How To Stop A Pitbull Attack – Tips And Tricks

Is it just me, or did any of us have those terrifying nightmares of being chased by a dog? To be honest, even the thought of having a dog bite can be pretty nerve-racking.

So, how to stop a pitbull attack? It is said that prevention is better than cure. So it is better to prepare yourself to face such a traumatic situation in your nightmares and reality.

Due to the rising reports of dog bitings, people are not surprised that people are searching about how to stop a pit bull attack. Stick to this article to find out the life-saving hacks against pit bulls or any dog attack. Let’s start with the don’ts.

How To Stop A Pitbull Attack

How To Stop A Pitbull Attack – The Do And Don’t The Don’ts

How To Stop A Pitbull Attack - The Do And Don't The Don'ts

1. Don’t Panic Or Yell

Don't Panic Or Yell

First of all, don’t lose your calm and hold your emotions as much as possible. I know, it’s not that easy with all those adrenaline rush going inside your body. Or else, the dog will perceive you as a possible threat and act accordingly.

2. Don’t Run Or Move

Don’t even think of making a move. Your opponent is one of the most aggressive dog breeds. Yes, if you run, the pitbull will surely chase you, and believe me, it won’t be a good chase.

As a result, this running will convert the territorial drive into its predatory drive in seconds. You definitely won’t want that. So, remain calm, collected, and immobile.

3. Don’t You Dare To Make A Direct Eye Contact

Don't You Dare To Make A Direct Eye Contact

Avoid any direct eye contact with the pitbull or any dog in question in such an attacking situation. You can see with your peripheral vision but avoid any posture that can escalate the situation.

4. Don’t Attack First

Attacking should not start from your part. Keep calm. But if the dog truly intends to harm you, do everything possible that can preserve your life.

5. Don’t Just Give Ip

Don’t be that moron who gives up easily. If the pitbull has already bitten you, don’t just give up, or else it would continue to cause extreme damages. When a pitbull becomes outrageous, it turns into a deadly killing machine. Don’t expect it to show mercy when you give up because it definitely won’t. Now, let’s get on to the do’s.

How Do You Get A Pit Bull To Release Its Bite?

How Do You Get A Pit Bull To Release Its Bite?

Some of the most difficult aspects of owning a Pit Bull include training, proper care, and knowing how to handle the animal in an emergency. When it comes to these kinds of problems, you will likely consider contacting a veterinarian who also specializes in animals.

However, when your Pit Bull breaks free from its leash and bits someone or something else with extreme ferocity, professional first aid could significantly shorten the time until they arrive on the scene.

Most dogs will let go of a biting hold if the tail grasps them. Pull the dog’s tail to prevent him from turning around and biting you while you continue to go backward. Continue to grasp the dog’s tail until he calms down and the owner arrives to take control of him if you are not the owner.

Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea At Night

Diarrhea is a common problem for dogs. Food habit plays a major role in it. However, stress, anxiety, change in diet, and some medications cause diarrhea. Some dogs also have chronic diarrhea, which can be quite challenging.

The dog is experiencing frequent vomiting or suffering from diarrhea, especially at night. If left untreated, these conditions may lead to serious consequences and even cause your beloved pet’s death.

It is important to know that diarrhea is one of the major symptoms of many health problems in dogs. So you must be very patient and pay attention to other subtle signs of a dog’s health.

What Does Your Dog Think Of Your Kisses

What Does Your Dog Think Of Your Kisses

A dog’s mind is not like a human’s. But they can feel love and affection. Dogs don’t show emotions as humans do but react to them. Their thought process is also different. They’re not as eloquent in expressing their emotions as we are, but they express them nonetheless.

Since they get a lot of love from humans, dogs can’t help but react to it. As far as they’re concerned, they only know that kisses are good, and they like receiving them.

They love affection, especially from people they respect. However, dogs have no sense of morality or right and wrong. They see things as a resource or reward. This means that they see a kiss only as something good that is happening to them.

Dog Front Paw Curled Under When Lying Down

Dog Front Paw Curled Under When Lying Down


Why your dog curls its paws while resting down is unclear. This action has several meanings. Your dog may be in pain. Another reason is that when a dog curls its paw under, it offers a form of appeasement.

The most likely reason is that the dog is cold or wants to be warm. Dogs with arthritis and other joint issues often curl their paws when they lay down. If you want to take action to help your pup, try putting a fur-lined mattress on the floor.

The fur will trap heat and reduce discomfort. You could also purchase doggie heat pads or other small heating devices that can be placed under the legs of the dog. They are available in several sizes and at most pet stores.

The Do’s

1. Observe The Dog’s Body Language

Firstly, try to figure out its body language. Trust me, it works. Standing still would help to calm it if the barks are just meant to frighten you away from its territory. If the dog has an aggressive stare with or without an intense growl, stiff tail, or flicking tongue, it will probably attack.

2. Try High Pitched Or Soft-toned Talking

Try High Pitched Or Soft-toned Talking

This trick might help to send signals to the dog of you being harmless. As a result, the pitbull might get calm.

3. Avoid Any Triggers


Ensure to avoid your certain behavior, which probably intrigues its aggression.

4. Defend Yourself By Playing Dead

Defend Yourself By Playing Dead

When the situation is already getting worse, try defending yourself. Opt for the fetal position. Cover your head and neck with your arms and take the shape of a ball while lying on the ground. This playing dead situation might make the pitbull lose its interest.

5. Find A Higher Place

Find A Higher Place

If you can find yourself surrounded by a car or anything above the ground and primarily out of the pit bull’s reach, stand on it.

6. Smack The Body Vitals

Smack The Body Vitals

You cannot just sit and do nothing. Go for those target vitals. Gouge the eyes, punch the nose, and most importantly, push your arms down the throat to make it gag and choke. Please do not stop until its body completely relaxes and it eventually becomes submissive.

7. Mutilate Or Damage


Grab anything that can protect you at the very last moment. Be it a stick, a knife, a handgun, or even pepper sprays.

8. Do’s If You Own A Dog

Do's If You Own A Dog

If you own a dog, there are some do’s that you need to follow to be a responsible dog owner.

9. Set A Solid Boundary For Your Dog

Set A Solid Boundary For Your Dog

If you are well aware of your dog’s unpredictable attacks, then better set its boundaries. Avoid unleashing the dog at risky places.

10. Train Your Dog Well

Training your dog to fight well and hard

Take your time and effort to train the pet you love and are truly interested in being around. If you cannot train it by yourself, take it to the professional trainers or in dog training Institutes.

11. Ensure Immunization For Your Dog

Ensure Immunization For Your Dog

For the sake of everyone’s well-being and, most importantly, for your own pet’s well-being, it is important to vaccinate it. Vaccination will prevent the transmit of various deadly infections from dog to dog or dog to human or vice versa.

12. Observe Your Dog’s Body Language

Observe Your Dog's Body Language

If you find your dog’s body language strange, it could be due to any past stress or trauma, resulting in trust issues and hence, the strange behavior. Don’t underestimate it. Seek professional help.

13. Spay Or Neuter Your Pet

Spay Or Neuter Your Pet

It is better to spay or neuter your pet to avoid any risky situation Removal of the reproductive organs will prevent unwanted birth. Thus, help your loving pet to live a healthier and longer life.

14. Ensure Regular Health Check-ups

Ensure Regular Health Check-ups

As a pet owner, you should regularly take your pets to the veterinarians and ensure proper health check-ups. By that, you can avoid any health issues of your pet, which might also lead to its uncontrolled behavior.

Wrap Up

Numerous dog bite cases have been reported every day. So, if every one of us act responsibly, then the number of instances might decrease. Dogs are really smart animals and have been our companions for ages.

It is us, humans, who should behave in such a way that the poor animal feels safe and never feel the urge to attack. Be a good citizen and never abuse a dog or any other animals.

These are pretty much everything you can follow to avoid any dog breed conflict, especially the pit bulls. Hope that you find this article helpful. If you have any queries or concerns about how to stop a pitbull attack, let us know in the comments section below.


1. Do Pit Bulls Lock Their Jaws When They Bite?

Ans: Pit Bulls do not possess any specialized mechanism or enzyme to do so. There is no such thing as a “locking” jaw, nor any direct evidence to suggest that adult Pit Bulls lock their jaws when they bite.

2. What To Do If You Are Attacked?

Ans: Stay as calm and still as possible. This will make the dog calmer and less likely to bite. Avoid looking at the dog directly in the eyes, but instead, look at the top of its head.

3. What Does Your Dog Think Of Your Kisses?

Ans: The dog thinks this is a sign of love; his owner loves him. They also think this is a sign of affection and a strong bond between dog and owner.

4. What Would You Do When Your Dog Knuckles?

Ans: When your dog knuckles, its feet fold under and drag on the ground, which may cause foot injuries. Contact your vet as soon as possible.

5. Can You Get Along With A Dog If You Turn Your Back On Him?

Ans: Dogs reverse into humans to be pleasant and open without fear. Dogs communicate by smelling behinds. Dogs turn their backs to you to communicate.

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