How To Stop A Husky Puppy Biting Habit: Simple Solutions For You

We all know that huskies are one of the most energetic dog breeds. They love to run and play, and keeping calm when running outside for too long can be difficult.

But, what many people don’t realize is that huskies can also be vicious and aggressive, especially when they are around other dogs or humans they don’t know. The reason behind this is their instinct to protect themselves. Huskies are known for their husky laughs, long legs, and of course, their infamous barking. These dogs are notorious chewers and habitually chew on their owners’ hands, shoes, and furniture.

Surprisingly enough, huskies are notorious bite-averse puppies. One of the most common questions husky owners get from their puppy training classes is, “Why does my husky puppy bite me?” This guide will cover how to stop a husky puppy from biting you, what causes puppy biting, positive reinforcement and healthy treats, and how to train your Husky to chew toys instead of people and furniture.

How To Stop A Husky Puppy Biting Habit

What Causes Puppy Biting?

There are several reasons puppies bite. One of the most common is teething. This is a natural process that puppies go through as they grow and develop teeth in their mouth. Usually, puppies begin teething at around three months of age and continue until 6 months of age. Teething can cause puppies to bite harder than usual as they chew on their teeth and gums. Another reason puppies bite is play aggression.

Puppies bite out of frustration or dominance when playing with other puppies or siblings. They may also bite when scared or hurt, leading to painful injuries. Additionally, puppy biting can be exacerbated by an overindulging caregiver or a need for established rules and understanding of the puppy’s body language. Thus, it is vital to provide the proper training and care to prevent pup biting from occurring in the first place.

Effective Tips To Stop A Husky Puppy Biting Habit

If you have a husky puppy that bites, there are several steps you can take to help stop the behavior. The first is to teach your husky puppy not to bite using a no-bite command. This can be done by positive reinforcement training, where you reward your husky puppy when they follow the command. After training, you can also use negative reinforcement training to administer a painful stimulus when your husky puppy follows the no-bite command. Here are some tips to help you stop a husky puppy from biting:



When a husky puppy bites something, you must intervene by raising your voice with a firm tone and saying “STOP” to startle and gain the puppy’s attention. As the dog’s owner, you are responsible for taking charge and ensuring that biting behavior stops. You can accomplish this through training methods such as positive reinforcement training or by using a no-bite command.

Remember, puppies bite out of excitement, so a gentle approach is best. To ease anxiety while training your husky pup not to bite, give them company outside their crate and place an interesting toy inside them. By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your husky puppy bites safely and responsibly in the future.


It is vital to teach your puppy “No bite” commands using firm commands. Redirect biting and chewing tendencies to more suitable objects such as toys. You can use the “bite inhibition” method to prevent or stop biting. You can use the “leave it” method to make the puppy leave the area.

In addition, reward the dog after making a good choice to prevent future biting behavior. This will help reinforce positive behaviors and stop biting in its tracks. Puppies need training and training from a young age to control and eventually eliminate biting behavior.


Replacing expensive items such as furniture, shoes, or clothing with chewable toys is important to stop a husky puppy from nipping. You can also use fetch toys that you can throw away from you. To keep your puppy interested in playing, offer different toys such as balls, tugs, and chew toys.

If your dog continues to nip at inappropriate moments, consider attending puppy training classes and socialization sessions with other dogs to help redirect bad behavior. By identifying and replacing items in your home targeted by your puppy, you can help prevent future biting incidents.



If a husky puppy bites you, praising the dog when they stop the behavior is important. You can firmly say, “no bite!” whenever the dog attempts to bite. When you train a husky puppy, reward them when they make good choices and listen to your commands. Offer the dog toys and objects to redirect their biting and chewing. By imitating a mother dog’s disciplinary method, you can help teach the pup good behaviors and reduce biting and chewing.

Using Treats & Toys To Curb Biting

Using Treats & Toys To Curb Biting

Redirecting chewing and biting to appropriate objects is an excellent way to curb puppy biting. Start by training your puppy to chew on toys rather than your hands or other items. Once your dog is comfortable chewing on toys, you can use a combination of punishment and reward to teach him that chewing on objects is unacceptable. You can do this by giving him a toy or treat as a positive reinforcement when he chews on an object and using negative reinforcement such as squirting water or clicking the dog’s teeth on a chew toy.

Also, provide tough chew toys for puppies to ease teething pain. This will help the pup learn that chewing on toys is fun and rewarding, which will help reduce the likelihood of him chewing inappropriately. Also, keep an inventory of durable toys and treats handy so you can use them as part of the praise step whenever you notice your pup engaging in positive behavior.


Using chew toys to curb husky puppies’ biting can be a helpful way to soothe their teething pain. Instead of solid chew toys, please provide them with toy-like chew toys such as the Nylabone Teething Pacifier Puppy Chew Toy or KONG Puppy Goodie Bone Dog Toy.

These chew toys are designed to redirect their biting and chewing behavior toward more suitable objects. Instead of using treats as rewards for good behavior, show your husky puppy that you appreciate its efforts by praising it when it does not bite. Additionally, redirect their biting and chewing behavior to more appropriate objects, such as toys, instead of people or other pets.



When biting too hard, puppies learn bite inhibition from their mothers and siblings. They receive a sharp, high-pitched scream as a signal to stop. Yelling or punishing puppies for biting can be seen as rewarding them for doing so, which only teaches them to repeat the behavior. Instead, it is better to use treats as a reward for not biting. This will help puppies learn that biting humans is not OK.

Puppies should be taught that biting humans results in playtime being over with no exceptions. If puppies constantly bite, consider professional help, such as training classes or books. However, puppies are generally affectionate and playful creatures, and bite-related aggression should be seen as normal behavior of puppies that you must train out of.

Why This Training Works

Why This Training Works

One of the best ways to stop a husky puppy from biting is by understanding its temperament and using positive reinforcement training methods. By rewarding your pup when they stop biting, you can teach them that it is OK not to bite. You can also use gentle, slow movements to avoid startling your dog.

By doing this, you can help prevent any unwanted bite incidents from occurring. Another great way to stop a husky puppy from biting is by avoiding situations that may cause them stress or anxiety, such as walking in areas with many other dogs or large crowds. Lastly, ensure your pup has plenty of exercises and mental stimulation daily to keep them mentally and physically stimulated and reduce the risk of biting.

Positive Reinforcement

Praise and positive reinforcement are essential in training husky puppies not to bite. Praising your puppy for good behavior is an effective way to use positive reinforcement. When training huskies, avoid using physical punishment or yelling, as it can lead to behavior problems in the long term.

Instead, teach your puppy that biting means “game over,” and they will get no response from you. Redirecting your puppy’s biting and chewing to more appropriate objects can help with training. Teaching your pup that biting is unacceptable behavior will teach you that biting is not an effective way to get your attention or communicate with you.

Why Does My Husky Puppy Always Bite Me?

At times, puppies bite out of instinct. It is because of their developing teeth and jaws. A husky puppy’s biting behavior can signify teething or dominance. Teething is one of the common reasons why huskies bite. A puppy might bite when testing his biting threshold with play and rough play.

When puppies bite out of necessity, they try to grow stronger and more confident. This behavior can also be an attempt to show dominance over their owners and other puppies. However, it would help if you taught puppies that biting is unacceptable behavior. Teaching the right behavior and handling the husky puppy properly will help prevent it from biting.

The Best Durable Toy For Heavy Chewers

The Kong toy is reportedly the best durable toy for heavy chewers. It’s made of durable, non-toxic material that can withstand months of chewing without wearing down or breaking. This toy is designed to create a chewing experience for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. It comes in various shapes and sizes, making it suitable for puppies of all ages. Some puppies love the squeak feature, which helps to attract their attention and keep them engaged with the toy.

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Kong Extreme Dog Toy

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Something Important To Remember

It can be easy to respond to a husky puppy’s biting behavior with frustration and anger. However, it’s important to use positive reinforcement methods when training the puppy not to bite. This will help the puppy associate positive actions with positive outcomes, making it far more likely to repeat positive behaviors without biting. Use a consistent command word to indicate when you want the puppy to stop biting.

This will help the dog understand that biting is not acceptable behavior. Once the husky puppy understands this, praise and rewards it for not biting. As with any training, everyone in the household should follow the rules and provide the husky puppy with suitable objects to redirect its biting and chewing tendencies.

Best Healthy Treats For Huskies

Best Healthy Treats For Huskies

As a loyal companion and family member, your Husky will come to depend on you for many things. So, it is important to provide proper nutrition for your dog and give them the best healthy treats for huskies. Your dog may have a few issues, including chewing or licking their paws excessively. As with any other dog breed, huskies love to chew and gnaw on things.

But when given healthy treats for huskies, they can control their urge to chew on things. It is always best to choose organic and non-allergenic treats free from fillers and additives, which can cause health issues in dogs. Some healthy treats for huskies you can consider giving your dog include freeze-dried liver, rawhide chews, and natural bones made from meat or vegetable marrow.


Here is how to stop a husky puppy from biting you: Ensure the dog has been properly introduced to you and your family. This will help to establish a positive relationship between you and the dog. It would help if you also took special care to keep your hands away from the dog’s mouth during interactions. Ensuring the dog gets plenty of exercises and mental stimulation is also important. This will help to reduce any possible stress or boredom in the dog.

It would help if you also watched for any signs of aggression or anxiety in the dog, such as jumping up or becoming overly excited when it sees other people or animals. There is no doubt that puppies can be mouthy. However, if you take the above-mentioned precautions and training tips to curb biting, you can ensure that your husky puppy bites only people, not a chew toy or another dog. Meanwhile, you can use some suggested training aids to help your husky puppy bite less.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Get My Husky Puppy To Stop Biting Me?

You can do a few things to prevent your Husky puppy from biting you. First, make sure to keep them away from other pets and children. Young puppies tend to grab onto objects for fun and may accidentally bite you if they’re not supervised closely. Next, be aware of your surroundings and observe your dog’s behavior. If your Husky puppy shows signs of aggression, such as growling or lunging at you, correct the problem before it escalates.

How Do I Stop My Siberian Husky Puppy From Being Aggressive?

There are a few things that you can do to stop your Siberian Husky Puppy from being aggressive.

Discourage aggressive play by using the no-bite command. This is a training technique that your Husky will learn if you use it consistently.
Use tricks, fetch, and running to provide alternative forms of interaction for the husky puppy.
Firmly say “NO” when the husky puppy displays aggressive behavior.
Do not baby the husky puppy, and avoid rewarding aggressive behavior.

How Do You Discipline A Siberian Husky Puppy?

One of the most important things you can do to discipline a Siberian husky puppy is to establish a good relationship with them from the start. Start with positive reinforcement, training them when they understand and obey correctly. Use commands and consistent training methods to help them learn what is expected of them. Praise and treat them generously when they display good behavior. And, most importantly, avoid giving in and letting them pull on the leash.

What Is The Best Way To Stop A Husky Puppy From Biting Me?

There are several ways to stop a husky puppy from biting you. Teaching your husky puppy good manners around people and other dogs is the best way to do this. Another option is to use a shock collar on your husky puppy, which is a device that emits an electric current when the dog pulls on its leash. This will help teach the dog not to touch or chase people or other animals.

What Are The Signs Of A Husky Puppy Biting?

Puppies will often bite, chew and gnaw at things to relieve discomfort caused by teething, which usually starts at three months and may last until six months. Punishment and reward can correct this biting behavior, such as giving treats when not biting or taking away toys when biting. Biting can also allow the dog to assert its position and display dominance.

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