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Dogs are the most faithful and loyal animal as a pet, and they can be the friendliest creature on earth. As most of us love dogs, we tend to pet them too often. But sometimes, we forget to take proper care of these animals. Moreover, lacking enough knowledge on taking adequate care of a pet dog might lead to many diseases of your favorite rub.

And urinary or bladder issues are one of the major problems for dogs. These can soon transform into other vicious diseases, making them worse. But you can easily avoid such problems by taking some steps. And, getting the ROYAL Canin Urinary SO-Dry dog food can help you solve most of your problems.

This can be the perfect food alternative for your beloved pet making your dog healthier. But before we get to know more about this food, we need to learn what causes bladder problems for dogs and its symptoms to know when to get this food for your dog.

ROYAL Canin Urinary SO-Dry Dog Food

What Causes Urinary Or Bladder Problems?

Many reasons can lead to urinary problems, and it is crucial to realize it from the symptoms.

Smaller breeds, for example, are more prone to urolithiasis because they produce less urine and urinate less frequently, resulting in higher chemical concentrations. The most common reasons behind lower urinary tract problems are:

  • Trauma
  • Prostate disease
  • Congenital abnormality
  • Spinal cord abnormalities
  • Cancer and many more.

Symptoms And Signs

For any kind of urinary problem, the dog goes through extreme discomfort, and from sure signs, you would quickly know that your dog is facing such problems. As the stone obstructs your dog’s urinary tract, it may struggle to pee or find urination uncomfortable. It might behave awkwardly when peeing and tend to go for peeing too often.

It’s possible that their pee is cloudy or bloody and that they dribble urine. They may also lick the area around the urine entrance to relieve inflammation. Your dog may also have a fever in severe circumstances. Every dog is different, but you must take him to the veterinarian if you see one of these frequent indications in your dog.

ROYAL Canin Urinary SO-Dry Dog Food History

ROYAL Canin Urinary SO-Dry Dog Food History

A proper diet and healthy food can ensure your dog’s wellness, and, for that, the ROYAL Canin UrinarySO can unquestionably be the best of choices. It took nearly 50 years of research and observations for Royal Canin to produce such nutrition. The food is produced to nutritionally support your adult dog’s urinary tract and bladder health.

With the help of Relative Super Saturation (RSS) methodology, this food concentrates lower ion, mainly responsible for forming stones. It also helps to create an unusual environment for prohibiting the formation of stones. When you start feeding your dog Urinary SO food, it will help dissolve pure struvite stones and prevent struvite stones from forming again.


The Urinary SO comes with lots of essential ingredients for making the most healthy diet for your pet. It is a perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, glucose, and other necessary supplements. Feeding this food will make sure your dog gets all the sustainable elements it needs. This diet contains 3741 kilocalories of metabolizable energy (ME) for the best-balanced diet.

How To Feed?

It’s better to follow specific feeding methods for the best possible result, and by following these, you will be able to ensure sound health for your pet. You can either feed the Urinary OS fully dry or mixed with water. It is suitable for dogs of any age. The amount of food needed for dogs based on the weights are given on the below chart:

Benefits of Royal Canin UrinarySO

If you are concerned about your dog’s health, you should get the Royal Canin UrinarySO. With this food, not only will you be able to ensure good health but also solve all sorts of urinal or bladder problems of your pet. First of all, the ingredients of this food easily dissolve calcium oxalate and other chemicals and materials that are mainly responsible for forming stones.

Moreover, it can reduce the risk of forming crystals using RSS methodology, keeping your dog’s bladder healthy. Creating an unpredictable environment for the stones materials makes sure the bladder and Urinary can pass urines with full flow.

And, if you keep feeding this extraordinary food for a long time, it will prevent struvite stones from appearing again. So, indeed, there’s a lot of benefits of this nourishing and wholesome food. You don’t even have to force your dog to eat it, as the food is made in such a way that any dog would love it heartily.

Is It Essential For Your Dog?

Is It Essential For Your Dog

Well, if you are wondering if the Urinary SO is necessary for your dog, we would suggest, of course, it is. For the best growth and proper maintenance of your pet, a proper diet is a must.

And the Urinary SO alone can provide the best-balanced diet having all the essential elements. If you are yet to feed your dog this food, go and grab it immediately. For your convenience, you can collect it from local retailers or buy it online.


With all these nutrients and benefits, surely the Urinary SO from Royal Canin resembles excellent food quality. Even if you are too much caring for your pet dog, not being serious about its health issues or not understanding its health problems can lead to severe problems. And, once it deepens more, you find no other ways to fix it or cure it.

So it’s better to be careful than being late. If you see any of the symptoms mentioned above in your dog, quickly consult a veteran and start feeding this amazing food.

It’s not like you need to wait for your dog to get sick, and then you will start feeding urinary SO, rather you can always use it as a food alternative and keep your dog healthy all the time. I hope now you know ROYAL Canin Urinary SO-dry dog food.

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