Why Does My Dog Bury His Food – Is That A Problem?

We all have a dog in our home. Maybe the dog is the best pet in your house. We play with them, feed them and pet them. We spend our leisure time with a pet dog like a best friend. Do you know that your dog has a specific behavior? If you observe your dog very closely, you will notice this behavior.

The dog hides not only his food but also the toys or chews bones. So why does my dog bury his food? You might be surprised to see this regularly and ask yourself why my dog buries his food. This may be a cause for concern for you sometimes. It turned out that the dog once hid your TV remote.

You are looking for your TV remote everywhere and finally, find it buried in a hole or at the bottom of a basket. You may be looking for answers to all these reasons but can’t find them. There are some specific reasons behind the hiding behavior of the dog. If you want to hear the answer in one sentence, the answer is that they want to keep their food and toys safe. Let’s describe the reasons why does a dog hide his food in detail.

Why Does My Dog Bury His Food

Why Does My Dog Bury His Food – Explained

Why Does My Dog Bury His Food - Explained

Reasons Dogs Bury Their Food

Reasons Dogs Bury Their Food

Dogs are great at doing many things, two of the most remarkable being their ability to find food and to work hard for it. When a dog buries its food, instead of eating it all up, it saves that for later. Here are some reasons why dogs bury their food-

  • Instinct

Dogs have an instinctive sense of smell that allows them to find food. If a dog finds food, it will mark the area by urinating. To keep the smell of food fresh, the dog will dig around the spot and cover it up with dirt or sticks.

  • Anxiety

Dogs are pack animals and tend to be afraid of new things. The fear that makes the dog anxious might lead to an instinct to hide the food because of the fear that people might steal it.

  • Nausea

When dogs eat something that makes them sick, they might want to hide it so other dogs won’t find it.

  • Over-Feeding

After eating a lot of food, dogs might feel full or bloated and may want to hide the leftovers to make room for more.

  • Dislike

Dogs get bored easily when they don’t have much to do. Hiding the food is a way of entertaining themselves.

  • Possessiveness

Dogs are very possessive of their toys, food, and other things. Dogs will bury their food to keep it from other dogs that might want it.

  • Attention-Seeking

Many dogs bury food to show that they are the owners of the food and that no one else can touch it.


Dog Fear

Sometimes competition can be caused by having little toys or food. It may be that the dog has been in a similar situation before. So, they fear that they may lose their food. It is usual for these animals to have such fears. They want to keep their food and toys safe.

The solution is to realize to the dog that his food and toys are saved. Feed him regularly. If there is more than one animal in the house, the owner will share everyone’s toys and food separately? If you still do not see any improvement, you should seek medical attention. Maybe an expert gives some solution.


Dog Inducement

One important thing you must know. Today’s dogs have evolved from the wolves of the past. That is, the dog is an evolved form of the wolf. They got the habit of hiding food and toys from wolves. But you don’t need to worry more. This disposition is very normal. If you have a second four-legged pet, your dog friend can do this naturally because he may feel insecure about his food in front of others.

The name of this behavior is “caching.” It is harmless. Now the main thing is we need a solution. At least in this behavior, a solution is required. If your dog buries his food all the time, it can rot in the hole. Now the key is to make sure he eats the food you give him instantly.


If your pet dog has nausea, he may behave like that. Such ill dogs try to cover their food through the air. It may sound funny to you. But this is the fact. Your dog may behave paranormal when he feels nauseous. Such a problem can occur if you apply a new diet.

The only way to deal with a dog’s abnormal behavior at such a moment is to get a good checkup. If the change in the dog’s behavior is due to illness, then only a doctor can solve it. And if you start feeding the dog something new, there is no need to go straight to the chamber to see the behavior change. Because when the dog gets used to the new diet, everything will be fine by itself.

Take Attention

Take Attention To Dog

Such behavior has been sometimes observed in dogs that live with human families. These dogs don’t bury. You can say they steal your water bottles, TV remotes, dresses, shoes, etc. They do this to grab your attention.

The dogs that live in the family are brilliant. They laugh and pretend to cry, and they can even act. As they stay with the family, they learn that they can negatively gain attention so fast. You will enjoy such behavior at a time.

But there is a risk. If the dogs hide something dangerous to get attention, on the contrary, they may be harmed. So, we suggest giving your dog at least half an hour every day. Play them and pet them between this times.


If there are multiple pets in a house, such behavior is almost noticeable in dogs. They don’t want to share each other’s toy food with another. The main reason is that the friendship between them did not develop well. They want to hide their valuables and favorite things under the bed or sofa foam or under the backyard.

This may be caused because of anxiety which has been discussed earlier. It may also be that the dogs will not give their favorite things to anyone else. It’s normal to keep things to your liking. However, if this possessiveness is excessive, consult a behaviorist or a trainer.


Dog Over Feeding

If you feed your dog more than he needs, he may bury the food. Healthy dogs want to eat frequently, and that is why they bury extra food. This behavior is more common in healthy dogs. Civil dogs do not usually hide or store foods. Because they eat food within a routine, they do not need to bury or store their food.

The solution to this problem is to make a food routine for your dog. Commercial habits and homemade routines are never the same. Commercial diets tend to exceed dog food needs. It is possible to give good quality nutrition to less food in the list of homemade food. You can take the help of a veterinarian to create the proper homemade diet.

The Dog Pretends to Bury Food Before Eating

Dog Pretends to Bury Food Before Eating

Your dog may be in “survival mode,” a remnant from its ancestors, if it pretends to bury its food before she eats. This instinctual habit dates all the way back to a period when food wasn’t as readily available for your pet’s ancestors. Your pet may have resorted to burying its food to secure a food source it could not obtain at the time.

It is also a way for your dog to store its nutrients for future consumption, as opposed to eating just a few bites. This instinctual habit has been observed in dogs from many breeds, purebred and mixed breeds, and of all ages. This is evident in wild and domesticated canines, rodents, and other animals.

How to Stop Burying

The simplest approach to stop your dog from burying things is to limit their accessibility to the items they want and change up their toys often to keep things interesting. Give your dog food in a location where they can’t bury it.

For instance, if you want to stop your dog from burying bones, consider replacing the bones with a healthy treat or snack. If you want to keep your dog from burying toys, try changing their toys frequently, so they don’t get too attached to a particular type of toy. Ultimately, the best way to stop this behavior is by changing what motivates your dog and their environment.

Where Does Your Dog Bury The Food?

 Why Does My Dog Bury His Food

When a person hides something, he hides in a place where he feels safe. We know that a dog is a brilliant pet. They hide their food in places where they feel very safe.

You have to pretend these safe places of your house. Places can be any place outdoors in your home. Again, there are many places inside your house where the toys will be out of sight. The hidden place of your house is given below –

  1. Inside blanket.
  2. Under the sofa.
  3. Under the bed.
  4. Behind the door.
  5. Behind the rack or table.
  6. Secret box of your house.
  7. Some dark corner of the room.

There are also many hidden places outside the house. Let’s talk about how these secret places look like –

  • Around the dustbin.
  • Some holes made by dogs.
  • Inside the garden.
  • The dog made a hole behind the tree.
  • Some noise-free location.
  • Under the car.

These are the places where you should look for hidden foods or toys. But one thing needs to be said here. Dogs don’t like loud and noisy areas. It may be that you let your pet dog eat while you have dinner.

At that time, the dining room will be noisy. So, the dog takes his food and goes to another room because a dog loves a quiet environment.

Weird Dog Behaviors and What They Could Mean

Weird Dog Behaviors and What They Could Mean

We’re all familiar with our furry family members, but do you know what their strange behaviors really mean? Here are some of the most common weird dog behaviors and what they could mean-

Licking or Biting Paws

This can have many different meanings. What’s happening under the surface could indicate that your pet could have an allergy, a parasite, or even a serious medical concern. Your veterinarian can determine the reason behind this behavior and offer solutions to make it stop.

Eating Dirt

This is so common, as is the licking that comes with this. It usually happens when your pet is in great excitement or anxiety to the point of being worried.

Digging Holes

This could indicate that your pet likes to dig. If they’re digging in the dirt, it could be a sign of boredom or problems with other animals. They might also just enjoy the dirt.

Rolling in Gross Things

This is a sign of happiness and excitement, such as rolling in cat poop or even dead animals.

Running Around After Pooping

This strange behavior indicates that your pet is really happy and has just had a great bowel movement.

Spinning in Circles

This is a sign of activity; your pet could be running around in circles because he’s very excited. It could also indicate that your dog is very energetic.

Chasing Its Tail

Your pet will chase its tail for a variety of reasons, but it usually indicates that they are playful. This can also show that your pet is angry.

Eating Grass

This behavior is a sign of anxiety and stress in your dog. Eating grass can help to calm your pet down.

Digging Up the Yard

This behavior might indicate that your pet is having a fun time digging their way out of the yard or could indicate that they’re looking for something specific in the dirt.

Final Words

A dog will bury his food and toys always. He got this behavior in the development of evolution. You will almost certainly see this behavior from your pet dog to all the orphaned dogs on the street.

But the problem arises only when the matter of hiding this food contains excessive levels. This causes a lot of problems for the dog owner.

If you don’t know why does your dog buries his food, then this article will give you the answer. Currently, this is a minor problem. You don’t need to think about it all. Stop giving the dog extra food he needs.

Feed the dog as much as you can from the front. If there is anything left, you can save it as you wish. And last but not on the list, spend some time with your pet. Your pet feels more comfortable in such a way. I hope now you understand why does my dog bury his food.


hat Does It Mean When A Dog Tries To Cover Its Food?

They are a natural component of the process of hoarding treats and storing food for later. Dogs of all breeds will go outside to bury their food and hide their secret goodies with their noses. Our dogs still recall this as a natural habit passed down by their wolf ancestors.

Why Does My Dog Nose His Food?

Despite the fact that he may not be hungry right now, your dog is completely aware of the value of the food in his dish. Your dog is effectively attempting to save the food for a later time when he will truly need it and be hungry by nosing it away and moving it to a secret corner.

Why Do Dogs Try To Cover Their Food With Their Nose?

Because of their hoarding nature, anxiousness, overeating, decreased appetite, protectiveness, or attention-seeking, your dog may bury their food with their nose.

What Are Signs Of Aggression In Dogs?

Dogs that are aggressive often make a threat or body language gestures such as intense staring, barking, growling, howling, jumping up, biting, and scratching. Although displaying aggression against a human or another animal may be a typical way of communication in dogs, doing so is often seen as undesirable or unhealthy.

Why Is My Dog Not Eating His Food But Will Eat Treats?

Dogs often consume treats or leftovers instead of their meal. Partial anorexia is what this is, and it often happens when your dog is ill. A dog with partial anorexia will only eat if special items are given to its meal, such as rewards or leftover chicken or beef from the table.

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