Do Golden Retrievers Smell? What Is The Real Fact?

Smelly pets can be a nuisance and a health hazard. In the case of your Golden Retriever, the odor could mean health problems. Certain factors can affect the odor and smell of your dog.

These factors include diet, grooming habits, environment, age, health, behavior, and breed. While the odor is normal for some breeds, it could indicate a higher risk to health or grooming needs in your dog. If you notice odor-producing behaviors like excessive chewing or digging in the yard, ear scratching, or nasal rubbing, consult with a vet to ensure your dog’s overall health is not deteriorating.

We will dispel some of the myths about Golden Retrievers and their scent and provide you with the real facts. We will discuss the various breeds of golden retrievers smell, their odor profile, and the methods that are available to remove odors from your dog. This information will help you make an informed decision about whether or not a Golden Retriever is right for you. Read on to learn more about golden retriever smell and how you can keep your Golden Retriever clean and smelling good.

Do Golden Retrievers Smell

Pet Owner’s Opinion On Do Golden Retrievers Smell Or Not

Pet Owner's Opinion On Do Golden Retrievers Smell Or Not

Most pet owners believe that Golden Retrievers do not smell that bad. Many of them say they barely notice their dog’s scent at all.

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, Golden Retrievers have a very well-developed sense of smell. This is thanks to their specially adapted nasal cavity and ability to inhale deeply and hold their breath for a long time. This makes them particularly good at tracking down prey, which is why they are such popular pets in the first place.

Second, Golden Retrievers have a very dry skin system, which helps to keep their scent at bay. Additionally, they produce less sweat than other breeds of dogs, so their body doesn’t produce as much odor as they would if they did sweat excessively.

While some dogs might have a more distinct scent, Golden Retrievers are one of the less smelly breeds. That said, it’s still important to keep your dog clean and clean up after them, so their scent doesn’t spread around the house. And if you’re ever feeling frustrated or annoyed by your dog’s odor, try washing them with a pet-specific shampoo.

What Is A Golden Retriever Smell Like?

What Is A Golden Retriever Smell Like

Golden retrievers are known for their sweet, rich smell. This odor is often described as similar to a dog’s, but it’s also thought to be unique. Some people believe that golden retrievers smell like sugar or bread. Others say that golden retrievers smell like cinnamon or apples.

The truth is that golden retrievers smell like a combination of all of these scents. Their coat odor usually perceive as being clean and fresh, with notes of dog and vanilla.

A golden retriever’s coat odor is due to natural oils secreted by the skin, specifically by glands found on the chest, paws, and tail. The odor itself doesn’t harm the dog or its environment and can strengthen by bathing frequently and grooming regularly.

However, care should take not to over-bathe a golden retriever’s sensitive skin, as this can lead to skin irritation and infection. Also, brushing or combing your golden retriever’s hair only a little can lead to hair loss or tangling.

The Real Fact About Golden Retriever’s Smell

The Real Fact About Golden Retriever's Smell

Golden retrievers are known for their sweet, loving nature and their delicious, aromatic scent. However, one little-known fact about these dogs is that they have a powerful sense of smell.

This sense of smell is so strong that golden retrievers can detect the faintest traces of chemicals and other substances in the air. This makes them ideal candidates for Search and Rescue work, as they can find people and things that others can’t.

In addition to their amazing sense of smell, golden retrievers are also unusually social dogs who love to be around people and other animals. They are also very intelligent dogs who can learn new tricks quickly. If you’re looking for a loyal dog who will always make you feel safe, then a golden retriever might be the perfect option.

How To Get Rid Of The Golden Retriever’s Smell?

How To Get Rid Of The Golden Retriever's Smell?

There are a few ways to get rid of golden retrievers’ smell. One way is to use baking soda and water. Mix one cup of baking soda with two cups of water, and spray the mixture all over your golden retriever’s body. Let it soak in for about an hour, then rinse him off with fresh water. Repeat this process twice a week.

Another way is to use hydrogen peroxide. Dilute hydrogen peroxide solution 1:10 (with water), and spray it on your golden retriever’s fur. Leave it on for about 30 minutes, then rinse him off with fresh water. Repeat this process twice a week.

Finally, you can use pet odor eliminator sprays, which are available at most pet stores. These sprays eliminate odors by breaking them down into molecules that the human nose or skin can’t sense.

What Are The Possible Causes Of The Golden Retriever’s Smell?

What Are The Possible Causes Of The Golden Retriever's Smell?

There are a few possible causes of golden retrievers’ smell, but the most common is that they have a very high level of sebum production. This oil is used to protect their skin and coat their fur and is also responsible for that distinctive smell. Another possible cause of the smell is uric acid.

This compound is produced when the dog’s kidneys work overtime to rid itself of excess salt or water. It can accumulate in their joints, causing them to be smelly. Finally, some dogs release a particular type of sweat called cadaverine – which smells strongly of decomposing flesh.

Tips For Dealing With A Smelly Golden Retriever

Tips For Dealing With A Smelly Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are known for their smell, but it doesn’t mean they smell bad. Golden retrievers smell great and have a pleasant odor. However, there are some tips you can follow to keep your golden retriever’s smell under control.

Reduce the amount of exercise your golden retriever is getting. When your golden retriever exercises, it creates a natural odor that is irresistible to other dogs and humans. Once your golden retrievers get used to the smell of their excretions, they will seek out human-scented items to smell like us. So be sure to provide plenty of playtime and exercise when possible.

Also, bathe your golden retriever regularly and use a dog shampoo specifically designed for dogs. This will help remove any odors on the skin and hair.

Get your golden retriever professionally groomed at least once a year to remove excess body hair. This will also help maintain a clean coat and odor-free skin and hair. Make sure to give your golden retriever treats and toys that don’t contain odors. This will help distract your dog from smelling bad things and encourage it to focus on good things in life instead.


A Golden Retriever’s coat doesn’t get smelly easily. Once it does, it’s a good idea to bathe them and brush their hair regularly. Contact a professional dog groomer if you notice a smelly odor emanating from your Golden Retriever.

They will be able to help you deal with the smell and also give some tips on how to prevent your dog from smelling bad in the first place. While some people believe that Golden Retrievers have a strong scent, others argue that this is not true. The truth depends on several factors, including the individual dog’s genetics and environment. Ultimately, it is best to ask your vet for an opinion on this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Keep My Golden Retriever From Smelling Bad When She Goes Outside?

Golden retrievers smell bad outside. You can take a few easy steps to help your Golden Retriever stay odor-free when she goes outside. First, bathe her frequently – every two to three days – to remove the dirt, sweat, and feces accumulated on her skin. Clean her ears regularly – once a week – using a mild ear cleaner and warm water. And finally, remove her coat regularly – at least once a month – to allow the air to circulate and reduce the chance of odor buildup.

2. What Should I Do If My Dog Smells Like Urine?

If your dog smells like urine, it’s best to take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Many substances can cause a dog to smell like urine, and a vet may need to test your pet for various illnesses. Some of the most common causes of a dog smelling like urine include being sick, drinking too much water, going on a long walk, or having an accident inside.

3. What Are The Different Theories About Why Golden Retrievers Smell?

No one knows for sure why golden retrievers smell the way they do, but some believe that it has to do with their high levels of sweat, hair, or oil glands. So while theories abound, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide if you think your dog smells bad!

4. Can A Golden Retriever Be Trained Not To Produce Certain Types Of Smells?

No, we cannot train a Golden Retriever not to produce certain types of smells. Some breeds of dogs are considered “smelly” by some people, but this is typically due to their natural scent. Golden Retrievers typically have a pleasant, mild scent that most people find agreeable.

5. What Is The Scientific Explanation For Why Golden Retrievers Smell?

There is no single scientific explanation as to why golden retrievers smell. Some people believe that the smell of golden retrievers is due to their high levels of anal sacs. Others believe that the smell is due to the dogs’ sweat glands. There is no right or wrong answer; it depends on your personal preferences.

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