Why Dog Suddenly Aggressive To Other Dogs In The House? How Can You Overcome It

You know what canines and especially I meant to say Dogs are collective creatures whose evolutionary history creates them enthusiastic and capable of surviving in groups. I have almost six dogs in my house.

They are different in their age and size. They intermittently quarrel with each other, typically over food, but other times they are quite friendly. But a few days ago, I faced a bitter experience. My larger and older Terrier, who is breed hunt or kill anything smaller, begins to hate another more miniature doggy.

I think there is none but a horrifying incident if your sweet, lovely, and adorable pet mate begins to show their aggression to the other dogs in your house. It seemed to me it cracked in belligerence, growling, baring its teeth, and attacking suddenly to my other pets without any logic and prior knowledge.

No doubt, I became frightened a lot. I rescue the other dogs towards him, and overnight I was thinking a lot about why the dog suddenly aggressive to other dogs in the house. I had assembled the methods to stop his unethical behavior!

So I am here with this handout reviews of the dilemma of inter-Dog aggression. It also put forward some practical techniques to deal with the circumstances.

Why Dog Suddenly Aggressive To Other Dogs In The House

Why Inter–Dog Antagonism Takes Place?

Dog Antagonism Takes Place

The Inter-Dog violence comes about when a dog is exaggeratedly destructive to other dogs in the same home. The aggression with one another among dogs for many reasons is quite natural but can be extremely risky for everyone.

The consequence might be severe injuries in the long run to other dogs and on top of human beings. It might be happening due to genetic aspects, health issues, and many more! I don’t think there is an authentic cure for it other than taking certain precautions before the incident occurs.

I swear you I never had these types of frightening moments practically in my life in my personal experience. Therefore, before controlling the situation, I would like to recommend you investigate the cause of hostility, and you need to amend it.

On the contrary, you should know how you can keep away from the circumstances all of a sudden. Please, no need to make rushed decisions to be scared; keep your head cool and calm. However, you are badly needed to take the right initiatives to break up the occurrences or battles securely and promptly.

You might be in a state of perplexity then because it’s challenging to set what to do. You need to keep away the target dog from the possible victims and make him under control instantly. Otherwise, you can wear your Dogs’ basket muzzle as a defensive head strap.

Eventually, the target dog is badly needed high effective constant treatment, and you have to adhere to or maintain all the recommendations always firmly.

Why Dog Suddenly Aggressive To Other Dogs In The House

Dog Suddenly Aggressive To Other Dogs In The House

Fighting among dogs within a home may have numerous fundamental stimulation s. It will be beneficial for you to know the following incentives to be careful further.

The Preliminary Incentives:

  1. When several dogs live in a house, they will fight with each other for petty issues like toys, food, or taking supremacy of favorite items.
  2. On the other hand, their fighting also occurs when a younger dog declined the superiority of older dog challenges. By nature’s law, younger dogs have grown up and mature day by day, and in comparison, the old ones became weak.
  3. However, if the older Dog does not give up resources, the battle will keep on. The pet owners probably don’t want the changes to handover the dominance to the younger one. As a result, severe aggression or hostility may arise.
  4. Many pet owners change their day-to-day life routine may exhibit a tremendous impact on pets. That’s why aggression occurs among the dogs suddenly in the house.
  5. Additionally, once hostility comes to pass between dogs, despite grounds, you have to remember that what happened may then influence more communications between the dogs.
  6. When a new dog arrives in your house instead of an assertive dog leaving, the surviving dogs might not take it very well. They show full of aggression and discomfort to the newcomer.
  7. So it’s your turn to familiar them communally so that they tie their new relationship with full of love, affection, and maturity.
  8. Separation anxiety, noise sensitiveness are the most typical grounds for a dog’s aggression.

As soon as your pet dogs’ fundamental disorders are recognized, violent behavior and dogfighting might not settle on.

Let’s Identify The Reasons Behind Your Beloved Dog’s Aggression

You don’t think that without depression, no frustration, no fear, and physical issues, your pet becomes aggressive. It would help if you investigated why the Dog become aggressive to other dogs in the house to pick the ideal solution.

1. Being Possessive:

Being Possessive

A high-tempered dog might be too possessive when somebody moves towards his favorite food packet or gets too intimate at the time of chewing something special. Their aggression might vary from several dogs and fond of objects like food, toys, and bones that create value.

Thus quarrels among dogs might rise to the high for the possessiveness of items. It meant to say when everyone claiming the authorization of particular objects. They also show tremendous anger if a stranger comes into the Dog’s territory when they are taking a rest or sleeping.

2. Check Whether It Was Feeling Sickness Or Wounded:

Suppose your Dog expresses sudden aggression with other pets at your house that it has never shown before. You have to think twice whether it was somehow injured or not. On the other hand, various medical state s might origin dogs turn aggressive. The signs of aggression are like snapping, growling, try to bite others may be the reason for syndrome or illness.

Intolerable pains are another reason for canines aggression. Tumors, Bone fractures, internal injuries, lacerations, and other diseases might cause unbearable pains, discomfort, and stress. These may impact your doggy’s brain, which causes outwardly irrational belligerence.

Older dogs have the maximum chances to suffer from tumors, but perhaps it attacks suddenly any age of dogs. Hence the outcome is extreme aggression and unexplained hostility with other dogs at your house.

If you notice some behavioral changes or indications of your Dog, you should immediately consult with a veterinarian and give it proper tests or medications. Please don’t be judgmental regarding your Dog and take action on your hand. Consult with the veterinarian who can only provide you an accurate solution.

3. Resource Protector:

Like human kids, Dogs are also fond of many resources like their preferred toys, dry food, treat, beds, chew bones, and even specific human being. Some dogs might have such intentions these possessions are only themselves or no one else.

They don’t want to share with anyone. This attitude of resource guarding might turn it aggressively possessive over things that they most cherish. If your Dog presents these indications, I would recommend you consult with the vet hurriedly as don’t let it go for being uncontrolled.

4. Relentless Frustration:

We all know that persistent frustration stimulates aggression. These dissatisfaction types might be widespread in dogs who are spending plenty of time being tied up and controlled on a harness or a chain-link barrier behind. As a result, it became frustrated for not being to get to something he might want.

Try to treat equally all the dogs that have stayed in your house. Dogs are brilliant and sharp. If they think they are somehow humiliated than others, their aggression might be in progress.

5. Severe Anxiety or Apprehension:

Severe Anxiety or Apprehension

According to noteworthy dog researchers, most dogs show aggression for the sake of their inferior complex. When they sense that something unusual things are happening to them, they might be in danger and can’t run away; otherwise, they should defend themselves.

You might have known that rescue Dogs are badly needed positive reinforcement obedience training with a pet behavioral trainer specializing in teaching dogs. As because rescued dogs might have experienced neglected, maltreated, or traumatic incidents.

They might have experienced something unusual or abused; that’s why they might have severe anxiety or fear. And unquestionably, a frightened dog progresses aggressive attitude at ease. Perhaps they are not socialized as a puppy from a cultured environment.

Before adopting you, I would highly recommend learning the background of your pet from the organization. If you see they are not behaving well either for fear, you have to train them with high patience, sympathy, and a long time. I swear if they cope with their anxiety for the sake of your unconditional love, within a short time, they get rid of aggression.

6. Dominating Attitude:

Dominating Attitude

You have to bear in mind that Dogs are dominating creature by nature rather than being submissive. They most often try to dominate other peoples as well as dogs. So they remain their aggression in terms of establishes their supremacy compared to other dogs in your house.

When dogs are suddenly aggressive to other dogs in the house, they will see that they are willing to prove their superiority in most cases. They also became enthusiastic about providing evidence that they’re in charge of a situation towards the other Dog. Proper behavioral training of your pet dogs can persuade them to behave gently reciprocally.

How Can I Stop Aggression When Dogs Challenges Each Other in the House?

In my opinion, you have already found the top motives of Dog’s aggression by this informative blog. You have to keep in mind that to adopt and maintain an aggressive dog is a bit challenging. Likewise, it’s a trick and demanding task to resolve their fear or anxiety by working with them for a long time. You may try doing the following things which might be helpful for you.

Firstly, it’s eventually very complicated to treat the aggression among the household dogs, so it will be wise for you to identify the discover the circumstances in which violence arises. After that, try to ensure that you are not supporting anyone.

I meant to say, please don’t encourage the submissive Dog or confront the more dominant Dog. Leave them alone. If one Dog back down, the fighting might be set off. Nevertheless, when both dogs are fully spirited for battles, serious injury may causes. In that case, you need to keep aloof the dogs from the place swiftly.

Secondly, maintain a record of attacks, threats, and awkward circumstances to tell the pet trainer or vet in detail.

Thirdly, before starting the treatment or behavioral training, you need to ensure that they can be accustomed to canine social interaction skills. If they don’t know the methods earlier, they will not respond suitably to the deference.

Finally, please try to uphold a proper balance while treating all the dogs in your house. As a pet owner, you are giving them shelter, food, bed, toys, playing or exercise facilities, and on top of compatible entertainment. So all of them treat you as the pack leader.

They want your affection, love, attention, or whatever you want to offer them uniformly. Don’t discriminate your love over them.

When they make mistakes, alter their behavior like your child; please don’t give them harsh punishment. Because these might hurt them most, and they significantly preserve these which outbursts someday with other dogs. Give them quality time, which makes them amused and cheerful.

When they became physically or mentally sick, go to the vet immediately, and provide proper medications. And In the end, properly distribute all the resources to get all those in the same way.

What Is Dog Aggression and How to Stop It?

Dog aggression is a type of hostility towards other dogs and/or people. Whenever it comes to interacting with other animals, these dogs typically have a lower tolerance threshold. A dog may show its aggression either through growling, barking, or biting others. The severity of certain instances may lead to attacks that are lethal.

If you notice your dog exhibiting any kind of hostility towards other animals or people, take proper steps to deal with the issue as soon as possible. This will help you prevent your dog from attacking other dogs or people if animosity builds up in the dog.

Steps to stop dog aggression-

Identify What Makes Your Dog Angry

Dogs get angry over both physical and mental issues. You first need to identify the source of your dog’s aggression to see what you can do in the case that the behavior persists.

Distracting Your Dog

When a dog starts to feel aggressive, it might start barking or growling for no rhyme or reason. One of the first ways to prevent your dog from showing its aggression is by distracting it. This can be done through jogging, throwing a ball, or any other activity that might catch the dog’s attention.

Appeasing Your Dog

If you notice your dog barking or growling at other dogs and/or people, simply stop what you are doing and speak softly to it in a manner that would make it relax.

How to Stop A Dog from Growling at Other Dogs?

When taking your dog for a walk in a location where there are other dogs, start out by giving him a second short collar. Use the “quiet” command each time your dog growls at another dog. Give him a reward when he complies and stops snarling. If he doesn’t, make him sit down until the other dog has past. Then, when he is no longer barking or snarling at other dogs, take him for a walk outside the quieting spot.

Though dogs can generally smell other canines from a mile away, stop your dog when he starts barking or growling. And do not allow him to start any sort of fight with another dog. Watch for other dogs who are being friendly and invite your dog over to them.

What Causes the Sudden Aggression of Older Dogs?

Regardless of age, an old dog may become aggressive as a result of an injury, sickness, or bewilderment. It’s typical for a dog to have certain health issues as it matures. Aggression in an older dog might be brought on by things like tooth discomfort, arthritis, or eyesight and hearing loss.

The older dog may feel it is being unfairly treated and experiences a sense of abandonment or loss. It could also be that the older dog is unable to see out of the eye that has been diseased. The dog may not be feeling well but feels it should still protect those it loves.

The same aggression that may be exhibited by an old dog can also occur in a new home. It is not unusual for a young dog to feel threatened by the presence of other pets in the home, as well as children.

Dog’s Aggressive Attitude Towards Humans

Dog's Aggressive Attitude Towards Humans

Fear is a common factor in dogs’ aggressive behavior against humans. Dogs who exhibit aggressive behaviors towards humans do so out of fear, frustration, or territoriality.


Dogs that have been abused, neglected, or rejected by people may show aggressive behaviors to humans. Fear of human beings is a common fear in dogs and goes as far as to become a phobia for some dogs.


Some dogs resort to aggression because their owner doesn’t take the time to properly train them (the same can be said for other animals). Aggressive behaviors are also seen when owners don’t provide adequate stimulation for the dog- often resulting in boredom or anxiety-related conditions.


Aggressive behavior can be attributed to territorial problems. Dogs often become aggressive if they consider a particular area as their own or if they see other humans in the area.

Diagnosis of Dog Aggression Behavior

Diagnosis of Dog Aggression Behavior

Some of the typical indicators of play aggressiveness are excessively rough play, grabbing, nibbling, or biting of others or their clothes. Although this is a typical habit, it may cause injuries and, if not addressed properly, can develop into more severe kinds of hostility as your dog grows.

There are also other instances where a dog develops aggression due to a lack of proper training. For instance, if you don’t feel like playing as your dog pets you, it might feel less than happy and aggressive towards you, then giving it proper training may work in getting rid of the hostility.

Wrapping Up:

Before taking place in an accident, your crazy Dog must show some signs of aggression. I  would love to say don’t take the warning signs of your pet’s attack so lightly. Furthermore, it will be worthy for you to identify the actual reasons why the dog suddenly aggressive to other dogs in the house.

Please don’t misinterpret the grounds of your puppy’s unexplained hostility. Otherwise, you can’t apply a corrective measure to get rid of these worst circumstances.

I will surely admire you if you provide hope for the cure to the aggressive dogs rather than discard them because you are afraid of their crazy and harmful behaviors. Your least amount of endeavor is requisite to bestow them a protected and loving life.


Why Do Dogs Suddenly Become Aggressive?

Your dog may be acting out of characterlike aggressive due to a severe illness or injury. Arthritis, bone fractures, internal wounds, different cancers, and abrasions are a few potential causes of pain. Other ailments that influence the brain of your dog might result in irrational hostility.

How To Stop Dogs From Fighting In The Same Household?

Make sure the dogs have separate sleeping and eating quarters so they won't get territorial and possessive of their belongings, which will prevent them from fighting when they are housed together. Keep toys and treats out of reach and only offer them to your dogs when you're there to supervise if your dogs have a tendency to fight over them.

How To Stop Sudden Aggression In A Dog?

It is usually advisable seeing your vet if your dog exhibits sudden aggressiveness. The cause of the dog's aggressive behavior should be evaluated by a vet to determine if it is pathological aggressiveness. The aggressiveness may have been caused by physiological conditions or even by a traumatic experience in the past.

What Causes Aggressive Territorial Behaviors?

Aggressive territorial behaviors may be brought on by a lack of early socialization, delayed sexual development, environmental variables, hybridization, pack mentality, or an undiagnosed medical problem.

What Makes My Dog Aggressive To Others?

The most frequent cause of dog aggression against other dogs is dominance. Although it's true that dogs are friendly since they are pack animals, groups have leaders. Additionally, an alpha often asserts his control among a pack by using either physical force or threat.

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