Can Two Male Dogs Get Along In The Same House? [Explained]

After having a male dog, when someone wants to get another male dog, the first thing that comes into the dog owner’s mind is, can two male dogs get along in the same house.

The answer is a bit tricky and unpredictable! This means, if you already have an alpha male dog that won’t tolerate another male dog in-home then, it’s quite challenging to keep them both under one roof.

It happens because dogs are also individuals even though it’s the same breed. Each dog has a different personality, but still, there are some dos and don’ts that you can apply and avoid to socialize your dog with another new dog and try to make them friends. So, let’s get into it and find out if two male dogs flourish or not!

Can Two Male Dogs Get Along In The Same House

How To Stay Safe While Adopting Another Dog

As you don’t know, your old pet will be able to sync with the new pet, or not investing an adoption fee for another dog can be a risky decision. That’s why here is an idea for you. Some adopting agencies available (Which do care about the pet) offer a trial period for a few weeks.

Now, bring the new male dog home and give special attention to find out if it syncs with your old male dog or not! If it does, then you are all set, but if it doesn’t, then you can return the dog to the adopting house and your adoption fee refunded! Isn’t it a hassle-free, safe way to find another male dog as a pet for your home?

How To Socialize With Male Dogs To Get Along

How To Socialize With Male Dogs To Get Along

When it comes to socializing your old dog with a new dog, there are some ground rules that you can’t avoid! Which are-

  • You are the leader of them. Your pet dogs should only listen to you even if they are fighting. They should stop it when you are around, or you command them to.
  • Most of the time, we make a significant mistake: we concentrate on the new dog than the old dog, which makes the new dog the old dogs’ enemy. That’s why it’s essential to prioritize and respect the first dog, so it won’t feel insignificant in front of the newer dog.

To make both old and new dog friends, the meeting of them is the essential thing. For the first meeting, aka introduction, the section chooses an open space like a park, rooftop, or somewhere where you can take your dogs for a walk or at least for playing.

Remember, don’t hold the new dog in your arm; it’ll create a significant battle between them. Instead, you can take them for a walk in one strap.

Now, when both dogs are at home for the first time, if you’re older dog isn’t that friendly that it’ll feel like some other dog conquering his region, and this is where the fighting gets started! Know about: 5 Week Old Golden Retriever

To stop These Fights, We Recommend You To Avoid These Mistakes –

To stop These Fights

  1. Don’t give both dogs food on one plate. Instead, use different plates. This will keep them away from fighting with each other.
  2. Both dogs have their different regions in your house where they’ll have a separate meal plate and their bed. In the first few days, they can’t sleep in others’ regions, which leads to fighting. That’s why, to avoid the fight, each dog should have a different and separate bedroom as well.
  3. To keep your dogs in your house without seeing fights every day, avoid providing your older/newer dog’s toys to the other one. Instead, we recommend you to get another ball, bone, etc. That’s why keeping toys separate is an essential factor.
  4. Giving both dogs the same attention, but if you treat them equally, it may make possible a fight between them. That’s why to respect the older one a bit more as it’s an old member of your house and don’t let any dog dominates the house when you are the leader.

If you follow all these things correctly and give each dog their space to grow, then they’ll become friends in a very few weeks. Know about: Alpha Female Dog Characteristics

Some Additional Facts That You Should Consider If You Want To Have Two Male Dogs In The Same House

You Want To Have Two Male Dogs In The Same House

So, here are some other facts that you should not avoid if you want to have a peaceful environment even after having two dogs in your house. Which are- Don’t run out of food. Make sure there’s enough food for both dogs. If a dog has enough food, and if another dog doesn’t, it can initiate a gruesome fight.

We always recommend getting dogs of a similar size. Otherwise, the big dog will try to enact with the little dog, which isn’t a familiar scene to enjoy. Once again, remember, you are the owner of them, and that’s why you should have the ability to control the dog. They should obey your order even when they are just into an ugly fight.

We recommend you to grow these dogs in an open place which doesn’t set any limit between them, which causes a fight. Still, if your dog (new/old) is super aggressive, we recommend that you neuter one dog or get both neutered. It can reduce their aggression level. Don’t keep the dogs in an open space without supervision.

Adding Another Dog to Your Home

Adding Another Dog to Your Home

Dogs are a joy to have in your home and can bring many benefits, but there are also some considerations to consider before adding a new dog. The process starts with some consideration, of course.

The One-On-One Introduction

Place the dog in a room by itself with a toy or two for company. In this way, your new pup will feel less stressed about meeting the rest of your family, including any previous pets that may still be living in your home.

The Super-Awkward Family Meeting

You’re going to need help for this one. If you have a partner, friend, or family member who owns a dog, ask them to volunteer their pet for this task.

Time In The Park

Take your new pup to the dog park or a quiet, friendly place with other dogs. Having friends or family members on hand can help ensure that both pets get along.

My Dog Stares at Me Creep

There are many reasons a dog looks at you with concern. One of the most common ones is if they’ve been bitten or injured by another dog. The body has ways to protect itself, which can easily stress dogs.

Your dog may also be worried about what you will do next. They may not trust you. Your dog may be stressed about being left alone in a strange place. They might be worried about their family or are used to being liked and taken care of by humans.

It may even be something as simple as it’s about feeding time. Your dog can get worked up about food, so if you’ve taken them out of the house, that’s a completely new thing. A new place creates a lot of anxiety. If a dog smells the food and is not fed, it can cause serious stress.

Dog Behavior Problems Aggression Sibling Rivalry Diagnosis

Pair of Jack Russell Terrier playing love games

Aggressive behavior is a common behavioral problem in dogs. The underlying cause of aggression can be difficult to diagnose, and aggressive behavior may stem from more than one underlying cause. Aggression may occur due to fear or territoriality, or it could result from pain or injury that an owner is unaware of.

In some cases, a dog’s aggressive personality might result from genetics: Some breeds are predisposed to certain traits and behaviors. In other cases, an aggressive outburst may be the result of fear.

Other behavioral problems, such as attention-seeking behaviors and sibling rivalry, can cause dog aggression. A dog that spends a lot of time alone can become destructive or aggressive when left alone. Separation anxiety causes dogs to become distressed and behave aggressively toward owners during periods of separation. Additional types of aggression include fear-based aggression, pain-induced, and dominance-related aggression.

Tips On How To Make Two Dogs Become Friends

Make Two Dogs Become Friends

Two dogs are cute but sometimes can be on a different level when dealing with each other. Here are few tips to make two dogs become friends. The first thing is you have to give both of them a lot of time to interact with each other and get the hang of it. Look at the “Temperament” section for more details about dog temperament.

If one does not like the other, try to make them play together. Playing is an excellent way for dogs to show each other their personalities, and clicking also makes them feel good. If one of them shows aggression, stop the game immediately and separate them both.

You can also try putting their beds next to each other for several days and see if anything changes. Also, you can let them see each other for several hours a day for the first few days or weeks and gradually increase their contact until they become friends.


Time for wrapping up, and we hope you got the answer to your question. If you still haven’t, then the answer is, yes, they can! Dogs are social animals, so if you follow all the advice we gave upward properly, and they’ll be friends in a week.

Also, even after trying for weeks, if both dogs don’t sync properly, then it’s time for listing your dog to an adopting agency, or if it’s in the free trial, then you are safe. We hope our article helped you to find out the answer to the question ‘can two male dogs get along in the same house?’


1. How Do You Keep Two Male Dogs From Fighting?

Distract your two dogs from fighting by uttering the order “Away” in a forceful yet soft voice. Alternately, you may use water to spray the dogs and get them to stop barking. Try using a loud noisemaker such as a whistle to catch their attention.

2. How Can You Tell If Two Dogs Are Playing Or Fighting?

Body signals indicate play: a wagging tail, a loose open mouth with panting, and quick movements. Body signals that indicate fighting include tucking the tail between the legs, standing stiff-legged and upright to almost dog height, and growls or barks that sound like they come from deep in their chest.

2.Can Two Intact Male Dogs Live Together?

Yes, two intact males can live together. However, it should be noted that the dogs’ personalities may vary, and there is a chance that they will fight with one another.

3. Why Are My Dogs Suddenly Fighting?

If two dogs are fighting over the same resource, or if the more inferior dog has a greater desire to maintain the resource than the more dominant dog, the fight is likely to ensue.

4. Does Gender Matter When You Adopt A Second Dog?

Yes, gender does matter when you adopt a second dog. Gender is a significant factor in how each dog will help and hurt your relationship with your first pet.

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