Can Two Female Dogs Get Along And Live Happily In The Same House?

People who are dog lovers fall in love with dogs when they see them. Dog lovers get to see an innocent look in a dog and that attracts them and instills in them a love for dogs. If you are a dog lover then this must have happened to you.

So, can two female dogs get along? You went to a local super shop and there you suddenly saw two puppies playing together. And the two dogs are so adorable that you want to adopt one of them. But your mind is not agreeing to adopt anyone. If you decide that you want to adopt two puppies, first check if they are of the opposite sex.

But if they are of the same sex then I would suggest you to think carefully before adopting them. Because if they are small they have a lot of innocence and play at the same time but when they mature they will not like each other. In most cases it can be seen that they are fighting for no reason and that can be bloody.

It is often seen that a female dog does not like another female dog. If the two dogs are the same age or one is bigger and the other is smaller then it can be seen that the fight has increased more than before. And can seriously injure or kill a dog on a leash.

Can Two Female Dogs Get Along And Live Happily In The Same House

Why Is There No Good Combination Between Two Dogs?

Why Is There No Good Combination Between Two Dogs

Have you ever noticed that two female versions prefer to do the same thing at the same time? I think it is never possible. Although the two puppies play happily at the same time. But as they get older, the competition between them increases.

And especially if their age is close. They often prefer to fight against obstructive elements. In most cases it is seen that these usually happen in front of the owner.

They usually do not like to share their belongings with anyone else. Moreover, if they think that the owner loves someone more, then they also fight over it. Besides, who can get to the stairs or the door first? They fight over everything from sleeping to food. Moreover, they like to challenge each other to see who can reach the stairs first.

And if you already have a big female dog and want to have a female puppy, I would strictly forbid you. Because one would be very risky for your puppy. Because the puppy is not strong enough to fight the big dog. As a result, it can be seen that your puppy may be seriously injured.

The Risks Of Raising Two Female Dogs

In some aspects, parenting two female dogs might be simpler than raising two males. For example, females are less likely to fight, and it’s easier to find a trainer who is familiar with the needs of female dogs. Female dogs also place less pressure on their human companions for space or attention. But many risks still come with owning a pair of female dogs.


It is still probable. Female dogs are much less prone than male dogs to get into fights. It’s also possible that fighting can cause one or both female dogs to become aggressive toward people around them.

Same-Sex Aggression

Some female dogs will show aggression toward other females in the same household.

Anxiety And Depression

On top of the possible aggression and fighting between your two female dogs, it’s also possible that one or both of them will develop anxiety or depression.

Can Two Female Dogs Get Along Live Happily In The Same House?

Female Dogs Get Along Live Happily In The Same House

When one decides to have two female dogs, the question arises as to whether they can live happily in the same house. If you want to buy two dogs of the same sex, I will forbid you. Because when you buy two dogs of the same sex they will start competing among themselves. There will be a conflict between them as to who is stronger and smarter.

Due to which there will be fights between them almost all the time. And your pet can be seriously injured because of this naughty fight. Dogs of the same sex don’t like anyone. Due to which one dog becomes the enemy of the other dog. Now the question that may come to your mind is if you have a dog in your house, can’t you take another dog? Yes you can, but you will adopt a dog of the opposite sex.

Tips On How To Make Two Dogs Become Friends

Tips On How To Make Two Dogs Become Friends

Having two dogs who are not good pals may be difficult for many dog owners. You’re not alone if your pups don’t get along. Here are some tips:

Introduce Them Properly

Your dogs live in a world of their own, and any chance to interact with other dogs is welcome. This process will take time, especially if you’re not sure how the two dogs will react to each other.

Primarily Keep Them Separate

This step is just as important as introducing them. The idea here is not to overdo it but to get the dogs used to each other at a distance.

Make One Your Leader

The more senior dog will always be the leader; from now on, he’ll always be in charge. This will establish a natural hierarchy in your house.

Always Reward For Cooperation

It is one of the most crucial pieces of advice you can follow to ensure that your dogs get along. It will take a while, but eventually, they’ll become friends.

Make Them Sleep Together

This is another tip that only works if your dogs share the same sleeping area. The idea here is that they’ll be used to sleeping next to each other, and this will eventually become a habit.

Be Patient And Consistent

This is key in any situation; don’t expect too much from your pups so you can be happy with what you have. They must gradually and regularly become attached to one another over time.

How Do You Know If Your Old Dog Will Accept A New Dog?

How Do You Know If Your Old Dog Will Accept A New Dog

When you wish to adopt a new dog, I suggest you contact the shelter volunteer first. A volunteer will be able to provide accurate information about the dog of your choice. Since there are many dogs in the shelter at the same time, the dog of your choice must be in contact with other dogs.

You can find out from your volunteer how your dog interacts with other dogs. If after proper observation you feel that using the dog is not acceptable for your old dog then it is very sad for the dog. Plus it’s sad for you because you can’t accept that dog.

Hey, if the use of the dog seems acceptable to you, then this is good news for you. Introduce your old dog to the new dog. However, I would suggest that when you are with two dogs, tie the two dogs separately with a rope around their necks.

Let them stay together for a while so they can smell each other. Then separate them for a while. Confuse them for a while to test if they recognize each other. If they can recognize each other, they will realize that the smell of each other has reached their brains.

Repeat this and see if they recognize each other and how they react. If you see that they have a positive reaction, then they can stay with each other. And they have accepted each other. They will become friends with each other very soon.

Final Thought

I know you are a dog lover it would be good news for you that you can keep two dogs at the same time. But sadly it will be a problem if they are of the same sex. So if they are of the opposite sex then their relationship will be beautiful.

And they will be able to accept each other very quickly and there will be no fighting between them. I hope now you understand if can two female dogs get along or not. If you think my article is helpful for you then definitely stay with us. I will help you with more important information. Thank you!


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Why Two Female Dogs May Not Be The Best Combination?

Why Two Female Dogs May Not Be the Best Combination?

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