Why Does My Dog Bite My Feet When I Walk? – What Should I Do?

A dog spends all beautiful time with its owner. Owners enjoy playing with pets, running around the park. But many times, you notice that your favorite puppy or adult dog is biting your ankle.

There are usually many dogs that are attracted to human feet and ankles, especially the hairy parts. So, why does my dog bite my feet when I walk? Dogs like to do that with you; you can say it’s his nature. However, notice that it is only his nature or something aggressive in it. Then I will tell you to identify it first and be careful. Although a puppy is extremely beautiful and tender to look at, its bite will certainly be painful.

So your dog must be trained to make his bite soft. No one will be seriously injured. I think it’s important to train a dog to be polite. It is especially important to learn how to control the force of their teeth. Because a dog should be taught to resist biting, it will not harm its owner or anyone else.

Your favorite puppy is biting your leg to play tricks, but you feel pain. Again your dog has done you fatal damage through bites. Then you should train your dog. Because when your dog grows up, he will pull out his teeth and try to bite you. And it will not be friendly at all but aggressive, which can at one time cause serious damage.

So you need to train your dog to control his teeth. Moreover, the aggressive attitude of the dog must be eliminated. And after eliminating the source, you have to deal with it. Your dog is biting you, and you can’t find out why he’s doing that. In this article, I will tell you the reasons behind the behavior of your dog and how to cure them.

Why Does My Dog Bite My Feet When I Walk

Why Does My Dog Bite My Feet When I Walk – 4 Important Reasons

If your dog bites you for no reason, then there are some reasons behind it. Some of the possible reasons are that he wants your attention. Now the question may come to your mind that is he behaving in such a way to get my attention? I would say maybe because dogs give so many signs to get your attention.

Another big reason could be that it’s suffocating. This means that if your dog has your bird bye or even other things and chews then it is a sign of teething. Moreover, if you properly identify your dog’s behavior, you will surely find a clue and find out the reason behind his behavior.

1. He Wants Your Attention

He Wants Your Attention

Usually, the dog likes to get the attention of its owner. If your dog bites you for no reason, he wants to get your attention. This is how a dog behaves when he thinks you are not paying attention to him or paying little attention to him. he thinks that if he bites you, maybe you will pay attention to his.

He usually does one through play. When you teach him to practice, train, and play, he will usually do so to get your attention. If you think that is a good behavior, pay attention to him when he does.

2. The Puppy’s New Teeth Are Sprouting

Puppy’s New Teeth Are Sprouting

When a puppy grows new teeth, it bites everywhere. If your puppy bites your leg, it must be gnashing its teeth. Moreover, it will try to chew the surrounding objects. At this time you should train him. Train him to know what can be chewed and what cannot be chewed.

Then he will understand his own limits. He won’t do it when you don’t allow him to do anything. And it’s definitely a good move. And if you don’t resist or train him at this time, he won’t follow any rules in the future.

3. Not Given Proper Training

Not Given Proper Training

You didn’t give your dog any training when he was a puppy. He bites your leg for not training properly and he thinks it’s right. Because you never trained him on his limits. He bites your leg unnecessarily for not giving proper training at the right time. Now the question may come to your mind that what is the way to change his behavior?

It is often seen that you have unknowingly created such behavior of the dog. Because you allowed him to bite your leg when he was a puppy and did not give any training to control the force of his teeth.

For this you need to apply a method so that your dog accepts it as a toy, treatment or attention. That’s why you can use balls or any kind of toy that will attract the attention of your dog.

4. How To Stop Biting Your Dog’s Leg

How To Stop Biting Your Dogs Leg

If you can figure out why the dog is biting your leg then there are ways to stop it. Regular practice with your dog will help you to deal with this type of behavior. Dogs often behave in this way because of loneliness. So when you need to take him out for a walk, it will take away his monotony. Moreover, through any kind of rigorous practice, bad behaviors will not come but everything will be balanced.

When you train and practice a dog properly, it will not have any bad behavior. So I thought you should take your dog for regular walks and practice. This will release excess energy in his body and even control his strength. Then it will be seen that the aggressor will never bite your feet.

Also, keep your feet steady when your dog comes to bite your leg. Because when you move your legs, he will think you are playing with him. The brain will work that you are playing with him, and he is biting your leg, and it is you like it. So when he comes to bite your foot, you should not move your foot or even take off your shoes. Your behavior will give him more pleasure, and he will like to do it.

My Puppy Is Biting My Feet And Wants To Play At Night

My puppy is biting my feet and wants to play at night

Puppies require a great deal of care and stimulation. They can’t be expected to be calm always and will want to play with you at night just as they would during the day. Puppies are also teething, making them cranky, sore, and even more eager to chew on things such as your feet!

There are ways to fix this without getting angry with your puppy – try playing games that require a little less movement or cuddling your pup for a while before attempting any physical activity. If you are tired, it’s best to let your puppy play until she settles down. You will encourage her to do so by being a good playmate.

How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting

How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting

If you’ve lived with your puppy for a while, the chances are good that you’ve already dealt with an annoying bite. But if you’re just starting with a new dog and are tired of the little nips on your toes, there are some things you can do to help curb this behavior.

Here are tips to stop a puppy from biting –

1. Be Consistent

To teach your dog not to bite, you must be consistent. Puppies learn through repetition, and if they don’t receive the same feedback on biting behavior every time, they won’t make the connection between their actions and the correction you give them. I

2. Teething Is A Good Excuse

Puppies tend to nip when teething or have a loose tooth, so it is also something to consider. Letting your pup chew on a bone at these times may solve the problem.

3. Give Him Time

Don’t try to train your pup in one day or during one sitting. If you have multiple occasions where he starts to act out, give him some time to think about his behavior before next time.

4. Let Him Know It’s Okay To Mouth You

Puppies need to learn that it’s okay to mouth as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. You should never hit or physically punish your dog if he mouths you, but a stern “no” or “no bite!” will tell him that this behavior needs to stop.

5. Get Exercise With Him

If your puppy is biting, it may be due to pent-up energy. Take him for walks and play with him to tire him out before you come home.

6. Keep Your Dog Occupied

If you want to prevent your puppy from biting you, teach her some basic commands to keep her from focusing on people and things around the house.

Final Thought

In the end, I will say that your dog will learn the way you train your dog from a young age. The rules you make for him will usually follow those rules. So try to understand his behavior and language. Then you can easily get close to your dog and identify and be alert about all kinds of behavior. I hope now you understand why does my dog bite my feet when I walk.


1. Why Does My Dog Bite My Ankles When I Walk?

Ans: Because of their herding nature, they’re emulating their ancestors’ conduct and attempting to get you to follow their lead. Anyone who engages in physical activity, such as running or playing, is at risk of being attacked. For example, a corgi biting at its owner’s heels should not be surprising to anybody.

2. Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Feet?

Ans: Your dog may consider your feet prey, so it’s fascinated with them. This is probable if your dog does it when you shift your feet while sitting or walking. Your dog could want belly rubs.

3. How Do I Stop Flea Bites From Itching?

Ans: Get rid of irritation and infection by applying lemon juice to bites. When it comes to preventing flea bites from itching, this is one of the greatest methods. Combining basil and lavender essential oils may help decrease inflammation and alleviate irritation.

4. Why Does My Cat Lick Me And Then Bite Me?

Ans: Because –

  • Your pet is friendly. Cats purr to convey love.
  • Your cat may want to play.
  • Your pet may want less attention.

5. How Do I Train My Puppy Not To Bite My Feet?

Ans: If he bites, give him a toy. He should anticipate mouthing and search for a toy. Carry your puppy’s pull toy in your pocket if he bites your feet and ankles. Stop moving when ambushed.

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