Just Food For Dogs Feeding Guide – How To Feed You Dog Perfectly

Mr. Justin Alaska is utterly new about manipulating his new pet dog named Pluto. Pluto is about 3-4 months old. Correspondingly, Justin wasn’t aware of his pet’s nutrition and health. Then, all of a sudden, he used to read a blog about pet dogs, which included fresh dog food companies named just food for dogs.

As he didn’t hear this previously, he felt frustrated for lack of proper guidance. If you’re a newbie about the feeding guidance, just like Justin, keep reading to get some ideas about it. We’ve researched for years to find just food for dogs feeding guide and included it here. Let’s find it out!

Just Food For Dogs Feeding Guide

Definition Of Just Food For Dogs

Definition Of Just Food For Dogs

Just food for dogs is a nutritious food that was founded a decade ago. These sorts of food are scientifically researched, and veterinarians raise meals to improve the health of a pet’s life. Just food is a well-known brand that ensures board-certified nutrition and verified food. It also includes the proven documentary of dermatology and toxicology experts.

It comes with a packet of tasty meals and treats such as chicken, turkey, spinach, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and beef. These ingredients are good for improving your pet’s skin, coat health and maximizing their immunity systems. Additionally, most pet owners choose these packets of nutrients to prevent the power of any allergic reactions and inflammation. These foods are available in different varieties.

Again, just food for dogs is entirely safe from other non-branded pet food, which doesn’t contain any quality. The packages of JFFD come with an eco-friendly procedure. You can easily purchase these pet food from your nearest animal clinics, hospitals, pet food express stores, and so on.

Available Meal Types And Recipes Of Just Food (JFFD)

Available Meal Types And Recipes Of Just Food (JFFD)

We assumed at first that a JFFD had offered you a variety of meal and ordering options. Check out below to make a complete diet list for your pet.

  • Fresh frozen regular diets,
  • Veterinarian Suggested RX diets,
  • Pantry fresh diets,
  • Do it by yourself kits,
  • Healthy Treats,
  • Vat suggested supplements,
  • Feline JFFD diet.

Fresh Frozen Food Diets

Just food for dogs introduced six daily diets, also indicating a limited time particular option as a bonus. You can serve these fully cooked meals to your dog after it decomposes. The available variety was,

  • Beef and russet mix potatoes,
  • Fish with a mash of sweet potatoes,
  • Turkey and a whole wheat macaroni,
  • chicken with plain rice,
  • lamb with brown rice,
  • venison with squash, etc.

Veterinary Recommended RX Diet

Pet parents can choose food for their dogs from JFFD eight support diet collections. But give these diet food only if your vet prescribed them to your pet. They are available in,

  • JFFD balance Remedy,
  • Skin supports fish,
  • Metabolism improves low-fat meals,
  • Renal improves endurable protein,
  • Critical care,
  • Hepatic support diet,
  • Bone, joint, and skin support diets.

Pantry Fresh Pet Diet Food

These foods aren’t allowed to put in the refrigerator, as they remain fresh at room temperature for up to two years. These are,

  • Russet and potato,
  • Lamb and brown rice mix,
  • Chicken and white rice combo,
  • chicken with whole wheat macaroni.

Do It By Yourself Kits

These kits are produced with a DIY method. Each of the kits weighs around 30 pounds of homemade food. You can find the recipe, shopping list, nutrients chart, and feeding guidelines on the leveling. These kits cover-up,

  • Combo with beef and russet,
  • mashed potatoes with lamb,
  • fish with sweet potatoes,
  • chicken with white rice,
  • version mix with squash.

Healthy Treats

Healthy treats consist of seven different types of tasty food, for instance, chicken breast, beef liver, salmon fish, venison, beef brisket, pumpkin, etc.

Veterinary Supplements

Veterinary supplements are a health booster that protects your dog from unexpected disease or illness. JFFD offers these below supplements such as,

  • Omega plus fish oil,
  • calm,
  • joint or wrist care,
  • Skin/allergy care,
  • Probiotic care etc.

Feline Diet

Feline treats are also offered in some incredible flavors, including fish and chicken or salmon bark, for promoting your tame hygiene.

Dog Food Calculator By Breed & Weight

Dog Food Calculator By Breed & Weight

A dog’s nutritional needs depend on many factors such as its age, breed, health status, and other circumstances. However, in general, they will require a diet of between 25% to 40% protein, 25% to 35% fat, and 5%-10% cereal. Fat is needed to give the dog some thermal insulation, and the grain adds bulk.

The exact needs vary according to several factors, but a dog’s nutritional requirements do not change as it ages. The Dog Food Calculator was designed for people who are responsible for feeding their dogs or if you are helping out at an animal shelter. The calculator is not meant to provide advice or take the place of a veterinarian’s advice.

After inputting your dog’s breed and weight, you will see the recommended amount of food to feed per day. This information is provided as guidelines only and is subject to numerous variables such as activity level and metabolism. The calculator is designed for adult dogs in good health, based on average consumption data from several trusted sources.

A Pet Parent’s Guide To Feeding The World’s Best Food

A pet parent's guide to feeding the world's best food

If you own a dog, the chances are that you have been struggling to get them to eat the new food you bought. The dog may be sniffing around and growling if they see it; they may turn their head away or even eat their vomit. So, you could be eating dog food for all the wrong reasons.

The first step to ensuring your dog is eating all the food you have prepared for it is to get a good idea of what it is eating. I’m going to assume that you already know how to read labels and that you did not pay an arm and a leg to buy it. You have no idea what your pet is getting when they eat that bag or can of food.

Does it contain all the vitamins and nutrients that a dog needs? Are there ingredients that your dog should avoid or not eat, or are there ingredients that your dog should avoid altogether? The answer most likely is a resounding yes!

The chances are you had fed your dogs wet food completely wrong up until now because you may not have even known they had to eat something other than meat, and so when you went to the pet store, you bought what they recommended.

Why Dog Standing Still And Staring

Why Dog Standing Still And Staring

There are many reasons a dog can stand or sit when you ask him to. Again, they are trying to solve a problem in many cases of standing still. In these instances, they are trying to figure out how “to get that thing” or its equivalent in their heads.

They may also be listening for something either inside or outside the house. You will know the difference because a dog hearing something will be sniffing where it listened to the sound and slowly moving around trying to pinpoint it.

Another reason they stand when they hear you is because they do not want you to start another activity. They may be worried about something. They will stand and stare until you ask them to do something else. Either the dog is concerned about what you are doing, or the dog doesn’t want any part of whatever made him stop their activities.

Just Food For Dogs Feeding Guidelines – You Should Know

Just Food For Dogs Feeding Guidelines

Each packet of JFFD contains enough food for two to three meals for mid-sized dogs. If you gave your pet homemade food for years, you need to know the right portion of it. The feeding times and amounts are varied according to your pet’s age and weight. We have attached below the perfect adjustment for your regards.

Puppies Daily Food Chart

Puppies Daily Food Chart

A puppy should be fed at least 4 meals a day. While it grows, you need to give it three meals a day for 4-6 months. Just food for dogs is recommended, feeding your puppy under their weight. It would be best if you measure the weight by using digital scales. If you don’t have a scale, you need to follow a general estimate.

Typically, a speaking or a growing puppy should be fed as much food as they want to digest. Puppies over four months should be fed according to their target weight as they have fully grown. It would be best if you follow these below diet charts.

Feeding Diet Chart for Puppies <4 Months (Chicken-36 oz/ Fish-24oz)Kcal


Oz for Chicken

Cups for chicken

Oz for fishes

Cups for fishes

10 15 2.00 23 3.00
20 25 3.25 38 4.75
30 34 4.25 52 6.50
40 43 5.50 64 8.00
50 51 6.50 76 9.50
60 58 7.25 87 11.00

Feeding Diet Chart Of Puppies >4 Months (chicken-36 oz/ Fish-24 oz)/ Kcal

10 9 1.25 14 1.75
20 15 2.00 23 3.00
30 21 2.75 31 4.00
40 26 3.25 39 5.00
50 30 3.75 46 5.75
60 35 4.50 52 6.50
70 39 5.00 59 7.50
80 43 5.50 65 8.25
90 47 6.00 71 9.00
100 51 6.50 77 9.75
115 57 7.25 85 10.75
125 60 7.50 91 11.00

Feeding Instructions For Adult Dog

When you’re starting a new diet for your adult dog, it’s a good idea to weigh your dog every week or adjust their servings according to these below guidelines.

Dogs weighing under 10-20 should be feed beef on to 7-12 oz and one- 1.50 cups. The measurement for the Lambs is 6-10 oz and 0.7-1.25 cups, for chicken is 8-13 oz; 1.00-1.75 cups, for turkey 7-11 oz; 1.00-1.50 cups, and the vension you should feed your dogs 8-13 oz, 1.00-1.75 cups.

Feeding Guide For Adult Dog

Weight Chicken (Oz & Cups) Lamb (Oz & Cups) Turkey (Oz & Cups) Fish (Oz & Cups) Vension (Oz & Cups) Beef (Oz & Cups)
30-40 17-21


















50-60 25-29


















70-80 33-36



















90-100 39-43


















115-125 47-50



















125-150Oz/Cup 50-58



















1.When My Pet Seems To Be Hungry, Should I Give Him More JFFD?

Pets usually become greedier about food. The food will vary upon their weight. If you notice any unnecessary changes in your pet’s weight, you need to give him more food.

Since they’re maintaining their weight adequately, there’s no reason to feed it more. In brief, your pet usually wants to eat more, but you need to sustain its proper weight by retaining a balanced diet. It would be best if you didn’t give it more JFFD without any dictating reference of your vat.

2.How Should I Store JFFD food?

Ans: JFFD food is usually stored in the refrigerator for one year. After that, you can store it in the freezer, refrigerator, and bowl. Afterward, you can defrost the packet in the cold water or by keeping it onto the microwave, applying the defrost mode settings while you’re in a hurry. It is the safest option to store the JFFD food.

3.Can I Heat Just Food For Dogs?

Ans: Yes, you can. Some pets usually prefer to eat a warm meal. The JFFD food can be warmed over 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit, not more than above. Afterward, the manufacturer doesn’t suggest re-frozen the food. It is also suitable for your own food. If you heat the food above the recommended temperature, the taste will be unsavory or jazz.

4.How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?


  • 20g of food per 1kg of body weight per day at 4-6 months
  • 30g of food per 1kg of body weight per day at 7-9 months
  • 40g of food per 1kg of body weight per day over ten months
  • 60g of food per 1kg of body weight over 12 months
  • 120g of food over 18 months

5.What Kind Of Food Can You Buy From Just Food For Dogs?

Ans: Just Food For Dogs is a company that sells a variety of pet food. They sell natural and organic foods for dogs and cats and some specialty food for pets like fish or hamsters. There’s even diabetic food for treats. You can buy all types of raw or cooked frozen foods or grocery items, too.

Final Verdicts

You may now ask me why we should prefer JFFD food; then the answer is that this brand provides you with fresh food for dogs.

Again, they have a happy team member who gives you an extra service for dogs with a specific illness. You will also get a veterinary supplement that is absent from other brands. The above circumstances about just food for dogs feeding guide will help you maintain a balanced diet for your pet.

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