Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Head? [Is He Afraid Of Something?]

Do you often realize and ask yourself why does my dog sleep on my head? Dogs have been human companions for a long time, but they can still surprise people with their habits.

For example, many people cannot explain why their pets, despite their size, persistently try to lie down on their legs, stomach, or even on their head. Experts believe that there are several reasons why a dog lies down to sleep right on top of its owner. Now, let’s have a deep look into it:

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Head.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Above My Head? – Details Guide

Why Does My Dog Sleep Above My Head

Dogs compulsively love to fall asleep on their owner’s heads. This is because dogs have a short attention span, so falling asleep on their head allows them to nap for a few seconds or minutes before moving to another position.

Dogs that are well trained will often fall asleep in the same position on their owner’s head every night so that they don’t need an extra blanket or cushion. When your dog jumps up into your lap, the first thing he wants to do is find a comfortable way to sleep. Usually, this consists of his head finding its way into your lap.

The Main Reasons: The Dog Goes To Sleep Right On Top Of The Owner’s Head

If you think about it from a dog’s perspective, it’s hard to think of a better place to sleep than on his beloved owner. This behavior is dictated by instinct. Dogs are pack animals, and for centuries they preferred to stay as close to each other as possible during the night. It’s warmer and safer that way.

Having become pets, some have not abandoned their wild habits. The cold or insecurity can make them sleep on the master. Observations have shown that a dog seeks the company of an owner more actively if there is some “irritant” in the house: a child, noisy guests, or a new pet.

You’ve probably seen how as soon as puppies are born, they tend to snuggle up to each other. This makes them feel safer, warmer, and more comfortable. Some breeds enjoy cuddling more than others, such as Retrievers, Collies, English Bulldogs.

A dog wanting to sleep next to you is a sign of affection and closeness, which means that he loves your company and considers you a member of the pack. However, if your dog isn’t the type to jump on the bed and snuggle up to you all night, don’t worry. This is most likely because she’s overheating, not because she doesn’t like you or think of you as the leader of the pack.

The companionship of the owner calms the dog. He feels especially good when he’s not only warm and protected but also when he hears his heartbeat. Besides, being on the person, it is as if he returns to the time when he was a puppy, and people often took him in their arms to caress, calm, and protect.

Dogs are also considered to be “doctors” of sorts. Not only can they diagnose a disease at an early stage, but they also begin to “cure” it, acting as a biological warmer. Therefore, if the pet compulsively lays down in the area of the liver, stomach, or climbs right up to the head, this is a reason to go to the doctor.

There Are Some Other Reasons For This Kind Of Behavior

1. Individual Characteristics

It’s hard to imagine a serious watchdog sleeping on his owner’s head. This working dog, which is used to working 24 hours a day and without work, begins to stunt. Can he guard the yard when he’s in the house?

And besides, he is used to the streets, and the house will be cramped and hot. A decorative breed that spends most of its time in its owner’s arms is another matter, isn’t it? Will he want to say goodbye to them for a long night? Not likely.

2. Lack of Attention

Lack of Attention

Every dog is different – some dogs just need a weasel or two a day to get a bit of affection from their owner to meet their needs. But that’s more true of street dogs. It’s not enough for the rest, especially if the owner works around the clock or is often on the move.

When there is a lack of time, people have less contact with their four-legged friend, and he tries to compensate for this, falling asleep on the head of his beloved owner. Such behavior is akin to passive pushing – the dog, without obsession or aggression, seeks what he wants, including sneaking into the owner’s bed.

This situation requires a sensitive approach. If you try to kick him out, the dog will caress him, give him his paw and look pityingly into his eyes. And if you show rudeness, the dog will accumulate anger, which will sooner or later make the dog disobedient and uncontrollable.

How to solve the problem is determined by the person himself, but if due to a good reason it is not possible to pay due attention to a four-legged friend, it is worth a little concession. For example, if the owner does not want to share a bed with a pet, you can put a mat in his bedroom or allow him to sleep in a chair by the bed.

3. Loneliness With The Family

Loneliness With The Family

Often, pets don’t get enough interpersonal contact with the owner and other family members, even if everyone is home. When all the housemates are busy, the dog can become stressed, developing into a deep depression. This is very damaging to the animal’s psyche and can affect the emotional state and the physical health of the pet.

It can be very hard for a dog who is a part of the family to end up “in the background” of life, and a closed bedroom door can aggravate such a situation. Don’t have an extra minute for your pet? You can widen the scope and let him into the bedroom, at least on the rug. The dog will appreciate such a gesture.

But it is better to spend time with him. Dogs like to sleep with the owner. A person should be more attentive to the pet’s behavior because the dog can attract his attention in various ways, including not always acceptable.

Even punishment can be perceived by the dog as a positive phenomenon because, in this case, the person is in contact with the four-legged dog. This can happen if the dog is intimidated and does not know that it is possible to communicate with people in any other way. And also during a time of severe depression.

4. The Dog Is Looking For Protection

Dog Is Looking For Protection

With a properly established relationship, the dog will idolize the owner, considering him the leader, the pack leader, that is, the family. Naturally, experiencing fear will seek protection from humans, believing that there is no one braver and fairer.

Often dogs sneak into the master bedroom during bad weather, especially when there are lightning and thunder. Fireworks, noise from nearby construction sites, and other disturbances also make the four-legged dog seek protection.

5. The Owner Has Accustomed Him To It

If a puppy has been resting on his owner’s bed since his first days in the house, as an adult, he will continue to do so as he is used to it. Therefore, feeling sorry for the 2-kilogram baby Saint Bernard or Great Dane, the owner does himself a “bear’s favor” – later, he will have to share the bed with the 100-kilogram “baby”, occupying the lion’s share of the area.

6. Dogs Also Appreciate The Comfort

Dogs Also Appreciate The Comfort

These pets are very smart and sometimes cunning. They immediately catch the difference between a human bed and their bed, choosing the first option as the most comfortable and end up sleeping over your head. Of course, sometimes the animals have a hard time on the bed, especially in hot weather, but some of them tolerate all the “inconvenience”. Others temporarily go under the bed.

In this case, the owner should evaluate the quality of the four-legged companion’s sunbed. Perhaps the dog has outgrown him and does not fit on the mattress. Or he likes to periodically be away from human eyes, prefers to sleep under a blanket, which is impossible with an ordinary lounger. It is worth thinking about a pet house.

What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Tells You About Them

Even though dogs may be sleeping exactly how you think they should, there are still many things about your dog that you may not know. One of the most important things to notice is what your dog’s sleeping position tells you about them.

The Belly Up

If your dog is belly up, it means he likes to be in the most vulnerable position there is: In other words, it means that your dog feels safest when he’s in the eyes and ears of his owner.

The Belly Down

If your dog is belly down, he may be feeling nervous or in danger, but more so when you’re not around. This could also mean that he loves being close to you. However, dogs can also belly down while trying to sleep if they are afraid of the dark or scared.

The Belly Up To You

If your dog is belly up to you, he loves being right by your side, and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to stay close to you. However, a dog could also be belly up this way while sleeping if he is afraid of something.

Back To Sleep

If your dog is a back sleeper, he’ll be comfortable anywhere, even if it’s just under the counter by your feet or on the couch.

Sleeping By Your Side: Pros And Cons

Some dog owners would oppose their dog sleeping on the bed with them. One of the arguments for hygiene is that dogs spend a lot of time outdoors, pawing on something you don’t want to find in your bed. They can also bring fleas, parasites, or ticks to bed, which can seriously affect your health. Not all owners are happy when their pet climbs on their arms or their head.

However, This Position Has Several Pluses:

Sleeping Together Is Warmer

A dog in bed is soothing not only to him but also to the owner, for some reason taking up space that has become vacant. Humans are paired animals, and it’s only natural for them to sleep next to someone. Cynologists described cases when a dog sleeping on his master cured even the most difficult diseases.

Of Course, There Are Also Disadvantages:

1. Hygiene. A dog that tends to sleep on its owner will have to be washed and brushed more often.

2. Parasites. With close contact, a person can get the same helminths. So you’ll have to monitor the health of your pet more carefully.

3. Discomfort. The dog does not understand that it may be heavy and cause certain discomfort to the owner, collapsing on his belly.

Difficulties In Personal Life

Not every partner will like a furry “third person” who happens to be in bed at the most inopportune moment. Yes, a dog is a loyal, devoted friend but remains a pet. Do not humanize the dog and think that he needs the same comfort as the rest of the family.

If the pet sleeps on the owner’s head, then you should not evaluate this as arrogance. In fact, in such a situation, only the person is to blame.

How To Stop A Dog From Sleeping On The Owner’s Head

Whether it is a good idea for your dog to sleep in bed with you or not is an individual decision, largely dependent on your health, sleep requirements, and dog. Unless you have allergies or asthma, your dog doesn’t snore, twitch, or run in his sleep.

There is no reason he shouldn’t live his instinct to sleep with you in a pack. If you are not a supporter of your dog sleeping with you, then it is advisable to raise him from an early age to not sleep on the bed or rather on your head. The best advice that can be given to novice dog owners is that the dog should not be taught to climb on the owner’s bed at all.

If the moment is missed, however, it’s worth having patience. Weaning an adult dog from the owner’s bed without hurting her is difficult. To do this, you must first make her a comfortable bed and practice the command “go to bed”.

Next, we need to persistently but gently send the pet there every time he tries to crawl up to the owner. If the command is given, praise the dog so that he does not feel banished. It is better to lock the bedroom at night. Of course, the dog will be pining and possibly whining under the door.

In that case, you need to gently but emphatically send her back to her place. After a few days, she will have to accept this rule. If the owner could not earn the four-legged comrade’s authority, did not become a leader for him,

then the dog will disobey. The pet will then set its own rules in the house, and the pet will also decide where to sleep. The desire for domination can also arise in a well-bred dog, for example, during adolescence. An older puppy may suddenly stop obeying. His actions become self-willed and even bold.

Naturally, such behavior is recommended to be strictly suppressed – the reins of government should always be in the hands of a person.


1. Why Does My Dog Always Sleep Between My Legs?

Ans: A dog may sleep between your legs if he is stressed in his environment or if you are sleeping together on the same blanket. Dogs may also sleep between your legs as a sign of trust and affection. However, there is more to it than that.

2. Why Does My Dog Sleep on Top of My Feet?

Ans: Many theories are thrown around, ranging from old science to human psychology. Some believe that dogs sleep with their belly down because they act like a ‘parent’ and feel comfortable in their territory.

3. How To Understand The Purpose Of Rubbing Its Body On You?

Ans: Dogs rub against you to mark you as their own and get your scent near them, so they feel more secure.

4. What Would You Do When Your Dog Knuckles?

Ans: Check your dog’s feet if they have thick calluses. The thickening of a dog’s feet is the most common sign of knuckling.

5.How To Get Your Dog To Stop Sleeping By Your Head?

Ans: Your dog may be sleeping by your head if he is anxious or scared. Talk to your dog and reassure him that there is nothing to worry about.

6. Why Does My Dog Sleep Next To My Head?

Ans: Some people believe that dogs sleep next to their owner’s heads because it helps them feel secure and safe. This may be because dogs are naturally paranoid and want to ensure that they’re close by in case of danger. Alternatively, some dog owners think that the deep sleep provided by sleeping near a person benefits both the pet and its owner.


Why does my dog sleep on my head? As you may have guessed, your dog loves being close to you. He wants to be near you, feel your warmth and smell your scent at all times. Your head is a perfect place for this, so he’ll take advantage of it whenever he has the chance.

You may think this is strange behavior for a dog, but it’s simply a part of his personality. Dogs love their owners, which is why they act in weird ways sometimes. It’s up to us to understand them and figure out what they’re trying to say. We hope you have already found all your answers.

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