Orijen Dog Food Caused Diarrhea – [With Possible Reasons & Solutions]

Orijen is a dog food that comes with high-quality ingredients and contains more nutrition to the dog’s immune system. The ingredients include all types of meat, meals, and fish. But recently, Orijen dog food caused diarrhea to the pet dogs. It may be due to their new formula or the particular pet dogs aren’t suitable for this high nutrition.

Sometimes due to improper digestion, your pet dog may suffer from diarrhea. If you are seeing that in recent times your pet dogs are doing diarrhea after feeding Orijen dog food then go through this article. After the end of this guide, you will get all the reasons behind this sickness and the solutions to recover your dog’s health. Let us dive into it.

Orijen Dog Food Caused Diarrhea

Orijen Dog Food Caused Diarrhea – Everything You Need To Know

Orijen Dog Food Caused Diarrhea - Everything You Need To Know

In this section, you will have a clear idea about all the reasons and necessary steps to recover it. Moreover, you will get to know how to prevent diarrhea in your pet dogs. Sometimes you need to change your pet’s food after every 3 to 4 months.

Possible Reasons

There are different reasons behind your dog’s diarrhea due to feeding Orijen food. Let us look at them.

Knowing The Required Amount Of Calories

Most of the pet dogs at certain age require balanced calories. In some cases, a low calorie is not suggested by the veterinarian for particular symptoms. It may be for some period. Now, Orijen provides high-calorie food. Providing Orijen is not bad unless your dog is okay with it. If you see your dog was fine before providing Or


ijen, then it might be the calorie issue. Due to high calories, your dog may suffer from diarrhea.

Problem Indigestion

Sometimes it may happen that jumping from one food course to another can cause digestion problems. It needs some time to fix the problem. Orijen is a high-quality food that contains a good amount of nutrition.

If your dog is habituated to home food, then a sudden change in their food plan might be the reason behind diarrhea. You will observe the same food coming out of the stool over and over again. The liquid is the worst-case scenario of diarrhea.

Change In Food Formula

Orijen dog food comes from Canada. They use 47 ingredients in their food that includes high meat and fish. But recently, their formula changed, and they include more ingredients. Now, they use 65 ingredients in their food.

In their new formula, the amount of filler is high. One of the main reasons for dog’s diarrhea is filler. Dogs are not used to wheat and corn-type food. In filler, the amount of wheat is high. So, this might be the reason behind diarrhea.

Substitute Of The Animal Protein

The old Orijen was known for its better ingredients. In the beginning, they used proper meat and meal that yields high protein. But at recent Orijen dog food, they used junk animals and fish in their formula.

In fish, they provide Mackerel instead of salmon fish. Mackerel is not a proper fish to provide protein to a dog’s immunity system. This mixing of junk foods is the reason behind your dog’s diarrhea.

Using Anti-Bacterial Chemicals

Originally Orijen uses anti-bacterial chemicals which are good for a dog’s intestine. Probiotics in this dog food help to sterilize all the bacteria which will be better for the dog’s intestine.

But unfortunately, all dogs can’t take probiotics in their digestion system. This makes the dog poop in the bowl. Thus, anti-bacterial chemicals may cause diarrhea for those particular types of dogs.

Best Solutions

The best way to get rid of diarrhea is to stop immediately feeding Orijen dog food. It is best to keep them away for a while after their recovery. Following are the solutions to get recovery from diarrhea.

Using Prescribed Medicine

The primary thing that one can do is to talk with a vet about it. Tell them everything about the food you provide them. You should also mention the changes that you have made in your dog food recently. The vet will prescribe some anti-diarrhea medicine for a certain period. You will also be advised to stop giving Orijen food. So, maintaining them might get rid of your dog’s diarrhea problem.

Fluid Therapy

Dehydration is one of the reasons for dog’s diarrhea sufferings. Lack of drinking water is the cause of dehydration. To make the foods hydrated, you should make your dog drink water all in tiny amounts.

Avoiding Allergic Foods

If the vet analyzed that your dog has an allergic reaction to Orijen, then you must avoid that dog food. An allergic reaction also leads to diarrhea. It is better to avoid that type o ingredient in your dog food.

Puppy Having Diarrhea On Orijen Puppy Large Breed

The stomach flu often takes a toll on our lovable puppies. They may or may not be able to eat, drink, play and walk. Fortunately, there are things you can do for them that will keep them hydrated and feeling good until the symptoms pass.

One of these things is giving them water at least every 2 hours to stop their stomach from cramping up. If you wait too long for them to drink, their stomach lining can get messed up, and they will be more prone to getting more diarrhea.

Water is the most important thing, but it’s also the one that they tend to avoid the most. I have had a dog who hated water, and even though he was hydrated, he still got stomach cramps.

The Dog Has Runny Stools With Orijen

If your dog is getting loose stools, he likely has a sensitivity to one or more ingredients in Orijen. We detect these sensitivities by assessing your dog’s stool samples and looking for the tell-tale signs of sensitivity.

Please remember that this test does not diagnose food allergies but simply assesses for intolerance to specific ingredients. If your dog is having issues with food, we recommend incorporating a digestive enzyme into his diet to help aid in digestion.

The difference between a food allergy and food intolerance is that an allergy usually prompts an immune response and skin irritation. An intolerance like Orijen causes loose stools but no other changes in skin or itchiness. Your dog may be sensitive to an ingredient in the food and not even show signs of skin irritation.

Trying To Find Higher-End Food That Doesn’t Cause Diarrhea

If you love your pup and want to give him the best life possible, you don’t want him to suffer from tummy troubles. You know they can’t talk to tell you when they feel ill, so it’s important to pay attention. Keep reading for tips on finding the right food for your dog that doesn’t cause diarrhea.

More than a million Americans each year get sick due to food-borne illnesses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To help reduce the chances that your dog will develop diarrhea from eating wormy, moldy, or spoiled food, it’s essential to know how to keep his food safe.

As a general rule of thumb, high-quality premium dog food is the safest bet to avoid bacterial and parasitic infestations. Look for products where the first ingredient listed on the label is the name or type of animal, not carbohydrate or filler like wheat or corn.

Easy Fixes For Puppy Diarrhea

Are you in a panic because your pup has diarrhea? That’s normal. We want to reassure you that there are things you can do to fix it. Gather the poop and take it with you (in a plastic bag) to the vet for an examination. You should also ensure the pup is drinking enough water, eating well, and getting plenty of exercises.

If she doesn’t have these three things, this could contribute to her loose stools. If this is more than a seasonal problem with your pup, you should take her to the vet to get a blood test to see if she is anemic. A vet will also look at the anal glands of dogs and cats. A swollen anal gland can lead to diarrhea. A small dog may have just one or two of these glands, while a large dog could have up to four organs in his rectum.

How To Get The Original Product?

If you look at the recent packet of Orijen dog food, then you will observe new formula. It comes with 67 ingredients, and the weight is less by 5 grams. Moreover, you will look at the ingredients name that comes with more filler.

The Orijen dog food from Canada is the real one that does not contain filler. If you see that the product is imported from  Kentucky, then the brand used different formula. Their main variation is observed in changing of formula in the ingredients.


1.Will Switching to Hypoallergenic Food Help?

Ans: Choosing hypoallergenic foods can help reduce your risk of reacting. Hypoallergenic foods are substances that do not cause an allergic reaction in individuals with a specific type of sensitivity, such as hay fever or cat allergy.

2.Are Some Ingredients More Likely To Cause Allergies Than Others?

Ans: If you have ever eaten anything, then yes. But beyond that, no: allergies are not caused by one ingredient in particular, and there is no evidence to suggest that one type of food causes more allergies than another.

3.Are These The Only Food Ingredients Likely To Cause Food Hypersensitivity?

Ans: Food ingredients are most likely to cause food hypersensitivity. Eggs, wheat, corn, Milk, Soy Fish/shellfish (e.g., tuna, salmon), peanuts/tree nuts (e.g., cashews, almonds), wheat gluten (e.g., seitan), and casein.

4.How Is A Food Allergy Treated?

A food allergy is treated with avoidance of the allergens and with medication to alleviate symptoms like wheezing, rash, or cramps. These medications can include antihistamines, steroids, and epinephrine injectors.

5.Is It Likely That My Dog Could Develop Other Food Allergies?

Ans: Yes, some dogs may have a predisposition to developing other food sensitivities. This is because their immune system may create antibodies to foods that produce inflammatory reactions, such as those listed above. This is known as the atopy phenomenon.


Orijen dog food is not a bad brand, and it has reached the highest position in the market. The newcomer always chooses this brand as their dog food. But the new formula in the recent Orijen food is not suitable for your pet dogs.

You should look for other high-protein brands for your dog food. Make sure to take advice from your vet before doing anything. We hope that you have known the reason and solution behind your dog’s diarrhea. I hope now you know everything about why Orijen dog food caused diarrhea and how to overcome from this situation.

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