Why Does My Dog Sit Outside The Shower [Causes & Prevention]

If you are a dog lover, and you live in the same house with your dog then you have to face some situations. Some of the behaviors that are usually seen in dogs are surprising.

So, why does my dog sit outside the shower? A dog loves and trusts its owner. As a result, he acts like he is responsible for protecting his owner. So he always wants his owner to be safe. That’s why he tries to follow his owner all the time.

Moreover, some dogs are afraid of being separated from their owners. That’s why he always tries to follow his owner even as he sits at the door as a protector.

Why Does My Dog Sit Outside The Shower – 4 Main Reasons

Why Does My Dog Sit Outside The Shower

1. Fear Of Separation

Fear Of Separation

To a dog, its owner is the most beloved person in the world. He always wants to be around his owner. If your dog follows you all the time, then it is normal; it is his nature. But if he gets anxious when you go to the bathroom, it works in his fear of losing you.

It always works in his mind that you will leave him. So when you go to the bathroom when you are out of the house, he is very anxious and scared. And he sits outside your bathroom gate and waits for you. You are inside the bathroom and will come out after a while.

If the fear of losing extra works in your dog, I would tell you to see a doctor. Because your dog will always be upset about it, and he will be worried. And it’s not good for your dog at all.

2. Acts As Protective

Acts As Protective

The closest person to a dog is its owner, who loves and cares for it. Which is why they think of the owner as the light of the world. And so they try to protect its owner all the time.

When your dog follows you all the time, he tries to protect you from all dangers. So when you go to the bathroom, he waits outside the bathroom, and it works in his brain that he is protecting you.

3. Encourage It

Encourage It

You are happy when your dog follows you everywhere and even sits outside the bathroom, and you give him a gift. For example, if you are happy, let him eat his favorite food and give him a new toy.

And what makes him happiest. When you go to the shower, he sits outside the gate, and it works in his brain that you will be happy to see him and give him more gifts. And it encourages him.

4. This Is His Nature

Usually, a puppy grows up with a family member of its owner. And being with a family member all the time makes it his habit. And according to his nature, he always wants to be with a family member.

So when you are in the shower, your dog follows you, and that is normal. Because he thinks it comes in his pack and he wants to be with you all the time. And he feels much safer.

Moreover, you teach him these behaviors of feeding and practicing. Which makes him think that following you is a kind of rule. So he follows you everywhere according to his nature, even if you go to the bathroom.

An Easy Way to Fix Dog Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be a challenging condition for both owners and animals to deal with, but it can be managed. The first step is to identify whether your dog’s response to your leaving or being away from them is a normal or abnormal response.

If it’s normal, you need to make sure that the dog has their own life and routine when you’re not at home. If your pet has separation anxiety, here are some things that may help-

  • Try keeping your dog busy while you’re away.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to take care of your dog when you’re gone for long periods of time.
  • Give your dog a stuffed animal, toy, or bone to chew on when you leave. Or you can give your dog a special toy just for them to play with while you’re gone.

You should talk to your vet about any toys that have small parts that could cause choking hazards.

Dog Has A Case of Separation Anxiety

A case of separation anxiety is when a dog becomes overwhelmed and panicky when away from the owner. A lot of people think that dogs have no sense of anxiety or that they’re just cute and cuddly.

In reality, dogs can suffer from a condition called separation anxiety, which is basically when a dog becomes extremely anxious when left alone. This can be anything from being left in a crate for a period of time to being taken away for a walk.

Dogs with separation anxiety may bark incessantly, chew their toys to pieces, and even hoard items to try and make themselves feel comfortable.

In some cases, the dog may even start to exhibit signs of aggression or panic when left alone. If you’re noticing any signs of separation anxiety in your dog, it’s important to take them to see a vet as soon as possible.

The vet can do an evaluation and prescribe medication if necessary. In most cases, treatment is relatively simple and effective, and the dog will eventually get used to being left alone.

How To Stop This Kind Of Habit?

How To Stop This Kind Of Habit

If you feel that you do not like this habit of your dog, you can easily change the habit. If you follow a few ways, you can change your dog’s habits.

1. Stop Encouraging Him

Stop Encouraging Him

I discussed above that. Usually, the dog likes to do the same thing when encouraged to do something. When your dog would follow you everywhere, even to the bathroom, and then he would sit in front of the bathroom gate, and you would encourage him to see it.

Which is why it has become his habit, and he loves to be encouraged. You stop encouraging him. When he is not as enthusiastic as before, he will not like to do this work. Then it will be seen that when you go to the shower, he will not be sitting outside the gate.

2. Identify What Is Bothering Him

Identify What Is Bothering Him

If the dog has any kind of anxiety or confusion in his mind, he will follow you in this way. So I would say try to identify the causes of your dog’s anxiety, and that will help you. When you can limit his worries, he will never do that again.

See if he needs anything else. For example, he may need food or exercise. Moreover, he may need to go to the bathroom. When you can limit his worries, you can easily overcome such habits.

3. Reinforcement


Train your dog for positive reinforcement. Which encourages your dog to create positive behaviours. If you like his positive behavior, reward him. And when you don’t like any of his behavior, discourage him. And refrain from giving any kind of gift.

Then the dog will be able to realize which behavior should be done and which behavior should be refrained from. So if you want to stop your dog from going to the shower, discourage him. Make him feel that if he doesn’t do that kind of thing, you will give him a gift.

The Pet Dog Always Wants to Be with Me

The Pet Dog Always Wants to Be with Me

There are many reasons why a pet dog always wants to be with you. But the most common reason is separation anxiety. Often, when dogs have separation anxiety, they think that leaving their owner is a punishment. Since dogs are pack animals, being alone is an extremely stressful and scary experience for them. Also, when a dog’s owner leaves, the pet will often get bored and lonely very quickly. The dog will then become very possessive of his/her owner because he/she is scared of losing the person who gives him/her love.

A dog that suffers from separation anxiety can show several behaviors which make it hard for everyone in the family to adjust to each other. These behaviors may include excessive barking, destructive behavior, mood swings, and over-protectiveness. However, the dog will get used to the separation if the owner does it gradually.

Final Thought

I would suggest that you first remove the anxiety of being separated from your dog’s mind. Because as long as he has such anxiety in his mind, he will always be sad. Make him feel that you will never leave him but that you are leaving for a few moments.

When he realizes that you will never leave him, he will not have any worries in his mind. Moreover, with some practice and positive reinforcement, any of his habits can be changed.

I hope now you know “Why Does My Dog Sit Outside The Shower”. If you think my article is helpful for you then definitely stay with us. Thank you!


1. What Else Happened When It First Started Doing It?

There could be other things that are happening when the dog is constantly following you around. This can depend on the type of separation anxiety your pet has, but some common causes may be a lack of exercise or mental stimulation due to being bored. The best thing to do is to try gradually increasing how much time you’re away from your pet and see how they react.

2. What Is Different When Your Dog Sits Outside The Shower?

If your dog sits outside while you are taking a shower, it is due to separation anxiety. This is a common condition that many dogs develop when they are left home alone. Left without their owners, they begin to worry and can’t wait to be reunited with them. This anxiety manifests in different forms for different dogs, including pacing, barking, chewing objects in the house, or even going potty indoors.

3. Is My Dog’s Protective Behavior Dangerous?

No, your dog’s protective behavior is not dangerous. In fact, it’s a good sign that your dog cares about you and your family. There are a number of things that can cause dogs to feel protective, including the presence of strangers or anything they perceive as an intruder, another animal in their home territory, or any change in their environment. It might also be territorial behavior if you have recently brought home a new pet or baby.

4. Why Does My Dog Wait Outside The Bathroom Door For Me?

If your dog waits outside the bathroom door for you, whether it is protecting you or it has separation anxiety. Your dog might be showing you that he is protective over you and wants to make sure there is no danger in the bathroom. Your dog may also have a separation anxiety disorder, a common type of anxiety in dogs, which causes your dog to act out when he or she is left alone for extended periods of time.

5. Why Does My Dog Look At Me When He Poops?

If your dog looks at you when it poops, that’s because your dog is vulnerable in that pooping posture and depends on you to safeguard it. Dog owners should start by making sure their dogs are as comfortable as possible while they’re pooping.

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