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Schnauzers are a highly intelligent and loyal breed with a reputation for being devoted to their owners. Why do Schnauzers follow you everywhere? This is a common question among potential dog owners considering bringing a Schnauzer into their home.

Schnauzers were originally bred to be working dogs, and they are known for their strong work ethic and desire to please their owners. This loyalty and devotion often translate into a desire to always be close to their owners, leading to Schnauzers following their owners everywhere they go.

While this behavior can be endearing, it’s important for prospective owners to understand that it may not be suitable for everyone. If you value your personal space and independence, a Schnauzer may not be the right breed for you. However, a Schnauzer may be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a dog who will be your constant companion and loyal friend. Do Schnauzers Follow You Everywhere


The Loyal Nature Of Schnauzers

The Loyal Nature Of Schnauzers

People consider Schnauzers a popular dog breed due to their loyalty and affectionate nature. German breeders initially bred these dogs for guarding and rating purposes. They quickly became popular as family pets due to their friendly and loyal personalities.

One of the defining characteristics of Schnauzers is their unwavering loyalty to their owners. People choose Schnauzers for their intelligence, energy, and loyalty. The breed comes in three sizes: miniature, standard, and giant, each with its own unique characteristics, but all known for their intelligence.

In addition to their loyalty, Schnauzers are also highly intelligent dogs. They are quick learners and respond well to training. This makes them a great choice for families looking for a loyal dog and easy to train.

Reasons Why Do Schnauzers Follow You Everywhere?

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Schnauzers are a dog breed known for their loyalty and affectionate nature. They are often called “velcro dogs” because they love always being with their owners. One of the reasons why schnauzers follow you everywhere is because they are pack animals. They feel a strong sense of belonging and connection to their family and want always to stay close to them.

By staying close to their owners, schnauzers can watch their surroundings and alert their families of possible danger. Schnauzers are incredibly loyal and loving companions that will always be by your side. Here are details explaining why do schnauzers follow you everywhere.

Schnauzer’s Social Nature

One of the main reasons why Schnauzers follow you everywhere is their social nature. Schnauzers are very social dogs that enjoy being around people and other animals. They crave companionship and interaction and do not like being alone or isolated. They follow you everywhere to be part of your life and share your experiences. Also, They want to show you their love and appreciation and receive your attention and affection.

Pack Instincts And Attachment

Another reason why Schnauzers follow you everywhere is their pack instincts and attachment. Schnauzers are descendants of wolves and have inherited some of their pack behaviors. They view their owners as their pack leaders and want to stay close to them for guidance and protection.

Also, They form strong attachments to their owners and see them as family members. They follow you everywhere to maintain their bond and ensure your safety and well-being.

Loyalty And Affection

Loyalty And Affection

A related reason why Schnauzers follow you everywhere is their loyalty and affection. Schnauzers are very loyal dogs that are faithful and dedicated to their owners. They will do anything to please their owners and make them happy. Also, They are very affectionate dogs that love to cuddle and snuggle with their owners. They follow you everywhere to express loyalty and affection and receive your praise and approval.

Security And Comfort

Another reason why Schnauzers follow you everywhere is their security and comfort. Susceptible dogs like Schnauzers can feel startled or scared by loud noises, unfamiliar people, or strange situations.

They may also suffer from anxiety or stress due to various factors, such as changes in routine, environment, or family. They follow you everywhere because they feel more secure and comfortable with you. You provide calmness and stability and help them cope with their fears or worries.

Separation Anxiety In Schnauzers

A possible reason why Schnauzers follow you everywhere is separation anxiety. Due to separation anxiety, dogs become distressed or panicked when separated from their owners or left alone for a long time. It can manifest in various symptoms, such as barking, whining, pacing, chewing, digging, or escaping.

Various factors, such as lack of socialization, traumatic experiences, genetic predisposition, or illness, can cause separation anxiety. Schnauzers may follow you everywhere because they have separation anxiety and fear you will leave or abandon them.

Attention-Seeking Behavior

Attention-Seeking Behavior

Another possible reason why Schnauzers follow you everywhere is attention-seeking behavior. Attention-seeking behavior aims to get the owner’s or other people’s attention by doing something positive or negative. It can be motivated by various factors, such as boredom, loneliness, excitement, or jealousy. Schnauzers may follow you everywhere because they are attention-seeking and want to get your attention by being cute, funny, or naughty.

Curiosity And Exploration

A final reason why Schnauzers follow you everywhere is curiosity and exploration. Schnauzers are very curious dogs that like to explore new things and learn new information. They have a keen sense of smell, sight, hearing, and taste that help them discover the world around them. They follow you everywhere because they are curious about what you are doing or where you are going. Also, They want to join you in your adventures and have fun with you.

Training And Bonding

While following you everywhere can be a sign of love and loyalty from your Schnauzer, it can also become a problem if it is excessive or inappropriate. For example, it can interfere with your privacy, personal space, or daily activities. It can also indicate an underlying issue that needs to be addressed, such as separation anxiety or attention-seeking behavior.

Therefore, it is important to train your Schnauzer to follow you only when appropriate or necessary and to stay in a designated place when it is not. Training your Schnauzer to follow you or stay in place can be done using positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats, toys, praise, or clicker training.

You can teach your Schnauzer commands such as “come”, “stay”, “heel”, or “go to your bed” that tell them when to follow you or stay in place. You can also use cues such as a leash, a collar, or a crate that signal them when to follow you or stay in place. Also, You can use distractions such as chew toys, puzzle toys, or music that keep them occupied and entertained when they are not following you.

Managing Follow-Me Behavior

Managing Follow-Me Behavior

In addition to training your Schnauzer to follow you or stay in place, there are other ways to manage their follow-me behavior and prevent it from becoming problematic. Providing adequate physical and mental exercise means giving your Schnauzer enough opportunities to burn off their energy and challenge their mind, such as walking, running, playing, or training.

This can prevent boredom, frustration, and behavioral problems that can cause them to follow you everywhere. Providing proper nutrition and health care means feeding your Schnauzer a balanced and high-quality diet that meets their nutritional needs and taking care of their physical and dental health. This can prevent diseases, infections, and deficiencies affecting their mood and behavior.

The Benefits Of Having A Schnauzer As A Companion

While having a Schnauzer that follows you everywhere can have some drawbacks, it can also have many benefits. Having a Schnauzer as a companion can help, Schnauzers are very loyal dogs that will always love you no matter what. They will always be there for you in good times and bad times and support you through thick and thin.

To provide fun and entertainment, Schnauzers are very playful dogs that always make you laugh with their antics. They will always be ready to join you in your activities and adventures and make your life more exciting. Schnauzers are wonderful dogs that have many qualities that make them great companions.

They follow you everywhere because they love you deeply and always want to be with you. While this behavior can sometimes be annoying or problematic, it can be endearing or beneficial.


It is safe to say that Schnauzers are highly affectionate and loyal dogs that form strong bonds with their owners. While they may not necessarily follow their owners everywhere, they tend to want to be close to them as much as possible. This might be interpreted as the following, but it simply displays their desire for companionship and attention.

Schnauzers are intelligent and energetic dogs that require socialization and training to ensure they are well-behaved and happy. Ultimately, whether or not a Schnauzer follows you everywhere depends on the individual dog’s personality and the bond you have formed with them. So, to answer the question,  why do Schnauzers follow you everywhere was hopefully useful for you.


Are Schnauzers Good With Children And Other Pets?

Yes, Schnauzers can be great with children and other pets, especially when properly socialized from a young age. Their friendly and playful nature often makes them good companions for families.

How Much Exercise Do Schnauzers Need Daily?

Schnauzers are moderately active dogs and require around 30-60 minutes of exercise daily. Regular walks and playtime are essential to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

Do Schnauzers Have Any Common Health Issues?

Like all breeds, Schnauzers may be prone to certain health conditions, such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, and skin issues. Regular veterinary check-ups can help detect and manage any potential health concerns.

Are Schnauzers Good Apartment Pets?

Yes, Schnauzers can adapt well to apartment living, provided they receive sufficient exercise and mental stimulation. Their tendency to stick close to their owners makes them well-suited for smaller living spaces.

How Often Should I Groom My Schnauzer?

Schnauzers require regular grooming to maintain their distinctive appearance. Regular brushing, trimming, and professional grooming every 4-8 weeks help keep their coat in good condition.

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