How to Teach A Stubborn Dog To Sit – 7 Easy Ways

For stubborn dogs, there is no such thing as an easy fix. Trying to force the animal to sit or behave a certain way only worsens matters. That’s why it’s important to find a training method that works specifically for your pet – one that considers their personality and the way they usually behave. Getting your dog to sit is rewarding for dog owners. It’s a sign of good training and lets dog owners know their dog has learned a new behavior.

But training your dog to sit isn’t easy. Most dogs are stubborn, and training them can be difficult. However, training a dog to sit isn’t impossible. You just need to be persistent and follow some basic training tips. Here we’ll cover 7 ways to teach a stubborn dog to sit.

How to Teach A Stubborn Dog To Sit

7 Easy Ways To Teach a Stubborn Dog To Sit

7 Easy Ways To Teach a Stubborn Dog To Sit

A stubborn dog chooses not to listen to anyone, no matter how much they may try to talk him or her into something. They often have strong determination and will not back down until they achieve their goal. One of the most frustrating things that can happen when training a dog is when they refuse to sit down.

This can be due to various reasons, but the most common reason is that the dog is stubborn. When training a dog to sit, there are several easy ways to teach the dog.

1. Praise And Reward

Praise And Reward

To teach your dog to sit, praise and reward them when they sit properly. Use treats or toys as a reward for good sitting behavior. If your dog is stubborn and resistant to sitting, try different training methods, such as playing games or using a food lure.

Be patient and consistent with your training efforts; your dog will soon sit like a pro! Besides training your dog to sit, you can also teach him other basic obedience commands like stay, down, and sit. It’s important to praise your dog when they do something right so they learn how to get rewarded for good behavior.

2. Time-Out


Time: Out is one of the most common methods to teach a dog to sit. It involves placing the dog in a designated area and giving him or her a timer to countdown. Once the timer has expired, the dog is allowed to leave the area. Time-Out is a gentle way to get a dog to sit and can be used with other training methods.

There are many variations of Time-Out, so find one that works best for your dog and your situation. Whether you’re training your dog  training for a dog breed competition, finding the right training method for your dog will make it easier to complete training and have successful outcomes.

3. Teach Your Dog To Sit On Command

Teach Your Dog To Sit On Command

If you want to teach your dog to sit, there are a few easy ways to do it. One method is by using a clicker training system. This involves using a small device that emits a clicking noise when the dog responds correctly.

You can also use food rewards to motivate your dog. With enough practice, most dogs will learn to sit when you ask them to. Training your dog from scratch may take time and patience, but with training and consistency, you can teach your dog to sit in no time at all!

4. Use A Treat Dispenser For Continuous Training

Use A Treat Dispenser For Continuous Training

To effectively train your dog to sit, you must use a treat dispenser to ensure that training sessions are short and easy to follow. To reward your dog every time he sits down, regardless of the seat duration, use a treat dispenser equipped with a special dispenser that automatically dispenses treats as your dog performs the behavior reliably.

If training proves difficult, try using a shock collar or other aversive stimuli such as loud noises or vibrations. By using training methods tailored to your dog’s needs and behavior, you can help ensure success in training your dog to sit.

5. Train With A Trainer

Train With A Trainer

When training your dog to sit, it’s important to start with the basic techniques. First, reward your dog when they sit and gradually increase the rewards as training progresses. Establishing rules and boundaries for your dog’s behavior is also helpful. For example, you can set up a “sittin’ only” area in your home or yard or ban sitting in certain areas of your house or yard. Consider hiring a professional dog trainer if you need help training your dog.

They can help you develop training strategies and skills to get your dog to Sit down and stay down reliably. Find a training method that works best for you and your dog and stick with it consistently over time. If you are looking for training tips, consider using a training collar, leash, or other equipment. These devices can help reinforce good behavior by applying pressure when your dog performs correctly.

Plus, they give you hands-free freedom to do other tasks while training. Finally, remember to have patience and consistency in training your dog; it will take time, but you can successfully train your dog to sit down and stay down reliably with patience and persistence.

6. Use A Clicker – A Simple Training Device

Use A Clicker - A Simple Training Device.

Clicker training is a simple and effective way to teach dogs to sit. It uses a clicker, a small device that makes a clicking noise when it is used to train dogs. The training method works by using repetition, training puppies or older dogs in a quiet environment, and providing treats as a reward for training behavior.

When training puppies or older dogs, it is important to use positive reinforcement methods such as treats and verbal praise instead of negative punishment methods like dog training collars or punishments.

By using clicker training, owners can easily give their dog training commands in a non-threatening manner while making sure they are acquiring the behavior that they want. It is also helpful when training dogs in different situations, such as obedience training, house training, and calming down an anxious dog.

7. Teach Your Dog To “Drop It.”

One of the most common problems facing dogs is disobedience. To train them to “drop it,” you’ll need to use a combination of positive reinforcement and discipline. One way to do this is by using treats or toys when your dog sits down.

You can also use training methods such as yelling “sit” when your dog is sitting and giving them a treat when they comply. When training your dog to sit down using other methods, use positive reinforcement only if they are already sitting in response to verbal commands. Additionally, always be consistent with your training methods and rewards, and be patient while working on training your dog.

If you are using physical punishment, such as a set amount of time away from food, play, or social activities, make sure that you only use this form of discipline when necessary.


It’s important to train your dog from an early age. As puppies, they are naturally curious. They will want to check things out and learn new things. That’s why training them young is so important. Your dog will pick up new training behaviors quickly if you’re consistent with training.

Besides, training young puppies help prevent behavior problems in older dogs, and it helps how to teach a stubborn dog to sit. We all know that patience is the key to training a pet.

If you have tried everything and your dog still doesn’t sit, consider buying him or her treats that can be used as rewards. Using these strategies, your pet will soon develop good habits and start behaving like a model citizen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Train A Difficult Dog To Sit?

There are a variety of ways to train a dog to sit. One way is to use positive reinforcement, rewarding the dog when it sits down. You can do this by giving the dog treats, praising it, or simply rewarding the dog for sitting down.

2. How Do You Discipline A Stubborn Dog?

There are a few ways to discipline a dog for sitting.

One common strategy is to give your dog treats when they sit. You can also use verbal commands, such as “sit” or “down.” Positive reinforcement, such as petting or scratching the dog when they sit, can also be rewarding for them.

3. How Long Does It Take To Train A Dog To Sit?

It generally takes around 8 to 12 weeks to train a dog to sit. You can use several methods to help your dog learn the behavior during this time.

Some easiest methods include praising them when they sit, rewarding them with food or toys, and teaching them the “sit” command. Make sure to stick with one training method until your dog successfully sits consistently.

4. What To Do If The Dog Won’t Sit?

If your dog doesn’t sit, there are several ways to train them.

  1. Use a tasty treat, like kibble or a meaty bone.
  2. Use verbal reinforcement, like praising your dog when they sit.
  3. Use physical reinforcement, like tugging on the dog’s leash when they sit.

5. How Can I Reinforce The Correct Behavior Every Time My Dog Sits?

You will need to use positive reinforcement training to reinforce the correct sitting behavior. This means rewarding your dog when they sit down or performs other desired commands.

When your dog does not sit down when you ask them to, start by rewarding them with a small chunk of their favorite food.

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