My Dog Is Attached To Someone Else [4 Main Reasons And Solutions]

There are many clients who complain that her favorite dog is more attached to someone else than her. She feeds her dog, takes care of him, takes him for a walk.

So, what to do when you feel my dog is attached to someone else? In a word, she gives him all kinds of benefits. But the dog has a tendency to be someone else rather than an attachment to her. The question may come to mind that what is the reason for this? There may be many reasons behind this.

Dogs choose the person of their choice. Dogs generally like human care, attention, and love. The person who gives him attention gives him love and takes care of him; the dog considers them the most important thing in the world. So dogs are attached to humans by watching human behavior.

My Dog Is Attached To Someone Else

My Dog Is Attached To Someone Else 4 Main Reasons

1. Who Is Giving Love To The Dog?

Who Is Giving Love To The Dog

Dogs usually have good relationships with people who love them. And the way to strengthen a relationship with a dog is to give him his favorite food. For example, people who regularly feed dogs are more likely to be attracted to them.

Moreover, there is more attachment to the kind and caring person. But not all dogs are the same; some dogs can’t afford it. There are some dogs who are more attracted to the game. These people give the dog more time to play a new game with the dog and bring toys for him. The dog is more attached to those people.

But there are some dogs who are attached to them who pay more attention to them. If you think your dog is more attached to someone else, it may be because the dog is getting some benefit from that person.

Dogs pay more attention to positive behavior, sometimes attaching to negative behavior. If you forbid him to do something, he will think you are too rude. On the other hand, if he does not forbid or hinder anyone from doing bad deeds, then he is more attached to them.

2. Who Will Help Socialize The Dog?

Who Will Help Socialize The Dog

Dogs are usually more attracted to the person who helped them socialize. People who usually help socialize a puppy. In other words, a bond is formed in the brain of the dog with the person who takes care of him from the age of six months. The experiences of this period are remembered throughout their lives and affect them.

So dogs are more attracted to those who help them socialize. In general, dogs are more attracted to men, and they think men are their best friends. Then you may wonder if your dog will not like you. There are some easy ways to get your dog attracted to you.

If you take care of your dog’s pet regularly, give him enough attention, then he will be attracted to you very easily. Although initial experience is important, with a little care your dog will become your fan. And you will be considered the most important person in the world.

3. Who Is Paying More Attention To Dogs

Who Is Paying More Attention To Dogs

Dogs are more attached to those who pay attention to them. Many dogs are found to be more attracted to people who have never taken care of them. The special person to a dog is the one who pays more attention to him. For example, in a Husband-Wife, the dog will have more fans who feed the dog every morning and take it for walks in the evening.

Also, the dog always remembers the person who loves the dog and takes a stand for the dog. The dog will also take a stand towards the person and will always follow him. If you give your dog more affection, love, and play with it, the dog will consider you the most important person in the world.

However, in the case of some dogs, the opposite is seen. You give your dog affection, attention but forbid him to sit on your bed. On the other hand, your husband lies down with the dog on his chest. Which is why your dog is more inclined towards your husband than you are.

4. Dog Breeds Are More Attached To A Particular Person

Dog Breeds Are More Attached To A Particular Person

There are some breeds of dogs that choose a special person as an important person in their life. There are some breeds such as German Shepherd, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Great Dane, and Pit Bull; such dogs consider a particular person as the light of their life.

If your dog has this kind of magic, then I would make you aware that socializing is more important before your dog is attached to that person. If you want your dog to be more attracted to you then you need to spend more time with the dog and pay more attention to it.

Plus you have to play with him and take him out for a walk. By doing these things, your dog will recognize you and will not choose anyone else as a special person. If the dog chooses his favorite person before doing this, and you try to separate the dog from him then your dog may suffer from loneliness. You can’t be his favorite person, but he will love you and respect you.

How Will You Be Your Dog’s Favorite Person?

How Will You Be Your Dog's Favorite Person

If your dog is more attached to someone else than you, you won’t be disappointed. You will be able to increase the bond between you and your dog. For this, you need to pay more attention, affection, and love for the dog. Spend time with your dog and go for a walk with him. Doing so will build a strong relationship with your dog.

 Why Is My Dog Attached to Someone Else

My Dog Is Attached To Someone Else

If your dog is bonded to someone else, they could just provide a benefit that the dog really appreciates. Positive connections cause dogs to bond, but they may sometimes be unfavorable. There can be many reasons why your dog might be attached to someone else –

The Person Offered Food

Dogs tend to love people who provide food rewards, such as petting and food. So, if you live with someone who does this a lot, your dog could be attached to that person just because of the food.

The Person Is Always Present

Some people work late, have flexible work hours, or have a job that puts them home by the time you get back from work.

The Person Has a Neutral Temperament

Some people are really easy-going and calm. Dogs can easily be attracted to calm people, especially if those calm people don’t show any signs of threat.

The Person Consistently Rewards The Dog For Desired Behaviors

Your dog may try to find out what behaviors you want from it, and when it gets these wanted rewards, it learns to perform them more often in the future.

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

There are many ways in which a dog can bond with someone. Dogs attach to people based on two primary ways:

  • The person’s facial expression and
  • The person’s body language.

Your dog will very likely learn that you are an okay person, as you are physically present and put food out for him. It is also not uncommon for people to just look at their dogs and be very visibly affectionate towards them. Over time, your dog may have learned to associate your face and body with something positive, which will make him associate you with good things.

When a person and dog are not able to spend time together due to time constraints or distance, it can be very hard for the dog to bond with that particular person.

Ways To Know If Your Dog Is Bonded to You

Ways To Know If Your Dog Is Bonded to You

A dog’s bond with you will have many evident signs. Your dog will have a deep attachment to you. The signs to know if your dog bonded to you are-

  1. Your dog will follow you everywhere.
  2. It will sleep close to you or on the spot where you usually sleep even if you are not present.
  3. Your dog will be excited when he sees you come home.
  4. The dog doesn’t have a strong attachment toward other people but does have one for you.
  5. The dog will not be comfortable in someone else’s presence, except a person whom he trusts.
  6. The dog will become sad when you leave him for work or business trips.
  7. It will wag its tail on seeing you.
  8. You will find your dog waiting for you when you come back home.

Treatment Of Dog Behavioral Problems And Competition With Siblings

Treatment Of Dog Behavioral Problems And Competition With Siblings

Dog behavioral problems are a very common issue. There are many causes for these problems, but the most prevalent reason for this is competition with siblings. Here is how you can treat dog behavioral problems and competition with siblings –

  1. Get all the dogs in the house to go through obedience training. You can do this by enrolling them in a professional dog training school. Look for a reliable dog trainer who can help you.
  2. After you have finished obedience training, you have to create a schedule for each dog and stick with it.
  3. You need to give the dogs plenty of exercises every day. You have to take each dog out and walk them individually so they do not influence the other dogs. This will help with competition between dogs.
  4. If you notice that all dogs compete, then it is time to get them their own separate playroom. This will take them out of the house and away from each other.

 Tips To Stop The Dog From Attacking The Owner

 Tips To Stop The Dog From Attacking The Owner

There can be many reasons why a dog can attack its owner. One of the reasons may be that they feel threatened. When a dog is threatened, its instinct is to protect itself from any harm. Here are some tips to stop your dog from attacking you-

Avoid Direct Eye Contact With The Dog

Avoid Direct Eye Contact With The Dog

Dogs can sense fear and are more likely to attack if they sense it. Avoid eye contact with the dog, especially when you are at close range. If he is barking, look away from him and try to ignore the barking.

Avoid Screaming

Screaming can sometimes provoke a dog to react aggressively. Try to distract the dog with a toy or some play before scaring him with your scream.

Slowly Go Back

Slowly go back when you see your dog getting aggressive and approaching you. Avoid moving towards the dog, as he may interpret it as an attack.

Don’t Run From Your Dog

Running can excite the dog and make him chase you. Dogs run in packs and are more likely to attack if they think that their prey is trying to escape them.

Give The Dog Treats

Give The Dog Treats

Food is a good motivator. Giving the dog treats will make him more interested in you and less likely to attack. The more treats you give the dog, the more he will try to get them.


I hope in this “My Dog Is Attached To Someone Else” article, I have been able to help you with the right information. Thank you for your patience!


1. Why Is My Newly Adopted Dog Following Me Around?

Ans: Your newly adopted dog probably simply wants a companion, which is the most frequent explanation for their behavior. Domesticated dogs have been shaped to be wonderful companions for people. Through domestication, our relationship with them has become more personal.

2. What Is Different When Your Dog Gives You More Attention?

Ans: Dogs are able to detect our love for them, which only makes them love us more. Dogs are more likely to follow their human when they have positive attention. As a result, dogs are not uncommon to give their humans tons of affection and affectionate gestures in return.

3. How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

Ans: The individual who pays them the most care tends to form a strong attachment with the dog. As an example, in a household with two parents and two children, the dog may choose the person who fills their dish each morning and walks them every evening.

4. What Dogs Are Prone to Velcro Attachment and What Causes It?

Ans: The following dog breeds are prone to Velcro Attachment – Dalmatian, Jindos, Shiba Inu, and Australian Shepherds. Velcro dog syndrome may develop due to boredom and a lack of mental stimulation. Dogs might get bored if they don’t receive enough mental and physical activity.

5. Can Dogs Change Their Favorite Person?

Ans: Yes, dogs can change their favorite person. If a dog is typically attached to one person, it will likely continue to be after the relationship ends. They may also change their favorite people if they are mistreated by their favorite person and start preferring another.

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