Why Does My Dog Cry When I Take A Bath? [Reasons & Solutions]

Suppose you are the landlord of your pet dog. Consequently, I think you are pretty much recognizable in this situation. Just imagine you have a shower in the bathroom. A few moments later, you feel a wet and cold elbow its way through a snap in the door. And your pet slides indoor and resting himself on your doormat to be your bathe mate.

It’s a very typical scenario on my part and also for you too if you are a canine owner. Not only that, when I lock the bath door, my puppy begins to whine. As a result, I have assembled some motives regarding why does my dog cry when I take a bath and overcome these weird circumstances.

Why Does My Dog Cry When I Take A Bath

Why Does My Dog Cry When I Take A Bath? – Explained

Well, I think you will not get the specific answer to this inquiry, as there probably be numerous theories and assumptions. You can apply any of these that perfectly match your concerned pet.


1. My Pet Possibly Thinks I Am In Danger:

Pet Possibly Thinks I Am In Danger

When I turn the shower on, my pet dog will probably think that I am in danger. If a canine is not bared in his early life to time in the bathtub, getting a shower might be unusual and dissimilar to him.

In my experience, when he hears the sudden murmuring sound of my shower fountain, he became worried about what’s happening in the bathroom. Then he began to cry to save me. Sometimes he also started whining when I take a bath to be my bathe mate.

2. Severe Anxiety:

Severe Anxiety

This is one of the significant reasons you desire to leave your dog alone, for sometimes he might start to feel separation anxiety severely. It could happen if you are willing to go outside, another room, or even for a shower, his ongoing barking probably be started.

My dog has a supreme panic attack and goes into a fit of loud and distressed whining the minute I step into the shower. I’m still there to let it know that I try to leave the shower curtain open a bit to observe me. However, it doesn’t help. In my opinion, he is screening the opening signs of severe anxiety.

If you face an identical crisis as mine, I would highly recommend you consult with a veterinarian who can deal with dogs proficiently for separation anxiety.

3. Baths Perhaps Recall The Frightening Memories:

Baths Perhaps Recall The Frightening Memories

I have read many books concerning dog psychology and seen that getting a bath perhaps recalls several incredible experiences. Many pet owners might not apprehend that somewhat as straightforward as not getting his balance in the tub might put down a permanent impression on the dog.

The used water might either be too cold or too hot. That traumatic experience could be a reason why does my dog cries when I take a bath.

My Dog Doesn’t Want to Leave My Side

My Dog Doesn't Want to Leave My Side

If your dog is a constant companion and your best friend, then you will appreciate his nature. Some of them are more affectionate than others, but that’s part of what makes them so unique. However, they can also be a little stubborn. Dogs who feel insecure or uncomfortable when away from their owner may bark, whine, or dig in order to make their owner pick them up. Other dogs may simply sit quietly or lie down without making any noise.

If your dog is not vocalizing or displaying any other signs of distress, there is probably no need to worry. Most likely, your dog simply enjoys being close to you and would rather stay by your side than be anywhere else.

If you’re ever worried about your dog’s well-being, however, you can always take him for a walk or have him watch TV with you while you do some chores. These activities will give your dog a sense of purpose and help him relax and enjoy his time with you.

Bathe the Dog with Medicated Shampoo

Bathe the Dog with Medicated Shampoo

Bathing your dog with medicated shampoo is the best way to ease any dreaded skin conditions or if they have an unfamiliar odor that can be difficult to remove, such as a fishy smell.

This comes in handy when grooming your dog after their bath. It also protects them from allergies and irritation caused by excessive itching. Bathing your dog with medicated shampoo prevents this by coating all of their fur in a layer of medication.

Here are the steps to bathe the dog using medicated shampoo-

  1. Wet the dog thoroughly; you can use a garden hose or your hands to wet the dog.
  2. Soak the medicated shampoo into the dog’s fur and skin. You can also rub it in yourself, but if you are worried about getting soap in their eyes, try placing some shampoo on your hands and gently scrubbing it into their face and neck.
  3. Wash up with warm water until no suds remain.

Owners Bathe Their Pet Dogs at The Wrong Time

Owners Bathe Their Pet Dogs at The Wrong Time

Dogs are highly sensitive creatures, and their natural defenses can be weakened by exposure to water when they are not in the mood or when they are ill. This can result in them becoming sick or even dying. It is important that you keep your dog’s bathing schedule as close to their natural body rhythms as possible so that they remain healthy and comfortable.

Please avoid bathing your dog during the following times: during the middle of the night, when they are feeling sick, before or after a storm, if there is a fever present, or if they have recently had a cold or other respiratory infection. If you have to bathe your dog, please do so in a bathtub filled with warm water and plenty of soap. Be sure to rinse off all of the soap before letting your dog out of the bathtub.

My Dog Doesn’t Want to Bathe

My Dog Doesn't Want to Bathe

There are many reasons why your dog may not want to get a bath. One is that it’s just too hot outside, and your dog would rather stay cool, but if you live somewhere it’s always cold or raining outside, this is less likely to be the cause. If the weather isn’t the problem, then there are other reasons why your pup may not want to take a dip in the water.

They may not like the shampoo or conditioner you’re using, which is why they run from the bathtub. They may be anxious about being bathed, which makes them afraid and stressed out. This might happen if they’ve been sick and there’s a lot of foam and bubbles around them

How To Get Your Puppy To Stop Crying While You Are In The Shower:

How To Get Your Puppy To Stop Crying While You Are In The Shower

  • Make another noise: If your puppy feels disturbed to hear your shower’s sound, you can block the noise of it. Either you can play TV, radio, or other noises from your phone to overlap the sound so that he cannot hear you in the shower.
  • Training: You may persuade your dog to act a convincing way by gratifying it when it shows positive reinforcement signs of performing that way.
  • Avoid what you don’t like: If your dog doesn’t stop crying while you are in the shower, please don’t support his current behavior. Let him understand that you don’t like it; thus, he should avoid these activities.
  • Engage it in other tasks: I think this is the best option if you can make him engaged in additional functions that he or she loves to do. You may give it colorful toys to play with, bones, or dry food to be busy with that.


Think twice about what happened when your dog first started crying while taking a bath if it does not bark regularly. Suppose, if your dog starts barking all of a sudden, it could be because of a hectic event that comes about concerning the shower, such as if you face any accident at that time.

Final Words:

You can also try for your dogs so that they begin to love your shower. Nevertheless, it does not matter how hard you try, but your dog might not feedback you positively.

If it still presents strict symbols of fright or concern, then I think it’s high time to attain out to your neighboring and a qualified veterinary behaviorist for assistance. I hope now you know what to do during “Why Does My Dog Cry When I Take A Bath”.


1.Why Does My Dog Bark When I’m In The Shower?

Ans: If your dog has separation anxiety, your dog may bark when you are in the shower. This is because your dog appears to hear the sound of running water and assumes you are in the shower. It is also possible that your dog barks more when you are in the shower because it’s a stressful situation for your dog with you not being around. While separation anxiety is the cause of many unwanted behaviors, some barking may be more stress-relieving than others.

2.Why Does My Dog Like To Be In The Bathroom?

Ans: If your dog like to be in your bathroom, don’t worry. This is normal dog behavior. One major reason your dog likes to be in the bathroom is that it smells like you, so your dog thinks that the bathroom belongs to them. Another reason your dog like to be in the bathroom is if it is a summer month, the dog likes the feeling of the cold floor. Another reason your dog likes to be in the bathroom is if they feel lonely and want to be with you.

3.How To Stop A Dog From Crying When You Shower?

Ans: If your dog cries while you shower, this is due to separation anxiety. To make your dog stop crying, try leaving a television on with the volume up and some music playing. This will act as a diversion for your pup. Another way to make your dog stop crying is to leave a tennis ball near the front door so that your pet has something to play with while you’re showering.

4.Why Do I Need To Bathe My Dog In Medicated Shampoo?

Ans: You can use medicated shampoo for bathing your dog if the dog is suffering from allergies and other skin problems. If your dog has allergies that are especially creating red, itchy skin, the medicated shampoo will greatly alleviate the symptoms. The medicated shampoo contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that should help with any itchy and inflamed responses from the dog’s body.

5.Why Does My Dog Follow Me Around?

Ans: There might be many reasons why your dog follows you around. These include:

  • Your dog might not want to be left alone.
  • Your dog might be bored and become frustrated if you ignore them.
  • Your dog might like the attention that they get when you speak to them or give them a treat.
  • Your dog can do exciting things while it is around you.

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