Why Does My Dog Prefer My Husband Over Me? [What’s The Reason Behind]

Like other peoples, canines have both instincts and emotions. In our social Theory, you probably heard the quotes “Love at first sight “or “The first impression is everlasting.” Sometimes we met with a person that we begin to Like or Love at first sight. So, why does my dog prefer my husband over me?

No matter how is he or she looking? On the contrary, you might meet someone whom you start to dislike from the very beginning. Perhaps your intuition is working here. Nevertheless, you don’t have any chaste logic; why did you dislike him or her.

In my opinion, dogs also do that as they are funny creatures. It does not mean that they concern less about another person they have been with. They only alter their preference list and move that person down to the Number Two position.

Can you relate to this circumstance? If yes, let’s initiate my story about why does my Dog prefers my husband over me.

My Story:

We have a nine years old dog Jack Russell, and Blue Heeler mixed. Undoubtedly my husband and I both be concerned and care about it equally. We feed her in cooperation; my hubby in the morning and I am in the afternoon.

I moved up my Dog from puppyhood and traveled with her steadily. Furthermore, I trained and loved her like a warm-hearted mother in her early stage.

I do everything for her, but she loves her Daddy, and she stays closer to me either if my hubby is not present at home or when she feels down. She might love both of us unquestionably; however, we think she has a discrete preference for my hubby’s attention, heat, and body.

My Theory, Why Does My Dog Prefer My Husband Over Me

why does my Dog prefer my husband

We can’t figure out, but an animal psychologist can outline why does my Dog prefers my husband. I presume and roughly try to understand the reason. I might be wrong either, but I have a Theory for you. I am always in there with my Dog from her childhood. If I recall my memory, what not I did for her?

I clipped her nails, arranged dog play parties, stitched strange Halloween sweaters or costumes. Likewise, food, recreation, refreshment, shower, and on top of the vet visit. Indeed, that’s all her.

On the other hand, my hubby sat and concentrated on doing his stuff. He is like the cool Dad, who never makes her eat tasteless vegetables.

That’s it! I sense my Dog welcome the calm constancy from her Daddy rather than anything that could be experienced with her human mom.

1. Another Theory, Anyway:

Since my husband taught my pet, it sees her as the pack leader. I am like her mother or sibling. I think this is not the question about meanness rather than the question of chain of command. She needs a certain amount of disciplined behavioral training that was abounding by my husband.

She might prefer my hubby not because he has done everything for her. At the same time, my partner might seem like an “Alpha male”  who behaves in a secure or threatening way with her.

According to my pet dog, conceivably, my soul mate got more power than I do. As a result, she begins to respect him highly, and Ya right you may enlighten that is different but another version of Love. This is an additional ground of why does my Dog prefer my husband.

2. How Do Dogs Decide Their Darling?

How Do Dogs Decide Their Darling

All pet owners surely want to be the Dog’s favorite like me! Feel affection from your canine is the perfect blending of your personality, attention, positive involvement, and socialization. My puppy loves me as well as she loves my husband. That does not even a contest for getting more Love from your Dog!

Suppose we are staying in two different rooms. My Dog runs to my hubby first at all times. It’s fascinating, funny, and puzzling simultaneously.

Although I take care of her more than my hubby, it’s mysterious why she prefers to expect his company? In that sense, occasionally, a dog’s desired person may not be their primary caregiver always.

I have assembled hardly any options regarding how do dogs choose their darling. Indeed all dogs are not identical, but I relate here to various generalizations. They are:

3. Socialization Experiences Matter Most:

Socialization Experiences Matter Most

At the age of canines’ birth to one year, their brain is amazingly sympathetic and hence social occurrences manipulate them for the rest of their lives. It’s significant to make sure your pet got constructive communications with a broad range of peoples or things.

Conversely, I had seen my pet be inclined to prefer men, which guide me to consider that she had more optimistic and influential experiences with male wardens.

I don’t know you may adopt your pet at their adult age. No need to be worried as I think it’s not too late to become their darling. Although early understandings are vital but continuous positive socialization vibes such as daily exercise or walk, daycare, regular play with them, etc.

Can turn your doggy cheerful than before. Hence they begin to love you, no way!

3. What Is That, Aroma?

What Is That, Aroma

Ultimately dogs have infamously superior senses of smell. They can build up their anticipation for peoples based on their odors. My hubby, who smells delightful to my pet dog, has a decent chance of being loved mutually. The fragrance of his regular perfumes may initiate the fondness.

4. Emotional Causes :

If you study the Dog’s behavior, you will see that they are many wise creatures. They are intelligent beings and emotional too. They are very compassionate to others. Additionally, dogs are smart and cute and experiences sadness or happiness alternatively.

That means their dedication can transform over time. They also feel the emotions from the other part. If you make distance towards a dog, they will begin to make distances in the direction of you.

As their loyalties and commitment are entirely dependent upon your attitude or behavior, I would say love them unconditionally and give them a comfort zone, they became your true friend too very soon.

5. Affection Increases Attachment – No Bones About It:

Affection Increases Attachment

At the moment, you have already acknowledged the fact that my doggy favors my partner who is not her chief caregiver. My puppy expends nearly all of her time with me, but I am a bit restricted to allow 50 pounds of Dog in my lap.

In comparison, my husband let her Crawl all over him. From the dogs’ point of view, they want spending quality time with them instead of quantity. I became surprised to let her do backflips whenever she sees my husband as he gives her more priority, grooming sessions, attention, and massages than me.

6. All About Nose:

All About Nose

You will be surprised to know that Dogs have more than three hundred millions of impressive nerve cells to choose up and process delicate fragrances from peoples. Let me clearly define; they can pick such smell that no human being can do.

We all have different body smells, and indeed it varies from person to person. My puppy may favor my husband’s body smell over me. And yes, this is also might be a reason why does my Dog prefers my husband over me.

Dogs Want to Get Close to Their Loved Ones

Dogs want to get close to their loved ones, and they will do anything to make that happen. Some common behaviors that dogs engage in when they want to get close to their owners include whining, cowering, and even licking. As long as your dog is behaving in a way that is safe and doesn’t disrupt your life, you should allow him or her to come closer.

There are many reasons why your dog wants to get close to you. These are-

  • Your dog is trying to express love.
  • Your dog is trying to get your attention.
  • Your dog wants to feel more secure in your home.
  • Your dog wants you to like the way he or she smells.
  • Your dog feels threatened and needs reassurance that everything is okay.

Dogs have a way of expressing their love for us in different ways, including licking, nuzzling, whining, and cowering when they are afraid of what might happen next.

Why Dogs Like To Sit On Your Lap?

Dogs like to sit on your lap for many reasons, some of which are instinctual and some of which are learned. Here are a few of the reasons why dogs like to sit on your lap:

  1. Dogs feel safe when they’re close to people, and sitting on someone’s lap allows them to feel safe and secure.
  2. Sitting on someone’s lap provides a sense of security and comfort, which can calm a dog down if they’re feeling anxious or scared.
  3. Sitting on someone’s lap feels like a big hug, and dogs love hugs!
  4. Dogs often times unconsciously mimic what their owners are doing – so if your owner usually sits down when they’re feeling weary or stressed, your dog is likely to do the same.
  5. It’s a way of getting attention from people. If you notice, your dog will inevitably try to sit on your lap when you’re watching a show or reading a book or newspaper. This also happens when you’re sitting at the computer – it’s not that your dog wants to control the computer and what you’re doing – but rather, he wants to be close to you and in “your face.”

Why Don’t Dogs Feel Comfortable Sleeping with Strangers?

There might be many reasons why your dog doesn’t feel comfortable sleeping with strangers. These are-

  1. Your dog is scared – It’s always an issue to find yourself sleeping with a stranger. It makes your dog feel uneasy and scared because they don’t know what might come next.
  2. It might not be possible for a stranger to remember the routines of your dog. The dog could just not feel comfortable with somebody with who they are unfamiliar, and they don’t know the way that he responds or reacts.
  3. The smell of a stranger – A stranger might have a different smell compared to the owner of the house, and it may affect the dog. If the dog doesn’t like the smell, then it will not sleep with the stranger.
  4. Your dog might be comfortable with your friends and family but not strangers – Since your dog would be used to you and also your friends and family, he/she cannot get used to a stranger.
  5. A stranger might not be able to play with your dog in the same way that you do – Moreover, if a stranger tries to pat your dog rather than give him a treat, this could also cause many problems for your pet.

Should I Let the Dog Sleep In My Bed?

Crate and toilet training should be completed before allowing a dog to sleep on your bed. If your dog has been potty-trained, you can let your dog sleep in your bed. There are many reasons you may want your dog to sleep in your bed. However, it is not a good idea. Some reasons you may want your dog to sleep in your bed include:

  • You want your dog to feel comfortable with being alone in the house.
  • You don’t have a crate, but your dog often cries in the crate when left alone.
  • It’s difficult to crate your dog due to its size.


1. How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

Dogs are pack animals. When they find their favorite person, they show a strong interest in that person right away. Dogs choose their favorite person by-.

  • Positive Interactions
  • Socialization
  • Attention

2. How To Encourage My Dog To Sleep With Both My Husband And Me?

The best way to encourage your dog to sleep with both you and your husband will depend on the individual dog and how you treat them.

However, it may be very helpful to reward your dog when it sleeps with both of you, providing it with a comfortable sleeping arrangement and being firm but gentle when correcting its behavior. Ultimately, the key is consistency and patience. If you keep at it and remain calm, eventually, your dog will learn that sleeping with both of you is a good thing.

3. Do Dogs Get Embarrassed When They Fart?

No, they don’t. Dogs are different from humans; they don’t have the same kind of feeling that humans have. Farts are just smelly air, so it doesn’t take much to get a dog’s attention when they break wind.

Some people think that dogs might feel embarrassed because human owners will often react like their dog has done something bad, but this isn’t the case.

4. Do Dogs Know When Your Pooping?

Dogs can smell your poop, but they don’t care. They don’t care because they poop and pee too. Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. That’s why we train them to sniff for things like bombs and drugs. They are able to smell your poop as much as you can. In this case, that means every single time you wipe. And because they have a very high sense of smell, they do not find it gross or offensive as we do.

5. Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Clothes And Not His Bed?

There are some good reasons your pup might be sleeping on your clothes and not on his bed. However, the main reason is your clothes have your smell on them. Dogs are highly sensitive to scents, and they like this because it’s comforting.

This is also something they’ve grown accustomed to when you’re out all day, but your dog still needs the company of a human being, so he might be sleeping on your clothes because he doesn’t want to sleep on his bed by himself. They also feel safe around your smell.

Wrapping Up:

Finally, just like versatile peoples with their personality and mannerism, dogs have their own identity. They have got unique likings, disliking, taste, and on top of that, the ability to make a preference.

Personally, I assume calm dogs might love to prefer introverted peoples. In opposition, active and outgoing dogs might select an extrovert, outspoken and lively persons on their preference list.

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