Adding A Third Dog Male Or Female [Pet Adoption Consideration Facts]

Without a doubt, the most satisfying thing for a dog lover is to adopt a new dog. They fall in love when they see a dog. The magical appearance of the dog fills their minds and attracts them.

Is it a right decision you are adding a third dog male or female? You are a dog lover, and you already have two dogs in your house.

Again, if you are thinking of adopting a new dog, I would say that he must adopt your thoughts. There are many things you need to consider at this moment. You also need to think about how to raise the dog and socialize them.

And the biggest thing that matters is their gender. How they behave will be affected by gender. You also need to consider whether the two dogs in your household will accept the third dog with preference.

Because they can injure your third dog if not taken with preference. And many have said that her gender matters too much before adopting a third dog.

So If You Want To Adding A Third Dog Male Or Female

adding a third dog male or female

Are You Ready to Pet A Puppy?

If you like cuddling and playing with furry friends, the answer might be yes. If not, it’s best to wait until your family is complete. When you are ready to add a new member, it can also be difficult to know how much responsibility that person will need and how much time they will take to train or exercise.

If you’re thinking about a dog, here are some signs that you’re ready to own a pup:

You’re willing to take on the expense and time of pet ownership. If you have ideas about what kind of dog you want and are willing to spend money on that animal, this indicates that your family is ready to be a pack. But in addition, your family will be responsible for feeding, grooming, exercising, and caring for the dog.

You’re not bothered that the dog might have a few accidents, vomit, or other undesirable behaviors. You know that dogs will have accidents, and you don’t mind cleaning up the mess or dealing with the aftermath.

You’re willing to show patience and wait for them to be house-trained. It can take time for a young dog to learn good manners, and the skill of house training can take even longer.

You know why you want a dog and are willing to put the effort in to find one that fits your lifestyle.

Does Gender Matter When Adopting A Third Dog?

How a dog behaves depends on its gender. If you have a lot of dogs in your home, and you want to adopt a second dog, you need to consider gender. Because the personality of many dogs depends on gender. So before you take a dog of any breed, you must consider its behavior. 

Attitudes Of Other Dogs Towards Gender Based Dogs

Dogs Towards Gender Based Dogs

Older dogs are always more dominant at home. So whether your old dogs will accept a new dog depends on gender. When you keep multiple dogs of the same gender at home, there will always be fights between them.

They will continue to compete over who will take the place of Alpha Dog and who among them is more powerful and influential.

If you have more than one regional dog, then it becomes difficult to share their time. So you can adopt a female dog at this time. And if you adopt a female dog, there will be no fight for dominance.

Because there are many differences between the behavior of female and male dogs. A female dog rarely fights with a male dog. Moreover, male dogs accept female dogs very easily and do not like to fight. They even share space and food with each other.

Moreover, of course, you want a dog or puppy who will follow all the rules of the house. You introduce the old dog to the new dog in such a way that they can easily accept the new dog and make him their friend. And the faster your old dog accepts the new dog, the better for you. 

Is There Any Chance Of One Dog Having Intercourse With Another Dog?

Dog Having Intercourse With Another Dog

Naturally, the opposite gender will attract each other. If you have a goal that you do not want to raise a dog breed, you will never want to take a dog of the opposite gender.

So you never want a mate for a dog. If you have such a plan that you do not want to breed, you will always want to adopt a dog of the same gender.

If you have all the female dogs in your house, then you must want to have a female dog. Because you don’t want to breed. The same thing will happen with male dogs. But when you want to keep all the male dogs, you must pay close attention to them.

Because when more than one male dog is together, they want to be the alpha dog and make an impact. They fight each other to make themselves leaders, and at one point, it is seen that weak dogs can get injured.

Then the question may come to your mind what kind of dog you will adopt so that you do not have to face any trouble. If you want to keep a mixed-sex at home without any mating plans, consider spaying your dogs.

This will prevent your dog from any kind of unexpected pregnancy. Using this method, you will be able to adopt a female dog without any worries. 

Is There A Difference In The Personality Of A Dog According To Gender?

Difference In The Personality Of A Dog According To Gender

The behavior and personality of a dog depend on its gender. This is very important not only for breeding but also for the personality of the dog. How a dog treats its owner or other members will depend on its gender.

To most dogs, its owner and family members are the most beloved. Even they are always aware of protecting the owner from any danger. Male dogs like a lot of sports and always think of you as a player, so he can shake you while playing.

It will make you feel happy all the time. He will even think of your child as a player and shake the baby excitedly. But the behavior of a female dog is the complete opposite. Because female dogs work on maternal instincts.

As a result, they will never do anything that will harm your baby; even they will always protect your baby.

However, keep in mind that the behavior of dogs is not the same. Although it carries characteristics according to gender, it would be wrong to assume that it will work the same way for everyone.

How a dog behaves will largely depend on the breed and the environment in which they are raised. So when you adopt a dog from a shelter, you must ask the caretaker about its behavior. 

Owners Control the Behavior Of Dogs

Owners Control the Behavior Of Dogs

Owners control the behavior of their dogs. Provide rewards for desired behaviors, and ignore unwanted behaviors. This will teach your dog what behavior to repeat and which ones to avoid. Positive reinforcement is critical, so be consistent in showing support for good behavior and discouraging bad behavior by avoiding the attention to that particular action.

In a perfect world, owners reward desired behaviors with treats and praise. Unfortunately, our attention is the most common reward for dogs. Despite the possibility that it might not be a treat, it will capture the dog’s interest and raise the chances that it will repeat that action in the future. So if your dog is barking, jumping, or being aggressive, you are more likely to pay more attention to that behavior than to good interactions with you.

The same thing applies when we punish bad behavior. Even when we try to ignore bad behavior, dogs pick up on our body language and can interpret our true feelings. They are keen observers and will detect any hostility you may have against their improper conduct. When your dog tries to jump on you or acts aggressively, you should turn around and ignore that behavior.

How Do You Train Them To Change Their Behavior?

Train Them To Change Their Behavior

Whether you adopt a male dog or a female dog, you must first have an idea of ​​their behavior and attitude. Male dogs usually like to get attention. Male dogs need human activity and affection. Moreover, they like to act all the time, on the other hand, the female dog is the complete opposite.

Female dogs prefer a lot of independence and prefer to be alone. They are very loving towards everyone, especially children. They are calm and like to spend time in peace.

It is possible to control a female dog very easily but it is a little difficult to control a male dog. Moreover, if you consider the training aspect, a female dog focuses more on training and makes itself trainable.

But in the case of male dogs, when they are puppies, they become very confused while training them. So you need to spend time and patience for training them. But if you train them with a little more time and patience, they will be able to train themselves. 

Aggression Between Dogs in The Same Household

Aggression Between Dogs in The Same Household

There are some causes of aggression between dogs in the same household. Most of these are the three main reasons dogs exhibit aggression – fear, anxiety, or possessiveness.


Fear is usually caused by something frightening or unsafe in the dog’s environment. This may be a traumatic event, such as being attacked by another animal, or it may simply be a new and overwhelming situation for the dog. In either case, fear aggression can lead to fights where the dog tries to protect itself from what’s scary.


Anxiety is often caused by chronic stress in the dog’s life. This can come from various sources, including being left alone too much, being constantly stimulated (especially by people), or experiencing other forms of discrimination (like being left out of playtime). Dogs with anxiety aggression often lash out to control or eliminate the source of their stress.


Lastly, possessiveness and aggression are usually rooted in the sense of insecurity. The dog may need to control everything around it to feel safe and secure. This can lead to territorial disputes where one dog feels like it needs space or resources belonging to another.

Final Thought

If you want to adopt a third dog, then you must consider their gender and temperament. You need to consider whether you can take proper care of your old dogs with the new ones.

So you need to know everything in advance as a pre-preparation. And when you have an idea about everything, you can have a happy family with the dogs. I hope now you know what to do regarding adding a third dog male or female.


1. Does Gender Matter When Adopting A Third Dog?

Due to the dominance levels of the other dogs in the house, gender greatly matters when adopting a third dog. The dogs can start battling for dominance and get antagonistic toward one another. You should consider adopting a female dog if you already have very territorial male dogs that find it tough to share.

2. Is It Better To Have 2 Dogs Of The Same Gender?

No, it is not; having 2 dogs of the same gender can lead to more aggression and dominance. It is better to have a male and female dog, but even then, they may not get along completely. Having one dog of the opposite sex can be a good alternative to avoid some issues you might otherwise face. However, remember that puppies make good pets, so you must choose your future canine companion wisely.

3. Does Gender Matter When Getting A Second Dog?

Yes, when adopting a second dog, gender does matter. Just like with adopting a third dog, you want to ensure that the dogs don’t start battling for dominance. Having two female dogs can lead to aggression and problems, while having two male dogs can also be problematic because they will battle for dominance.

4. How Do You Integrate A Third Dog?

To integrate the third dog, A good place to start is with a gradual introduction. Try to create an environment familiar to the dogs but slowly introduces the third dog. Then try to provide positive interactions. Sharing and playing with two dogs is the greatest method to foster pleasant connections between them. In short, your dogs will get along better with each other the more you have of them together. Be sure to spend time daily interacting with all of your dogs, and try not to separate them for too long each day.

5. Is It Better To Have More Male Or Female Dogs?

Males and females both make good pets. A new female dog will provide fewer challenges for a male dog and vice versa. Dominance has a role in this. Dogs of the same gender may get into physical altercations as they compete to be the dominant canine. The likelihood of battles is decreased if there is just one male and one female. However, each may be the alpha of their gender.

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