Why Does My Dog Rub His Body On Me? [Possible Reasons & Solutions]

It has proven that the relation between the pet dogs and their owner is like a companionship from lots of research. There are many personalities of a pet dog towards the owner, and rubbing its body is one of them.

Now, those new to these pet care activities can get amused seeing their dog rubbing its body on you. You pass your day thinking of “Why does my dog rub his body on me.” The main reason is its affection or to feel safer to you.

But its reason doesn’t end only with these two factors. Researchers have found many key factors behind this activity. Through this guide, you will get to know about all of them.

Why Does My Dog Rub His Body on Me

Signs of Affection From Your Dog

A lot of people who have dogs know how important it is to show their dog affection and love in return, especially if you live with one of the large-breed dogs that require more time and attention. But what are signs your dog might be feeling affection for you? Here are some common signs:


Rolling on the ground or on top of a person is a way your dog can indicate affection. You might have taught this, or it’s just something they do instinctively, but they’re not necessarily saying it’s what they want to do.


Another sign of affection is your dog leaning against you. This is common among dogs, and they’re doing it to get your attention. It’s a kind of “I need help from you” or “I want to be near you.”


Many dogs will jump, lick or act silly to get attention. Whether it’s a play-action or a threat, it’s another way your dog is showing affection.


Unless your dog licks you to try and get food, it’s a sign of affection. If he keeps doing it, you might be able to tell he’s being affectionate and wants your attention. It also helps show them trust and comfort.

Eye Contact

Staring into your eyes can be a sign of affection. It’s a way they show you they trust you, and it can happen the first time they see you or the fiftieth.


If your dog rubs against you, it means he likes to be near you. Most dogs will do this to get attention or because they feel comfortable around you.

Why Does My Dog Rub His Body On Me – All The Signs You Need To Understand?

Why Does My Dog Rub His Body On Me - All The Signs You Need To Understand

There are many reasons for being rubbing his body on you. The expert will easily understand that it is due to attention, being anxious, being protective, etc. But what are the signs before doing that is your answer. You will get to know about everything in this context.

For Reward Purposes

When you own a pet dog, the first thing that comes is to play with it. At its older age, most of us use it for our assistance. So, you give something in return for your work. This can be one of the signs of its rubbing activity.

The pet dog thinks he is getting a reward for doing his job. To get more rewards, he starts rubbing his body on you. This purpose often occurs at an earlier stage because we always try to make him put things from here to our house.

To Feel Adorable

To Feel Adorable

One of the cutest purposes for rubbing the body is to bring affection towards you. It seems to be liking you. The pet dog wants to play with you. He wants you to shake your hands smoothly all over its body.

To get that adorable feeling, he starts rubbing his body on you. He seeks your attention for him. The pet dogs are also clever enough to understand this thing. This adorable personality makes him rubbing his body on you.

Apprehensive To Any Strange Things

Apprehensive To Any Strange Things

Pet dogs are different from road dogs. They are not so aggressive as the road ones. So, they create a fear in them from suddenly occur strange things. It makes them more apprehensive of any other objects or animals.

This personality makes them rub their body on you. It gives him a feeling of being safer to you. Sudden noise can also make them rub their body over you. Thus, strange and fearful feelings can make your dog rubbing on you.

To Be Defended

Dog To Be Defended

Dogs are accessible with a group of other dogs or people. Pet dogs are susceptible. But they can also stay with lots of other dogs. In that situation, if it starts rubbing its body on you, then the primary purpose is to make other feel defended.

Sometimes in a group of dogs, the barking may start at any time. But your pet dog will rub its body on you, thinking of getting in the safe zone. Not only that, in front of many people, it starts rubbing you to take itself in the safe zone.

In Need Of Anything

Dog Need Of Anything

Pet dogs are used to getting things. When you play with them using toys, they always want to get that thing from you. It makes them entertained. In this case, when the dog start rubbing its body on you, then it is sure that he wants something from you.

We have also seen that most dogs stop rubbing their bodies if you give them their food. So, it may sometimes happen for its feeding time. Thus, it starts rubbing its body on you in need of anything.

The Misconception About Dog Owners About Rubbing Activity

Dog Owners About Rubbing Activity

A common misconception is often seen in the pet owners after the rubbing of a dog on their body, which we will discuss below.


Most of the time, people think that behind the activity, the dog is their slave. But they are wrong in this case. There is a significant difference between a pet dog and a trained dog. Both of their situations and experiences are different.

Rubbing his head on you does not make you the master. Pet dogs are not dominant to their owners. If you are thinking of dominant dogs, take them to a training academy. In general, rubbing his body on you means kindness, rewards, etc., that we have discussed earlier.

Exceptional Cases

Some cases seem to be expected but have an exception in the way of a dog doing it. Let us see about those situations.

Observing The Rubbing Of Dogs With Other Objects

In some situations, you will observe that the dog is rubbing on you and other objects. It may make you feel like it wants something or wants to get a shake of your hands on its body.

This is the case where dogs do it naturally. They are habited in rubbing their bodies all the time. So, it is an exceptional case and happens often. Pet dogs are more of rubbing their bodies than road dogs.

Don’t Like To Go For Other Dogs

Another interesting case occurs when your dog watches you shake your hands on other pet dogs. To resist your work, it starts rubbing its body on you. There happens a kind of shellfish feeling in that dog.

How To Understand The Purpose Of Rubbing Its Body On You?

Base on body language and timings, you can quickly understand the purpose of rubbing. Those are discussed below in detail.

From Its Body Language

While your dog stop is rubbing his body on you after providing food, then its purpose of rubbing was hungry. If you see that in the relaxed position, it rubs its body, then the purpose of it was to get affection from you.

The purpose of rubbing due to fear is easily understandable because some strange things will fall in your eye. If your dog stops rubbing after giving something due to its work immediately, then it is intended to achieve the reward from you.

Based On Situations

You pet dogs rub your body on some small timing that you can often feel quickly. If you are away from your dog for a long time and return home, then you will see that it starts rubbing its body. This happens because it missed everything you do with it.

Again, at the time of going out, you will observe it does not stops rubbing his body from you. It means that he does not want you to leave him. This case shows that pet dogs are kind.

Is It Good Or Bad?

Rubbing your body on you is not harmful unless it becomes addicted to getting food or rewards. If you see your dog, do it all the time, then after one time, it may become aggressive due to an inevitable stoppage.

It is a good sign to rub his body on you because it raises a good bonding between you and him. Limit is what you should consider in this case.

Reasons Why Your Dog Rubs Against You

When a dog is happy and playful, it will often rub or lick against people or other dogs. This is one of the most common forms of communication between dogs and humans. Here are some common reasons why your dog rubs against you –

To Feel Safe and Secure

Dogs rub against people in order to make themselves feel safer. They are making their scent stronger everywhere, including on you, and this is a way of feeling more secure. Dogs that have been severely abused know that they need to do this to feel safe.

To Show Submission

Rubbing is also a way of showing submission. When the dog rubs against you, it is showing that it wants to be friends and not enemies with you. Dogs will often rub against their masters in order to acknowledge them as alpha. Rubbing can also be a form of greeting, and the dog will do it to show its affection for you, as well as in an attempt to make friends with you.

Soreness or Itchy Skin

Your dog may also rub against you because it is sore or just itchy. Sores and rashes are common in dogs, especially dogs that have a lot of skin issues, so your pet may be rubbing against you to ease these issues.

To show Affection

Your dog may also rub against you to show affection. Sometimes a dog will rub against its owner because it is lonely and doesn’t have anything else to do. In this case, it’s not just about feeling secure but also about making friends.

Why Did the Dog Drag His Hind Legs and Abdomen to The Floor?

A dog’s rear legs may drag if its spine has been injured. The spinal cord may get damaged as a result of accidents, falls, or physical abuse. Bone inflammation is known as osteomyelitis. Inflammation in the dog’s body is brought on by a bacterial or fungal infection.

The inflammation is most severe in the hind legs. If the inflammation occurs in other parts of the dog’s body, more serious problems may occur.

The dog will be limping on all front two legs. The dog may show distress when it walks or gets up after lying down. The pet will move slowly and drag its rear end to one side or the other when walking. The dog may try to drag its rear end to one side with each step it takes.

Reasons Dogs Expose Their Belly

Dogs show their belly as a form of submission, but it can also be a sign of excitement or trust. Here are some common reasons why dogs expose their belly-


When people pet a dog’s tummy, the dog is submitting to them and showing that they don’t want to give aggression. This is something that dogs do with other animals and humans in order to be submissive or vulnerable.


A dog showing you their belly for attention is basically a request for you to pet them. In most cases, the dog will wag their tail as well and look up to you in order to encourage this attention.


Dogs that are excited sometimes show their stomachs because it is a sign of submission that the dog wants to play with another animal or human.

For Belly Rub

It’s a sign of trust. As humans, we are accustomed to petting people’s bellies. It helps us show our affection and protectiveness to the body that hosts us.


Pet dogs are always a better companion than any other pet. They are workable and protects you from small incidents. Rubbing their body on you is a natural activity and one of the awesome personalities of pet dogs.

We hope that you already understood from this article, “why does my dog rub his body on me.” After going through it, you won’t be confused about your dog’s activity.


1.Why Does My Dog Rub His Face After Eating?

Ans: After meals, dogs often rub their faces to clean their muzzles. When anything gets lodged in their snout, they sometimes experience pain. They wipe their faces to remove them and feel comfortable.

2.What Does It Mean When A Dog Rubs His Body On You?

Ans: To show their affection, some dogs may be merely rubbing up against you. Your dog may also display other amorous traits, such as exposing his tummy for a nice belly massage. Additionally, you could get it more often while sitting or lying down.

3.Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On Furniture After A Bath?

Ans: After a shower, dogs may quickly regain some of their particular smell by rolling about and rubbing against everything in the home. After all, they worked hard for a time to develop such a distinctive aroma, and now you’ve undone all of their efforts.

4.Why Does My Dog Rub His Body Against The Wall?

Ans: Most dogs will rub up against walls to establish their territory with smell or to soothe an itch. There is nothing to worry about if this occurs sometimes. But if your dog keeps rubbing up against the walls, it can be an indication of tension, stress, restlessness, or even an injury.

5.Why Does My Dog Roll on My Bath Towel or Clothes?

Ans: When your dog has a bath, you may discover that it likes to roll about on your towels. This is just a sign that your dog is feeling refreshed and happy. Your dog will feel refreshed after a wash and will have plenty of enthusiasm afterward.

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