How To Get Two Female Dogs To Get Along? [Things To Do]

The most important thing in a dog’s behavior is socialization. Just as a dog needs to socialize with humans, it needs to socialize with other animals. One dog needs to socialize with another dog.

Because through this socialization they are able to communicate with each other. Communicating creates a friendly relationship between one dog and another dog. Many ask how to get two female dogs to get along?

How To Get Two Female Dogs To Get Along

Can Two Female Dogs Live Together? Or How To Get Two Female Dogs To Get Along?

This is a very familiar situation and every dog ​​lover wants his two dogs to be happy as well. There are also situations where you go for a walk with your dog and your friend takes his dog. This is where you meet and you will want your dog to be friendly with his dog.

Moreover if a friend brings a dog to your house or you take your dog somewhere and there are other dogs there. And you definitely want your dog to be friendly with their dog.

What Should You Do Before Introducing Two Dogs?

The owner makes the biggest mistake before introducing the two dogs. They bring a new dog and toss it with the pack, hoping they’ll be together. They may or may not be along. A dog doesn’t like to take a dog anymore. When you include a new dog in a pack area, they will not accept the new dog but will be aggressive. If the new dog is younger and less strong then the old dogs will attack him.

Depending on the strength of the dog, the other dogs will be obedient to him or will become terrible. Moreover, they will not hesitate to fight. The two methods are the same whether you bring a new dog into the pack or control the pack through a new human. Just as a dog’s pack can’t easily accept a new dog, they don’t want to be controlled by a new one.

When you want to bring a dog into your home especially if it is a female dog and if you also have a female dog in your house then you should meet them somewhere outside. Should meet in neutral areas and walk long distances together. You will be able to accept the dog when you see that your old dog is getting along very well with the new dog and is behaving in a friendly manner with each other.

When you bring your new dog home, your old dog will accept him and treat him as a friend. Then if you have more dogs in your home, you can introduce the new dog to them. Although they will react and attack at first sight, gradually their relationship will become friendly and they will be able to accept each other easily.

Separate The Two Dogs First

Separate The Two Dogs First

Many people think that when two dogs are kept together, there will be more communication between them, so they will be able to accept each other very easily. So they let the two dogs eat in the same bowl, play with a toy and force them to sleep in the same bed.

But unfortunately this method does not work very often. As a result, there are more fights than friendship between the two dogs. Just as it takes time for a human being to have a friendly relationship with another, so it takes time for animals. So it will take some time for one dog to become friendly with another dog so they need to spend time alone. So give a separate bed for each dog.

Then in the presence of a dog they will not feel threatened and will feel safe. One dog treats another dog most aggressively when they are fed. So keep your two dogs in two containers and feed them in two separate rooms if needed. Moreover, they should be trained separately.

When you notice that your two dogs are friendly to each other and there is no aggression between them, even if they are safe with each other, they will not need to be separated. Moreover, you can use baby gate to keep your dog separate. This allows the two dogs to see each other but not occupy each other’s place.

Will Want To Establish Dominance

Establish Dominance

Dogs are naturally pack animals and have a leader. Each pack has a leader known as an alpha animal and they authorize the pack and protect it from all kinds of dangers. If you have more than two dogs in your home and the biggest and strongest dog among them is known as Alpha Dog. And the Alpha Dog will lead you over the other two dogs and stay alert at all times.

Since each pack has a leader and there will be a competition between your dogs to take the place of the alpha dog. Competition increases when a new dog arrives in the pack. But one thing many are unaware of is that as a leader you can take part in yourself or any member of the family.

When you become the leader of your pack, that is, take the place of Alpha and dominate them, there will be no more competition for dominance between them. Your dogs will not compete with each other when they see you as a leader. And it is definitely a good and effective way to keep more than one dog, especially two female dogs together.

What To Do If There Is A Fight Between The dogs?

Fight Between The dogs

When more than one dog is at a time, it is normal for them to fight. It’s not a disaster when a dog fights, but your reaction can be a disaster. But it may be that they do not respect each other on any one issue and instead of correcting, they start fighting. It is often seen that a strong dog attacks and injures a weak dog. What should you do this time?

The first thing to do is to break the fight between the two dogs very quickly and calmly. You can quickly break up a fight between two dogs, but your instincts here will do the trick. You are the owner of these two dogs and they must be afraid of you.

So release the dog with high intensity and touch their body and pull them. However, you must maintain your own safety. Never yell at your two dogs when they are fighting, as this will only increase their aggression. You can shout but it must be done calmly and tactfully. You can calm the aggression behavior of the two dogs with your maximum strength.

Your second and most important step after a dog fight is broken is to forget about the fight. Your two dogs will forget about the fights between them and will be friendly with each other. You should forget this because you will be worried about the next fight when you remember the fight.

Dog Fights Should Be Avoided

Most fights between dogs occur when there is no leader among them. Fights between dogs are rare when an alpha dog leads in a pack.  You should set rules, boundaries and restrictions so that there are no fights between them. Now if the dogs see you as a leader, they will not compete with each other and will not fight.

It is also very important to be friendly. So you need to focus on keeping your dogs together and moving together. So if you practice your dogs regularly, it will reduce the extra energy. They will even reduce the tendency to fight with each other.

Which will show that they can focus on a specific goal and not focus on any kind of fight with each other. And it’s definitely a good way to keep more than two dogs along.

How To Reach The Goal?

When more than one dog is together, there will be a fight between them. But always remember that you own them and you will lead and control them. And since the behavior of dogs is that they can fight with each other, you will see it in a normal way.

When your two dogs fight with each other, break their fight very quickly and find peace. Take them out for a walk together so they can forget about fights and be friendly with each other. You never have to worry about them fighting because it could happen later.

Instead, you should forget about their fights because you can’t be friendly with them when you’re worried about their fights and you can’t even take good care of them. Also, when you can’t take proper care of them and keep a balance between them, they may get into fights again. Reward your dogs when they are calm and obedient.

And when they are not obedient, rule and correct them. And when the dogs follow all your rules, there will be no more fights between them. Eventually, it will be seen that they will always obey all your orders. And it is definitely a good way to reach your goals.

Alpha Female Dog Characteristics That You Need To Know

Alpha Female Dog Characteristics That You Need To Know

The alpha female in a pack is the leader and dictates who does what. Characteristics of alpha female dog:


Alpha females are the most dominant of the pack and control the activities of the box. She is capable of making decisions about what things to do and which not to do, and she does so with a certain degree of autonomy.


Alpha females do not always lead a pack in peace. The alpha female may be challenged by one or more of her pack members.


Female dogs are often seen as more dominant than male dogs, and there is a reason for this. Alpha females can display clear dominance Andy are generally more successful in maintaining a position without a male.


Alpha females are excellent leaders because they can identify and enforce rules that serve the needs of their pack.


Alpha females are very aggressive and intimidating. They can intimidate other members of their pack and be very aggressive in defending the club.

Adding Another Dog To Your Home

Adding Another Dog To Your Home

If you’re on the fence about adding a new dog to your family, we’ve compiled a list of some important considerations for whether or not it’s a good idea for you and your pup.

Understand Your Lifestyle

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand the lifestyle implications of bringing another dog into your home. Adding a second dog can be an excellent choice if you live a more active, outdoor-oriented lifestyle.

Consider The Breed

Dog breeds vary widely in size and lifestyle preferences. Some species are highly active and energetic, requiring long walks, play sessions, and other outlets for energy. Other breeds prefer couch potatoes and stroll around the neighborhood.

Be A Responsible Puppy Parent

To provide your new dog the greatest start in life, there are several things you can do. Adopt from a shelter or rescue, get your new puppy vaccinated, and get them started on regular training classes.

Socialize With Other Dogs

Socializing your dog with other dogs will teach your puppy how to behave around other animals and allow them to learn how to live in harmony with other animals. Socialization is crucial for puppies as they grow up.

Tips On How To Make Two Dogs Become Friends

Tips On How To Make Two Dogs Become Friends

It may take some time, but dogs can eventually become friends. The key to this is patience, as well as a lot of positive energy and behavior. The first stage in introducing two new dogs is getting them used to each other’s smells. Let them sniff each other through a gate or on opposite ends of the room while eating or playing with their owners.

The more time they spend near one another, the better chance they have to get along in the future. To ensure that the dogs don’t get too aggressive toward one another, it is important to avoid letting them meet face to face.

Instead, let them approach one another from the side and let them smell each other through a gate or from a distance. This technique allows the dogs to assert their dominance without creating any possible aggression between them.

The Risks Of Raising Two Female Dogs

The Risks Of Raising Two Female Dogs

Between the risks of an autoimmune disorder and inbreeding, there are many reasons to be wary of raising two female dogs. Many people have found that raising two female dogs is not only time-consuming but also without reward in the end. The main reason for this is the risks that come with a female dog’s autoimmune disorder.

This type of disorder means the immune system starts attacking its own cells and will usually appear when the dog is around three years old. For this reason, it can be a good idea to check how old your female dog is before giving birth to her second litter.

The most common autoimmune disease in dogs is Cushing’s syndrome, which only affects four and ten percent of the population. However, it is known to weaken the immune system, so it is no wonder that having two females can be risky. This can lead to serious health issues such as infertility and miscarriage.


I hope now you know how to make two female dogs to get along. If you think my article is helpful for you then definitely stay with us. Thank you! The risks of raising two female dogs are real, so think carefully before you go ahead. If you have read this article all the way through, you must consider adding another dog to your family.

Just be sure to consider every angle and all of the facts to make a well-informed decision about your pup’s future. For now, that’s all I have to say. I hope the rest of your week is fantastic. Don’t forget to like and comment if you liked the article.


1. Why Two Female Dogs May Not Be The Best Combination?

Ans: Thinking that both women can work things out together is a bad idea. When disputes get out of hand, one dog may harm or even kill the other.

2. Who’s More Prone To Fight, Male Dogs Or Female Dogs?

Ans: Female dogs are more likely to fight, but it also depends on their upbringing and socialization. A dog’s hormones may increase the tendency for aggression, and the sex of a dog can be hard to tell.

3. What Can You Do To Help The Old And The New Dogs Get Along?

Ans: Allow your dogs to sniff and meet adequately. Affirm them calmly. Then let the dogs to play again after placing each one in a sit or stay. On walks, let them sniff each other.

4. Should I Get A Male Or Female Dog If I Already Have A Female?

Ans: Experts advocate adopting an opposite-sex dog, although same-gender dogs may get along. It is influenced by personality and dominance levels.

5. Will Two Female Dogs Fight If One Is In Heat?

Ans: Female dogs in heat are attracted to dogs. They may try to flirt with male dogs but will not fight with them.

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