Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You? [With Reasons & Solutions]

Dog owners know their four-legged friend’s habits by heart: what they like to eat, what they like to play, and how they behave when they’ve been naughty. Sometimes, a dog’s behavior is so strange that even their owners can’t make sense of their secret actions.

So, Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You? In this guide, we will dig deep into the fact that will clear up your mind on why your dog sleeps with their bum facing you.

Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You

Why A Dog Might Want To Sleep With Its Owner?

Most often, this habit is developed even in puppyhood. The kid has just come into your house. He was recently taken away from his siblings. This hurts him. He wanders all over the house day and night, begins to whimper.

When the master takes him into his bed to sleep, he begins to feel affectionate, care, and warmth. It is said that when dogs were resting or sleeping, they would stick their hips together in packs to see if an enemy was coming.


This way, blind spots could be eliminated, and even if an enemy approached while the dog was resting, the dog that noticed it first could transmit instructions to the entire pack. They have survived in the wild by using this excellent defense strategy of helping each other. This method was also effective in protecting the back legs, which are also vital.

Injuries to the back legs can be fatal when living in the wild. It can be taken as an automatic action to protect the body. As you can see, when dogs were wild animals, the people they would entrust their hips and backs to were their trusted pack mates. When a dog does this to its owner or other people, it is a message of “I trust you,” isn’t it?

The Meaning Of A Dog Turning His Back Or Butt

Have you ever heard that when a dog lays down with its belly exposed, it is a sign that it has forgiven the person? The belly is the dog’s weak part, so it will show its belly to someone it trusts or as a posture of obedience when angered.

In Addition To The Belly, There Is Another Vital Point For Dogs

The hind legs are also a vital part of the dog’s body, and it is said that the dog will not turn its back or buttocks to foreign enemies to avoid being attacked on the hind legs. The hind legs are an important part of running for dogs.

It is said that when dogs were still living in the wild, they would not be able to live if their hind legs were attacked, so they began to protect their backs and buttocks as an instinctive act to protect themselves. As dogs originally lived in groups, they used to sleep with their backs to each other to protect themselves from being attacked by enemies.

This was a way to protect their backs and buttocks and eliminate blind spots so that they could quickly escape or attack if an enemy approached.

A Sign Of Trust In Its Owner

A Sign Of Trust In Its Owner

When a dog turns his back or buttocks to a person, it is a sign of trust that he feels safe with you behind him and that he trusts you.

When a dog comes up to you and sits with his back or buttocks to you or sleeps with his buttocks to his owner, he is trying to feel secure by pressing his butt against you. You may be wondering, “Does he hate me when he turns away from me?” But in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Can You Get Along With A Dog If You Turn Your Back On Him?

Sometimes dogs will deliberately turn their backs or hips to show their trust to get along with a dog they don’t like. When two dogs are fighting, one of them will turn away or turn his back or buttocks to show his body that he is calm.

Looking Away Also Indicates That The Other Dog Is Not Hostile

Looking Away Also Indicates That The Other Dog Is Not Hostile

It is a sign of obedience to a dog that is not hostile and that you trust, and it is an attempt to be friendly with the dog by turning your back or buttocks or looking away. In dog society, there are rules like this, and if you see a dog that you want to get along with, you can deliberately turn your back or buttocks to him or her so that he or she will trust you and get along with him or her.

In human society, turning your back or butt to someone means avoiding them, so I don’t recommend doing this. When you feel that your dog has developed a trusting relationship with you, you can start by asking him to sit. When you feel that you have established a trusting relationship with your dog, try going behind him while sitting down.

Go Slow

Don’t just touch his hips, but let him get used to the situation where you are behind him. If this is possible, try petting his belly and gradually step up to behind him and toward his hips. Of course, dogs are individuals and have different personalities.

Some dogs will immediately put their hips and backs to someone they meet for the first time, while others may not like to be behind you even after spending many years with you.

It May Take Some Time If They Are Naturally Cautious

However, if you can build a trusting relationship with your dog, there will come a day when your dog will naturally put his hips and back to you!

What To Do If Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Touch Its Butt?

The buttocks are a vulnerable place for dogs, so they may growl or freak out when touched from behind. They react this way because they are scared of being attacked by someone they don’t trust yet.

A dog that doesn’t like to be touched on the buttocks or have its owner come up behind it is also a sign that it doesn’t trust its owner yet. Once you have established a trusting relationship with your dog as its master, it will naturally turn its back on you.

Some dogs will immediately turn their backs on someone they just met, while others may not like to be touched even though they have been living with you for a long time.

  • If you’ve only had your dog for a short time, the first thing you can do is to continue caring for him with love.
  • It may take time to understand the dog’s personality, and it may also take time for the dog to get used to the new living environment.
  • It is important to give your dog love and affection every day, rather than to get depressed or impatient because he doesn’t seem to like you at all.
  • It is important to give your pet affection every day. Eventually, the affection will be conveyed, and you will gradually build a relationship of trust.

Some Other Reasons For Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You

Some Other Reasons For Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You

In different situations, dogs turn their back to their owners for different reasons. Here we explained the situations.

1. When They Turn Their Backs On You At A Distance

When They Turn Their Backs On You At A Distance

When a dog turns its head in the distance, it is pretending not to see you but is still alert. If you are meeting someone for the first time, or if you are not impressed with them, they will point their butt at you from a distance.

So, If the dog is interested in you, he will approach you. If you are unfamiliar with him, be careful not to approach him and try to touch him.

2. Dogs Point Their Butts At You When You Are Close To Them

Dogs Point Their Butts At You When You Are Close To Them

When a dog turns its head to you when you are close to it. It is a sign that it knows you are not an enemy. For dogs, whose ancestors were originally wild animals. Allowing a dog to get behind them is the same as trusting them with your life. In other words, when a dog turns its back to you, it is a sign that it trusts that you are not in danger of being attacked.

Don’t suddenly stroke the head of a dog you’ve never met before, as this will only scare it. Squat down, lower your eyes, extend your hand as far as it will go, and let him smell your palm for a while to gain his trust.

3. Your Dog Turns His Head And Sticks To You

Dogs stick to you with their butts facing you because it gives them a sense of security. Like being with their mother when their ancestors were wild animals. This way, they can sleep with a sense of security and unintentionally attach themselves to their owners.

4. Turning Toward You While It Is Exciting

Turning Toward You While It Is Exciting

If your dog turns around when you call his name when he’s excited. It’s a sign that you’ve built a trusting relationship. For example, try calling your dog’s name when he is barking. Or being barked at by other dogs on a walk. Or when he is absorbed in playing with his favorite toy.

If he turns around in response to your name, even in these situations. It is a sign that he thinks your voice calling him is more important than anything else. If he turns around and comes closer to you. It means that it has a high level of trust in you.

5. Dogs Have Their Greatest Weakness Behind Them

Dogs Have Their Greatest Weakness Behind Them

Their ears to hear sounds, eyes to see, and noses to smell are concentrated on their faces. And in case of an emergency, they have to fight. So they leave their backs to their trusted companions and are always on guard. Even when they live with their parents, the puppies have their hips facing their parents and their faces facing outward.

This is a sign of trust, no hostility, and the puppy feels safe to leave its back to the parent. Humans show trust by turning their abdomen, which is less muscular in our way. The muscles in the back protect the internal organs. So we turn our backs to the attacker in case of an immediate impact.

Each animal’s body type has a different posture during vigilance. But only humans sleep on their backs, which delays their reaction to an immediate situation. Humans also have a habit of sleeping on their sides, with their backs against a large tree or rock. When sleeping in the woods where there are bears or wolves.

Dogs Sleep with Their Bum Facing

Dogs Sleep with Their Bum Facing

Dogs often sleep with its backs to their owners for a diverse range of reasons. But the most common reasons are-

1. For Security

When a dog is sleeping with its bum facing you, it gives them some sense of security. They feel like they can protect themselves in case someone went to attack them.

2. For Companionship

When a dog sleeps with its bum facing you, it signals that they want to be close to you and have your company or just wants attention or affection.

3. For Willing To Be Protected

Sometimes a dog can sleep with their bum facing you because they are willing to be protected by you. Maybe the dog is in pain, scared, or sick, and in this way, they want to be saved.

4. For Trust

The reason why a dog sleeps with its bum facing at you is because of trust. They will sleep with their bum facing you because they trust your love and attention and that you will always be there in case they need help.

5. For Comfort

The most frequent explanation for why dogs sleep with its bums toward you is this. It usually happens when the dog needs to be warmer or just wants to have a good nap.

6. Want Affection

The most frequent explanation for why puppies sleep facing their bums toward you is this. They probably want to feel your touch or to have you rub their belly or tummy.

Why Do Dogs Sleep on Their Bum Facing You?

Dogs Sleep on Their Bum Facing You


There are a variety of reasons a dog could choose to lie with its back to you. Being near to someone they trust gives dogs a sense of security, which makes this the most typical cause. Another reason is companionship, as sleeping this way signals that the dog wants to be in contact with you and share your proximity.

Some dogs may do this because they seek comfort or relief from pain or discomfort, while others do it simply because they enjoy being cuddled, harboring feelings of trust and intimacy between them. Finally, some dogs sleep on their bum to show they’re open to receiving affection, whether that’s a pat on the back or a gentle kiss on the cheek.

What Is the Reason for The Dog to Sleep Like This?

What Is the Reason for The Dog to Sleep Like This

There are many reasons why a dog sleeps with its bum facing you. Some of the most common reasons are that they like to be close to you and want your attention. As well as being safe, they feel secure and comforted by the feeling of being close to you and not wanting to be attacked.

Some dogs don’t feel at ease unless they can face the wall when they sleep. Other dogs just like their tummies rubbed or want you to rub their belly or that area around it.

Always remember that dogs are pack animals and need a company to feel safe and loved. So if your dog is sleeping with their bum facing at you, it doesn’t mean that they want to be left alone or don’t want you around. It just means that they want somewhere safe to sleep, and you are the only one they can trust.

The Last Words

To a dog, a person to whom he feels safe to turn his back indicates that he trusts him. As a remnant of the fact that dogs’ ancestors lived in packs. It can be said that dogs trust their owners to protect them from enemies.

Putting on the hips and back is a defense mechanism in the wild. Before dogs came to live with humans, they lived in packs with many other dogs in the wild.

The difference between living in the wild and as pets is that the living environment was not safe. Living as a wild animal means that natural enemies are constantly attacking you. And if you are not careful, you could become food or even lose your life daily.

Dogs will never turn their backs on someone they are not comfortable with. So it is a sign of trust if they do. I hope now you know the fact “Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You”.


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