Some Amazing Tricks And Tips How To Be A Dog Pack Leader?

Dogs are normally known as pack creatures. As they are pack animals, they often need to live in convivial and hierarchical construction. Dogs blossom in the kind of environment that often blesses them with proper constancy and predictability.

So how to be a dog pack leader? Most dogs often face behavioral problems due to the absence of hierarchical structure in the environment they live in. Getting deprived of the hierarchical framework, dogs often feel puzzled and end up feeling the urge to direct their human master. No need to say, this behavior of dogs leaves a very negative consequence on the owners. Actually, owning a dog, guiding it in an appropriate manner seem not less than a struggle.

How To Be A Dog Pack Leader

Why Is It So Important For You To Be A Pack Leader?

Why Is It So Important For You To Be A Pack Leader

If a dog does not regard its human owner as its leader, it will not follow the guidelines or orders of its owner. If the human owner started behaving in an incompatible way with the dog, the dog would also be started behaving in an incompatible way.

The dog will start playing the role of a leader as it wants to maintain the unity of the pack. Of course, dogs are very clever and active animals. They are always eager to embrace the challenges and rules. Nowadays, many dogs live in the cities as pet dogs. Their lives are very boring and humdrum.

They are not entirely independent to run recklessly, hunt passionately. They do not even get to stay in touch with the other dogs. This is why they suffer from behavioral problems arising from a deficiency of appropriate structure. The dogs living in the cities need an appropriate routine that is perfectly compatible with their ways of living.

They require maintaining a proper routine for eating, running, playing, sleeping, and exercising. Maintaining an organized routine gives them a chance to get the kind of constancy and predictability they require. You may feel that it is not less than a crime to lead your cute and adorable dog by maintaining a strict structure.

Maybe you do not want to be the master of your dog. You do not want obedience from the dog. You just want to be its playmate. But trust me, you have to put your dog in an organized structure as it requires it. As a dog is used to belonging in a pack, it expects to live under the rules and regulations provided by its leader.

They need to get proper leadership so that they can feel safe and sound. Now that you have got to know how important it is for you to play the role of the pack leader for the sake of your dog, you should also know the proper guidelines and directions to play the role of a pack leader. Go through the mentioned steps and guidelines below in order to become a pack leader of your dog.

1.Always Try To Lead The Walk

Always Try To Lead The Walk

When you let your dog lead the walk, your dog assumes that he is the ultimate leader and you are supposed to be his dominant. Then your dog gets the chance to select the place where he wants to walk. He does not think of you as someone holding so much importance to him to take permission from. And that is so scary.

Remember, it is always important for you to lead your dog while you are walking with him. Always make sure to walk ahead of your dog, select the route of walking, and choose the pace of walking. And then he will be able to walk by following your orders and directions. He will regard you as his leader.

You should not allow him to bark unnecessarily. Make sure not to allow him to smell incessantly and unnecessarily. Your dog can face extreme troubles by injuring himself by running into elevators, quarreling with other dogs.

Do not forget to be his shield in his challenging times. Remember, a leader not only directs or set rules for his subordinates but also has the back of his subordinates at the time of the ultimate danger.

2.Make Sure To Not Allow Your Dog On Your Furniture:

Make Sure To Not Allow Your Dog On Your Furniture

Your dog may think he is equal to you if you let him stay on your bed or sofa. The ultimate guideline of establishing dominance is to let your dog stay on the ground most of the time. Make sure to allocate your dog with his personal living space. Give your dog his own bed and mat. Encourage him to enjoy living in his personal space.

Once you have made sure that your dog has become comfortable to enjoy his own space and has not shown any sort of dominance towards you, invite him on your bed to spend some quality time with you. After all, what’s the ultimate point of having a pet if you can not have him around you?

You see, not allowing him to stay on your bed as long as he wants was very important. If you let him do that, he would always make your bed messy when you were not around. Besides, he could show dominance towards you. He could stop paying heed to you. Now that he has got his personal space, he truly knows his main place. Now, he will only stay on your bed or sofa for as long as you want him to stay.

3.Make Sure Not To Let Your Dog Bark At You

Make Sure Not To Let Your Dog Bark At You

The last thing you want to do is taking orders from your dog. Your dog should not have the audacity to bark at you so that he can demand food, toy, or attention from you. You should not let him give the command to you through barking, no matter what the situation is. If you start barking at you to give him his snacks, ball, or toy, say “No” and ignore his order.

4.Do Not Let Your Dog Jump Over People

Do Not Let Your Dog Jump Over People

You should not let your dog over people at any cost because your dog may fall into unnecessary troubles if he jumps over strangers who have a great phobia of dogs. Not letting your dog jump over you is one of the best things you can do to protect your dog. When your dog starts jumping over you, make sure to push him off of your body. And if he pays heed to your order, do not forget to praise him for following your direction.

5.Make Sure Not To Let Him Be Mouthy

Make Sure Not To Let Him Be Mouthy

Always make sure not to keep your hand around the mouth of your dog. If he starts putting his mouth on your hand, quit playing with your dog. If your dog starts becoming mouthy, give him one of your angry expressions and let him know that you are hurt by his behavior. Your dog must know that it is very inappropriate to be mouthy.

6.Never Allow Him To Leave A Door Before You Do

Never Allow Dog To Leave A Door Before You Do

One of the significant steps of becoming a pack leader is to get out of a room before your dog. Your dog should never take exits from a room before you do. When you are opening a door, ensure that he is sitting position like a good boy. Train him in such a way that he only starts walking only after having your permission to do so. This practice will surely make him safe from all those unwanted dangers.

7.Do Not Let Your Dog Touch Your Things Without Your Permission

Do Not Let Your Dog Touch Your Things Without Your Permission

A dog must know the difference between what he owns and what he does not own. Provide the dog with everything he requires. But please do not let him touch the thing you own without your permission. If you catch him touching your things, take the things from him and give him an angry look.

Then give him one of his toys so that he knows what things he can touch. Making him acquainted with this manner will surely enable him to resist the desire to touch anything he sees. Besides, this particular practice will stop him from consuming any harmful thing without your knowing.

8.Let Him Know That You Are In Charge Of His Food

Let Him Know That You Are In Charge Of Dog Food

The way of giving food to your dog is a significant step when it comes to making your dog habituated with the hierarchy between you and him. Always keep in mind that the pack leader means you are in charge of the food. You should give food to your dog twice or thrice a day.

Let him sit beside you when you are making his snacks. Make sure to order him to stay calm until you are done with making his food. Do not give him the chance to irritate you to give him food until you are ready. When you are done with making his food, make him sit like a good boy. Then put the plate of food in front of him. Do not let him touch the plate until you allow her to eat it.

9.Always Stay In Charge While You Are Playing With Him

Always Stay In Charge While You Are Playing With Dog

Make sure always to start the game. Do not let him start the game. If he starts the game, you are basically giving him the power of setting the rules. You must not do that as a pack leader should have the power of setting rules and ways of playing. Start the game just when you feel like playing. End the game if you are interested in continuing the game. If he does not give you his attention, quit playing with him.

10.Never Allow Him To Bite You

Never Allow Dog To Bite You

Dogs have this habit of biting softly to shower his utmost love and care on you. However, do not give him the power to bite you. If he softly bites you while you are petting him, stop petting him. Then start ignoring him for hours. I know it’s tough, especially when you love your sweet pet so much. But trust me, it’s necessary. This practice will stop him from biting strangers and save him from trouble.

Dominance of Dog Behavior And Training

Dominance of Dog Behavior And Training

The dominance hypothesis, which includes using force to change behavior, has been the foundation of conventional dog training. Traditional training techniques concentrate on preventing the outward indicators rather than addressing the underlying reason or emotional condition behind the unwanted behavior.

Modern training techniques focus on removing the incentives that are being given to the dog for unwanted behaviors and identifying how they are being used so that only desired actions may be rewarded. This way, the dog learns to offer desired behaviors on command, and the owner can reward only the desired behavior. Dogs have an enormous need for attention, exercise, and physical contact, so these are ways to make training easier.

Best Ways To Become The Pack Leader

Best Ways To Become The Pack Leader

You may establish your authority as the pack leader by ordering your dog to work. Before you give him food, take him for a walk. Don’t offer food until your dog behaves calmly and submissive, just as you shouldn’t give love until your dog is in a calm, submissive mood.

When your dog does not obey you, you need to teach him why he needs to obey you. As the pack leader, you should educate your dog about the pack. To do this, treating dares are a great way of establishing authority and teaching obedience. A dare gives your dog an interesting way of learning on his own as well as preparing him for real work.

How To Show Dog You Are The Pack Leader

One of the most important things you can do to show your dog that you are the pack leader is to establish rules and boundaries. This will help ensure that everyone in the pack behaves correctly and follows established norms. Regarding regulations, it’s essential to ensure they’re clear and concise. You also want them to be consistent from one situation to the next so your dog knows what’s expected of them. You should also make sure that they’re enforceable.

As for boundaries, you need to ensure they mark and protected. It’s essential not only for safety reasons but also because your dog will respect them. If they know they do not allow near certain areas or people. If you set up these boundaries correctly, your relationship with your dog will become much stronger and more cooperative overall.

How to Tell Which Dog Is Alpha

How to Tell Which Dog Is Alpha

Alpha dog is the leader of a pack. The position is given to the dog with the most power, unquestioned respect, and fearlessness. Here are some signs that can help you identify the alpha dog-

Body Language

The Alpha dog is the most confident, intimidating, and the most willing to pick a fight. He walks in front of the pack with her head high. Other dogs will not look him in the eye at all times and seem to walk behind. The alpha will also be the first one to eat and get first dibs on any treats or food left over from dinner time.


One of the most important signs to look for when determining which dog is alpha is dominance. When two dogs meet, one may stand up and display his dominance over the other by making loud grunts and showing his teeth as he leaps towards him or by standing still while motionless jaws are locked while they stare at each other.

Mount The Other Dogs

The alpha dog will mount other dogs in the pack. This is done so that the roles are established right away to show that he is superior to the lower-ranked members of the group.

Making Other Dogs Wait

Alpha dogs are very independent and need to be the last ones to eat, play, or be petted. Once they are done, they need to stay away from the other dogs. This is why they are alphas and will always get first dibs on food or treats.

Give The Other Dogs Little Attention

The alpha dog does not like to socialize with the other dogs. When other dogs are around, he will not talk, play or show much affection at all towards them.

Tips for Establishing Pack Leadership

Tips for Establishing Pack Leadership

Establish yourself as a confident leader. Not every dog will respect you, but you must behave in a way that commands respect from your fellow dogs. Keep your dog in check by using his natural prey drive and rolling back on it whenever he encroaches onto your space. Here are the tips for establishing pack leadership-

Possess The Proper Energy

You want your dog to feel that you are the boss in the pack. If you are energetic and focused, this will translate into a more respectful attitude from your dog.

Make The Regulations

Introduce rules for your dog like waking up, eating, and going to bed. Make sure to enforce these rules, or you will have a hard time establishing your authority.

Create Structure

Providing structure and schedule in your Pack will make your dog respect you as a leader. This way, all members of the Pack know what is expected of them and what would be rewarded.

Be Consistent

Keep your dog on a leash whenever you’re in your own territory. Remove the collar when you’re outside of the territory and let him run free.


Dogs choose pack leaders according to their instinct. They are very intelligent creatures. From their heart core of heart that who will be a perfect leader to direct them towards a life of constancy and predictability. A pack leader is not only someone who sets boundaries, rules, and regulations for dogs.

But he is also someone who takes the responsibility to have the back of the whole pack at critical times. Remember, Dogs will only give you the position of the pack leader if you have some particular qualities. First, you should try your level best to earn a dog’s faith, love, and loyalty by being capable.

After he puts all of his faith and loyalty, you can earn the position of a pack leader. After being a pack leader, you can finally take all those steps mentioned above to set boundaries, rules, guidelines, and directions for your dog. Of course, the main aim of your being a pack leader will not be practicing power; rather, it will be a guardian angel of your dog who will lead him towards a peaceful life. I hope now you understand how to be a dog pack leader.


Do Not Allow The Dog To Lead The Walk?

Don’t let your dog walk you; you should. Because the leader always walks in front, if you let your dog follow you while on a lead, you’re teaching it that it is superior to you. You’re also letting it think it can get its own way. So now your dog will try to pull on the lead while you walk, then start moving faster and pulling harder, and you’re going to struggle to try to keep up with your pet.

Aren’t Dogs Just Trying To Be In Charge?

Simply said, dogs do not attempt to rule or take control of the pack. With each encounter, dogs evaluate what goes well and what doesn’t, learning how to engage. Dogs are excellent observers of human activities and make inferences about you depending on what you do.

Why Does My Dog Try And Lie Down On Me?

Your dog will often lay on your stomach out of concern for your safety. Dogs have traditionally been reared as guardians as members of their pack. They could act in this way to feel safe, or it can be a sign of separation anxiety.

How Come Dogs Submit When They Are On Their Back?

When a human or another animal approaches, many dogs display their bellies or turn onto their side or back. This is often a gesture of surrender, but it might also be a request for belly massages or a play invitation. If a dog exposes his belly to you, look for additional signs of submission or playfulness.

How To Become The Alpha Dog With Your Puppy?

You can do it if you want to become the alpha dog with your puppy, possess the proper energy, set up the proper structure, and enforce the rules consistently. Never let your dog feel that he will be rewarded for errands you have already commanded him to perform. Also, keep in mind that a puppy is very receptive to what you are doing.

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