Schnauzer Natural Ears – All You Need To Know

If you have a schnauzer at your home, you may already notice the fluffy ears. Schnauzer is a German dog breed. Experts suggest cropping their ears through surgery. Their schnauzer natural ears look like ‘bat ears,’ which look inconvenient sometimes.

As a result, their ears need to be cropped. Every schnauzer’s ears are not the same, but several schnauzer’s ears are different and fluffier. That’s why they need extra attention and care. There is an alternative way of not cropping their ears. Sticking to bend and set their ears over the head.

Without any expert supervision, this process is quite risky. Their natural ears are small and v-shaped placed near the skull. Different schnauzer comes up with different kinds of ear type. Some of the schnauzer ears can stand up without cropping or tapping. But some of their ears don’t stand up naturally. It depends on the weight of the hair.

Schnauzer Natural Ears

Schnauzer Natural Ears – Everything You Need To Know

Schnauzer Natural Ears - Everything You Need To Know

You can train your schnauzer’s ears naturally. Without any kind of surgery or cropping them, you can tap their ears in teething time. It means after six to eight months of their birth. Many countries legalize cropping their ears. But you don’t need to crop their ears. In the beginning, these breeds used to live on German farms. They used to kill rats and work on the farm.

Now it is no longer a necessity to crop their ears. The process is continued because if anyone wants to crop their ears to make them look better. Their natural ears are floppy and cute that gives a soft look to them. If you want to make their ears stand naturally, tapping can be the only solution.

Here you will know the step of tapping schnauzer’s ears. You will need a backer rod base and different tapes like Kendall, duct, and elastikon. This process is relatively inexpensive.

Essential Facts About the Mini Schnauzer

The Mini Schnauzer is one of the smallest breeds of dogs. They are active and intelligent dogs that are becoming increasingly popular among breeders. The Mini Schnauzer is a gentle and caring creature that loves to be with its family. Here are the essential facts about the Mini Schnauzer-

Personality is not “Terrier-like.”

Personality is not "terrier-like."

The mini Schnauzer is a gentle dog that is not at all “terrier-like” in nature. This breed does not have the typical “terrier streak” and, therefore, does not have any strong prey drive. They are excellent dogs for families with children as they do not have any aggression issues or dominance streaks.

Affectionate & Devoted To Family

The Mini Schnauzer is a very affectionate dog that loves to be around its masters and family members.

They’re Not Delicate Dogs

They're not delicate dogs.

Mini Schnauzers are not delicate dogs, even if they are small. The mini Schnauzer is an excellent choice for households where children are around.


Mini Schnauzers are very athletic dogs that love to run around and play. Though they have a small body, they have strong legs that can keep up with their active temperament.


The Mini Schnauzer is an intelligent dog that can learn quickly. They are easy to train.

They Shed Very Little

They shed very little.

Mini Schnauzers are very low-maintenance dogs as they do not shed much.

Steps Of Tapping His Natural Ears

Steps Of Tapping His Natural Ears

Step 1 – Cutting The Tapes

Step 1 - Cutting The Tapes

First of all, you need to cut 4 inches long elastikon tape into two pieces. Then cut down 4 inches of Kendall tape into two pieces and 3 inches of Kendall tape into four pieces. You have to cut 5 inches long duct tape into two pieces.

Step 2 – Setting The Base

To set up the base, you must cut the backer rod according to the size of the ears of the schnauzer. Cover the base with duct tape. Then cover the backer rod with Kendall tape and again duct tape accordingly.

Step 3- Stick Into The Ears

Cover around the ear skin with elastikon tape and place the backer rod base along with it. Then cover with the 4 inches Kendall tape from the top of the ear skin to the gluey part and 3 inches of Kendall tape over the ear.

After completing the process of covering the tape in one ear, follow the same process for another ear.

Want Your Dog to Win at Westminster

Want Your Dog to Win at Westminster

The Westminster Dog Show is a once-a-year event in which the best of the best from all over the world come together to determine who has what it takes to be one of America’s Top Dogs. For judging, all dogs are divided into the following seven categories: non-sporting, sporting, working, herding, terrier, toy, and hound.

The more dogs that enter, the more points each victory that the dogs get for defeating them. When it comes to looking, mobility, temperament, and particular physical qualities like eye shape and size, ear form and position, paws, tail, height and weight, hair, color, and more, dogs are assessed based on how closely they resemble a written standard outlining the perfect dog in their breed.

The next step is the elimination phase. The four dogs who were selected as Best in Breed in their respective categories then competed in Best in Group, with the winner from each group moving on to compete for the overall Best in Show award.

Wrapping Up

Many schnauzer parents like their natural ears because they are so sweet and fluffy. Apart from them, some of the parents wanted to crop their natural ears. Sometimes, you can’t recognize the dog breed after cropping ears. There are many arguments regarding cropping schnauzer ears. Many people argue about animal cruelty. All veterinarians are not suggesting cropping their ears. Some of them can operate the surgery properly.

You must consult your veterinarian before tapping. All dogs are beautiful in their ways. Not all schnauzers need to crop or tape their ears. Some of them are born with a pair of floppy ears.

You need to take extra care of the other schnauzer. Considered all these, the decision is up to the schnauzer owner as their healthy life matters the most, so it is better to choose the process with natural ears.


1.How To Clean Schnauzer’s Natural Ears?

Ans: Taking care of the schnauzer’s ears is the most important thing. The cleaning process starts with arranging the materials. You will need cotton balls and tweezers. Look into the ears properly to find out if there are any problems like fleas or odor.

With the help of tweezers, you have to pluck the internal ear hair. After that, wash the ear properly with the cotton ball. Then you just need to dry their ears. Otherwise, it can stink and produce a dirty smell.

2.Is It Necessary To Crop The Natural Ears Of Schnauzer?

Ans: No. Your schnauzer can live with its natural ears. Cropping their ears can be harmful to them. It is hard to look after them every time. If your schnauzer ears are not standing naturally, then you can go for the tapping process.

3.Can The Schnauzer’s Ears Stand Naturally?

Ans: Yes. It is connected with the cartilage tissue of the ears. Suppose you want their standing ears, then you can massage their ears upwards. But you need to follow the massaging process in between 8 weeks to 6 months.

4.How Can I Use Masking Tape For Tapping Schnauzer Ears?

Ans: Firstly pull the ears frontward and start with one ear. Wrap the 3 or 4 inches masking tape around the ear skin and keep covering the ear accordingly below the chin and through the skull. Then wrap down the cheek and below the chin. You need to be careful while tapping the ears. Otherwise, it may harm your schnauzer’s health. Detach the tape within 2-3 days and observe the change.

5.What Do Docked Tails and Cropped Ears Look Like?

Ans: Surgery is used to surgically trim docked tails such that around 2 inches of the original tail remain. The tail may still wag and move even when it is shorter. To eliminate extra tissue, cropped ears are surgically cut and then supported while recuperating.

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