Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me And Not My Husband – Is He Okay?

In my opinion, my pet dog is one of the valued creatures for most of my life. Nevertheless, when I get married, I noticed that my pet’s activities had been changed.

The partial transformations of him are quite improvements in nature that I can’ deny, but my Dog often expresses some signs that he can’t prefer my hubby rather than me, especially in sleeping.

Furthermore, I had seen in many cases that he declined to sleep in bed with my hubby but will opt to sleep with me. For that reason, sometimes I wondered and frequently asked myself why does my Dog sleep on me and not my husband: strange!

Simultaneously, as my partner also loves and cares for him very intimately, it sounds like my doggy’s whimsical attitude. Thus, it also seems to be the overall situations are confusing and, at the same time, awkward.

If you experience the same weird conditions like me, I will be here to have sympathized with you. I also put together the explanations and will show the solutions if you want to get over it.

Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me And Not My Husband

What Are The Opinions Of Canine Researchers About Co-sleeping With Pet?

Human and pet co-sleeping pact has gone forward over time and fluctuates diagonally ethnicity. If you follow up with some famous pet journals, forums, or personal blogs, you will undoubtedly follow a line of investigations showing some research about co-sleeping with pets.

According to them, I have seen that not more than fifty percent of pet owners are interested in sharing their sleeping rooms with their puppies. Compared to most people, they are willing to let their dog sleep either in their crate, bed, or floor.

The learning of contemporary trends is pointed out that sleeping in similar rooms is not a modern phenomenon. Unhappily, up-to-date civilization tends to spotlight the pessimistic features of co-sleeping with pets rather than the advantages.

Modern researchers endow a chronological outline of the “civilizing process” and persuade peoples to sleep as individuals for privacy and health issues. Some of them recommend that co-sleeping be mostly a social practice concerning attachments with canine and human beings.

Conversely, I don’t think it’s a matter of pretty ashamed for co-sleeping with my pet. Some traditional cultures also considered numerous positive encouragements with co-sleeping of your pets aligned with my thoughts. For instance, native Americans and Australians habitually slept at the side of their dingoes for tenderness, affection, and on top of fortification from wicked fortitudes.

 Let’s Know Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me And Not My Husband?

 Let's Know Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me And Not My Husband?

Naturally, the Dog is a social animal, and even in the wildlife, the wild would love to sleep with the other elements of his pack. Similarly, they showed their tendency to sleep with their owner in a similar room or bed. But he is very crazy to lay or sleep with me.

There are several enlightenments of why does my dog sleeps on me and not my husband. I have assembled all my theories of precisely why my Dog rather sleep with me over my husband or someone else is given below.

My First Hypothesis – Smell:

My First Hypothesis – Smell

My pet doggy is incredible, no doubt; I have been grown up with him from his early stage. I don’t know my husband move around less than me. The dogs are fond of human being’s smell. For that reason, my pet dog might prefer to sleep on my side of the bed because it smells of me.

My Second Hypothesis – To Protect Me:

My Second Hypothesis – To Protect Me

Yes, sometimes it’s weird to notice when I have seen my pet doggy tend to protect me as always. If I don’t like any person’s presence, I had seen it started barking in front of them. He loves to sleep beside his excessively protective attitude in definite situations like other people around me.

Additionally, sometimes he used to sleep in the menace’s corridor may come to counter swiftly to latent threats. By sleeping intimately with me, he ensures and offers me its guard. Hence indeed, my confidence accelerated. I have seen my friends find happiness, comfort, or safety when they sleep with their pets, which hasten their rest better than being alone.

My Third Hypothesis – Loyalty, Dependability, And Affection:

My Third Hypothesis – Loyalty, Dependability, And Affection

My pet perhaps shows no prominent place to sleep for him other than my side being next to me. I think the perfect blending of dependability, loyalty, or affection provokes him to do this. Similarly, it might be your pet dog has strapping reliability to you.

Furthermore, it might seem your corner is warmer to him or her. In this way, he also shows his pretty affection to you for co-sleeping and searching for the hottest place is at your side during the nights.

My Fourth Hypothesis – Feeling  Secured:

My Fourth Hypothesis – Feeling Secured

My Dog’s most common motive to sleep on me; I think it makes it feel secured. A worried or strained dog may inquire about comfort and shelter in tight spaces if his loving one is on the bed. If you follow the Dog’s behavior attentively, you will find that they love to stay closer and together with their owners or their pack’s other companions; they usually last for hours.

If it has a shy personality, don’t feel free in certain situations like external noises. In that sense, being asleep or close to you might suppose him more secure. He is all around with another pack of companions. On the other hand, my Dog may feel the most secure if he sleeps between my partner and me.

My Fifth Hypothesis – Fond of Females and Jiggling:

My Fifth Hypothesis – Fond of Females and Jiggling

I guess he is partial to females, and I think he is not fond of men. It is inclined to sleep earlier to me as my husband has impatient leg syndrome. Furthermore, my hubby is continuously moving sometimes, fed up with the jiggle, and constant moving might hamper his sleep. No way, hence they swing to my side as I almost certainly don’t fiddle as much.

Tips :

I usually cuddle him when he comes to sleep with me, giving me some benefits such as belly rubs or pays as superfluous concentration or delicacy when it lies or sleeps near me. I assume this is one of the best reasons why does my Dog sleep over me and not my husband.

My Other Hypothesis – Separation Anxiety

My Other Hypothesis – Separation Anxiety

My pet’s separation anxiety is one of the main reasons he doesn’t want to let me alone while sleeping or doing other home tasks. Consequently, it’s not considerably verified on my part, but sometimes I have heard from my friends. They will remain closer to their much-loved person, or the person they think will protect them most.

It meant to say that they might believe that you are strong and he is weaker than you. According to Dog’s point of view, if he is acting as the pack leader, she is above him in that admiration. Or else if he finds you as the pack chief, then it thinks like he desires to be faithful to you and you unaccompanied.


To understand why your Dog prefers the same corner anytime to sleep, you need to investigate its behaviors. Think twice about your home environment- where the door or your Dog’s closet is positioned. Is it air-conditioned or cold air settled? Remember that your pet is searching for a comfort zone, always to lay down and sleeping.

Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You

 Let's Know Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me And Not My Husband?

Most people believe that dogs sleep with their tummy facing you. This is not the case at all. Dogs, like humans, will sleep in whatever position they feel comfortable. While most dogs will sleep with their bum facing you, this is not a hard and fast rule for all breeds of dog sizes.

A dog will usually sleep on its side with their head tucked in. While some dogs sleep flat on the ground, others sleep with their tummy raised. You’ll find that smaller dogs tend to sleep in this position while larger dogs may lie flat. While it seems small, it’s a good indicator of the type of dog you have.

Should Your Dog Sleep on the Bed with You

Should Your Dog Sleep on the Bed with You

Dogs are bundles of joy and companionship in your life. These furry friends bring us hours of entertainment, help us recover from heartbreak, and offer unconditional love. We’re lucky to have them as a part of our lives, but sometimes we take on the role of a dog’s caretaker too literally. One area in which this is true is sleeping arrangements.

Many individuals have no trouble allowing their pets to lie on their beds. Sharing a bed with your dog is a common habit based on research that reveals over half of canines sleep alongside their owners. When two people share a bed, their height and weight are considered.

Does Your Hubby Want To Sleep With Your Dog? Wait, Here Are The Remedies :

Dog Injury or Surgery Recovery

Considerably it isn’t comfortable to sleep with your Dog if he does not like your partner. However, fortunately, there are specific approaches to stimulant their likings.

As long as you estimate the grounds why your Dog doesn’t prefer your hubby to sleep, unquestionably, you’ll be able to discover the way out and cheer him to adore your pet, both of you equally and passionately.

Show Passionate Intimacy

Show Passionate Intimacy

Let your husband learn how do you cuddle or adore your pet that he or she deserves. I know why your Dog is snuggling back to you on the bed or couch as it trusts you a lot. If your husband gives adequate quality time to play with your Dog, I think it might begin to love him. In that way, he will want to sleep together with you and your husband simultaneously!

Reduce Aggression

Reduce Aggression

If your husband is rude to your Dog somehow or someday, he may experience ferociousness or viciousness towards his owner, and it will sense hostile headed for your partner. Usually, they prefer welcoming human beings around them instead of those whom they feel scary.

Your Husband May Be A Stranger To Your Pet:

Your Husband May Be A Stranger To Your Pet:

Suppose you might live with your doggy for years. When you got married and either you may go to his house to stay together, or he comes to your home to live with you. Suddenly you discover that your pet started to decline to sleep with anyone else and especially with your husband except you.

When your puppy instead desires your side of the bed for sleeping over your husband’s, no need to be upsetting at all. Not the reason is only for favoritism, but also your pet might feel discomfort as your hubby seems to him a none but a stranger. If your partner makes a healthy friendship with your pet day by day, he might also love to begin to lay close or sleep with him.

 Prohibit For Kicking

Prohibit For Kicking

Sometimes we have unintentional squishing or kicking problems to their co-sleep mates or pets while sleeping, which might cause discomfort. If you experience the same for your husband as I have stated right now, then try to overcome the problem. As in my opinion, the aforementioned vital issues for what pets might consider uneasiness to sleep with your hubby.



Yes, the reason might seem entertaining, but it’s one reason why my Dog sleeps on me and not my husband, which is the aroma. Perhaps your pet doesn’t like the fragrance of your hubby’s body odor or his used lotion, aftershave, soap, beauty products, etc.

Unquestionably my pet, like other Dogs, has a delicate and discriminating sense of smell. He did not like the aroma of my hubby’s perfume that he used earlier.


Try to spray a little Lilac fragrance or other perfume bouquets, which your pet prefers most, on the corner of your husband’s bed. I think it will work, and your pet will not complain to sleep with your partner if he does not feel any hostility towards him for any past experiences.

Enhance Mutual Bonding:

Enhance Mutual Bonding

To solve the issue, let your husband need to spend more time on what I mentioned earlier. Hence, it will increase their mutual bonding. This is one of the significant factors of Dog’s perspective who spent vital time with them such take him for a walk or exercises.

In this way, if your hubby starts to pay a great company to your pet, they will undoubtedly begin to feel comfortable staying with them. If he is still not paying vital attention to your puppy, your pet will start to love someone else who cares for him most like you!

Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps On You And Not Your Husband

Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps On You And Not Your HusbandReasons Why Your Dog Sleeps On You And Not Your Husband

It’s not that dogs are jealous. It seems like they want to share your bed for the warmth. They want to experience everything you enjoy, including being close to you and getting attention constantly. Sharing your bed is easy for them to achieve these things throughout the day.

If they have time alone, they will sneak in with a ball or toy while you’re away and then quietly fall asleep as soon as possible when it’s time for you to come home. If you find your dog in bed with you while you’re home, it’s not because they are trying to be a pest.

It’s because they need your love and attention. Dogs just want to please their owners. They want to feel like their owners love them, so when you refuse to share a bed with them or outright kick them out of the bedroom, that can make dogs sad and lonely.

Should Your Dog Sleep on the Bed with You

Taking Care of Your 5 Week Old Golden Retriever

Dogs are bundles of joy and companionship in your life. These furry friends bring us hours of entertainment, help us recover from heartbreak, and offer unconditional love. We’re lucky to have them as a part of our lives, but sometimes we take on the role of a dog’s caretaker too literally. One area in which this is true is sleeping arrangements.

Many individuals have no trouble allowing their pets to lie on their beds. Sharing a bed with your dog is a common habit based on research that reveals over half of canines sleep alongside their owners. When two people share a bed, their height and weight are considered.

Ensure The Bed Is Comfortable For Your Pet:

If your pet does not think the bed is comfortable to it, in that case, he might deny staying with your husband or anyone else you select. Purchase a cozy bed with your husband so that he can sleep with your pet at ease.

Dog Front Paw Curled Under When Lying Down

Dog Front Paw Curled Under When Lying Down

If you notice your dog has its front paw curled under when it is lying down, it could be an injury sign. If the injury is more recent, your pet might be in pain and showing lethargy. If it’s been going on for a while, they may not seem to mind too much.

It could also indicate that something may be physically wrong with their paw, like if they played outside and stepped on something sharp or cut themselves accidentally. Since they’re comfortable enough to lay that way, it’s a good idea to take your dog to the vet. They may need to be treated for their injuries or have an x-ray taken to see what damage might have been done.

To Sum-up:

The more significant part of grown persons allocate their beds at one time or consistently with a child, relatives, friends, partner, or hubby. Perhaps, sleeping with your beloved one might be comfortable and pleasant, but it’s great to cuddle up with your doggy is enormously enjoyable.

However, co-sleeping with your Dog and you can be creating an extreme affection in between yourselves. On top of everything, ensure your pet lets you know when to join or leave for sleeping so that your husband doesn’t feel annoyed about your pet’s arrival in between you. I hope now you know why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband.


How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

There are many factors involved in a dog’s apparent affection for one person over others. Some of these factors could include age, level of respect, number of pets the person owns, whether or not the person has a dog who likes them, and so on.

How To Become Your Dog’s Favorite?

First, let your dog see you care enough to have their puppies. Second, earn their trust. Third, and most importantly, teach them that they are safe by sitting still while you work with them on this third item.

Is it Okay for My Dog to Sleep With Me While I’m Pregnant?

No. You should not allow your dog to sleep with you during pregnancy because there are many complications related to the disease.

Do You Have Some Favorite Activities Together?

My favorite activity is playing tug with them. I like them to be the adversary and me the opponent, but that’s just my favorite hobby.

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