Why Does Dog Sleep On Your Clothes? – Explained

Your Dog Sleep On Your Clothes? If you are a pet lover, then you already know dogs are the best pets. They are commonly taken as pets almost everywhere. It’s not just their cuteness that attracts us, but also it’s their loyalty towards us.

If you already own a dog, then you must have seen him doing some interesting common actions like sleeping in between your legs or sleeping on your clothes. So, Why Does Your Dog Sleep On Your Clothes? Have you ever think of why your dog sleeps on your clothes?

If this thought has come across your mind ever and you are eager to know why he is doing such a thing, then read my full article. In my article, we will tell you the causes of your dog’s sleeping on your clothes and many other exciting topics regarding them. Let us answer your main question first, and then we’ll give you some more exciting information. So let’s jump right into the topic.

Why Does Dog Sleep On Your Clothes

The Reasons Behind Why Does Your Dog Sleep On Your Clothes

We have found out three reasons to cause your dogs to sleep on your clothes. They are as follows

1. He Finds Your Scent

He Finds Your Scent

This can be a very accurate reason. Your clothes have your scent on them, and so your dog sleeps on your clothes. When he sleeps on your clothes, he gets your scent, so he feels close to you. Sometimes they also want to leave their scents for you on your clothes. Hence when you get their smell, you will start to miss them.

2. He Gets Comfort

Another reason can be his comfort. Dogs love to sleep in their comfort zones. Human clothes are mostly soft and give a lot of warmth. As he feels warmer and feels comfortable, he wants to have a peaceful sleep on your softy clothes.

3. He Feels Anxiety

He Feels Anxiety

We all know how dedicated a dog is to its owners. Nothing is more important to your dog rather than you. This extreme love for you leads your dog to feel sometimes unsafe. They often get anxious thinking of losing you. And it starts missing you. This anxiety makes them come to sleep on your clothes. It’s their way to make you feel how much they miss you when you are not around.

4.This Is Very Normal

Don’t get tensed if you see your dog sleeping on clothes because this a very typical activity that all dogs do. It’s just another way if their gaining comfort or showing affection. Dogs are cautious when they sleep like that. They may be sleeping on your clothes very often, but they will make sure not to ruin those.

You better enjoy your pet dog’s cuteness when he is sleeping that way. As we are done giving you the concepts of why your dog sleeps on your clothes. We will keep our promise of sharing with you the other exciting information about your dog’s activities. We have mentioned the three most common activities and what do the dogs mean by them below.

5. Playing Bows

Playing Bows

Dogs usually make us understand what they want by giving us signals by moving their body or doing some activities. The play bow is just an activity among many. They lean down on their elbows and stretch their front legs out. When your dog is doing this, get yourself ready to play with him because it’s the sign of their mood to play.

6. Jumping Around

Jumping Around

Well, there may be many reasons why a dog can jump around you. Among those many reasons, some common are that they aren’t feeling okay, not a good social situation because they’re happy.

When your dog is delighted and plays with you, he may start jumping all of a sudden cause of extreme happiness. You will see them playing cheerfully with you at that time. Your pet sometimes gets uneasy in some places or with some unknown people.

They feel less safe start are jumping around to catch your attention and make you feel better leave-taking him. The same is with the improper social situation. They get uncomfortable when they’re not loved or adored. Hence they jump around to express their uncomforting.

7. Sitting Right Beside You

Sitting Right Beside You

Dogs love their owner more than their own lives. They often show their affection to their owners by sitting right beside them. With soft eyes and warm smiles, dogs sit down beside you, and sometimes they even come to cuddle with you.

This is just a simple yet sweet way to give you their love. Now you know not only why your dog sleeps on your clothes but also why they do those other activities. It’s really important to understand your pet’s psychology. You should always try to know more of their signals to make your relation more strong with him.

How Do You Get Your Pet Dog to Sleep in His Bed?

Your dog can be taught to sleep in your bed. If you have a crate, you can put the bed in there and let him sleep on it while he’s sleeping in his crate. It is important to ensure that your dog cannot get out of the crate or drag its bed out of the room. You must also make sure your dog has several blankets and pillows that are large enough for him to sleep comfortably. Here are the steps to train your dog to sleep in his bed-

Getting Your Dog Used to the Bed

You can begin to get your dog used to sleeping on his bed when you first bring it into the bedroom. Let your dog discover the bed once you’ve placed it in the bedroom. You should not let him sleep in the room when you are not there, but gradually increase his time spent sleeping in it while you are home.

Promoting Good Conduct

To promote good behavior, you must make sure your dog will not mess in or on his bed. It is important that you place the bed in a room away from your living room to get your dog used to the smell of his bed.

Create a Sleep Schedule

To ensure your dog is getting enough sleep, you must find out when your dog falls asleep at night. If you can observe him sleeping, you can gain a sense of how long he sleeps. Start encouraging him to go to bed around the same time every night, but do not push him too hard.

Why Does A Pet Dog Like to Sleep on Your Clothes?

Dogs will often lay on our clothes for a number of reasons, such as:

Your Scent

Your clothing items carry your scent, whether in a stack of clean or unclean clothes. Dogs are drawn to anything with your scent since smell is one of their most vital senses. Your dog will want to snuggle with or sleep on anything with your scent since it believes you to be the pack leader.

Your Clothes Are Cozy And Warm

The material of your clothes, for example, cotton, is soft, warm, and comforting to your dog’s paws. Since dogs do not sweat like people but cool themselves with panting and their paws, they will lay on your clothes just to stay warm.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs may get extremely upset when they are left alone and will bark or chew on anything. By laying on your clothes, the dog believes that you are there with him/her.


Dogs believe that laying on your clothes will help keep them safe and secure. Your clothing is a ‘place’ that they can call their own and won’t be removed from them.

Is Your Dog Suffering From Separation And Anxiety?

They get extremely anxious when they are removed from their owners and display distress behaviors, such as voicing, damaging, or soiling the house. Most dogs that suffer from separation anxiety attempt to be close to their owners follow them about the house, and seldom ever spend time outside alone.

When a dog suffers from separation anxiety behavior, and its owners are not aware, the family can become frustrated and feel helpless. However, you can use a combination of positive reinforcement, regular exercise, and a self-rewarding environment to reduce or eliminate the problem.

A dog that is suffering from separation anxiety will create great difficulty for their owners in terms of time spent with them outside alone, and they will most likely suffer depression.

Final Words

To us, dogs are the most interesting and sweet animal to have. They entertain us in different ways, which are all mind-blowing. They not only care for us but also protect us, love us, adore us. Just like how dogs love the human company, we should love their company as well. Let them do whatever they want to unless it’s something harmful.

Mostly they don’t do things that might be dangerous for them or to anyone they care about. So your dog sleeps on your clothes because they know it’s nothing wrong for either him or you. Instead of getting anxious about it, love them even more when they’re sleeping. I hope now you understand why does your dog sleep on your clothes.


What Does It Mean When Your Dog Sleeps On Your Clothes?

Your dog sleeps on your clothing because they want your attention, want to cuddle in warm and soft things, don’t like their bed, are spreading their odor as a result of resource guarding, are coated in your scent, or because they like to nestle in warm and soft things. Sniffing them helps ease their worries since they can also be experiencing separation anxiety.

Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?

Dogs like to sleep with their bottom facing you because they trust you and feel safe and secure around you. It may be referred to as your puppy’s language of love. Consider it from the dog’s perspective and accept it as a compliment; you should attempt to.

Why Does My Dog Follow Me To The Bathroom?

Because of their innate nature and group mentality, dogs often join their owners in the bathroom. Other reasons include Fears of retribution, a desire to be with the owner, and some dogs enjoying the cleaning.

What To Do About Your Dog Sleeping On Your Clothes?

The best course of action is to put all your clean clothes away right away and put all your filthy items in a hamper with a cover to keep him from sleeping on them. If your dog is a puppy, you may give him the same comfort by placing something in the bed that smells like his mother.

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Feet?

They feel more secure when they are close to your feet, which helps them relax and go asleep. On a soft surface, such as your lap or bed, dogs frequently feel more secure. A dog sleeping somewhere that is not a familiar place and can’t easily come back to you will likely sleep on your feet to be close to you.

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