Why Are Dog’s Ears Sensitive To Loud Music & Ways To Protect Their Hearing?

You might have to love to hear the upper volume music as it is an excellent mood enhancer. I will not be wondered if you turn your stereo system up to a higher-level from time to time as it’s a familiar scenario in our day-to-day life.

But we never consider twice about what kind of a lousy impact this has on your dog’s ears, right? Unquestionably dogs have pretty incomparable hearing abilities; they can adapt to shallow sounds. In that sense, the super-loud music could be added supplementary and displeasure to them. In terms of senior dogs, it’s prevalent that they steadily lose their hearing, often until it’s wholly weakened for louder sound.

As a meticulous pet owner, I would love to recommend you to take your dog’s hearing into kindness. For that reason, I have piled up so many excuses why are dog’s ears sensitive to loud music and few tips to protect your dog against potential hearing loss.

Why Are Dog's Ears Sensitive To Loud Music

Check The Signs Whether Your Dog Is Being Troubled By Loud Music Or Not:

If you observe your pet friend tremble, whining, or continually leaving the room whenever you increase your stereo system or TV volume, I am sure they became annoyed by the sound. Furthermore, loud, repetitive, and sudden sharp sounds like the bursting of crackers might turn dogs into panic mode. I had seen they became so frightened that they eager to hide and run under the bed and keep barking in my personal experience.

I gave the confidence to take a stare at the places where the sounds came to adapt to the situation. let it to be learned to limit its reaction to the external noise! A few times later, when it realizes there’s might be no threat, he soon adjusted to it.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Sound Sensitive

How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Sound Sensitive

There are some breeds of dogs that are sounder sensitive than others. Dogs’ most common signs of sound sensitivity include whining, barking or crying, quivering, and even shaking. It can cause many different reactions from the dog.

This can include behavioral responses like avoidance, aggression, and hyperactivity to physical symptoms such as panting, avoidance of loud noises, and owner protection.

One way to know if your dog is sound sensitive is to track how he reacts to things like thunder, fireworks, and street noise if your dog pulls away from the TV and goes into another room when a show starts blaring or when the neighbor’s start-up their leaf blower, these are signs that he can be sound sensitive.

Do All Your Pets Show Discomfort Over Louder Volume?

Do All Your Pets Show Discomfort Over Louder Volume

Perhaps a few of them might not move away from sudden loud and uninterrupted noise because their owners or acquaintances are about it. Consequently, they probably do not desire to leave their company. On the other hand, many of them will not illustrate discomfort in loud circumstances because they might not wish to appear offended or prone to predatory attacks.

Furthermore, suppose your pet dog will not demonstrate discomfort during a concert featuring loud harmony. In that case, it does not mean your pet friends are satisfied with it since canines’ responsive ears hurt significantly due to loud noise.

Does Loud Music Hurt A Dog’s Ears?

Does loud music hurt a dog's ears

Many people believe that loud music can hurt a dog’s ears. This is partially true, but it all depends on the volume and duration of the noise. For example, the dog’s ears will be safe at a high volume of 47,000 to 65,000 Hz for 1 hour.

However, if you turn your radio up and listen to it continuously for over 5 hours, the dog’s ears can become affected. If you put earphones in your dog’s ears and turn the volume up loud for a long period, this can also be damaging.

Endow With A Lively Sound Atmosphere:

Endow With A Lively Sound Atmosphere

You have to keep balance the pleasant audio system for the two and 4-leggeds altogether in your home. For this, you have to run the audio or video files at a specific range of volume for both cats and dogs. Observe your four-legged friend’s behavior either they come closer to the sound source or keep away from it. I think then you probably get the answer.

Please Stop Playing Two Sound Sources Concurrently:

Stop Playing Two Sound Sources Concurrently

Your pet doesn’t understand the cause and effect of high volume sound over him at all times. You have to keep in your mind their hearing capabilities are much better than yours. So it’s your concern to keep them aloof from two sound sources simultaneously. For example, don’t play TV or Stereo System while absorbing both sounds your dog might get stressed. Try to play one useful source with a mild volume.

Care For Your Pet Puppy’s Sensory Input:

Pet Puppys Sensory Input

Dogs can hear the frequency range up to 55,000 Hz, whereas people can listen to a maximum of 20,000 Hz frequencies. Thus try to keep your dog safe from a loud environment by all means. Suppose you want to arrange a party with your loving friends and organize heavy instrumental music to have a lot of fun. Afterward, I would recommend you to a back calm and quiet room specially designed for dogs to listen to music.

5 Ultimate Ways To Protect Their Hearing Tips:

Ways To Protect Their Hearing

You have already known why are dog’s ears sensitive to loud music. To guard your dog next to probable hearing loss, you might follow the Tips:

  1. To monitor your pet’s hearing’s recent issues, you have to visit your family veterinarian.
  2. Evade impulsive sharp or high pitched and loud noises.
  3. Supply nutritious snacks and meals.
  4. Afford a quiet and protected atmosphere in family festivities.
  5. Put them off to the exposure to loud street fairs and recurring noises.

Alpha Female Dog Characteristics That You Need to Know

Alpha Female Dog Characteristics That You Need To Know

Alpha females are very common in the world of canines. They are generally more dominant, intelligent, and independent than other female dogs. Alpha females tend to be visually stand-offish towards their human counterparts.

The most obvious sign of an alpha dog is her posture, usually resting on her elbows with her legs stretched out in front of her and a straight back. This stance makes them look as if they’re looking down on you, even if they’re not taller than you in reality.

You must not mistake an alpha female dog’s posture for a sign of aggression, though. This only means that they’re confident and in no need of further reassurance. Alpha females usually have the following characteristics:

  • Self-confidence
  • Obedient
  • Submissive
  • Friendly
  • A loyal companion

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss of a dog

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss of a dog

Various reasons can cause the hearing loss of a dog. If your dog does not have access to sound, or if the sound he hears is too loud for his tiny, delicate ears, then he may develop noise-induced hearing loss. This condition can also be characterized as conductive hearing loss. A common cause of such ear injuries is exposure to too much white noise.

White noise is defined by random fluctuation across frequency ranges and volume levels rather than having one specific pitch or tone. It is hard to believe, but this is the noise from an electronic device’s speaker. Examples of such devices are radios, televisions, and video game consoles.

This form of hearing loss can be treated more effectively if it is diagnosed early. If your pet has been diagnosed with such a hearing disorder, turning off all electronic devices may be tempting. This will only worsen your dog’s condition, though.

Keep The Dogs Separated At First

The treatment of 'noise phobic' dogs

Noise phobia is a condition that causes those with the syndrome to react strongly to sounds, some of which may seem insignificant but can cause the dog stress and anxiety. The condition is triggered by sensory overload, even when no external noises exist.

This stress reaction makes it harder for them to focus on their environments, and they will exhibit signs such as hypervigilance or aggression towards other animals in their surroundings. They will also become anxious when faced with everyday sounds, such as walking through grass or on a walkway.

Treatment for this condition may involve using medications to reduce anxiety or fearfulness. Dogs that have suffered trauma may need to reduce their stress levels before they can be treated more effectively.


I have personally got an ultra, sound-sensitive ear. I prioritize staying for a meal based on the sound environment as the atmosphere and menu when I go into a restaurant. Usually, I avoid noise, louder volume, and the crowd as much as I can. Accordingly, I can feel practically how a high bit of rhythm irritates me! In that perception, I care about your dog and desire to ensure he would lead a healthy and happy life, including his hearing.


Does Loud Music Hurt A Dog’s Ears?

Yes, it can. The louder the sound nearby is, the more likely it is to cause permanent damage. This includes any type of entertainment like concerts, discos or festivals.

Do Dogs Get Bothered By Loud Music?

No dogs are not bothered by loud music if it is at the proper decibel level and the volume is down.

Who Is At Risk For Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

Everyone is at risk for noise-induced hearing loss. Factors that increase your chances for NIHL are working in an environment with a lot of noise – more than 85 decibels.

How Do Dogs Hear And Speak With The World Around Them?

Dogs primarily hear through their nose rather than the ears on their head. They use this technique of hearing about sniffing out things they are interested in. Research also shows that dogs can identify specific words based on how different sounds resonate differently.

Can Dog Hear Humans Talk?

Yes, dogs can hear humans talk. Dogs listen to the vibrations of our voices coming through the air and through solid objects.

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