Why Does My Dog Sit Outside The Shower? [Causes & Prevention]

Many dog owners have experienced the perplexing behaviour of their furry friend sitting.  However, Seeing your dog patiently waiting for you to finish your battery can be strange, but the reasons behind this behaviour may not be as mysterious as they seem.

There are several possible explanations for why dogs might sit outside the shower, ranging from separation anxiety to simple curiosity. Understanding these reasons can help you better connect with your pup and ensure they feel safe and comfortable in your home.

If you’re a dog owner, you may have noticed your furry friend sitting outside the shower while you’re getting ready. This behaviour can be confusing and leave you wondering why they do it. While no answer applies to all dogs, a few possible explanations exist for this behaviour. So, why does my dog sit outside the shower while washing? Some dogs may enjoy being close to their owners and feel comforted by their presence, while others may be curious about the sounds and smell of the shower.

Why Does My Dog Sit Outside The Shower

Why Does My Dog Sit Outside The Shower – 4 Main Reasons

If you’ve ever had a furry friend sit outside the shower while you’re getting ready, you may wonder why. There are a few reasons why your dog might exhibit this behaviour.

Dogs have some strange habits, and one of the most curious is when they sit outside the shower while their owners are bathing. While this behaviour may seem odd, there are several reasons why dogs do this. Here are four main reasons why does my dog sit outside the shower:

1. Fear Of Separation

Fear Of Separation

To a dog, its owner is the most beloved person in the world. He always wants to be around his owner. If your dog always follows you, it is normal; it is his nature. But if he gets anxious when you go to the bathroom, it works in his fear of losing you. It always works in his mind that you will leave him. So when you go to the toilet when you are out of the house, he is very anxious and scared.

And he sits outside your bathroom gate and waits for you. You are inside the bathroom and will come out after a while. If you fear losing extra work in your dog, I would tell you to see a doctor. Because your dog will always be upset about it, and he will be worried. And it’s not good for your dog at all.

2. Acts As Protective

Acts As Protective

If you’ve noticed your dog sitting outside the shower while you’re getting ready, it’s not just a coincidence. Dogs are naturally protective animals, and this behavior is a sign of their loyalty and desire to keep their owners safe. By sitting outside the shower, they keep watch and ensure you are okay.

This behavior can also be seen in other areas of the home, such as when your dog sits by the front door or follows you from room to room. So next time you see your furry friend patiently waiting outside the shower, know they have your back and always look out for you.

3. Encourage Curiosity

Encourage It

You’re not alone if you have ever wondered why your furry friend likes to sit outside the shower while you bathe. Many dogs enjoy being near their owners and may see shower time as an opportunity to spend quality time with you. It’s also possible that they are curious about what’s happening there!

Whatever the reason, encouraging this behaviour is generally safe as long as your dog is well-behaved and doesn’t try to jump into the shower with you. Give them plenty of love and attention after your shower so they don’t feel left out.

You are happy when your dog follows you everywhere and even sits outside the bathroom, and you give him a gift. For example, if you are happy, let him eat his favourite food and give him a new toy. And what makes him most comfortable. When you go to the shower, he sits outside the gate, and it works in his brain that you will be glad to see him and give him more gifts. And it encourages him.

4. This Is His Nature

Usually, a puppy grows up with a family member of its owner. And being with a family member all the time makes it his habit. And according to his nature, he always wants to be with a family member. So when you are in the shower, your dog follows you, which is normal. Because he thinks it comes in his pack, and he wants to be with you all the time. And he feels much safer.

Moreover, you teach him these feeding and precising behaviors, making him think that following you is a rule. So he follows you everywhere according to his nature, even if you go to the bathroom.

An Easy Way to Fix Dog Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be challenging for owners and animals but can be managed. The first step is to identify whether your dog’s response to your leaving or being away from them is a standard or abnormal response. If it’s normal, you must ensure the dog has their own life and routine when you’re not at home. If your pet has separation anxiety, here are some things that may help-

  • Try keeping your dog busy while you’re away.
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to care for your dog when you’re gone for long periods.
  • When you leave, give your dog a stuffed animal, toy, or bone to chew on. Or you can give your dog a special toy for them to play with while you’re gone.

It would be best to talk to your vet about toys with small parts that could cause choking hazards.

Dog Has A Case of Separation Anxiety

A case of separation anxiety is when a dog becomes overwhelmed and panicky when away from the owner. Many people think dogs have no sense of fear or are just cute and cuddly. In reality, dogs can suffer from separation anxiety, which is when a dog becomes highly anxious when left alone.

This can be anything from being left in a crate for some time to being taken away for a walk. Dogs with separation anxiety may bark incessantly, chew their toys to pieces, and even hoard items to try and make themselves feel comfortable.

Sometimes, the dog may even exhibit aggression or panic when left alone. If you’re noticing any symptoms of separation anxiety in your dog, it’s essential to take them to a vet as soon as possible. The vet can do an evaluation and prescribe medication if necessary. Treatment is usually relatively simple and effective, and the dog will eventually get used to being left alone.

How To Stop This Kind Of Habit?

How To Stop This Kind Of Habit

It’s common for dogs to exhibit strange behaviors, and sitting outside the shower is one of them. While the exact reason for this behavior isn’t apparent, it may be due to a desire to protect their owner or simply a curiosity about what’s happening behind the closed shower curtain.

If you’re looking to stop this behavior, there are a few things you can try. First, consider providing your dog with an alternative activity or distraction while you’re in the shower, such as a puzzle toy filled with treats or a special chew toy. Additionally, you may want to try gradually desensitizing your dog to the sound of running water by playing recordings of shower sounds at low volumes while rewarding them with treats or praise.

Finally, it’s important to remember that some behaviours are simply part of your dog’s personality and may not be easily changed. As long as their conduct isn’t causing harm or disruption, it may be best to accept it as part of who they are.

1. Stop Encouraging Him

Stop Encouraging Him

We discussed that above. Usually, the dog likes to do the same thing when encouraged to do something. When your dog would follow you everywhere, even to the bathroom, and then sit in front of the bathroom gate, you would encourage him to see it.

It has become his habit, and he loves to be inspired. You stop encouraging him. He will not like to do this work when he is not as enthusiastic as before. Then it will be seen that he will not sit outside the gate when you go to the shower.

2. Identify What Is Bothering Him

Identify What Is Bothering Him

If your dog has a habit of sitting outside the shower while you bathe, it could be a sign that something is bothering him. Dogs are creatures of habit and routine, so changing their environment or daily routine can cause anxiety or stress. One possibility is that your dog is curious about what you’re doing and wants to keep an eye on you.

However, if your dog sits outside the shower distressed or anxious, you may need to address an underlying issue. Identifying what is bothering your dog, separation anxiety, or fear of loud noises is essential. Work with a trainer or behaviourist to help your furry friend feel more comfortable and secure.

3. Reinforcement


Train your dog for positive reinforcement. Which encourages your dog to create positive behaviours. If you like his positive demeanour, reward him. And when you don’t want any of his behaviour, discourage him.

And refrain from giving any kind of gift. Then the dog will realize which conduct should be done and which should be refrained from. So if you want to stop your dog from going to the shower, discourage him. Make him feel you will give him a gift if he doesn’t do that.

The Pet Dog Always Wants to Be with Me

The Pet Dog Always Wants to Be with Me

There are many reasons why a pet dog always wants to be with you. But the most common cause is separation anxiety. When dogs have separation anxiety, they often think leaving their owner is a punishment. Being alone is a highly stressful and scary experience for dogs because they are pack animals. Also, when a dog’s owner leaves, the pet will quickly become bored and lonely.

The dog will then become very possessive of their owner because they fear losing the person who gives them love. A dog that suffers from separation anxiety can show several behaviours which make it hard for everyone in the family to adjust to each other. These behaviours may include excessive barking, destructive behavior, mood swings, and over-protectiveness. However, if the owner does it gradually, the dog will get used to the separation.

Final Thought

We suggest removing the anxiety of being separated from your dog’s mind. Because as long as he has such fear in his mind, he will always be sad. Make him feel you will never leave him but are going for a moment. When he realizes that you will never leave him, he will not have any worries in his mind. If your dog sits outside the shower while you’re bathing, there could be a few reasons. Some dogs enjoy being close to their owners and may see this as an opportunity for quality time together.

Others may be instinctually protective and want to keep an eye on you while you’re vulnerable in the shower. Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that your dog’s behaviour reflects its love and loyalty towards you. So next time your furry friend plants themselves outside the shower door, feel free to take it as a compliment and enjoy the extra company. Moreover, some practice and positive reinforcement can change any of his habits. We hope now you know why does my dog sit outside the shower.


What Else Happened When It First Started Doing It?

If your dog has started sitting outside the shower, it may be trying to communicate something to you. It’s important to consider what else happened when this behaviour was first created to understand its motivation to a dog or change your routine. Are they anxious or stressed about something? Alternatively, it could be a behavioural quirk your dog has picked up over time.

What Is Different When Your Dog Sits Outside The Shower?

If your dog sits outside while you shower, it is due to separation anxiety. This is a common condition that many dogs develop when they are left home alone. Left without their owners, they begin to worry and can’t wait to be reunited with them. This anxiety manifests in different forms for different dogs, including pacing, barking, chewing objects in the house, or even going potty indoors.

Is My Dog’s Protective Behavior Dangerous?

No, your dog’s protective behavior is not dangerous. It’s a good sign that your dog cares about you and your family. Several things can cause dogs to feel defensive, including the presence of strangers or anything they perceive as an intruder, another animal in their home territory, or any change in their environment. It might also be territorial behaviour if you have recently brought home a new pet or baby.

Why Does My Dog Wait Outside The Bathroom Door For Me?

If your dog waits outside the bathroom door for you, whether it is protecting you or it has separation anxiety. Your dog might be showing you he is protective of you and wants to ensure no danger in the bathroom. Your dog may also have a separation anxiety disorder, a common type of anxiety in dogs that causes them to act out when they have been alone for extended periods.

Why Does My Dog Look At Me When He Poops?

If your dog looks at you when it poops, it is vulnerable in that pooping posture and depends on you to safeguard it. Dog owners should start by ensuring they are comfortable while pooping.

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