My Dog Keeps Attacking My Other Dog For No Reason – Know The Fact

To a dog lover, more than one dog means a member of his family. Usually, when two dogs grow up together, friendly behavior develops between them. They even like to spend time and play with each other.

They entertain each other when the owner can’t give them time. Moreover, two dogs mean more love, more entertainment, and more joy. So, why my dog keeps attacking my other dog for no reason?

Having two dogs is just as much pleasure as having a side effect. When there is more than one dog, it becomes difficult to manage and socialize them. If we all know that dogs are social animals, then we also know that they get involved in deadly fights. Dogs usually fight according to the situation.

Your dog or puppy is playing together but suddenly, you see that aggressive behavior has started between them. Puppies become more aggressive as they age. It is often seen that a small dog is suddenly attacking a big dog after keeping pace with the times.

This is because they can’t accept the big dog. When a new dog is added to a family of two dogs, they do not want to accept the new dog. The question that comes to the minds of the owners is why the dog suddenly behaves like that? Why do dogs fight? There are many reasons behind dog aggression. The triggers behind the dog’s behavior need to be identified and then corrected.

My Dog Keeps Attacking My Other Dog For No Reason

Why Does A Dog Attack Another Dog For No Reason? – Details Guide

My Dog Keeps Attacking My Other Dog For No Reason

There are many owners who complain that one of their dogs attacks another dog for no reason. Many people think that the dog behind his dog’s behavior has become an aggressive dog. Although in most cases, it is proven wrong. A dog uses body language as a means of communication with other dogs. These include facial and vocal gestures, body gestures, and tails.

However, it is very difficult for people to recognize and understand the symptoms. But dogs can understand each other’s language, and they can easily identify the difference between a threat and a game. They understand this clearly but still like to challenge their peers.

In other cases, however, aggression is seen in one dog and aggression in another dog does not work. In special cases, aggressive behavior of dogs is manifested on any toy or food. this case, it is seen that the aggressive dog starts fighting but the other dog also becomes the attacker. Each dog has a different threshold.

But keep in mind that don’t always blame your dog. Because your dog is not always to blame. Some dogs have a tendency to bully less than other dogs. Which shows that they can attack the provocative dog.

But as a responsible owner, you should have an idea about all kinds of behavior of your dog. You need to identify and be aware of what your dog is expressing aggression about. It could be food aggression, or your dog doesn’t like puppies. So to correct all kinds of bad behaviors of your dog, you need to identify the bad behaviors first.

1. Same Gender Aggression

Same Gender Aggression

Many owners find that they prefer to keep dogs of the same gender. But they almost always complain that their two dogs fight for no reason. But it is normal for dogs of the same gender to fight. Again there are some breeds who are aggressively at risk for the same gender.

There are also special dogs known as homosexual aggressors, notably the Alaskan Malamutes, American Pit Bulls and Boxers. These breeds of dogs have a higher risk of fighting because they naturally prefer to work independently. When they think the other dog is interfering with their work or competing, they start fighting.

However, situations and tendencies can lead to fights between dogs of any breed. Fights are also seen among dogs in the absence of adequate socialization. Moreover, naturally, two female dogs or two male dogs that are close in age cannot live together.

Because when two dogs of the same age and the same gender live, there is a competition between them. They often fight because of competition. Also naturally, when a female dog and a male dog mature they form their own group. Then in most cases they leave social groups and become busy forming their own groups.

But if they want to be in a social group, they must respect the breeding of other dogs. Experts also say that male or female dogs of the same age were rarely seen in a pack. So if your two dogs are close in age and they are of the same gender, then it will be normal for them to fight. So if you don’t want any fights between your dogs, refrain from taking dogs of the same gender.

2. Establishing Dominance

Establishing Dominance

When there is more than one dog in a household, especially in the same gender, there is competition for dominance. Dogs want to take the place of alpha dogs and establish leadership over other dogs. As a result, one dog attacks another and in many cases, is seriously injured.

So if you want your dog to have a fight, take the leader’s place. Make them feel that you are the leader and that they should follow your lead. They will be under your control when they accept you as their leader, and no fights will be seen between them.

Because most fights between dogs of the same age are about leadership. When there is no competition between them, there will be no more fighting between them.

3. Food Aggression

Food Aggression

When you feed your two dogs at the same time, they think that there is good food in the other container. Moreover, many dogs think that the other dog will eat his food or attack his food. So when they are fed, they bark and look at each other aggressively.

So to control such a situation, you should feed your two dogs separately. If possible, let two dogs eat in two rooms. When they don’t see each other eating, there will be no more food aggression between them.

4. Jealousy Aggression

Jealousy Aggression

Jealousy aggression is dangerous in a dog. This is most commonly seen in dogs when there is more than one dog in a household. A dog’s goal is to be a favorite of its owner. He will always be loved by his master, his master will always love and care for him, that is the goal of his life.

But when there is more than one dog in a house, the dog thinks that its owner loves the other dog more. And there is violence in the dog and that violence manifests itself in aggressive behavior.

In this case, you should give your two dogs equal love and care. Moreover, practice the dog regularly and take it for walks outside. And he felt that you love him very much and he is very dear to you.

5. Dangers Of Dog On Dog Aggression

Dangers Of Dog On Dog Aggression

In most cases, dogs of the same age prefer to play together. But it is very difficult to know when the fight will start between them. Especially in the case of puppies, because a puppy has no idea about their limitations. As a result, they do not understand the difference between play and fighting.

This results in one dog unknowingly attacking another dog and the other dog taking it as a threat. This created a situation between them, where they started fighting and hurting each other.

If such a situation arises, you should separate the two dogs and break up their fight. Because if their fight is complicated, they may be seriously injured and need medical treatment.

How Do You Stop A Dog From Attacking Another Dog?

How Do You Stop A Dog From Attacking Another Dog

It is a matter of concern when one of your dogs is attacking and injuring another dog for no reason. And as a dog lover, you never want one of your dogs to be injured. It is often the case that a dog’s bite can seriously injure another dog. How do you stop a dog from attacking another dog?

Refrain from punishing your dog in any way. You may be wondering why a dog can’t be punished? Aggression within your dog will increase when you scold and punish your dog.

When your two dogs fight and attack aggressively, you will want to punish them. But when you punish them, the problem will only get worse and give them a chance to calm down. And identify and treat whether they have been injured after a fight.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting in Your Household

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting in Your Household

If you have a dog, and he gets into a scuffle with another dog, it’s only a matter of time before he hurts your present or future pet. There is no cure-all for fighting dogs in general; it’s just something that happens. But you can take precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones as best as possible.

Make sure you’re always around your dog when taking him for a walk. If your dog is a known fighter, you should keep him on a leash or crate when he’s not in an enclosed space. This way, he won’t be able to get into any fights with other dogs.

Dog Behavior Problems Aggression

Dog Behavior Problems Aggression

Training is essential if you have canine showing aggression towards other dogs. This is because your dog can cause severe damage to someone or another animal if he hasn’t been appropriately trained in reacting to other dogs.

For example, your dog may jump on his victim and bite them repeatedly and viciously. Or, he may not jump on his victim but instead attempt to circle their feet while growling and snarling at them, which could lead to injury even if the biting doesn’t occur.

Reasons Why Dogs Fight And How To Safely Stop It

Reasons Why Dogs Fight And How To Safely Stop It

Some dogs fight for no apparent reason. Some aggressive breeds of dogs seem to always be in a state of readiness to fight. A few other dogs have fights with particular individuals or other animals.

Reason for dog fighting:

  • To establish dominance over another dog.
  • To protect themselves from harm.
  • A desire to play.
  • Inadvertent

If your dog is fighting with another dog in your house, remove them immediately and separate them. You may break up the fight yourself or wait until they calm down. Take their collars and place them in separate rooms where they can’t see each other.

Dog Suddenly Aggressive Towards Other Dog

Dog Suddenly Aggressive Towards Other Dog

If a dog suddenly becomes aggressive towards other dogs in your household, this is called “aberrant behavior.” This means the dog suddenly becomes aggressive towards other dogs in your home. This sort of aggression is more common than most people think.

This behavior can be caused by drugs, a lack of exercise, and other factors. The best way to prevent this problem is to eliminate distractions, like television and internet access. And you should make sure that your dog has a safe and secure place to spend their time off-leash.

A dog can also become aggressive because of a medical problem. If you notice that your dog is becoming fierce, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Final Thought

Teach your dog socialization and train him on how to deal with another dog and control his aggression. Moreover, if you exercise your dog’s regularly, they will lose extra energy. I hope now you know what do when my dog keeps attacking my other dog.


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