How To Fill A Kong For A Puppy – 7 Easy Steps

If you’re looking to create a fun toy for puppies that’ll keep them busy and give them treats, kong toys are the way to go. These toys help puppies develop chewing and playtime skills while stuffing them with treats. They’re also great for puppies because they allow them to get treats and water simultaneously.

However, puppies chew through kong toys quickly, so it’s important to make sure you refill the toy frequently. Most importantly, making a kong toy for your puppy is a great way to bond with your pup, which is why we’re writing this guide. Let’s dive into how to fill a kong toy for puppies step by step.

How To Fill A Kong For A Puppy

7 Easy Steps To Fill A Kong For A Puppy

7 Easy Steps To Fill A Kong For A Puppy

A kong for a puppy is a toy designed to keep puppies entertained and stimulated. It’s made from durable materials, and it’s easy to clean. You can also fill the Kong with food or treats, which will help to keep the puppy healthy and happy. The Kong for a puppy is a great way to keep your puppy occupied and stimulated.

You’re helping them learn important life skills like patience and perseverance by providing them with something to do. Additionally, the Kong can help prevent destructive behavior by distracting the puppy from doing things they might not be supposed to do (like chewing on furniture). Here are 7 Easy steps to fill a kong for a puppy:

1. Locate The Correct Size Kong For Your Pup

Locate The Correct Size Kong For Your Pup

If you’re looking for a way to keep your puppy entertained, then a kong is the perfect solution. Kongs are made of different materials, so they can be tailored to fit any pup’s size and interest. They also make great chew toys because they’re durable and provide hours of entertainment.

To find the right size kong for your pup, start by measuring their height and length. Then, take that information and consult the relevant dimensions on the Kong packaging to find the correct size. Be sure to choose a Kong that’s big enough for them to play with but not too large or heavy for them to carry around accidentally.

2. Fill The Kong With Appropriate Materials

Fill The Kong With Appropriate Materials.

To fill a kong for a puppy, begin by stuffing it with a mixture of your puppy’s favorite foods. Add water to the Kong until it is full. Then give the Kong to your puppy and supervise them as they eat and play. If your puppy becomes too heavy to hold, release some food before taking it to the vet.

Replace the food in the Kong every two days or as needed. Clean the Kong after each use by soaking it in warm water and soap, then scrub it clean. Finally, store the Kong in a cool, dry place for future use.

3. Make A Comfortable Enclosure For Your Puppy

Make A Comfortable Enclosure For Your Puppy.

The best way to fill a kong for a puppy is to make it as comfortable as possible. You can do this by filling it with soft, plush materials like towels or blankets. You can also add toys and treats to make the experience more enjoyable for your little one.

The best way to fill a kong for your puppy is by creating a comfortable enclosure. This will allow them to explore and play without feeling cramped or stressed.

4. Freeze Kongs In Advance – Perfect For Busy Pups

Freeze Kongs In Advance - Perfect For Busy Pups

Freezer kong dog toy is a great option for busy puppies constantly looking for something to chew on. Freeze kong dog toys can be filled with frozen food and water, making it easy for a puppy to eat and drink. This toy is great for puppies who have trouble eating solid food.

Instead of warming up food before feeding the dog, the freeze kong dog toy allows the dog to lick off the frozen food. This makes it easier for puppies with sensitive teeth or gums. The freezer kong dog toy can also be filled with water and frozen for dog-drinking ice cubes. This way, your pet can stay hydrated while enjoying his favorite treat or snack.

By freezing a kong dog toy ahead of time, you can save time and energy when feeding your puppy in the future. Whether he’s a busy working dog or an active pet, a freezer kong dog toy is the perfect way to keep him chewing and happy.

5. Fill The Kong With Water, Making Sure It Is Half-Full

Fill The Kong With Water, Making Sure It Is Half-Full

Puppies love to play in the water, and a kong filled with water is the perfect place to do so. Ideally, puppies should always have access to a kong when they are young. However, it’s especially important to provide one when they begin toilet training, as this can be stressful for puppies. If puppies are constantly overfilling or underfilling their Kong, they may develop behavioral issues or accidents.

When filling the Kong, avoid overfilling it; this can cause the Kong to tip over or flood. Instead, fill it half-full before placing the puppy inside for play. By taking care of your puppy’s Kong and providing them with a safe and secure place to play, you can help ensure their long-term enjoyment and well-being.

6. Add Some Wet And Dry Food To The Kong

Add Some Wet And Dry Food To The Kong.

A kong is a great way to provide your puppy with wet and dry food. Wet food can help keep the puppies hydrated and healthy, while dry food helps them resist boredom and encourage chewing. Depending on your budget and taste, you can fill a kong with canned or fresh food. Whether you choose canned or fresh food, make sure to give your puppy plenty of options for keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

There is no right or wrong way to fill a kong if you provide enough food and water for your puppy. In addition to Kong, puppies also love playing with human-made toys such as stuffed animals, ropes, and playpens. These toys can help keep them occupied and stimulated while providing them enrichment and socialization.

7. Put Your Puppy Inside The Kong

Put Your Puppy Inside The Kong.

There’s no need to buy a kong specifically designed for puppies – any large, sturdy dog toy will do the job just fine. Once your puppy is comfortable inside the Kong, you can start introducing new objects (like small toys or bones) and gradually increase the game’s difficulty level by adding more challenging obstacles.


Due to the high quality and designs of these kongs, puppies will love playing with them. As much as they will enjoy this new toy, it is also important for their safety that you make sure that they stay inside the Kong when not being played with by a kid or an adult.

So, before you buy one of these great toys for your puppy, it is best to teach your pet how to play safely first. You can also use treats and water bottles instead of toys during training sessions, so your pet’s interest does not wane soon. Kongs are the easiest way to ensure your puppies get enough fluids and calories.

Just fill a kong, freeze it, and put it inside the kong enclosure when your puppy is done with it. The Kong will keep your pup’s food and water froze while he eats, and you can easily replace them as needed. Besides, kongs are easy to clean and transport. So, there’s no need to worry about how to fill a kong. We hope this helps you understand how to fill a kong for a puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Put In A Kong For A Puppy?

To feed your puppy, you can fill a Kong with softened water, baby food, or a combination of the two. You can also add small pieces of meat or vegetables. Be sure to give your puppy plenty of time to eat the food in the Kong. If your puppy refuses to eat from the Kong, try shaking it vigorously or pouring some of the food onto the floor so that your puppy has to get up and eat it.

What Do You Put In A Kong For An 8-Week-Old Puppy?

To fill a kong for an 8-week-old puppy, you will need the following ingredients:

1 cup of puppy food
1 cup of water
A small piece of fabric or towel to soak up the liquid

How Do You Fill A Kong With Puppy Food?

To fill a Kong with puppy food, follow these steps:

Fill the Kong with enough food to cover the bottom of the toy.
Place the Kong in a warm place near the fireplace or in a warm room.
Wait until your puppy is hungry and then offer him the food.
If your puppy refuses to eat from the Kong, try placing it in a different location or pouring some food. On the floor instead of into the toy.

How Do You Properly Fill A Kong?

To properly fill a Kong with dog food and water, mix a small amount of dog food and enough water to cover the food. Place the food in a sunny spot and let your puppy have it. If your puppy does not eat the food in the Kong within 15 minutes, place it in the fridge to cool down. Once the food is gone, discard it and refill it with fresh food and water.

Is It Safe To Leave My Dog Alone With A Filled Kong?

There is no harm in leaving your dog alone with a filled kong as long as the Kong is large enough for them not to fit its head or body inside of it. If your dog gets into the Kong, remove them immediately and provide them with water.

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