Why Does My Dog Straddle My Other Dog? – [A Clear Explanation]

I love my dogs, and I love having them around. But I don’t think I could ever handle being around two dogs simultaneously. I’m so glad there are dog crossings like the Straddle Dog Crossing.

My dog Straddle is a great dog. He’s always happy and energetic and loves spending time with his family. In fact, dog straddling is a common sign of aggression in dogs.

But don’t worry – there are treatments and prevention measures that can help fix the problem. Here we’ll explain why my dog straddle my other dog, the 8 most common causes, and the treatment and prevention procedures you can take to fix the problem. So stay tuned – this is one dog behavior issue that will be fixed soon.

Why Does My Dog Straddle My Other Dog

Dog Straddling: A Sign Of Aggression

Dog Straddling A Sign Of Aggression

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Dogs straddle their targets for many reasons – dominance, territoriality, dominance displays, and more. As a dog owner, it’s important to be aware of the behavior and know how to prevent any aggression from happening. If you see your dog straddle another dog, it’s important to act quickly and stop the aggression before it escalates. When two dogs are fighting, one is almost always straddling or sitting on the other. This is a sign of aggression and dominance, and the other dog used them to intimidate.

Dogs will often straddle their opponent to keep them at a distance. It also serves as a warning that the attacker is not going to back down easily. If you witness your dog straddling another dog, you should take action immediately and try to break up the fight.

You can do this by yelling at your dogs or throwing something at them (like a toy) to distract them from each other. Always remember that straddling is a sign of aggression, so take action immediately to prevent any violence.

The 8 Common Causes My Dog To Straddle My Other Dog And Treat Them

Straddling another dog is a common behavior that can be difficult to understand. Keep in mind the causes that not all straddling behavior is by dominance or threat, and some may only require training to resolve. As strange as it may seem, dog straddling shows aggression.

It’s usually exhibited when one dog feels threatened or afraid and lashes out to protect itself. This behavior can also occur when one dog tries to assert dominance over another. There are a few possible reasons why your dog straddles your other dog. Here are the 8 most common ones:

1. Jealousy Over Attention Received From Other Dogs

Jealousy Over Attention Received From Other Dogs

Jealousy is a common problem among dogs, often leading to them crossing boundaries. In this article, we will discuss the causes of jealousy in dogs and offer treatment suggestions. One of the main reasons why diverting dogs become jealous is due to their owners’ attention elsewhere.

This might happen when another dog enters the owner’s space or if your dog sees you engaging in close physical contact with someone else – something that may upset them deeply. It is important to distract your dog with treats or playtime until they start feeling less territorial to treat this issue. If the problem persists despite these measures, you might need veterinary help as it could indicate anxiety or behavioral issues outside of this situation.

2. Fear Of Being Alone

Fear Of Being Alone

There’s a reason why puppies love to play – it’s because they are trying to establish dominance over their surroundings. And when one dog feels insecure, we can often express that insecurity as straddling another dog. This behavior is usually caused by several factors, like being left alone or socialization problems at an early age.

If you catch your dog straddling another dog before it gets too serious, the best course of action is usually to treat the problem and address the underlying causes. This may include putting your other dog in its room until the fear subsides or training them with positive reinforcement methods such as clicker training.

3. Territorial Disputes

Territorial Disputes

Dogs often display territorial behavior by straddling or pawing at other dogs. This usually happens when the dogs are unfamiliar with each other. Such as when they’re first brought together after being separated for a while. There are five main reasons why your dog might be displaying this behavior: competition for resources, dominance over another dog, establishing dominance over territory, guarding objects or people he’s close to, and marking his territory.

Once you have determined the cause of the problem (e.g., competition for food), follow through with specific treatment plans that will help resolve the dispute peacefully. These may include training exercises and medication if necessary.

4. Dominance Issues

Dominance Issues

Dogs often copulate to establish dominance over their pack members. This includes straddling another dog to show superiority. It could be because your dog is dominant and wants to assert its dominance over your other dog. Alternatively, it could be a territorial display – your dogs are trying to mark their territory by showing that they’re in charge.

Whatever the reason, you need to take action to resolve the issue as soon as possible. You can talk to your dogs individually and get them some toys they can play with separately. You can also train them using positive reinforcement techniques like rewards or belly rubs.

5. Sexually-Motivated Aggression

Sexually-Motivated Aggression

There are a few different reasons why a dog might have sexually-motivated aggression could occur. One possibility is that the dog feels threatened or dominant in some way and feels it needs to take control of the situation by attacking its target. In some cases, it may be a territorial issue – the dog feels it needs to protect its territory from someone or something else it considers intruders.

If you’ve ever noticed your dog behaving aggressively towards another animal, then there’s a good chance that this is related to sexual motivation. It’s important to identify and address the underlying issue (if possible), so your dog can get back on track and focus on establishing healthy relationships with others around it.

6. Play Aggression

Play Aggression

There are a few reasons your dog might play aggressively with another dog. It could be because they’re bored, feeling territorial, or trying to establish dominance. In some cases, it may also be a sign that one of the dogs is injured or stressed out.

If you think your dog is playing aggressively, the best action is to stop the interaction as quickly as possible. You can do this by separating the dogs or physically restraining them. If that doesn’t work, you may need to bring in a professional pet therapist to help manage the situation.

7. Competition For Resources

Competition For Resources

Your dogs might be competing for resources, causing them to behave in strange or aggressive ways. This is usually caused by one dog feeling threatened or insecure and trying to assert dominance over the other. If you notice that your dogs are becoming competitive, the first step is to try and resolve the underlying cause of the competition.

You can do this by training both dogs properly and providing them with enough resources (food, water, toys) to satisfy their needs without feeling threatened or insecure. If this doesn’t work, you may need to seek veterinary help in order to address the issue head-on.

8. Biting And Wrestling

Biting And Wrestling

Dogs interact with their pack created, and straddling another dog is one way they do this. In some cases, it might just be a playful act, but, territorial disputes can arise in other cases.

If you notice your dog straddling another dog, try to take a step back and talk to them calmly about it. Some dogs might need behavioral training to resolve the issue peacefully – usually, this involves obedience training and dominance behavior training exercises.

Prevention Of Dog Straddling

Prevention Of Dog Straddling

Dogs can be so cute, and it’s hard not to love them. However, they can also be dangerous if not properly socialized. We can prevent dog straddling by making sure your dog is socialized from an early age. This includes teaching them how to properly interact with other animals, including humans. With a little effort, we can prevent dog straddling – and you’ll have the cutest pup on the block in the process. There are a few simple things that you can do to prevent your dog from straddling you.

  1. Make sure that your yard is safe for dogs to roam. Straddle-prone dogs will often wander away from their yard in search of grass to chew on or other stimulation. Make sure that there’s no dangerous debris or other obstacles in your yard that could lead your dog into dangerous territory.
  2. Train your dog to obey “sit” and “down.” Training your dog to obey basic commands will help keep them under control and out of any potential straddling situations. When ask them and training to sit before you let them go outside, and then tell them to “down” when they’re on the ground again. This way, they know exactly where they’re supposed to be at all times.
  3. Use a fence if needed. If fencing is not an option or practical, try using a pet gate that’s low enough for your dog to pass through but high enough so that he can’t climb over it easily. This way, he won’t be able to get close enough to straddle you and risk getting hurt or even risking sexual assault.


Now you know the reason behind this confusing behavior. And it is not uncommon for dogs to exhibit this strange habit. However, if you are aware of the causes, prevention would be easy enough for you. You can start by giving your dog plenty of exercise and interaction, so they don’t have time to worry about other dogs.

If there is a noticeable difference in aggression between your two dogs, consider getting rid of one or putting them separately. Otherwise, call your vet and get advice on how to solve this issue without causing fights between them. By following the tips on why my dog straddle my other dog, you can help prevent your dog from straddling your other dog and escalating aggression. Additionally, treatment options are available for those affected by dog straddling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Does My Female Dog Straddle My Male Dog’s Head?

Ans: One of the reasons why female dogs may straddle male dogs’ heads is dominance. Female dogs may do this to show they are the alpha and have control over them. It can also be an act of affection, as some dogs may do it when they are feeling relaxed or content.

2. How Do You Stop A Dog From Dominating Another Dog?

Ans: There are many different ways to stop a dog from dominating another dog, but the best way to start is by redirecting their attention and energy. Give both dogs equal amounts of attention, and make sure to establish clear rules and boundaries for each dog. If one dog starts dominant behavior, try to intervene positively by rewarding the dog for its good behavior. Additionally, provide mental and physical stimulation for both dogs to keep them busy and out of trouble.

3. Why Does My Dog Bump Into My Other Dog?

Ans: One reason your dog might bump into other dogs is to assert dominance. It is also possible that your dog is trying to communicate something else, such as playfulness. Dogs may also bump into each other out of curiosity or to establish who will lead the pack. If the behavior persists, it could be a sign of aggression, and you should take steps to address it.

4. How Do Dogs Show Dominance Over Other Dogs?

Ans: Dominance in dogs can be shown in various ways, including mounting, growling, staring, claiming resources such as food or toys, and demonstrating dominance through body language such as standing tall or raising their hackles. They may also communicate dominance by scent marking or urinating on objects or other dogs.

5. What Does It Mean When A Dog Straddles Another Dog?

Ans: When a dog straddles another dog, it often has multiple purposes. Sometimes dominance or submission during play is involved, as dogs may try to assert dominance over their opponent by railroading them on their back. It can also act of affection and comfort in which the dog’s partner is placed high on their back so they can look down on them. If your dog’s straddling behavior seems aggressive or rough, it’s important to intervene and separate the dogs immediately.

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