5 Week Old Golden Retriever – Everything You Should Know About

Thinking about those adorable furry 5 week old Golden Retriever? Yes, they are a dream. However, it’s important to learn what to know before bringing them into your home, as well as raising them and training these babies to be more friendly pets.

It’s also common to make mistakes when raising 5-week-old golden retrievers as they are not the same as adult dogs. This article is a complete guide and a good place to begin your commitment.

5 Week Old Golden Retriever

Why Golden Retrievers Are Special

Before we start discussing how to take care of Golden Retrievers, let’s learn why they are a special breed. Golden Retrievers are calm, clever, and loving dog. They are friendly, lively, and kind with youngsters, as well as other pets and strangers.

These dogs have a strong desire to please, which is why they react so well to training and are as popular as service dogs. They enjoy working as well, whether it is hunting birds or retrieving their guardian’s shoes.

As golden retrievers are rarely barkers and lack guard instincts, they are unlikely to make effective watchdogs. Some golden retrievers, on the other hand, will alert you when strangers approach.

How To Take Care Of Your 5 Week Old Golden Retriever

How To Take Care Of Your 5 Week Old Golden Retriever

Pups are basically like babies. They will need potty training, socialization, crate training, and other behavior corrections such as chewing, biting, and digging. Our step-by-step method and training full of compassion, vigilance, energy, and care will get them hippity-dippity in no time.

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When To Begin

The training starts before you bring the puppy into their new home. So, even if you see an adorable little cutie on your way, you should hold your paws and read this guide first.

Not many breeders, shelters, or rescues potty train or teach their pups manners.

Recommended Supplies

You will need a few supplies to welcome your new fur baby. It’s best if you have these beforehand.

1. Crate

The purpose of the crate begins with the first night where your pup sleeps. They will need to be familiar with the crate for 24 hours before they want to sleep in it.

2. Baby Gates

Although they are not as important as crates, they stop your puppy from getting into unnecessary trouble, such as leaving the house or having accidents. You can’t keep an eye on them 24/7.

3. Leash

Leashes are of two types: indoor and outdoor. You will need both. One to indoors for training. The other one is shorter and used for outdoor activities.

4. Toys

You will be surprised to see the energy Golden Retriever puppies possess. These little furry playmates would love to play with plushies, vibrant chew toys and all sorts of ropes. Expect them to chew on your fancy throw pillows.

5. Soft Bedding

New pet owners often forget about buying their pets bedding after buying the bed. You’ll want them warm and cozy in their beds, just like you are in yours. Add in comfy beds to their crates for them to nestle in.

6. Dog Collar

Want to proudly call them your dogs? You’ll need a flat buckle collar with tags even if you are not willing to leave them unsupervised outside. You never know!

7. Dog Brushes

Since we are talking about Golden Retrievers, you know the extent of their fur’s length. A dog brush keeps their coat healthy and well, not clumsy.

8. Treats

It’s always wise to keep treats with you because you will be teaching those munchkins basic activities and will be rewarding them. Don’t hold back on treats even when you’re not training them. Keep them in a few spots so that they can be close at hand.

You will also need car harnesses, food and water bowls, quality food, nail clippers, puppy shampoo, puppy cleaner, and poop bags. Yes, there’s a lot of hard work.

Taking Care of Your 5 Week Old Golden Retriever

Taking Care of Your 5 Week Old Golden Retriever

The First Night

First nights are always filled with nervousness and excitement for both you and your pup. Make sure the first night is filled with joy, and the pup feels comfortable being with you.

The Crate

Your first task can be familiarizing the little offspring with its crate. Their crate should feel like a new home, not prison. For example, keep the cage open to explore it on their own and sniff on it. Bring them food to their crate so that they can become more comfortable with the idea of it.

Keep them inside for the door shut for periods and show them, love when they are out. There have been many complaints about pups being afraid of crates, and that’s because owners haven’t made them feel at home. You’ll die of guilt if you find them crying or whining in bed when you’re trying to sleep.

Even the reward technique isn’t as easy as it seems. If you treat them once you let them out of the crate, they’ll whine on being let out because they’ll be expecting treats. Offering no rewards also allows you to stand your ground on dominance.

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The last thing you should know about crates is crate accidents. Expect your pups to wake up and bark or pee in their crates three of four times a night for the first few nights. Their bladders are small so they’ll not likely be able to hold.

Potty Training

You should know, shelters suck at potty training. As for Golden Retrievers, you will need to take some time out during the first months for them to learn thoroughly. If you or no one in your house is diligent with this, it’s better not to adopt a five-week-old.

You can begin by taking your Retriever outside every 30 minutes. This means after they play, eat, drink and before and after sleeping. They become comfortable outdoors and slowly realize the idea of an outdoor bathroom.

Let Him Make His Decision

Allowing him to make decisions might help him feel more confident, hopeful, and in charge of his new home. Instead of being pushy and smothering them with cuddles, sit on the floor and wait for them to come to you.

When you arrive at your home, place the pup in front of the door and let him decide to pick whether or not to enter. Allow him to explore his new home at his leisure.

Chewing And Biting

It’s a typical canine response for your dog to bite and chew stuff. But, you don’t want your dog to bite your neighbor’s child or rip your new bedspread to bits, though. You must correctly direct his biting to understand when it is alright to chew on something and when it is not.

Make Him Learn His Name

Another crucial duty for every 5-week-old golden retriever owner is to familiarize their pup with their name. Saying their name and rewarding them is a fantastic and simple method to achieve this. Keep repeating this process as needed.

Your golden retriever puppy’s name should have a good connotation for them, and they should want to run to you when they hear it.

Let Him Get Used To The Leash

Allowing your dog to smell and chew on the leash is a great method to get them used to it. The puppy will try to learn things similarly to how human babies learn what things are by pushing them in their jaws. Allow them to get  acquainted with the leash first before attaching it.

Best Exercise For A Happy Relaxed Golden Retriever Puppy

Best Exercise For A Happy Relaxed Golden Retriever Puppy

You can do some simple exercises with your Golden Retriever that will provide mental and physical stimulation while also helping them sleep more soundly at night.

Sit And Down On Command

This may be a trickier exercise for some dogs, but you can sit your Golden down by simply standing behind them, have them sit, and then give them a treat when they do. You should do this with them every time they come out of the crate so that your dog comes to you when they are ready to go inside.

Learn Basic Commands

Like most dogs, goldens love to learn things, and there are plenty of tricks you can teach them to do. This is an excellent activity for your dog and will train them to obey orders.

Get a Fetching Toy

This isn’t an exercise but will provide mental and physical stimulation for your Golden Retriever. You should get something you can interact with your dogs, such as a Frisbee or a ball.

Things You Should Know Be Getting A Golden Retriever

Know Be Getting A Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever puppy requires a lot of care and attention during their first few months of life, so it is essential to choose the right breeder. Here are things you should know before getting a Golden Retriever puppy:

Always Use A Reputable Breeder

It is essential to always get your dog from a reputable breeder who is registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club). Certain dog breeds are bred for specific tasks like hunting, herding, etc.

No Matter How Much You Love A Puppy

Not all dogs are the same. Some breeds will grow up to be aggressive and difficult to control, while others are calm and obedient. It is essential to find a reputable breeder who has owned and grown the same dog for many years, knows the dog’s tendencies and personality, and will guide you through the entire process.

Choosing A Breed That Fits Your Family

Golden Retrievers are very active dogs who do not like being confined indoors. They must be exercised almost daily, so they won’t become destructive or bored if locked up in the house all day. These dogs are wonderful family pets since they get along well with both children and other pets.

Most Golden Retrievers Are Extremely Intelligent

Golden Retrievers are known for being the most intelligent dog breed. They are straightforward to train and tend to catch on quickly.

How To Care For Your Pregnant Dog

How To Take Care Of Your 5 Week Old Golden Retriever

Whether you’re pregnant or have a dog of your own, you’ll need to know how to care for your dog in the upcoming months. From changing their diet and supplementing proper nutrients to knowing when it’s time to visit the vet, this article has all the tips that are crucial for keeping your pup healthy and happy during your pregnancy.

Your dog will experience the same hormone increase as humans during pregnancy. More specifically, estrogen and progesterone levels will rise during this time. The same symptoms that occur in humans will also happen with your dog.

From nausea to bloating and breast enlargement, your pup is experiencing the exact effects of hormonal changes that you are. As your dog goes through the changes of pregnancy, you’ll need to provide them with additional nutrients that their body lacks. By doing this, you can ensure that they’re not only healthy but also healthy for their pups in the future.

Bottom Line

No matter how old your golden retriever is, training him should be a pleasurable experience. Although it might be difficult at times, 5-week-old golden retriever can be taught to behave as you want if you just follow the proper steps.

If you are consistent in reinforcing behavior, give your pet plenty of love time, and follow all of these easy guidelines. Hope we could help with our complete guide on taking care of a 5 week old golden retriever.


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