Do Huskies Get Along With Cats? – You Need To Know

Regarding pets, huskies are undoubtedly the breed of choice for many people. They’re adorable and loyal, and they’re great with children.

But huskies are not for everyone. If you’re considering getting a husky as a pet, you need to know if huskies can get along with cats before deciding to add another animal to your household.

Huskies are a strong breed of dogs that deserve all the attention they get. They must have plenty of time with their owners to feel loved and happy.

So, when should you introduce a husky to your cat? And what signs should you look out for to help the husky-cat bond? We’ll explain everything about introducing a husky to a cat in-depth and whether it’s a good idea. We’ll also tell you how you can train your Husky and cat together so that both are happy. Let’s begin.

Do Huskies Get Along With Cats

Why Don’t Huskies Get Along With Cats?

Why Don't Huskies Get Along With Cats

Huskies were used as sled dogs and were exposed to the wild, making them more alert and prone to hunting cats. Huskies have a naturally high prey drive, making them more likely to hunt cats. Coexisting between a husky and a cat is doable with proper training, consistency, attention, time, and patience.

However, owners cannot invest effort into the process if they cannot devote time and attention. This would be best if owners consider another dog breed highly compatible with cats. Huskies have a hunting and survival nature, making it difficult to live with a feline. Thus, they are not good candidates for households with kitties.

Also, huskies can be aggressive toward small animals such as mice and rats. As a result of their aggressive nature, huskies are also not good companions for children unless trained well.

Can Cats Aggravate The Situation?

Can Cats Aggravate The Situation

Cats can create situations that awaken huskies’ prey drive, even if it is not their fault. For example, cats may hiss, puff, and/or pounce on huskies when threatened.

However, huskies often respond to such aggression by attacking the cat back. This can lead to conflict between the two species. Cats have a strained relationship with dogs due to their potential as predators, so they typically do not get along well with them.

Cats and huskies often have different prey preferences and may attack each other’s food sources. In some cases, this tension may escalate to the point where huskies kill or injure cats. Therefore, cat owners must ensure that the animal is kept indoors and provided with adequate space and exercise.

Do Huskies Get Along With Cats – In Details

Huskies and cats can coexist peacefully with the right training, consistency, attention, time, and patience. Cats and huskies can have completely contrasting attitudes and unlikeliness to get along. To make your cat-husky interaction successful, it is important to supervise interactions between pets and provide enough space and resources for each.

Suppose the necessary effort cannot be invested in peacefully making cats and huskies coexist. In that case, it might be best to consider a different breed of dog more compatible with cats. Doing this will ensure a healthy and happy relationship between the two animals, making them inseparable companions.

How To Introduce A Husky To A Cat


Introducing a kitten to a household with husky dogs is possible, but it would require a lot of care and supervision. Before introducing the Husky to the cat, ensure the cat follows basic obedience commands and has all their vaccinations.

When introducing the Husky to the cat, keep the Husky on a leash and have the cat in a higher position than the dog. It’s also important to train the Husky to cooperate with cats by reviewing basic commands and distracting it with treats when a cat passes.

Introducing an adult husky to a cat can be more challenging and require significant effort and time. These steps will help ensure that both pets get along well in the long run.

Signs Of Unhappiness In Your Husky And Cat

Signs Of Unhappiness In Your Husky And Cat

Pups and cats can form a strong bond but must be properly socialized early on. If the cat or Husky is anxious, they may try to dash away quickly.

This behavior can lead to injury for both animals. To prevent this, it is best to separate the Husky and cat if there are signs of aggression, such as inappropriate biting during playtime or chasing the cat excessively.

Unhappy huskies may show signs of aggression, such as inappropriately using their teeth during playtime, pushing, obsessively chasing the cat, lunging, or having a stiff body stance. Cats may display signs of aggression such as dilated pupils, tail wagging, pinning the ears back, hissing, or growling.

If aggression occurs between the animal companions, it is best to separate them and provide them with calming methods, such as tranquilizers or treats, to help them recover.

Tips To Help Your Husky And Cat Bond

Tips To Help Your Husky And Cat Bond

It is important to interact with your Husky and cat gradually and positively. Interaction times should be short to ensure that both the husky and cat gradually get used to each other.

By giving both the husky and cat treats simultaneously, you can create positive associations between the two. It is essential to place your cat’s litter box in a separate area to reduce potential conflicts between the husky and cat.

Keep your cat physically higher than your Husky to create a hierarchy and respect between the two pets. Using toys to distract your Husky from chasing after cats is also beneficial. To ensure a harmonious relationship between your Husky and cat, providing them with plenty of attention, affection, and enrichment is vital.

Training Huskies To Be With Cats

Training Huskies To Be With Cats

Having a cat and a Husky peacefully coexist in the same household with the right training is possible. Before introducing a cat and a Husky, it’s important to understand their differences and similarities. Firstly, Huskies are high-prey drive dogs that must interact with other dogs, chasing and playing. Cats are more independent and are happy being on their own.

Thus, dogs need interaction, and cats need space. Secondly, huskies love to swim, whereas cats hate water. This can lead to problems when the two animals get together. Lastly, huskies are bigger than cats, making them more likely to instigate fights.

To train huskies to be with cats, owners must provide the necessary distractions, such as chew toys and puzzles, to prevent the huskies from chasing the cats. It is also important for owners to consistently and patiently train their huskies not to chase or harm the cat. With proper training, it’s possible for huskies and cats to live together in harmony.

Bring Them Home Together

Bring Them Home Together

Having a cat and a Husky live together in harmony is possible, but it requires patience, consistency, and training. Cats and huskies can be good companions if introduced gradually and given time to get used to each other.

It’s best to allow the animals to spend little time together, but make sure they are supervised. It’s also important to teach your Husky to respect the cat’s boundaries and keep calm when the cat is present. If the cats aren’t getting along, separate living areas can help.

When introducing the cat to your Husky, start slowly by allowing them access to small areas of your home first, such as a bed or a small dog crate. Once the cats get used to each other, slowly progress to allowing them into larger areas, such as the kitchen or the living room.

It can take some time for your Husky and cat to become comfortable with each other, so patience and consistency are key. Additionally, be sure to provide plenty of good-quality food for both of them.

Train Them To Coexist

It is essential to start training your huskies and cats early in their lives to coexist successfully. When puppies and kittens are young, you can provide both with positive reinforcement, such as treats, play, or exercise, and safe escape routes.

As they grow older, you can focus on training the cat to be friendly and get along with the dog. This can be harder than training the huskies to coexist with other dogs. Generally, puppies should not be introduced to cats until they are about six months old. In addition to ensuring the cat is friendly towards the Husky, there are several steps that must be taken during the introduction of cats and huskies.

First and foremost, it is essential that you prepare both animals for the new relationship. This can include providing them with special toys or treats for interactions or a special canine-safe area where they can play together safely. Additionally, cats must be supervised while huskies are around; huskies have a strong prey drive that could result in injury.

If you want your husky and cat to coexist happily over time, it’s important to start training them young and provide them with positive reinforcement for interactions.

Husky In A Crate First

Husky In A Crate First

If you are planning to get a husky, it is important to start training them from an early age. You can start by vaccinating your Husky and introducing them to each other in separate rooms. Once you have vaccinated the Husky and made it comfortable with the cat, you can proceed with the physical introduction.

Safely place the cat in a higher position to show the Husky that the cat is not prey. Next, train the Husky to obey basic commands and use treats to distract them from cats.

In crate training, you can help teach the Husky to have patience and calm down before approaching the cat. It is important to remember that huskies are powerful dogs with strong prey drives, and it can take time for them to trust new people and animals in their lives.

Exercise Your Husky

Exercise Your Husky

It’s important to exercise your Husky before introducing it to cats to ensure that it is not too rambunctious and does not injure the cat. If you’re training your Husky to live with a cat, patience, consistency, and keeping the two animals separated at first are essential.

You can also playtime between the Husky and cat to bond and reduce the risk of aggression. To help your Husky expend excess energy, it may be best to exercise it regularly. By training your dog properly, you can ensure that both animals are happy and well-adjusted in a shared living space.

Keep Your Husky Well-Fed

It’s vital to feed your Husky the right amount of food to prevent it from chasing after cats. Ensure that you keep cat and dog foods separate in the household to avoid conflict. This will help prevent your Husky from trying to chase after cats. Additionally, it’s important to feed your Husky the right amount of food, so it doesn’t beg for more from the cat.

If you notice that your Husky is not eating enough, then consult a professional who can help determine why this is happening and discuss options for improving the situation. In some cases, it may be necessary to change the type of food or adjust the amount being fed to meet your dog’s needs.

Give The Cat An Escape Route

Give The Cat An Escape Route

Husky puppies are eager to explore and learn new things, but they can be aggressive toward cats. You must ensure your cat has a clear escape route when a husky is around. Cats need a safe hiding space that is at a height the dog can’t reach. They would prefer to avoid confrontation with huskies by finding a quiet place to hide.

Besides, you can use basic commands to familiarize your Husky with the voice of the cat so it will ignore it and focus on you. To keep the cat safe, try waving a toy or Treat to distract your pup while it’s chasing the cat around the house. If possible, give your husky treats to reinforce ignoring the cat and equate its presence with playtime.

Huskies & Cats, According To Owners

Huskies & Cats, According To Owners

Most huskies do not typically get along with cats, according to owners. If you’re looking to introduce a husky to a cat, it’s important to be patient and train the dog well. When training the Husky, it’s important that the dog becomes well-versed in leash manners and house training. This will help the Husky understand when and where it should interact with the cat.

However, if this doesn’t work, it may be time to reconsider the relationship between huskies and cats. The success of a husky-cat relationship depends on the individual dog, environment, and training. A husky is a high-energy breed that can be aggressive toward other dogs and cats when they feel threatened or preyed upon.

Thus, it’s vital to provide them with ample space and mental stimulation to ensure a harmonious relationship with feline companions. Besides training, owners should be prepared for their huskies’ natural prey drive and behavior around small animals.


They say that opposites attract. Well, it’s true. If you have a husky breed and a cat breed in the same house, there can be some exciting times ahead of you. Both huskies and cats are independent, determined, intelligent, and curious animal personalities.

They love to snuggle up with their owners and get attention from them. Huskies tend to think that the family room is their personal space and will not like sharing it with other animals as well as a human.

However, if you show your husky lots of love and affection, they will reciprocate the same to you. Keep training your husky to be well-fed and well-exercised; give them plenty of toys to play with, and they will learn to get along with your cat in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Huskies And Cats Live Together?

While it is possible for huskies and cats to live together, it requires some preparation and patience on the part of both parties.

Introducing a puppy to a cat is easier than introducing an older husky to a cat, as puppies are less likely to be territorial of other animals in the house. Some huskies can coexist with cats, but you should do your research first to make sure this is a good idea for you and your feline friends.

How Do You Get Huskies And Cats To Get Along?

Getting huskies and cats to get along can be a challenge, but by following these steps, you can increase the odds of success.

Train huskies and cats together and supervise them at all times.
Establish rewards for good behavior.
Educate yourself on the behaviors and instincts of both animals to identify potential triggers.
Have patience and consistency when training the animals to live together.

Are Huskies Fine With Cats?

Huskies and cats are not naturally compatible due to their hunting and survival nature. Keeping a husky and a cat in the same household requires proper training and monitoring.

With a little care and attention from the start, a friendly relationship between huskies and cats can be achieved. However, before adopting a husky or cat together, it’s important to consider their prey drive first.

What Breed Of Dog Goes Well With Cats?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it depends on the breed of dog, the cat, and the environment. However, some of the breeds that are known to be compatible with cats include Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. When introducing a dog into a home with a cat, adopting a puppy and providing early training and supervised interactions are recommended.

How To Make Huskies Befriend And Mingle With Cats?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to make Huskies befriend and mingle with cats will vary depending on the situation. However, some tips that may be useful in achieving this goal include the following:

Understand the behavior and instincts of both the Husky and the cat in order to identify possible triggers.
Make sure the Husky is in the best mood before it interacts with the cat.
Use training methods to teach the Husky and the cat to live together without attacking each other.
Minimize the Husky’s prey drive through patience and consistency.

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