How To Teach The Quiet Command To Your Dog? [Pet Training]

It is a good thing to learn how to control your dog by command. Showing a trick or two with your dog in front of the guests or neighbors is very fun. Dogs are very intelligent animals.

If we can learn to see through the workings in their minds, we can train them many commands. Dogs can bark for many reasons. Sometimes, it isn’t very pleasant, particularly in front of guests or children. Your dog’s bark can scare off the children or visitors at your door. But if you can train your puppy to stop barking whenever you command, isn’t it be wonderful?

Yes, of course, it is possible to train them and work them as you wish. How to teach the quiet command to your dog? Worry not; we are here to train your dog. The topics we will discuss are right below.

  • How to teach the quiet command?
  • Barking Dog? Some essential ways of keeping a dog from barking.

Without further delay, let’s jump to the main article.

How To Teach The Quiet Command To Your Dog

How To Teach The Quiet Command To Your Dog In 4 Easy Ways

How To Teach The Quiet Command To Your Dog In 4 Easy Ways

Controlling your dog by commands is not a very difficult thing to master. It takes round about a week or two to train your dog a move. It is a fun trick, and it boosts your mastery. Sometimes, dogs make a lot of noise by barking, which is annoying in front of the guests, as we mentioned earlier. So, it is pretty useful to command and make them quiet. Likewise, it also helps teach them to bark at command. Let’s learn the tricks by following the tips right below.

1. Treat Your Dog

Dogs are living beings. They have feelings of happiness and sorrow like human beings. It is the key to use their happiness as a way of training them. The main thing of training a dog is to give treats. And adore them if they do well. We need to use the treats, favorite foods or toys, to work them as we wish.

For example, make your dog do something, then give it a favorite food. In this way, your dog will do the same thing to get the food it likes. Once comes a time when it no longer requires to give it the treat, it will work as your command without the treat.

2. Command Quiet

Command Quiet Dog

There is no hard and fast rule to train a dog. You have to evaluate the animal behavior, how your dog responds. To train a dog depends on your way, your confidence, the dog’s ability to learn, etc. so, you can make a conscious effort to train your dog to be quiet, knowing what you are doing to play with the dog’s mind. But like we said, treat is a must.

  • To teach a dog the quiet command, you need to use the time when it barks. Sometimes, please leash your dog at the time of training so that you can get more control over your dog. So, when your dog starts barking, hold a treat before the dog. But do not give it.
  • If your dog continues barking, hold the treat. Then when it stops, give the treat. Please give the treat about three seconds after it stops. The idea is that you have to make the dog realize why it is getting the treat.
  • Please do not make it understand that it is getting the treat for barking. So, treat the dog for being quiet. Do this same process for several days.
  • Now, you have to move towards the next stage. While your dog is barking, hold a treat before it, and say the word stop. You can also use any hand gesture with the verbal command. But remember, you have to use the same command and gesture loud and clear every time.
  • So, command to stop by raising a hand. When it stops, about three seconds later, treat the dog. Do this same process for several days.
  • Now is the time to remove the treat. While your dog is barking, give it your attention and say the command stop by using the same gesture.
  • And here it is. Your dog will become quiet, even if you are not treating it. Congratulations, your dog is now well trained to be quiet under your command.

3. Command Speak

It is a good and fun idea to train your dog another move that is to make it bark whenever you want. Speak and Quiet combining make it a complete training. Wouldn’t it be nice if you say speak, or sing, or any word you wish to choose, and the dog starts to bark?

Then again, say the quiet command, and it cools down. Moreover, you can use the speak command to scare off the naughty children or intruders out of your property. Here are the steps to push your dog to sing.

  1. Remember, do not try to teach two commands at the same time, at the very beginning. It can make things complicated for the dog. Use a unique sounding command. Use distinct commands and gestures for each training.
  2. You can use a command to speak, sing, talk, or bark as you prefer. Command it clearly so that your puppy does not become confused.
  3. Now treat the dog for barking. Treat the dog immediately when it barks. Continue doing it for several days so that it can understand why it is getting the treat.
  4. After some days, say the speak command along with the treat whenever it is barking. If it stops barking by hearing your command, do not give the treat. Give it only when it continues barking.
  5. Gradually it will understand that speak, talk, or sing means to continue barking so that it can get the treat. Again, it can understand that quiet, stop, or hush means to stop barking; only then can it get the praise.
  6. Once the dog has learned both the quiet and speak commands, it is time to try them both. It is the final stage to master your dog. Say the speak command, make your dog bark for several rounds, and then say the quiet command while barking. If the dog stops after hearing the quiet command, here we go; your dog is quite a learner.

4. Clicker Train

A clicker is dog-training equipment. The sound of a clicker act as the verbal command. You can find a clicker at almost every pet shop. This device makes a sound like a click. This sound is more effective, clear, and accurate than verbal commands.

It is proved that training with a clicker is easier. This type of training does not eliminate treating the dog. Rather, it uses treat as well. Let’s learn in brief how to train a dog with the clicker.

  • First, you have to introduce the dog with the clicker. To do this, take the help of a treat. Click the device near the dog and give it a treat. Do this process for several days until the dog seems to understand the benefit of clicking.
  • Remember to give a treat after every click. If not, the clicker will lose its effectiveness.
  • When the dog is busy with something, or barking, use the clicker. Maybe your dog will notice the sound. If the dog listens, then your dog is ready for the next stage.
  • Now appreciate the dog for doing what you want with a click. For example, if you want the dog to be quiet while barking, say the quiet command. If it stops, then do a click and treat the dog. Do it round and round again every day. Once, the dog will understand that a click will come and bring the treat if it stops barking.

Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog

Essential Dog Commands To Teach Your Dog

Do you want to teach your dog some essential commands but are not sure where to start? Here are some essential commands to teach your dog-

  • Heel – teach your dog to sit and follow you straight back
  • Sit – teach your dog to sit on command
  • Stay – teach your dog to stay on command; if he jumps up, just tell him “No” and then stand again.
  • Wait – teach your dog to wait on command; this is important so that he learns the word in a timely manner.
  • Drop – teach your dogs to drop anything they are holding in their mouth when you tell them
  • Take It and Drop It – teach your dog to take an object from a person, e.g., a ball, and to drop it on command elsewhere.
  • No – teach your dog the no command by saying “No” when he does something bad and then rewarding him for not doing it again.
  • Down or Lie Down – teach your dog to lie down on command; you can also teach him to go down on command by using the word “Get Down.”
  • Watch Me or Look – teach your dog to look at you on command
  • Speak – teach your dog to bark on command, and this is an important safety detail if he ever gets lost.

Barking Dog? Some Effective Ways Of Keeping A Dog From Barking

Barking Dog? Some Effective Ways Of Keeping A Dog From Barking

If it is a dog, it will bark. But if it becomes excessive, then it isn’t comforting. Your neighbors are not going to be happy with a barking dog. Think of a busy day at work. You return home and deserve a cool and calm rest. But your dog continues to bark. So, an overly barking dog is a problem and needs to be taken care of.

Think about the dog for a second, why it is barking. Yes, because it is in some discomfort. We have to understand the dog, find out the cause and issue with the dog. Then we must try to remove the discomfort of it. It is more of a human way of dealing with a barking dog. First, let’s find out why a dog can overly bark, then we will figure out the solutions.

Why A Dog Barks?

Why A Dog Barks

A dog can bark for behavioral issues or health issues. Let’s make a list of some causes a dog can bark right below.

1. Heath Issue: Dogs express they are in pain or having health issues by barking. For the unbearable pain, they want your attention. You can confirm it by checking the dog. Look for a wounded place on the body. Finding a wound on the body would confirm the health issue.

2. Territory: Territorialism is a common behavioral trait found in dogs. Every dog makes its territory. Your dog’s territory can be your whole house, or indoor, or inside the bedroom. It wants to protect it from other animals or unknown humans. So, being possessive of its territory, and dog can bark overly.

3. Fear: A dog can bark because it is frightened because of something. The fearful thing can be any object, humans, or loud noise, etc.

4. Alone: Loneliness is another reason a dog keeps on barking. Maybe you leave your dog alone for long hours, and it does not like it. It needs your company. To ensure that your dog needs company, you can search for possible symptoms, scratching your legs or furniture. Maybe it wants another dog.

5. Age: An aging dog can suffer from lack of eye-sight, aches, Alzheimer’s, or deafness. In response to its aging illness, it can bark overly.

Training Your Dog to Speak and Quiet

Training Your Dog to Speak and Quiet

You’ll need a few small, tasty dog treats or your dog’s favorite toy to start the training. Rewards need to be substantial and received right away. You must convince your dog that the activity is worthwhile. The ideal training rewards are little liver treats, bits of chicken, or something similar.

One way to teach this is to start by playing a game in which the dog barks on command but never gets rewarded for it. This teaches the dog that barking isn’t worth anything. The next step is to ask your dog to bark on command and then immediately reward him for doing so.

Other techniques teach your dog to speak and be quiet, too. One is a scatting command game in which you hold out a treat or toy and command the dog to either bark or quiet. When she does so, give her the reward.

Some Effective Ways Of Keeping A Dog From Barking


Like we said, removing a dog’s discomfort is the human way of keeping it from barking. Do not think of a Dog Collar or some similar process. It is quite inhuman. A dog collar cannot give you a solution. It only makes the dog suffer more.

A dog collar activates when a dog barks or by the vibration of its vocal cords and gives the dog a shock to make it stop barking. Please do me a favor; tie the dog collar with the neck of the dog owners who use the dog collar! By removing the discomforts of a dog, we can keep it from barking. We are discussing some tips right below.

A) Veterinarian

The first thing you have to do is visit the vet, even if you are not sure that the cause of the barking is a health issue. Consult with a doctor and eliminate the possibility of a health issue firsthand. If it is a health issue, the vet can help it out. If not, he can make valuable suggestions by evaluating the condition of the dog.

B) Pinpoint Problem

Try to understand and pinpoint what is causing the dog to bark overly. Look for the possible reasons for territorialism, fear, or loneliness. After finding the cause, remove it. Make the territory of your dog secure. Give it more company or the company of another dog to remove the loneliness.

C) Shift The Focus

It is a good idea to shift the focus of your dog while it is barking. You can do it by bringing some favorite toys or favorite foods. Or make a loud noise by something to distract it from barking. Remember to discourage it from barking and encourage it for being a good kid. Make the dog exercise a lot, so it no longer needs to bark for costing the pent-up energy.

D) Avoid

Remember, a barking dog means the dog is in some trouble. You can only stop it barking by helping it out of the trouble. For this reason, never shout at a barking dog. It is not going to work. Never beat your dog.

What kind of human beats an animal! Please do not yell at your dog, rather go near it and adore it; try to understand the reason. Do not ever use a shock collar or something like that, as we mentioned earlier.

E) Professional Help

Try to get professional help. If there is a health issue, of course, the vet will help it out. But consult with an animal behaviorist if the dog has a behavioral issue.

The animal psychiatrist will try to understand the dog’s behavior, environment, the relation between you and the dog, and many more things to plan how to help the poor puppy.

Final Verdict

If it is a dog, it will bark for sure. Too much barking is sometimes disturbing. It is why we need to train our dogs the quiet command to stop barking whenever we want. We need to take advantage of the dog’s likeness, treat and praise, to train it. It is wise to understand the inner happenings and use them to teach the dog some moves.

Again, we can use the clicker more effectively to train a dog. Some dogs bark excessively. It can happen for many reasons. We need to figure out the barking reasons and sort them out one by one. It is the human way of keeping a dog from barking. Don’t be inhuman by using a dog collar. Finally, never forget to take the help of a vet and professionals to help your dog. I hope now you know how to teach the quiet command to your dog.


How To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking?

Your dog may learn to stop barking at your command with proper training. Say “Quiet” in a strong, calm voice while your dog is barking. If they only pause to catch their breath, wait until they stop barking before rewarding them with a goodie. Just be cautious not to encourage them to bark by doing so.

How To Train Your Dog To Be Quiet?

Dog barking is usually annoying to you and others around. Many people do not like dogs barking, especially when they are out for a walk or at the park. If your dog barks, you can get him to stop by giving him a treat or a play session. Or even just teaching him to sit with a treat in his mouth.

What Do I Need To Know Before I Try To Stop My Dog From Barking?

Teaching your dog the “quiet command” in a calm, firm voice and rewarding excellent behavior with goodies or belly rubs helps stop a dog from barking. When your dog is barking, do not yell at him; this will simply make him more aggressive.

How Do You Teach Your Dog The Quiet Command?

Rewarding your dog for being quiet is the key to teaching them the quiet command. Even if your dog stops barking for a few seconds to gather its breath, this may be done right away. Although it may take some trial and error until you find the ideal time, at first, it will seem as if you are rewarding your dog for barking.

What Are The 7 Dog Training Commands For A Dog?

Off, leave, Heel, come, stay, lay down and sit are the 7 dog training commands for a dog. These commands teach your dog what he or she should do when you speak the command in different settings and during various times of the day.

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