Dog Ate Shoelace – Should I Go To Vet? [Explained]

Dog owners have a lot of responsibility. It’s not just about feeding and walking the dog. It’s also about being prepared for emergencies, like when the dog eats your shoelace! How are you supposed to know what will happen when your dog ate shoelace?

It is not uncommon that dogs eat funny things. You probably had some laughs over this before, but it’s probably also very annoying if your dog eats something you care about.

It is especially annoying to have the pet eat a shoelace, and there are many different ways the accessory can be removed from your dog’s stomach. Find out how to handle the situation in this guide!

Dog Ate Shoelace – What To Do?

Dog ate shoelace

1. Make Sure The Dog Is Okay

It is very important to make sure the dog is okay before you start pulling anything out of his mouth. If the shoelace has come loose and entrapped your pup’s tongue, for example, it may be hard to tell if he can breathe or not.

If you are at all unsure about this, then take him to a veterinarian right away. He might need some emergency treatment, so you should not waste any time on this step!

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The vet will help you with knowing what the next steps should be. They might also give you advice on how to calm down your dog in case he panics when something touches his mouth (or, more specifically, when someone tries to pull something out).

2. Take Off Any Clothing That May Have Been In Contact With The Shoelace And Wash It, Including Hands

Take off any clothing that may have been in contact with the shoelace and wash it, including your hands. If you’re worried about any traces of blood or other substances on your clothes, throw them out immediately!

The reason for this is that some toxins from poisonous insects, such as scorpions or snakes, can be transferred to your dog if he has eaten part of their dead body and later licked himself. So make sure nothing from the outside world can touch his mouth.

3. If The Shoelace Is Anything But A Simple Lace (A Lace Made Of Elastic Threads), Cut It Into Smaller Pieces

If the shoelace is anything but a simple lace (a lace made of elastic threads), cut it into smaller pieces.

Not only will this make it easier to remove what is in the stomach, but it also is more comfortable for your dog when you are pulling it out. If possible, cut a part of the shoelace that has no knots or beads on it.

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If you can’t get to the scissors right away, then use clippers instead and just try not to cause too much discomfort for your furry friend!

4. Maintain A Calm Atmosphere Around Your Dog While Removing The Lace

Sometimes pets tend to panic if they think something they like is being taken from them. This will result in extra stress that can make things worse than they already are.

So do everything you can to maintain a calm atmosphere around your dog while removing what is stuck in his stomach.

5. Give The Dog Some Water Or Milk

Give the dog some water or milk to help soothe his stomach and make him feel better after eating something he shouldn’t have eaten! If you have dog treats on hand, those might also help in a situation like this.

If you have any friends or relatives nearby with dogs, consider asking if they can lend you some of their pet’s favorite treats to make your dog more comfortable as well! It will also help to distract him from the fact that something is going on.

6. Pull The Shoelace Out Very Slowly And Carefully, Depending On How Far It Is In His Stomach

Pull the shoelace out very slowly and carefully, depending on how far it is in his stomach. If the object is only halfway down his throat, you might be able to pull it out without even touching your dog’s mouth!

If this is not the case and you need to touch him at all, try putting a piece of cloth or bandana around your hand to protect him and to keep his mouth as calm as possible.

If he starts trying to bite you, don’t be afraid of hitting him on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper so that he will stop this behavior.

7. Look For Signs Of Vomiting Or Diarrhea

If you can’t find the lace, or if it is not possible to remove all of it, then try to keep an eye out for signs of vomiting and diarrhea. These could be symptoms that the shoelace has made its way further up in your dog’s body.

Vomiting will eliminate excess pressure, and diarrhea will handle any remaining pieces that may have been missed.

But don’t worry too much about this step, as very seldom does a shoelace go so far into a dog’s stomach that it starts digesting itself.

Give the dog some time after this ordeal has passed before feeding him anything else! It might take some days before he feels comfortable eating again after having something stuck in his stomach.

But after that, he will most likely be back to his old self again, and you can both laugh about this once in a while!

8. If You Find These Signs, Call A Veterinarian Immediately

If you find these signs, then call a veterinarian immediately. The signs are – vomiting and/or diarrhea, increased activity, and more panting than usual.

In this case, it might not only be the shoelace that caused these problems but also an illness in his stomach. If your dog is ill, you should always take him to a veterinarian beforehand.

Be sure to mention that your dog has eaten shoelaces, and this is what he could be experiencing. After the vet has checked your pup over, give him plenty of rest after such a tough day!

Retraining any bad eating habits will be hard enough work already for both of you. Take it easy on him! He knows he shouldn’t have eaten something he wasn’t supposed to eat in the first place.

9. Call Your Vet To Schedule An Appointment If They Are Open Today (If Not, Try Tomorrow)

If you want to stay calm and avoid further issues on your own, there is little you can do if your dog has eaten a shoelace.

But when it comes to the next steps of this situation, calling your vet is mandatory! So call your veterinarian right now, even though it might be late or during the night.

You might have to go through a few attempts before actually reaching someone who can help you with your problem. If that’s the case, just keep trying till you reach someone.

If they tell you that they are closed for today but open tomorrow, then be sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible! It will ease both your and your dog’s nerves, knowing that someone will take care of any issues that might arise soon.

The Dog Chewed on The Leather Boots

Dogs naturally desire to chew, and those that are anxious may need to chew even more. Giving your dog a toy like a rawhide to occupy themselves might thus be good for them.┬áLeather boots tend to be a dog’s favorite, as the smoky smell from being worn and walked on draws them to them. It can also be hard for a dog to resist the urge to chew on shoes that have already broken down, such as leather boots.

In some cases, the leather smell is enough to drive the dog crazy, but make sure you do not mistake this desire for aggression. Dogs are naturally drawn to leather by their hunting instincts, which is why they tend to be drawn towards shoes and boots, even outdoors.

However, there is no need to allow your dog to chew on every leather article they can get their teeth on. Instead, you can use a leather boot as an opportunity for your dog to chew safely.

How to Take Care of The Dog in The Right Way?

The best way to take care of a dog will vary depending on the dog. However, tips that can be useful when taking care of a dog include:

Feed Your Dog Regularly

Dogs need food to stay healthy and should be given a meal at least once daily. If your dog is a working animal, make sure to give them food specifically designed for working dogs.

Keep Your Dog Safe

Make sure to keep your dog safe from harm by keeping them inside when it’s cold or when there’s danger lurking around. Make sure they’re well-groomed and have all their shots up to date.

Crate Training Your Dog

Some dogs may be better off living in a crate, while others may not need it at all.

Exercise Your Dog Regularly

Dogs need exercise to stay healthy and happy, so ensure you provide them with plenty of opportunities to run around and play. If you can, try to get them involved in some training exercises.

Give Your Dog Plenty Of Love

Above all else, remember that taking care of a dog comes down to giving those lots and lots of love!


1. Why Is It Dangerous For Your Dog To Swallow A Shoelace?

The intestines may be wrapped around by shoelaces. Shoelaces can scrape against the digestive tract, causing small tears in the bowel wall. When ingested, shoelaces cause sharp intestine bends that may rupture, leading to fatal peritonitis.

2. What Did I Do When My Dog Ate Shoelaces?

If your dog eats a shoelace, don’t panic. Avoid vomiting with 3-4 ml of hydrogen peroxide by pouring it down the dog’s throat. Use this as an emergency measure if the dog shows signs of choking, such as pawing at his mouth or rubbing his face on the ground. Bring your dog to a vet if you cannot induce vomiting and there is no choking sign.

3. How To Help A Dog That Swallowed A Shoelace?

Use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. Do not use your fingers to induce vomiting, as you can cause tissue damage. Hydrogen peroxide is not an emetic, but the foaming action will induce vomiting.

4. Why Do Dogs Eat Shoelaces?

If your dog is hungry or teething, it can eat shoelaces. This can be a serious problem if your dog is an obsessive chewer. The medical condition, Pica, is when dogs crave non-food items like plastic, aluminum foil, and even stones. Chewing on these objects can cause ulcers or blockages in their intestines.

5. What To Do When A Dog Swallows Lace?

Induce vomiting if the dog is still conscious after vomiting any food that could be aspirated. If that isn’t possible, try to find your dog a veterinarian who can help dislodge the item.

6. Can A Dog Die From Eating A Hair Tie?

Answer: According to several vets, there have been very rare cases of dogs choking and dying from hair ties. These were always severe instances where the dog was unable to breathe properly.

7. Can Dogs Poop Out The Shoelace?

Answer: Yes, dogs can poop out a shoelace. However, if they do so, it will still pose health hazards. The hard strands of the shoelace can damage their intestinal tract and cause them to bleed internally.


Now you know what to do if your dog ate a shoelace. The first step in preventing your dog from swallowing a shoelace is to keep them away.

One way of doing this is by not leaving shoes lying around and picking up any other items that may present a choking hazard, like hair bands or small toys.

If you see your dog with his mouth open for longer than usual while looking at something on the ground, be sure to pick it up and remove anything he might have grabbed onto before giving him an opportunity to chew on it.

You’ll also want to supervise when they eat their food as well as play outside so that they don’t find any other shoelaces! I hope now you know what to do if your dog ate shoelace.

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