and independent of its owner’s needs, making it challenging for owners to understand and meet them. They are also high-energy dogs that require daily physical activity and mental stimulation. The cost of owning a husky mix is high, so it’s important to do your research before deciding on this dog breed as a pet.

Appearance, Personality, And Traits Of A Husky Chow Chow Mix

Appearance, Personality, And Traits Of A Husky Chow Chow Mix

The Chow Chow Husky mix, also known as the Chusky, is a hybrid breed between a chow dog and a Siberian husky. This dog has a coat of thick, fluffy fur and large eyes. Its coat can come in black, black and white, sable, or tan. This dog’s coat can be straight or curly.

The Husky in this breed is known for its high intelligence and stubbornness. The appearance of a Husky Chow Chow Mix can vary depending on the individual’s background, but it generally features one or both of these characteristics:

  • A thick coat that is medium in length, with dense and soft fur to the touch. The coat color ranges from gray to brown.
  • A wide head with large eyes and a short muzzle.
  • A long neck that tapers into a thick body.
  • Medium-sized round or ovoid paws with thick nails.
  • A tail that is curved upward or level with the back.

The Husky in this mix can weigh 45-60 pounds and stand 18-27 inches tall. It has a lean frame, and powerful hind legs, making it an agile dog in the snow. It has an independent temperament and is known to be standoffish, spirited, and arrogant. The husky mix is a great family dog with an outgoing personality but requires daily exercise and an active lifestyle.

Husky Mixed With Chow Puppies For Sale

Husky Mixed With Chow Puppies For Sale

These puppies are a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Chow Chow, resulting in a fluffy and cuddly creature with plenty of personalities. These puppies are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and playfulness, making them great companions for families or individuals alike. If you’re interested in adding one of these furry friends to your household, many breeders and adoption agencies specialize in Husky mixed with Chow puppies for sale. Be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder or rescue organization before making any commitments. With the right care and love, your new puppy is sure to bring joy and happiness to your life for years to come.  They make wonderful family pets but can be stubborn and difficult to train.

Individuals who want to own a potential husky chow mix should prepare themselves for a major commitment.

These dogs are loyal and loving to their families but can also be high-strung and skittish. They’re great for active lifestyles and make good companions for people who enjoy adventureIf you’re looking for a dog with a unique character and temperament, a husky mix may be the perfect fit.

Grooming Your Husky Crossed With Chow Chow

Grooming Your Husky Crossed With Chow Chow

Grooming your Husky Chow Chow mix is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy. These furry pups have a thick double coat that requires regular brushing to prevent matting and keep their fur shiny and healthy.

We recommend that you brush them at least once a week, but during shedding season, you may need to brush them more frequently.

In addition to brushing, it is important to bathe your Husky Chow Chow mix occasionally to keep their coat clean and fresh.

You should trim your nails regularly as overgrown nails can cause discomfort and even lead to injury.

By taking good care of your Husky Chow Chow mix’s grooming needs, you can ensure they look and feel their best.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these adorable mixed-breed dogs, reputable breeders or animal shelters offer many options for sale.

In the summer, huskies require a double coat to be brushed at least twice weekly. In the winter, huskies need baths and brushing to help regulate their body temperature. Additionally, you must groom huskies regularly to keep their hair looking clean and healthy. A Husky cross with chow must have its hair trimmed regularly to avoid tangles and knots.

Husky Chow Health Problems

Husky Chow Health Problems

Husky breeders developed a dog breed in the early 20s known as Chuskies, which is a mix of Huskies and Chow Chows. These dogs have medium-sized bodies, long hair, and double coats of fur. They have a husky appearance with a husky temperament. They are popular for their good health and intelligence.

Huskies’ chow mixes health issues that can be severe. Some of them are hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, corneal dystrophy, and follicular dysplasia. To avoid this, it is essential to provide proper care and nutrient intake to Huskies chow mix at all times.

Besides, other health issues include entropion, cataracts, patellar luxation, distichiasis, and uveodermatologic syndrome. Regularly providing Huskies chow mix with adequate sunlight exposure and exercise can prevent these conditions.

Chow Husky Mix Food Requirements

Chow Husky Mix Food Requirements

They created the Chow Chow mix by crossbreeding Chow Chow dogs with Huskies. Chuskies require a high-quality diet consisting of mostly protein, fat, and low carbs. You should closely monitor their calories as they are prone to gaining weight easily. The breed has a sensitive stomach, so it’s important to consider this when choosing a diet for the hybrid.

High-quality food brands specifically made for active breeds are a good choice for Chuskies. These foods provide balanced nutrition containing adequate protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Also, be sure to monitor your chow’s weight regularly as it can quickly become over-weighted.

Husky Crossed With Chow Exercise Requirements.

Husky Crossed With Chow Exercise Requirements

The Chusky is a hybrid of the Husky and Chow chow. It is relatively new, having originated in America in the last twenty years. The breed has been famous for its cleverness and dedication to its owners. These hybrids are fluffy, medium to large dogs full of energy.

They can be dogs with a coat of any color but are often black or white. Training is essential for Chowskies, as they are intelligent and need to learn how to behave. Huskies are energetic dogs who need regular exercise and stimulation to stay happy and healthy. A daily walk is necessary for these dogs; games and other activities will keep them active and interested.

Husky Mixed With Chow Training.

Husky Mixed With Chow Training

People often describe Husky chow chows as “clever dogs with a big heart.” They are famous for their intelligence and dedication to their owners, making them an excellent choice for anyone willing to spend the time and effort needed to train and care for them. However, husky chow chows can be difficult to train and adapt to the home.

They can be challenging to housetrain and require a lot of exercise and stimulation, making them high-energy dogs who need plenty of mental stimulation. They also have breed traits, such as loyalty and love, that make training and socialization more of a task than other dog breeds.

People who adopt a new husky chow must prepare for the significant commitment of owning one of these beautiful dogs.

Husky Chow Chow Mix And Families

Husky Chow Chow Mix And Families

The Husky Chow mix, also known as the Chusky and Chowski, is a hybrid between a Chow chow and a Siberian husky. These dogs are high-energy dogs that require a lot of attention and exercise. They are intelligent and trainable but can be difficult to house and litter train.

These dogs make great family pets, but they require a significant commitment from their owners. This breed is loyal and loving to its families, but they also need mental stimulation and activity to stay healthy and happy. The chow Husky mix is a beautiful and fun-loving breed, but they also require an active owner to meet their needs. This dog typically costs between $200-$800, depending on the breeder, location, and other factors.


When it comes to dog breeds, the Husky Chow Chow mix is a fascinating and unique hybrid that has captured the hearts of many pet lovers. This breed is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate nature. If you’re considering getting a Husky Chow Chow mix, it’s important to do your research and learn as much as possible about this breed. By understanding their needs and characteristics, you can provide them with the best care possible and build a strong bond with your furry friend.

Husky chow mixes have thick coats that require regular brushing to keep them looking their best. Besides, husky chow mix puppies are lively and playful. They’re affectionate toward their owners and family members and get along well with others of their breed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Is A Husky Chow Chow Mix Called?

Ans: A Husky Chow Mix is also popular as a Chusky or Chowski. People breed these hybrid dogs by crossing a Chow Chow and a Siberian Husky. They are classified as a working breed group, meaning they are good for homes where someone needs to work outside or do heavy activities like digging. They make great family dogs because of their sassy attitude and dignified air.

2. How Big Does A Husky Chow Mix Get?

Ans: A chow mix, also known as the husky chow mix, chunky, or chowki, can grow up to about 18-27 inches tall and weigh between 55-70 pounds. Males are usually a bit bigger than females. They have a fluffy fur coat that gives them a dignified air and can be any color, including sable, black, brown, red, white, and yellow.

3. Are Chowskis Good Dogs?

Ans: Yes, chowskis are good dogs! They are intelligent and highly trainable dogs that need active households and plenty of playtimes. They can be headstrong and independent but are also resilient and tough enough to protect their owners. In addition, chowskis are famous for their cleverness and dedication to their owners.

4. What Is The Behavior Of A Chusky?

Ans: Chuskies are loyal and affectionate companions that require plenty of attention and time. To prevent such behavior, you should socialize them early and often as they can potentially be aggressive toward strangers.  Chuskies are also intelligent and mischievous, so training and socialization are essential for an obedient, friendly dog. In addition, huskies shed a lot, so they are unsuitable for apartments or hot climates. They need an active household with plenty of space to run around and an intense daily exercise routine.

5. What Is The Personality Of The Theآusky Chow Mixed Breed Dog?

Ans: A chow mix breed dog is a loyal and loving dog that can make a great family pet. They are headstrong, intelligent dogs that are curious by nature and can be protective of their owners. They are also dignified, energetic, and fluffy dogs that can be popular for their cleverness and dedication to their owners.

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