Why Does My Dog Bury His Head In Me? – Reasons & Solutions?

Sometimes we wonder why our pet paws behave  and do slightly bizarre things. It’s ubiquitous for dogs to appear and bury their heads in owners’ hands, legs, crotch, or anywhere else, but what’s the reason? The dogs are burying their heads into us is because they are looking for safety and coziness.

The bonding we give to our dogs makes us the center of their fondness, and they look for us whenever they feel troubled, devised, or upset. So why does my dog bury his head in me? Dogs practice their actions to expose different reactions or moods, feelings, or it can be a mishmash of all these.

But it’s a little tricky to find out what they are looking for or what exactly they want. We can help them by going through the meaning of different behaviors. The possible reasons & solutions about why dogs do such behavior will be presented in this guide. Here we go!

Why Does My Dog Bury His Head In Me

Reasons Why My Dog Bury His Head In Me In Us

Reasons Why My Dog Bury His Head In Me In Us


1. To Grab Attention

Grab Dog Attention

If they are determined about pushing themselves into us, we need to check and make sure they are trying to grab our attention for any exact reason or not.

They can try to show different things such as its mealtime and hungry, their favorite toy has gotten stuck in something where he can’t get it, maybe they vomited, or want to go outdoor for the toilet. We should stand up to see if they begin to lead us anyplace to search for them.

2. To Show Their Affection

Show Dog Affection

Generally, dogs love to show us their never-ending affections. Thus they expose themselves to us. Dogs interconnect with us using their body. For example: by leaning, wedging, or pushing, and sometimes they try to come as close as possible to us when they feel loved.

They have a variety of gestures to show their affection for us, and one of these is to bury their head in us. Thus they can get our fragrances on them. As well as they do this to let us know their fragrances also try to give caution to other dogs that we are not available.

In such situations, we need to give some adoration back. If they still do such behaviors, then there could be something else that we need to figure out.

3. For Comfort

For Comfort Dog

Sometimes they just bury their head into us is because it feels comfortable to them. It’s very natural for them to feel safe and comfortable nearby their owners.

More or less, all the owners also love this when their dogs cuddle for comfort, but there are possible ways and strategies available in case anyone needs to stop his dog from doing this.

4. Expressions Of Being Anxious Or Afraid

Dog Expressions Of Being Anxious Or Afraid

When dogs feel afraid or anxious, they usually pursue their owners and try to get as near as possible, so they do this to get away from something that spooked them. They have brilliant sense and one of the excellent smelling features. If they seem to be very anxious or afraid, we need to distract them.

For this we can play a game with them, teaching some training task or give them a little treat which will take some time to finish. The key is to redirect him until he gives his total attention to something else and focus on it till the anxiety goes away.

Sometimes they do not like to be alone at home, and that’s what makes them anxious. When they feel like this, they bury their head in us to let us know that they feel anxious.

5. They Feel Encouraged

Dog Feel Encouraged

We might also have unintentionally encouraged such behavior. In all prospects, we may give them some nice attention the first time they did it. Thus they get encouraged to do it repeatedly. In such a way, there is a feedback circle created, which makes a habit for them.

They think that the behavior is rewarded. If we give them their toys or maybe extra treats or attention when they bury heads into us, they will do it often more to get more rewards.

6. To Express Their Compassion To Owners

Express Dog Compassion To Owners

Dogs have an incredible aptitude for expressing compassion for us and think that there is somewhat off with us. If they consider us to be not feeling well, upset, or just seem off, they try to comfort us. Nuzzling is also a form of comfort for them. Most of them give nuzzles or bury their head in us if they feel sad or hear us crying.

There can be other causes dogs to bury their heads into us that are private to one and his dog. One could be that it’s a type of playing, and they become in the habit of playing such a way.

Solutions: How To Deal With Burying Their Heads Into Us?

The ways of dealing with burying their heads into us are given below:

1. Avoiding Encourage Them:

They already mentioned that they do this as they learned to get rewarded from us for this behavior. Rather it would be better if we reward them when they behave how we want. And to avoid them when they are not behaving how we want.

2. Make The Barrier To What Makes Them Anxious:

If they are doing it for the anxiety, we need to make a barrier and limit what makes them anxious. For example, exercising them before going out or letting them peeing and letting them stay in rooms that are not too loud to relax and lay down.

3. Distracting Them:

Another way can be appropriate is to redirect their focuses whenever they try to bury their heads into us. For this, toys or bones can be really helpful. Following this for a long will help to get rid of this habit.

4. Let Them Sleep In Another Place:

When they sleep away from us, they will be less likely to come nearby and bury their heads in us. Though most of us enjoy it when our dogs cuddle, it’s also true that this sort of behavior distracts us when we are working or maybe watching some TV series or anything else.

We need to learn how we can stop our dogs from doing this. Forgetting such behavior is difficult but is possible with appropriate training. The simple path is to teach dogs commands which get them to discontinue doing it.

Steps To Train Them With Command Words And Treats

Train Them With Command Words And Treats

We need to pick the word for command and some treats. Here choosing a good command word is essential.

  • We need to begin with getting them to bury their heads in us. Getting In a spot where they generally nuzzle into us will be unique. Then we need to wait there. We must be ready by keeping the treats on hand for instant training sessions.
  • After this, we need to grab their attention and hold the treat to the place where they have to get their heads away from us to get the treat.
  • While doing this, we need to say the command words and make a motion with our hands. We need to continue this several times.
  • After 10 or so attempts, we need to try saying the word but not moving the treat. If they react and get away from us, then we need to give him many nice commendations and treats as rewards.
  • Most importantly, we should avoid giving treats or attention if they put their head back in our laps after taking the treat.

Ways Dogs Show They Love You

Ways Dogs Show They Love You

Everyone loves their dog, and there are a thousand ways to show them you care. You can spend quality time with them, feed them the best food, and give them a nice place to live. There are some ways that your dog shows they love you. These are-

Gives You Their Paw

Dogs will give you their paw in a different way. It could be just touching it with your hand, extending it, and then letting you hold it. This shows they trust you, which is a great show of love.

Licks Your Face

Dogs lick as a way to show affection, just like people do. It’s pretty cute when they do that. So don’t pull away if the dog wants to kiss you.

Follow You Around

Dogs are loyal and will accompany you everywhere. You are their favorite person, so wherever you go, they go. It’s the perfect way to show them how important they are to you.

Sleeps Next To You

Your dog wants to be with you all the time because he loves you so much. The best way of doing this is by sleeping next to you! How cute!

Licks Your Hand

Dogs will lick your hand to show they love you, just like they do with their own humans. This is a very cute and endearing way to show them how much they care about you.

Tries To Get In Bed

Dogs always want to be right next to you, so if they see you sleeping in the bed, they will try their best to get in with you. This shows that they want nothing more than to be close by your side.


With the help of these following steps, we can give them proper training to stop burying their heads into us when we say the command words. We just need to have patience and continue by training them until they get fully trained.

Dogs show their emotions or feeling by their body language. They have several gestures. We should be aware and take care of these gestures. We need to check the reason why they are doing this.

If they do not stop burying head into us without reason, we need to train them properly with the quick training method above to stop them from doing it. I hope now you understand why does my dog bury his head in me.


1.What Your Dog May Be Trying To Tell You?

Ans: Stress is often indicated by short, quick barking. Your dog could be attempting to alert you to the presence of a visitor or the presence of children playing in the street. Another indication that your dog suffers from separation anxiety is rapid, quick barking while you’re doing errands or at work.

2.Why Does My Dog Bury His Head In The Couch?

Ans: In order to stay warm while his frigid front is exposed to the air, your dog may bury his head in your sofa or blanket if he dislikes being wet. He is hiding beneath your sofa or blanket when you get home because he wants to remain there. The best scenario is when your dog dislikes getting wet.

3.Your Dog Is Burying Their Head Into You For Attention?

Ans: Dogs often bury their heads in you to express their affection for you or because they are feeling frightened.

4.Your Dog Is Burying Their Head Into You Because It’s Comfortable?

Ans: Yes, dogs bury their heads into you for comfort. This is because they develop a close bond with people, and burying their heads into your chest or neck allows them to feel safer and more comfortable.

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