Schnauzer Basset Hound Mix – Everything You Need To Know

The Schnauzer Basset Hound Mix, a Schmoozer, is a unique and fascinating breed recently gaining popularity. This breed is a cross between a purebred Schnauzer and a purebred Basset Hound, resulting in various unique characteristics that make them stand out from other dog breeds.

Schmoozers are popular for their affectionate nature, loyalty, and intelligence, making them a great addition to any home. Here we will dive deeper into the Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix’s origins, physical characteristics, personality traits, and general care requirements. We will also discuss some of the challenges and benefits of owning one of these dogs and provide tips and advice for potential owners considering adding a Schmoozer to their family.

Schnauzer Basset Hound Mix

About  Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix

About  Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix

The Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix crosses two popular dog breeds – the Schnauzer and the Basset Hound. While these breeds are known for their characteristic basset tones, this breed has a mix of both types of dogs.

The Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix crosses between a Basset Hound and a Miniature Schnauzer. The mix is not a purebred dog and is considered a designer dog. The mix is a medium to small dog typically weighing between 30 and 50 pounds.

The Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix height ranges from 12 to 15 inches at the shoulder. The coat of the Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix is short, thick, and wiry. The coat is black, brown, or silver with Basset Hound-like markings. The mix is an obedient, loving, and loyal dog that makes a great companion for families with children.


  •  A Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix, also known as a Schnauzer Basset, is a unique hybrid breed that combines the traits of both parent breeds.
  • They typically have a medium-sized body with a short, stocky build, similar to the Basset Hound.
  • Their coat can vary but is usually medium length and may be wiry or smooth.
  • Common colors include black, salt and pepper, or brindle.
  • Schnauzer Bassets are known for their expressive eyes and floppy ears hanging low on their faces.
  • They are generally friendly and affectionate dogs who enjoy being around people and other animals.
  • These mixes are intelligent and trainable, although they may inherit stubbornness from their Basset Hound parent.
  • Regular exercise is important for this breed to stimulate them physically and mentally.
  • Schnauzer Bassets make loyal family pets and can adapt well to various living environments. 

Things to Know Before Owning a Schnauzer Basset Hound Mix

Things to Know Before Owning a Schnauzer Basset Hound Mix

The Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix is an intelligent, loyal dog who can sometimes be stubborn. It has a lot of energy and loves to play fetch or run around – both indoors and outdoors. It’s also easy to train, making it an ideal choice for families with children. However, there are a few things that you need to know before deciding to get one.

  1. Name: Schnauzer Basset Hound The Bowzer
  2. Scientific Name: Not found
  3. Other Names: The Bowzer
  4. Origin: United States
  5. Color: Brown, white, silver, black, tan, cream, brindle
  6. Height: Around 13 to 15 inches
  7. Weight: up to 50 pounds
  8. Skin Type: have curly hair
  9. Temperament: Relaxed, loving, gentle Trainability: quite easy to train
  10. Life Expectancy: 10-12 years
  11. Price: $500 and $1200

History & Origin

The Bowzer, also known as a Schnauzett, is a hybrid breed that combines the characteristics of the Schnauzer and Basset Hound breeds. While these mixed breeds don’t have a long history like some purebred dogs, they have gained popularity recently due to their unique appearance and friendly nature.

The origins of the Bowzer can be traced back to the United States, where breeders started crossing these two breeds to create a dog with the Schnauzer’s intelligence and the Basset Hound’s laid-back temperament.


These dogs typically have a medium to large size, with a sturdy and muscular build. They have a long body like a Basset Hound but shorter legs like a Schnauzer. Their ears can vary, with some having the long, floppy ears of a Basset Hound and others having the erect ears of a Schnauzer.

Their coat is usually short and dense, with colors ranging from black, brown, or grey to combinations of white and these colors. Overall, the appearance of the Bowzer is charming and distinctive, making it an eye-catching pet for dog lovers.


The shedding of a Bowzer can vary from dog to dog. Some individuals may have minimal shedding, while others may shed more frequently. This mixed breed typically has a double coat consisting of a dense undercoat and a wiry topcoat. Regular grooming, such as brushing and occasional hand-stripping, can help to minimize shedding and keep the coat healthy.

It is also important to note that diet, overall health, and seasonal changes can influence the amount of shedding in this breed mix. If you are considering bringing The Bowzer into your home, it is important to be prepared for potential shedding and to establish a regular grooming routine to keep the coat looking its best.


The Bowzer is known for its friendly and sociable temperament. These dogs are typically affectionate, loyal, and good-natured, making them great companions for individuals and families. They have a playful side and enjoy spending time with their owners, whether going for a walk or simply cuddling on the couch.

However, it’s important to note that individual temperaments can vary, as these dogs inherit traits from the Schnauzer and Basset Hound breeds. As with any mixed-breed dog, early socialization and training are key to ensuring a well-rounded and well-behaved pet.

Life Span

The life span of the Bowzer can vary depending on several factors, including genetics, overall health, and lifestyle. On average, these mixed-breed dogs have a life expectancy of around 10 to 12 years. It is important to note that individual dogs may live longer or shorter lives than the average.

To ensure your Schnauzer Basset Hound Mix has the best chance at a long and healthy life, provide them with regular veterinary care, a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and lots of love and attention.

Activity Level

The activity level of a Bowzer can vary depending on the individual dog. Both Schnauzers and Basset Hounds are known for being moderately active breeds, so their mix will likely have a moderate activity level. They will enjoy daily walks and playtime but may not require as much exercise as some higher-energy breeds.

It is important to provide them with mental stimulation and regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. However, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian or a professional dog trainer to determine the specific needs of your Schnauzer Basset Hound Mix and create an appropriate exercise routine.

Types of Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix

Types of Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix

There are several types of Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are some of the most common types. No matter which type of Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix you choose, providing them with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization is important to ensure they grow into well-rounded and happy dogs.

Miniature Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix: This mix combines the small size and playful personality of the Miniature Schnauzer with the laid-back nature of the Basset Hound. They are usually friendly, affectionate, and good with children.

Standard Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix: This mix is a larger breed that combines the intelligence and loyalty of the Standard Schnauzer with the calm and gentle nature of the Basset Hound. They make great family pets and are known for their protective instincts.

Giant Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix: This mix is a larger breed that combines the size and strength of the Giant Schnauzer with the easygoing nature of the Basset Hound. They are typically intelligent, loyal, and protective.

Size & Weight Chart

  • Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes are medium-sized dogs, typically weighing 30 to 60 pounds.
  • The height of a Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix can range from 12 to 18 inches at the shoulder.
  • Their size and weight can vary depending on the individual dog and the traits they inherit from their parent breeds.

Growth Chart

  • Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix dogs typically reach their full size and weight between 12 to 18 months old.
  • On average, adult Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix dogs can weigh anywhere from 25 to 60 pounds, depending on the individual dog’s genetics.
  • These mixed breed dogs are known for their medium to large size, with a height ranging from 12 to 18 inches at the shoulder.
  • It is important to note that each dog is unique and may not fit exactly within these ranges. Diet, exercise, and overall health can also influence a dog’s growth and size.

Feeding Chart of Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix

Feeding Chart of Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix

  • Puppies (8 weeks to 6 months): Feed 3 to 4 times a day, with each meal consisting of about 1/2 to 1 cup of high-quality puppy food.
  • Adult dogs (6 months to 7 years): Feed 2 times a day, with each meal consisting of about 1 to 2 cups of high-quality adult dog food.
  • Senior dogs (7 years and older): Feed 2 times a day, with each meal consisting of about 1/2 to 1 cup of senior dog food specifically formulated for their needs.

It is important to note that the feeding amounts may vary depending on your individual dog’s age, weight, activity level, and overall health. Monitor your dog’s body condition and adjust the portion sizes to maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, always provide fresh water for your Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix and consult your veterinarian for personalized feeding recommendations.

Food & Diet Requirements

Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix Food & Diet Requirements

Providing a balanced and nutritious diet is important for feeding a Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix. Here are some food and diet requirements to keep in mind for your Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix. Following these food and diet requirements can help ensure that your Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix stays happy and healthy throughout your life.

High-quality dog food: Choose a high-quality dog food specifically formulated for medium-sized breeds. Look for a brand that uses real meat as the first ingredient and avoids fillers or artificial additives.

Portion control: Be mindful of portion sizes to prevent overfeeding and maintain a healthy weight. Follow the feeding recommendations on the dog food packaging and adjust as needed based on your dog’s age, activity level, and overall health.

Avoid overfeeding treats: While spoiling your furry friend with treats is tempting, be mindful of how many you give them. Treats should make up no more than 10% of their daily caloric intake to avoid excessive weight gain.

Hydration: Always provide fresh water to keep your Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix hydrated. Consider investing in a spill-proof water bowl to prevent messes.

Regular veterinary check-ups: Regular visits to the veterinarian are essential for monitoring your dog’s overall health and ensuring they receive the right nutrition for their specific needs.


Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes are a versatile breed that can train to do various things, including guarding property, detecting narcotics or explosives, and apprehending criminals. Undoubtedly, Schnauzers make great companions, but they’re not just lazy dogs. They’re known for their hearty appetite and love of exercise. Some of the most common tasks that Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes to do include:

  1. Monitoring security footage
  2. Protecting homes from burglars
  3. Tracking down lost items
  4. Escorting people or animals


Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes are lively and excitable dogs, and they can be difficult to settle down once they get excited. As a result, it’s important to teach your Schnauzer how to groom properly so that he doesn’t damage his coat or create messes in your home. Here are some tips for grooming a schnauzer:

  • Brush his coat regularly using a coarse brush.
  • Trim his hair close to the skin using scissors or a clipper.
  • Remove excess undercoat and dander using a bathing tub, vacuum cleaner, or special shampoo designed for this purpose.

Health Issues

Like all mixed breed dogs, the Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix may be prone to certain health issues. While it is impossible to predict exactly what health problems a specific dog may encounter, there are some common health concerns that are common in both the Schnauzer and Basset Hound breeds.

Providing your dog with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is important to maintain their overall well-being. By being aware of these potential health concerns and taking proactive measures to ensure your dog’s health, you can help your Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix live a happy and healthy life. You should be aware of a few Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix health issues. These include:

  1. Hip dysplasia is a common congenital disorder affecting the dog’s pelvis and spine joints. It usually manifests during the puppy stage but can also develop later in life. Treatment typically involves surgery to correct the problem.
  2. Deafness: This is a serious problem that results in difficulty hearing and communicating with other people and animals. It affects around 1 in 10 dogs and consults in basset hounds. There is no known cure, but treatment typically involves a combination of medication and training to help the dog learn how to communicate better.
  3. Thyroid problems occur when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones. Symptoms include weight gain, lethargy, poor coat quality, increased thirst and urination, and feverishness. Treatment typically involves taking thyroid medication for your dog’s life.

How to Adopt Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix

How to Adopt Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix

Adopting a Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix can be a wonderful experience for any dog lover. If you are interested in adding this unique and adorable breed to your family, here are some steps to help you through the adoption process:

  • Research reputable rescues or shelters that specialize in mixed-breed dogs.
  • Contact the rescue or shelter to inquire about any Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes available for adoption.
  • Fill out an adoption application and provide any necessary documentation, such as references or proof of home ownership.
  • Schedule a meet and greet with the dog to ensure compatibility and learn their personality.
  • If approved, pay the adoption fee and complete any necessary paperwork.
  • Prepare your home for the new addition by setting up a comfortable space with food, water, toys, and bedding.
  • Gradually introduce your new Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix to their new environment and family members.
  • Provide plenty of love, attention, and training to help your new pet adjust to their new home.

By following these steps, you can find yourself with a loving and loyal companion in no time.

Popular Names For

  • Schnauzer
  • Bassetzer
  • Schnauzbass
  • Houndshnauz
  • Schnaubasset

Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix Breeding Cost Breeding Cost

Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix Breeding Cost Breeding Cost

  • The cost of breeding a Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix can vary depending on the location, breeder reputation, and the health and pedigree of the parent dogs.
  • The cost of breeding a Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix can range from $500 to $1500.
  • This cost typically includes pre-breeding health checks, stud fees, artificial insemination (if required), prenatal care for the mother dog, and postnatal care for the puppies.
  • Additional costs may include vaccinations, microchipping, deworming, and necessary veterinary care for the puppies before they return to their new homes.
  • It is important to note that breeding should only be done by responsible and experienced breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of the parent dogs and their offspring.

Pros and Cons

When considering getting a Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix as a pet, weighing the pros and cons is important. Here are some key points to consider. As with any decision regarding pet ownership, it’s important to thoroughly research the breed mix and consider your own lifestyle before making a final decision.


  • Adorable Appearance: The Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix, also known as a Schnasset, can inherit the cute features of both parent breeds, with the floppy ears of the Basset Hound and the signature Schnauzer beard.
  • Friendly and Affectionate: Schnauzers and Basset Hounds are known for their friendly and affectionate nature. This mix is likely to be loving and loyal to its family members.
  • Moderate Exercise Needs: While Basset Hounds tend to be lazy, Schnauzers are more active. As a mix, the Schnasset may have moderate exercise needs that can be met with regular walks and playtime.


  • Potential Health Issues: As with any mixed breed dog, there is a chance for inheriting health issues from either parent breed. Common health concerns for Schnauzers include eye problems and skin allergies, while Basset Hounds are prone to ear infections and back problems.
  • Grooming Requirements: Both Schnauzers and Basset Hounds require regular grooming. The Schnasset may inherit the wiry coat of the Schnauzer or the short coat of the Basset Hound, both of which require maintenance.
  • Stubbornness: Both parent breeds can sometimes be stubborn, meaning training a Schnausset may require patience and consistency.

Quick Facts About The Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix

Many Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes exist in the world, but not all are created equal. A Basset Hound mix requires more frequent ear cleaning, while a Schnauzer mix may require regular curly coat trimming.

Proper training and socialization are also important to ensure they are well-behaved and friendly with humans and other animals. To help you find the perfect dog for you, here are some quick facts about this popular mix breed:

  1. Schnauzers and bassets make an excellent team because they have similar personality traits. They both love to play hard and run, which is great exercise.
  2. This mix breed is typically healthy and has a long life expectancy. However, like any other dog, there may be minor health concerns unique to this combination that should be monitored by a veterinarian regularly.
  3. The Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix makes a good family pet because it is gentle with children and tolerates other pets well. It also gets along well with other dogs if raised together from puppyhood.


The Schnauzer Basset Hound Mix is a unique and lovable breed that combines the best traits of both parent breeds. These dogs are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, making them great companions for individuals and families. With their low-shedding coat and moderate exercise needs, they are relatively easy to care for.

However, regular mental and physical stimulation is important to keep them happy and healthy. If you’re considering adding a Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix to your family, be prepared for a lifetime of love, laughter, and endless cuddles. Hope now you know everything about Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mix.


Do Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes Make Good Family Pets?

Yes, Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes make good family pets. They are intelligent, loyal, and loving dogs that make great companions. They are also good with children and other pets, making them a perfect addition to any family.

What Kind Of Temperament Do Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes Have?

Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes have a loyal and loving temperament. They are great with children and other pets. They are also very intelligent and easily trained.

Yes, Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes are relatively easy to train. They are intelligent dogs that are eager to please their owners. However, they can sometimes be stubborn and require patience and consistency during training.

Yes, Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes are relatively easy to train. They are intelligent dogs that are eager to please their owners. However, they can sometimes be stubborn and require patience and consistency during training.

Do Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes Shed A Lot?

Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes, like all dogs, shed some hair. The amount of shedding depends on the dog’s coat type and how often they brush it. Some Basset Hounds shed more than others, and some Schnauzers shed more.

What Are Some Common Health Problems Associated With Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes?

A few health problems are associated with Schnauzer-Basset Hound Mixes, including obesity, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy. Obesity is often caused by overfeeding and lack of exercise, leading to many other health problems. Hip dysplasia is a condition that affects the hip joint. Epilepsy is a neurological condition that can cause seizures.

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