Unleashed Dog Attacks Leashed Dog – What To Do?

Meeting an unleashed while enjoying a walk with your pet dog can be a common scenario for most people. While most dogs are friendly and playful, sometimes you might face a dog or a group of dogs that are not much friendly.

They might even tend to attack you or your pet dog. That is when the problem arises as an unleashed dog attacks leashed dogs. This scenario can be challenging for many dog owners or even regular people who do not experience angry or aggressive dogs. Many people across the globe have agreed to face such a scenario at least once in their lives.

So, if you have recently faced such a problem or someone who wants to be prepared when such a situation arises, you are in the right place. In this article, we have discussed what to do when an unleashed dog attacks a leashed one.

Unleashed Dog Attacks Leashed Dog

What To Do When An Unleashed Dog Attacks Leashed Dog?

What To Do When An Unleashed Dog Attacks Leashed Dog

As we previously mentioned, it is not common for anyone to meet an unleashed or stray dog while walking with their pet dog. But you do not need to worry every time you see a stray-dog approaching you. Not all dogs possess threats towards you and your dog.

Most of the dogs are quite friendly towards humans and animals alike. But be careful whenever an unleashed dog is approaching you. Here are some methods that you can follow to mitigate the risks when a situation like this arises.

1. Staying Aware And Calm

Staying Aware And Calm

While you are enjoying your walk with your pet, you might not want to get too carried away. Because often, if you can spot the street-dog earlier, it is possible to avoid such a situation. When you are walking, make sure to spot any stray dogs that might be walking around.

You can easily differentiate a friendly dog from an unfriendly one by focusing on their body language. The friendly dogs are usually very calm, with their ears relaxed and mouth opened. If you see such a dog, do not worry much. But we still recommend avoiding any interaction between your dog and the stray dog.

Because you do not know how your dog might react, seeing a stray dog. Your dog might not like the presence of another dog. So, it is best to avoid it. But, if you see a dog that is continually staring at your dog, showing its teeth, and have stiff body language, that means it is threatened by your dog and wants to get rid of it.

If you face such a situation, you might need to cut off direct contact between them and take your dog away as soon as you can.

2. Keep Your Dog In A Safe Place

Keep Your Dog In A Safe Place

If you are unfortunate enough to meet an aggressive dog, you should try to avoid contact with it. See if you have enough space and go to a different road to spot the stray dog. Do not let your dog make eye contact with the street dog as it might respond to the street dog’s aggressive behavior. Throw some treats to keep it distracted and move away to another street.

In case you do not have enough space to move away, you should try to get help from others. Call out for someone to keep the street dog distracted while you move elsewhere with your pet. If you do not find anyone nearby, you should try to keep your dog in a safe place where the stray dog cannot reach.

You can also stand in between the two dogs to prevent direct contact. You will need to train your dog to sit in one place beforehand but doing so will make dealing with such a situation a lot easier.

3. Make The Stray Dog Go Away

Make The Stray Dog Go Away

When you have made sure that your dog is safe, you will need to make the street dog do away. You can follow these instructions to get rid of the stray dog.

  • You can tell the dog to go away in a loud voice to make it go away.
  • If you have not found a safe spot for your pet and the street dog is still approaching, you should show hand signs to stop it. Stand in between them while you and your dog are going away from it.
  • If you are carrying treats with you, you can throw it to distract it and get away from the dog. Ensure not to throw the treat directly at the approaching dog, as it will not get distracted. It is wiser to throw the treat away from you as it approaches. Doing so will make it look for the food while you move along with your pet.
  • In case you have an umbrella with you, pop it open in front of the stray dog. This action will surprise it and scare it away in most situations. Do not use something like pepper spray on a dog because it is cruel to do so. You might end up enraging the dog even more and also end up hurting your pet in the process as well.
  • Always be prepared to face such situations and carry all the necessary items you might need to get away from a stray dog.

An Unleashed Dog, Sentenced To Death After An Attack

This happens when a dog trained to be aggressive and attack people goes on the rampage, biting several people. Authorities then gave the dog a lethal injection. The pit bull lived with a woman and her husband in the town of Torres, in the south of Brazil.

The woman told the local police she and her husband had trained their pet to be aggressive. They explained that they originally owned another dog that had been abused, but they rescued it from its assailants and decided to bring it up normally. The couple kept this dog until it died and decided to get a new one.

My Dog Keeps Attacking My Other Dog For No Reason

My Dog Keeps Attacking My Other Dog For No Reason

This is an issue that many dog owners have come across, and many veterinarians struggle with. The aggressive behavior of your dog can be attributed to many reasons, but the most common causes are:

  • Another animal in their earlier life abused your pet
  • Your dog is sick, injured, or in pain
  • There has been a recent change in your living situation that has caused anxiety or stress for your dogs.

There must be a trigger that causes your dog to attack your other dog. He’s making a negative association with the other dog’s presence. Using positive associations, you may teach him that when the other dog is there, something positive will happen to him. This is something you can do with him.

Fault For The Unleashed Dog That Came After My Dog

Dog owners should keep their animals on a leash and under control. This would presumably be one of the first things you teach your new puppy. A negligent dog owner who fails to do so is liable for any damage that might result from their dog’s behavior.

A dog unleashed contrary to the owner’s duty to keep it on a leash comes within the definition of “domesticated animal” under A.R.S.11-1012(C) and is therefore capable of inflicting serious physical harm. The fact that the dog is not perceived by its owner as aggressive will not alter the fact that it can injure someone who steps within its path.


Here are all the steps that we recommend you to follow if an unleashed dog attacks leashed dogs.

It is always better to prevent any interaction between your dog and the stray dog, even if the street dog seems friendly. Your dog might not enjoy the company of another, and the street dog can behave unpredictably.

Staying aware and avoiding direct contact is always the best solution. But no matter the situation, you should not embrace any inhuman method to make the dog go away!


Fault For An Unleashed Dog That Came After My Dog?

Any dog owner or keeper who allows their dog to run free is accountable for any harm the animal does to another person or property while doing so § 19-20-13 of the WV Code.

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