How Do Golden Retrievers Show Affection [You Need To Know]

A dog’s affection is important to a pet owner’s life. Knowing how to show affection to your Golden Retriever can help strengthen your bond with your pup.

While showing affection to your Golden Retriever is more about understanding their behavior than fulfilling your dog’s cuddle needs, it still helps to know how Golden Retrievers affectionately express their love for humans. We will discuss ways to show affection for your Golden Retriever and ways to make them feel loved.

How Do Golden Retrievers Show Affection

9 Ways Golden Retrievers Show Affection

9 Ways Golden Retrievers Show Affection

Golden Retrievers are a dog breed famous for their affectionate and loving nature. They show affection by rubbing their nose on people, licking them, bringing them things, and wagging their tails.

These are just some ways Golden Retrievers show love and affection. Wagging their tail is another way they show love and appreciation while putting their paw on you is another sign of affection. Even if it’s a small gesture, it shows they care about you.

1. Rubbing Their Nose On You

Golden Retrievers show affection by rubbing their noses on their owners. This behavior is a form of socialization meant to communicate to their owners that they are in contact with them. Golden Retrievers frequently rub their noses on people when they are around, showing that they want to stay close to their owners.

Golden Retrievers have historically been raised as puppies by hand as a dog breed, so many were not allowed to grow up with their mothers. Notwithstanding this, the dogs still show affection for their owners in a way that shows how much they love and care about them.

Rubbing the nose between a dog and its owner shows how much they love and care about each other. It also communicates important information about the relationship between the two parties, such as whether the owner is absent from home or away at work.

Rubbing a dog’s nose is also believed to stimulate sweat glands on its owner’s face, releasing scent markers that claim the dog as part of its territory. When dogs nuzzle back after being rubbed on the nose, it communicates love and affection in a way that dogs can understand.

2. Licking You

Licking You

Golden Retrievers may lick you to show affection, commonly called ‘dog kisses’ or ‘puppy kisses.’ They often engage in this behavior when they are feeling happy and comfortable. Licking and nuzzling are other ways Golden Retrievers express their love for their owners, as they rub their heads against their faces and claim them as part of their territory.

The licking behavior is a universal sign of affection in dogs, as they let you know they respect your authority and show love and appreciation toward you. In addition to showing affection, Golden Retrievers may use licking to clean themselves or remove harmful bacteria on their coats. Overall, it’s clear that these adorable dogs have an intense bond with their owners, and it’s a pleasure to watch them show their affection in so many ways.

3. Bringing You Things

Bringing You Things

Golden Retrievers are often seen bringing their owner’s toys as a way to show affection. This breed is famous for its love of play and often enjoys engaging in some activity with its owner. They may bring dead animals to their owners as a sign of love and affection.

This breed enjoys bonding and connecting with their owners, so they would bring them things to start playtime. These dogs are affectionate and loving; showing them love and affection in return will always be rewarding for both parties.

4. Wagging Their Tail

Dogs, including golden retrievers, wag their tails to show love and affection to their owners. Both cats and dogs use body language to show their devotion to humans. Dogs can also show affection by gazing lovingly into their human’s eyes and increasing oxytocin levels.

Dogs also show affection by licking their humans’ faces, giving “kisses,” or rolling over for belly rubs. Kittens use licking their mothers’ faces to show submission, and cats lick their kittens to groom them. Puppies use licking their parents’ faces to show submission, and puppies use barking to show affection.

5. Putting Their Paw On You

Golden retriever puppies may paw you to show affection and physically connect with their human. This behavior is often seen in puppies but can continue into adulthood. It is a way for the dogs to communicate their love in a language we can understand.

They may also do so as a reminder of their presence and acknowledgment of your attention. If petting their paw is acceptable, it can be a sign of appreciation and a way to show them that you are listening to them.

6. Resting On Your Lap

Golden Retrievers may show affection by resting their paws on you and lying across your lap. Resting their paws on you shows their affection and a way of interacting with you. Similarly, dogs cuddling is a way they show their love to their owners.

Physical contact, such as resting their paws on you, is another way your Golden Retriever might show affection for you. Dogs may also demonstrate their love for you by staying close to you and following you around.

7. Making Eye Contact

Making eye contact is one of the most common ways Golden Retriever puppies show affection. They may look at you with their eyes half-closed or fully closed or lick your hand. In addition to eye contact, Golden Retriever pups commonly nuzzle their owners and lick their faces.

Other behaviors that indicate a Golden Retriever’s affection for its owner include wagging its tail and following you around. These dogs love to be loved and will do anything to show their love and appreciation.

8. Trying To Cuddle With You

Golden Retrievers are a popular dog breed famous for their affectionate and loving nature. They are very cuddly and love to cuddle with their owners. Golden Retrievers may try to cuddle with you in various ways, such as licking or rubbing their nose on you.

They may also wag their tail or bring you dead animals as signs of affection. In return, they may sit on your lap or anywhere nearby to show affection. Golden Retrievers are a wonderful breed you can trust to show their love and affection to their owners in many ways.

9. Getting Excited When They Hear Your Name

Golden Retrievers can learn to recognize up to 250 words and can start responding to verbal commands when they hear their name. They may jump, wag their tails, or smile when they hear their name. When dogs hear their name, they often get excited and may do so by jumping, wagging their tail, or smiling. This shows affection toward their owners.

Golden Retrievers also show affection by licking their loved ones, wagging their tails, and bringing them dead animals. They may guard their owners while eating and sleeping on their clothes or wherever the owner sits. Goldens tend to sleep in the owner’s spot after they leave to show affection.

How To Make Your Golden Retriever Show More Affection?

How To Make Your Golden Retriever Show More Affection?

Spending time with your golden Retriever is one of the best ways to make your dog show more affection. Dogs love being active, so playing games such as fetch and tug-of-war will encourage your Golden Retriever to be affectionate. When playing these games, focus on playing rather than winning.

This will ensure your dog gets excited about the game, not just the object of play. You can also give treats whenever anyone mentions your golden Retriever’s name. This will help build a bond between you and your golden Retriever.

You can also show affection by licking them, wagging their tail, or bringing them dead animals. You should also consider cuddling with your golden Retriever at night, as this will help develop a strong bond between you.


Golden Retrievers are known to be affectionate dogs, but they must be taught some basic dog-human interaction skills. In addition to their favorite things, such as affection, cuddling, and treats, you can teach them new tricks, such as how to sit and stay, by rewarding good behavior with praise and food.

You can also ensure your Golden Retriever gets plenty of exercises to feel less stressed. With a little effort, you can show your golden Retriever that affection is how you communicate.

We hope you now know how to make your Golden Retriever affectionate and affectionate with you. It may be a bit tough initially to show affection to your pup. But after some time, they’ll surely learn how to show affection to you. Remember, affection is a two-way street. You should also be affectionate with your Golden Retriever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Golden Retrievers Put Their Paw On You?

Golden Retrievers put their paws on their owners for a few reasons. One is to get their attention and to show affection. They may also look at you with eyes full of love when they put their paw on you.

How Do You Tell Your Golden Retriever You Love Them?

One way to tell your golden Retriever that you love them is to talk to them positively and use positive reinforcement when they obey commands.

Do Golden Retrievers Have A Favorite Person?

Your Retriever likely has a favorite person, but it’s up to the dog to figure out who that is. In the animal kingdom, golden retrievers are known for their loyalty and devotion to their owners. They are affectionate and playful to everyone who spends time with them, regardless of whether they know the owner.

How Can You Tell If A Golden Retriever Is Happy?

You can tell if a golden retriever is happy in several ways. Signs of their happiness may include barking, running around, and licking. Golden retrievers naturally have pleasant personalities and infectious smiles, so making them happy will be easy.

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Cuddly?

The main reason why Golden Retrievers are so cuddly is because of the oxytocin hormone. Oxytocin is produced in the brain and is responsible for triggering cuddling behaviors. When dogs experience oxytocin, they tend to get happy and relaxed, leading to cuddling.

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